HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$

HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$

HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$

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everyone wants to have a protein powder that makes their life a little bit easier I totally get it Whole Foods are always going to be better but if you understand what is in your protein powder you can at least make an educated decision that’s gonna make it a little bit easier on your body so Costco has a wide variety of protein powders and they all claim to do the same thing help build lean muscle help support a healthy metabolism you hear it all the time but let’s break down the ingredients a little bit and also look around at the price to see what’s going to be the best bang for the buck to help you get that muscle protein synthesis you need to be the healthiest but also most fit version of yourself so let’s roll on in to good old-fashioned Costco Wholesale by the way before we get totally rockin in the store check out fat snacks down below in the description I put a link form so if you’re doing a low carb diet or anything like that they’re just a really clean low carb cooking so I just wanted to give them a huge shout out they make a lot of this channel possible it’s a big shout out to them check them out down below after you watch this video what’s that on it okay let’s go ahead and let’s start with the whey proteins just because that’s what people think of most of all when they look at protein powder okay so this is a big flashy bag here take a look at this again that’s a heavy bag okay so this is combat protein powder athletes complete protein let’s see what’s in it okay so there’s the thing now a lot of times when you’re just trying to go for the cheapest stuff which is okay let’s see $39.99 it’s a good price for six pounds well let’s see what’s in it okay so we’ve got a micro filtered protein blend let me teach you something really quick here whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate and then whey protein hydral excuse me hydrolysate and then micellar casein and an egg albumin so what they do is they say okay we have a wide variety of different proteins in here so it makes it good well the hard part is the first ingredient in that whey protein blend during that protein blend is whey protein concentrate whey protein concentrate is not the cleanest whey protein you see you want whey protein isolate because that is the protein that has been isolated from the rest of the way the way still has all the milk solids it still has a lot of that stuff in there that is actually pro-inflammatory and not very good okay the whey protein isolate that’s good none of this stuff is organic or grass-fed though and we have more more whey protein here and then we have micellar casein okay so casein protein will lead you to believe that casein protein is healthy because it digests a little bit slower well it digests slower because it forms a little bit of a like a gelatinous like substance within your intestine which by itself isn’t all that bad I mean it’s not that great you are impeding digestion to some degree but what’s even worse is that casein protein is very inflammatory okay because what casein protein does inside your body is it acts as a bioactive opioid but sounds crazy but it’s the truth okay here’s what happens it triggers something known as B C m7 so it activates B C m7 or converts to b c m7 within your body that is a bioactive opioid point is is casein protein will make you addicted to dairy and you notice that with cheese and things like that which is fine if it’s gonna be a whole food the point is the neurological effect is sort of the neurotransmitter effect it has in your brain but also the inflammatory effect has on your body that alone would have me stay away from this egg albumen okay there’s some interesting science out there that shows you can’t really get as much protein in an egg powder form so I don’t know a little bit indifferent on that then we have gluten-free cookie crumbs okay shout out to them for at least making it gluten-free okay that’s a plus they at least spent a couple extra cents doing that so we got rice flour then we’ve got sugar man you’re taking a perfectly good or halfway decent protein powder and adding sugar tapioca starch which is a very common filler a common binder palm oil here’s the thing but we have to remember you want to get away protein that’s low in fat whey protein spikes your insulin very high even higher than white bread in some instances that’s not necessarily bad if you’re looking for that you want your protein levels to spike or you see then you want your insulin levels to spike when you’re done with a workout things like that’s gonna allow you to absorb the nutrients allow you to absorb the protein more but when you have it combined with fat the fat goes into storage too so they add palm oil there to probably give it a little bit thicker creamier taste we don’t want that okay not in this case cocoa powder process with alkali so normally cocoa powder is okay obviously okay it’s going to be an antioxidant rich it’s going to be a very powerful thing but when it’s processed with alkali it actually gets rid of a lot of the actual natural compounds that we want so once it’s processed with alkali it’s sort of Dutch processed which can be good because they add some potassium to it but in this case it kills the the positive effect of the cocoa powder okay then we have cornstarch there’s a no-go I mean honestly it’s just a lot of ingredients in here sodium bicarbonate no big deal soit lecithin would like to avoid the soy inulin okay annealing can be okay for digestive purposes natural oh no here we go sucralose that’s already bad but then acesulfame potassium bad bad move okay that stuff is very toxic that stuff is not good at all then oh my