Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir

Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir

Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir

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Hi guys I’m back to do a video comparing
hydroxychloroquine to remdesivir which is another drug that they’ve just
got done studying and I want to just compare the two so there’s been a big
mistake by the World Health Organization when they sent the study to various
publications so The Lancet medical journal was rushing to publish a study
right away because of the success of this drug and they accidentally sent the
wrong study they sent a Chinese trial which by the way was randomized
double-blinded placebo-controlled with 237 patients the problem with publishing
the wrong study using this drug by the way there was not an association with
statistically significant clinical benefits with this medication whoops
so they republished the correct study that they wanted to show which involved
over a thousand patients and it was randomized double-blinded
placebo-controlled trial but it only really showed a moderate improvement in
recovery time from 15 days of recovery to 11 days of recovery it’s like a 30%
improvement but really nothing else and of course this drug is not going to be
cheap it’s seven hundred and fifty percent more than the flu vaccine so you
see this in the media they’re really excited they finally found a drug that
is somewhat workable it’s a good start as they completely ignore the
hydroxychloroquine in fact the media tends to filter out and showing in the
studies that don’t work or actually make it worse when and actually they’re just
really bogus studies they were based on a survey it’s not a credible study but
unless you read it you’re not gonna find that out and by the way as a side note
hydroxychloroquine does decrease the risk of thrombosis and if you haven’t
seen my video on the relationship between clotting and the COVID-19
virus check it out just another benefit of this drug however there is a new
study I’m going to put all these links down below of a French virologist who
tested hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic that showed that ninety one
point seven percent of all the patients that were tested for
COVID-19 in 10 days did not test positive for the virus this is
incredible this should be on the front page of that is not this drug right here
the mortality rate or death rate was 0.5 percent with no cardiac toxicities and
this is an extremely inexpensive drug I think it’s like $1 a treatment obviously
the drugs that are really cheap don’t get a lot of attention now I’m glad you
stayed this far because I’m going to show you an amazing story and Africa
related to this drug that I think you’ll enjoy it’s not just the Western world
that has the scientific know-how to beat the virus in Senegal a laboratory is
used it’s aids and Ebola experience to develop a $1 COVID-19 testing kit
al-jazeera’s nicholas hawk has more senegal is doing what most countries
counts testing everyone symptoms are not entering a health center for the novel
coronavirus it has no shortage of testing kit thanks to this lab at the
STG beste researchers are developing a $1 quick diagnostic kit originally made
to test for dengue fever patients drop blood or saliva onto the devices and
wait for a blood line to appear like a pregnancy test explains researcher a
Medusa there is no need for a highly equipped
lab it’s a simple test that can be done anywhere
the idea is to rapidly produce two to four million kids not just for us but
for African countries so that we can detect it and isolate patients quickly
the sick are administered a cheap anti-malarial drug called chloroquine
commonly found in sub-saharan Africa where malaria is endemic
with only 50 ventilator machines for 16 million people Senegalese engineer are
using a 3d printing machine to produce more while imported ventilators cost
$16,000 this one is just $60 Senegal is counting the cost and it’s paying off
more than a month into the outbreak the small West African nation suffered only
two deaths with most patients treated healed Senegal has the largest rate of
recovery in patients infected with the coronavirus in Africa the third in the
world ahead of countries like the United States and France and while it has a
tiny health budget compared to those countries it has a wealth of experience
in dealing with infectious diseases and outbreaks amazing isn’t it inexpensive
great success rate put your comments down below 

This Post Was All About Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir.
Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir

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Hydroxychloroquine versus remdesivir: here’s what you need to know about these two COVID-19 drugs. 


A New Study Unveiled By Prominent French Virologist Claims HCQ-AZ Combination Removed Novel Coronavirus In 92 Percent Cases

COVID-19 and Clotting:

0:10 A big mistake by the World Health Organization
1:13 Remdesivir versus hydroxychloroquine 
2:00 A new study
2:40 An amazing story on hydroxychloroquine 

In this video, I want to compare hydroxychloroquine versus remdesivir. 

A big mistake was made by the World Health Organization when they sent this study to various publications. There was a rush to publish the study right away because of the success of remdesivir, and the wrong study was accidentally sent. 

In the study that was sent, there was not an association with statistically significant clinical benefits with remdesivir. 

The study that they wanted to publish only showed a moderate improvement in recovery time. Remdesivir is also an expensive drug.
The media has sparked excitement over remdesivir, but is ignoring hydroxychloroquine. 

A new study that was done using hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic showed that 91.7% of the patients that were tested for COVID-19, in 10 days did not test positive for COVID-19. The mortality rate was 0.5%, with no cardiac toxicity. Hydroxychloroquine is a very inexpensive drug. 

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