gosh okay here’s where we get that look at they add aminos to it so they’re adding leucine they’re adding isoleucine they’re adding valine why do you need to add amino acids when you already have protein why because they’re inflating the protein content they don’t need to add amino acids because the whey protein already has the amino acids in it so why would they do that well they do that because it’s called amino spiking amino spiking is where they add extra amino acids to basically inflate the protein count because right now a technology can’t differentiate between what an amino acid is and what full protein is although our bodies can so this is a hard pass that is just that makes me question a lot of things there okay let’s look at this one try to make this a little quicker then we have gold standard whey now optimum nutrition has some good quality stuff no artificial growth hormones that’s nice let’s look at the ingredients again here protein bomb and protein blend whey protein isolate whey protein concentrate and then weight peptide okay so they still up concentrate which means it’s probably not the best one here I will say and here’s teaching you a little something is when something is on the label the higher that it is on the ingredient list the more of it there is so in this case the protein blend the first part is whey protein isolate the second part is whey protein concentrate compare that to the combat which was concentrate first in isolate second so this is better okay and there we go whew okay so natural and artificial flavors natural flavoring already is not good okay natural flavoring can mean over a hundred literally over a hundred different things okay it can mean over a hundred different things and they are basically compounds that don’t get tested and they can be sort of a discretionary flavoring or a discretionary ingredient so basically when they create something when they a natural flavor it can have things that aren’t natural plus there’s no actual definition of natural so it’s a huge question mark there’s this big layer of just fogginess over natural flavors but then they also have artificial flavors which is just flat-out bad but then guess what they’ve got sucralose but then they have acesulfame potassium which is a huge no-no and they have that higher on the list than sucralose so unfortunately gold standard whey has got to go they have one over here backing up okay so this also also can often the nutrition okay this is just way isolate okay okay so here we have a whey protein isolate no other proteins in there that’s pretty cool just wait 14 I solicit just straight of that Coco it’s processed with alkali so basically you just go tin cocoa flavor you’re not getting a lot of benefits of the Coco natural flavors I mean not good but okay it could be anything right that’s the thing lecithin it doesn’t specify whether it’s soy lecithin or what kind of lesser than it is could be sunflower lecithin but when we actually look down here we see it contains milk and soy we can cross-reference and see that yes they probably means soy lecithin they’re just not saying it on their ingredient list because they’re worried that people might notice it however in the allergen panel it does show that they have it here’s what’s cool they’ve got salt but then at least they’re sweetening it with stevia okay that’s a plus I gotta give them a big piece of credit they’re probably why it’s more expensive right and then xanthan gum which isn’t a huge deal basically you don’t have a ton of it but it’s gonna help draw some water into it so it’s gonna make it a little bit more it’s gonna get thicker so when you do add your water to it mix it easier makes it thicker so I’ll get this guy that’s a good one to go [Music] Dymatize which i don’t see anywhere I don’t even see a tag for it this is actually this also this one this is only $29.99 which is actually a really good deal for that see what’s in this one okay so we got hydrolyzed whey protein isolate which is just supposed to help it absorb a little bit easier well this is actually a good product Stevi old glycosides so it’s bit just stevia vanilla extract so they’re not using natural flavors or if they have natural flavours sorry soy lecithin so this would be slightly better because essentially you’d be absorbing it better they’d be absorbing the hydrolyzed whey protein isolate better than just straight-up whey protein isolate I don’t see a price on this anywhere 5.3 pounds I’ll hold onto it that is a good one but then I’ll see if I can find a label for it yeah like this I mean you’re gonna pay 49 what you always want to look at is how many grams of protein are in a scoop but then how many servings aren’t so this is 80 servings per container so yeah it’s way cheaper but here you’ve only got about 40 seconds per container so you got half the amount but this one’s $50 this one was $30 it’s only effectively you know a little bit more expensive to get the really good quality so don’t always go paying for the buck when it comes down to just poundage you have to look at what you’re actually utilizing everyone wants to create a keto product right okay so this is a ketogenic collagen and collagen is big in the keto world and we’re all good with that right that’s fine collagen has some huge benefit so let’s take a look what’s in this I get collagen peptides that’s all good and we got coconut medium chain triglycerides Organic alkalis Coco acacia you know what this is actually a decent Brunt super got its little pricey $30 for 1.1 pounds so collagen is interesting you’re not going to get a direct muscle growth result from collagen okay what you’re gonna get is you helped build the type 1 and type 3 College ins okay and what that does is that gives you the infrastructure for this kind of protein to do its job right so you’re giving yourself you’re building the scaffolding so this isn’t building muscle it’s helping the scaffolding when you’re on a ketogenic diet a lot of times what can happen is you can lose some of that scaffolding because your body goes through gluconeogenesis and it breaks down connective tissue a little bit for extra glucose yes your body can take things like tissues and proteins and turn them into glucose when your body’s in need of it the demand-driven process really fascinating stuff so this is interesting because this is actually very very clean is it a good product overall I mean or gain actually is a decent product line I’m not in need of these so I’m not gonna get these but I would say this makes the cut this would be okay okay let’s see they go well right now you’re also saving 10 bucks on this that’s pretty cool but let’s see what’s in it okay so a lot of times these companies will say oh it’s got a bunch of prebiotic fiber just because it has like acacia fiber or something in it that’s not necessarily like that cool of a thing like that’s really just something they’re gonna put in the product anyway and they’re finding a way to market it so we’ve got P protein okay that could be anything okay then we’ve got inulin from chicory root that’s exactly so inulin is going to act as the prebiotic fiber what that means is it’s an indigestible fiber and any lint is actually kind of cool because it has been shown to do some powerful things space it gets into your small intestine and then it doesn’t digest very well which sounds bad at first but that allows bacteria to feed on it within your gut so when your bacteria can feed on it well then guess what that bacteria gets to grow the bad thing is is if you are in a state where you don’t have a good balance of gut bacteria if you’re in what is called dysbiosis where you have bad bacteria over whelming your gut your feeding that too so what I recommend before having any kind of inulin or any kind of prebiotic fiber is do a little bit of fasting and reset your gut okay that’s gonna kill off some of the gram-negative bad bacteria and then you can introduce these things a little bit easier anyway onward and upward natural flavors again we’re gonna see that everywhere so you count to take it with a grain of flavor right pumpkin seed protein which is an interesting profile there organic ginger powder for Manta excuse me fermented organic quinoa sprout fermented organic Amarnath sprout okay so that’s where they’re really getting the prebiotic effect so credit to them their acacia gum then they add some probiotics to it and they also add protease enzymes to help with and then Munford i huge kudos to them they’re actually sweetening it with monk fruit which is not a cheap way to sweeten it monk fruits expensive usually they’ll opt for stevia which is great but monk fruit is more expensive and with that price point hasta bummer is it doesn’t give you a price per serving it gives you a price per pound which doesn’t really matter cuz who’s consuming a pound of this stuff the one thing that concerns me is they have all these organic ingredients but they’re using organic ingredients on the ingredients that they use very little of so for example the ginger okay you’re not gonna have much ginger so they go for all these organic ingredients when they’re not using much of it but for the bulk of it like the pea protein is not even organic so okay there’s some marketing twisting going on here it’s interesting it might be one that I consider getting but I don’t like the onion Lincoln’s gonna it’s kind of slow down digestion of the particular protein powder inulin has its place but that’s not gonna make my cut okay a lot of people have been asking about the premier protein so I’m just gonna grab one of them because they’re all the same the only difference is that they have different flavors I can already tell you right out the gate these things are gonna be pretty sketch anything RTD you just have to be careful with okay it’s all about weight right the stuff is not not cheap to ship and it’s not cheap to store on a grocery store shelf which means that they’re gonna do whatever they can to inflate their margin but they already are because it’s mainly just water right they’re basically selling you water and a little bit of protein powder so you’re getting it’s a dollar forty nine a piece which not that bad I guess let’s see what’s in it okay and I know a lot of people that just jump on these things okay so ingredients first you need some water then ii look at milk protein isolate not even whey protein concentrate so they’re taking everything from the milk cost rating into a protein basically a milk powder so that’s low quality right there calcium caseinate okay that’s essentially a four serving them then we contains less than 1% of high oleic sunflower oil high oleic sunflower oil is actually not all that bad but in this case they’re using it as a stabilizer and I can explain a little bit more about that in a minute probably with some other products natural and artificial flavors or inulin not that bad cellulose gel and cellulose gum that is straight up to give it consistency and make it smooth then we have salt okay sucralose ace k acesulfame potassium bad stuff carrageenan okay we have another stabilizer in there you see that in cottage cheese and things like that a lot so we really have to be careful with a lot of the stuff that’s in this and you know if we another thing okay then we have a try potassium phosphate with dipotassium phosphate and sodium holy hexametaphosphate as this is basically a bunch of just chemicals in a can or in a container okay not what we want to be rolling with not the best way to get your protein they don’t even really have good quality whey protein there’s no protein in there other than milk protein so we’re looking at 30 grams of protein but what the heck is that even coming from I mean it’s really just not even that good of stuff okay so no artificial growth hormones mom okay if that’s your claim to I it’s a bummer okay that stuff’s you could go a lot of different directions with that let’s take a look at the actually that’s like a that gets into the insurers so we’ll come down this way okay so I haven’t even seen the price tag for this one yet and this makes the cut I probably won’t get it cuz it’s a mystery let’s take a look at let me get this one to try it just to do Costco solid since we are filming in their store and it did make the cut I just don’t like all the fiber and the hippopotamus getting bloated from it okay let’s look at some of these now we’re getting into the plant-based stuff wild okay so that’s heavy take a look at this I’ve never looked at this one so you’re learning with me filtered water pea protein okay off to a decent start organic alkalized coco same kind of deal you’re getting the flavor but you’re not necessarily getting any of the actual stuff that matters right you’re not getting that the big polyphenol effect you’re not getting the antioxidant effect you’re not getting well you’re probably still gonna get a little bit of the endocannabinoid effect which is kind of what makes you a dick didn’t feel good and kind of a sense of well-being you get from chocolate then we have natural flavours that’s gonna happen that’s again always organic high oleic something okay big kudos to them Organic oleic sunflower oil here’s the thing what that means is it’s somewhat concentrated sunflower oil to the point where they actually get it to be a really high monounsaturated fat content and oleic acid if you’ve watched my other videos olive oil macadamia nut oil avocado oil all have high amounts of oleic acid oleic acid is a it’s an a’ monounsaturated fat that is very very healthy and has very powerful mechanisms within the body there’s a process in the body that converts oleic acid into something known as olio lethen alanine Oh II a which is very powerful at doing specific things at a genetic level to turn on or activate like PPAR alpha which is going to help with your body it so basically a long story short it’s making a kind of an outlandish claim to stay straight up that it’s gonna help you burn fat but indirectly it can help you with thermogenesis and help you burn more fat and it’s actually fairly profound point is is here when it’s high oleic that means that they take sunflower oil and they actually concentrate the oleic acid they’re not doing it for the sake of fat burn I look at that for the sake of fat-burning but they’re doing that for the sake of stabilization it actually makes it self stable and it makes itself stable in a relatively healthy way they could add other gums and other stabilizers to it they actually are doing it in an organic way which I have to give them some huge credit there then we have a rice brand they’re probably doing this as a thickener but here’s the big problem with rice bran so you’ve heard of white rice in front of brown rice okay brown rice has the husk it has the brand but what they do is they take that brown portion and they turn it into a brand right to add it to this drink and it can make it a little gritty but it can also thicken it well here’s the problem that brand is truck full of anti nutrients okay so the Browning part the brown part of rice is very high in phytic acid and other anti nutrients that negate a lot of the benefits of what we’re looking at here to begin with so we have rice bran you lose some of the absorption of what you’re getting here to begin with okay something to look for trisodium phosphate you’re gonna see that a lot try potassium citrate that stuff gellan gum kudos to them again for using a monk fruit organic fruit and vegetable blend ok then they add some other things you know these are actually okay so Dana organic acai there’s some good stuff in here it is very high carb low so if you’re looking for just a traditional protein powder I would not necessarily recommend this this isn’t something I would drink all the time but it’s something if maybe you’ve got a I don’t know maybe a a kid that just wants to have something semi healthy and you don’t want to give them a milk shake this might not be a bad mix and that’s actually a good price we’re looking 1899 right now with particular sale going on so that’s not that I’m gonna get some of these because the very least I know some people that look consumer well actually here we go in okay I knew that our gain had this and I haven’t seen it yet so this was the plant-based version now we’ve got their grass-fed protein shake one thing to know about whey protein in general just like when you’re shopping for beef grass-fed doesn’t mean a whole lot it just means that at some point the cow ate grass a lot of times they’ll feed them grass pellets okay so when they feed them grass pellets they can still call them grass-fed and then they just give him a bunch of corn – because grass doesn’t put the weight on them cost-effectively corn and soy and things like that do so let’s take a look at what’s in this so I just fair warning there unless it says grass finished it’s probably not doing you much good since a little smashed up there okay filtered water grass-fed whoo see it’s not even grass fed way it’s grass-fed milk protein concentrate organic agave ooh okay we’ll come back to that one cocoa powder but at least it’s not alkalized natural flavors and okay Organic high oleic sunflower oil big thing again vegetable glycerin not a big deal they’re probably using that I don’t know why they would be using in this case like we’ll use glycerin kind of in the manufacturing world sometimes as a carrier for like liposomal my cellar delivery and more complicated things I don’t know I honestly don’t know why they’re using that their cellulose okay rice extract so in this case I using rice extract versus Brannock rice bran extract I would actually prefer this so I don’t have to sneeze actually not only but I have this news I would actually prefer rice extract over rice bran extract because then we don’t have the brain weed on the anti-nutrient effect then we have sodium polyphosphate that one to be completely honest I’d have to investigate a little bit more my museum phosphate potassium citrate potassium chloride which is really just potassium tricalcium phosphate sea salt monk fruit extract okay so then we start going down the same kind of stuff they had in this in this particular case you also have 11 grams of carbohydrates if you’re looking bang for the buck honestly in this case go for the plant-based one because this way one is not even really way it’s a milk protein and it probably tastes better but it’s not better for you you know they have one for kids I’m a little hesitant to ever look at the ones that are for kids if you never know okay organic grass-fed proteins so it looks like we’re gonna end up she broken concentrate okay so at least this has the whey protein concentrate better than just milk protein organic cane sugar if it’s for kids you gotta put sugar in it right but it’s organic okay honestly I’ve seen enough that actually makes me question this one and you know I realized I forgot to talk about the agape for a second the reason that agave is an issue in this stub a gobby seems like it’s a healthy choice right the problem is it’s not okay agave is like 85% fructose and here’s a quick lesson for you fructose the sugar that comes from fruit our bodies can only handle a small amount of it a certain time our liver has to process fructose whereas other carbohydrates get utilize by other cells and they go up into the muscle and things like that fructose has to gets used bypassed to get used by the living so that means that if we have too much the liver can’t handle it we develop fatty liver but also probably more of concern to those of you that are watching this channel it’s a lot easier to store fat it’s called de novo lipid Genesis so a Gavi is in disguise is a really healthy sweet but when it’s concentrated like that no it’s straight up that so almost all the carbohydrates that are coming from that are coming from a Gavi which is very likely to store as fat so a big concern there okay out of respect of everyone so I’m not in the aisle I’m gonna grab one of each of these the superfood one and let’s come over here oh we can be a little bit more discreet I’ve never seen these before these are all our game it’s very obvious that Costco has a big deal going with or gain right now and so far I’m kind of okay with what I’ve been seeing let’s start with the let’s start with this simple okay so it says organic plant protein powder made from nuts and seeds almonds peanuts chia seeds pumpkin seeds Wow it’s kind of cool Organic protein blend organic free protein yes thank you for starting organic already with a good clean P protein organic peanut flour okay the reason I’m not a fan of peanut flour is because it’s a legume but I don’t know I’m not in their marketing brain I’m not in their product development brain but there is a lot of people out there there aren’t excuse me there are a lot of people out there that have peanut allergies and a lot of people that just stay away from peanuts it seems a little short-sighted they use peanut flour when they’re probably would have been other choices but I think I see where they were going with this they want an overall nut blend that didn’t have didn’t have any kind of grains or anything like that in it so I get it okay then we got organic pumpkin seed protein which is great organic almond protein which is great organic Chia protein which gives you a good amount of fiber but also gives you the omega-3s although they are technically coming from alpha linolenic acid which isn’t going to be the most usable form of omega-3 it’s okay it’s still somewhat usable then we’ve got organic coconut sugar still a sugar but okay then we have organic alkalis Coco organic and natural flavors I kind of wish they’d just use stevia versus organic coconut sugar because the coconut sugar although low glycemic it’s still sugar okay it can still trigger glycation it can still have these issues it’s kind of interesting I just wish you to number and two scoops 100 so bang for the buck though I don’t think you’re getting that much it doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a bargain because it’s c-23 $23.99 normally like $27.99 and you’re getting 24 servings it’s kind of wild and the protein that you’re gonna just wait to high in carbohydrates I probably would probably pass on that but will sway these out first okay then we have organic protein plus superfoods whoa okay that’s a lot of ingredients so the first thing that I look at is like whoa whoa whoa whoa okay but I do notice that the bulk of those ingredients are coming from their organic 50 superfoods blend so we’ll talk about that in a second okay the first thing P protein that is not organic okay never mind says or gain organic protein blend so it is organic but we’ve got P proteins and we got brown rice protein alright so then once again with the brown rice protein we end up that’s just a lower quality protein and then we have chia seed protein so they kind of make that up a little bit get a nice nutrient blend there then we have or gain organic creamer base which is acacia hey the cool they have the high oleic sunflower oil again and they have rice dextran okay here’s a funny one it’s a rice dextran you’ve heard of malted extern before a malted dextran is made from wheat essentially and it is there to add body and is there to add flavor and it’s not really there to add make it sweets kind of like more like a corn starch in a way but it’s really not good stuff they’re trying to go the gluten-free route so by going gluten-free they use rice dextran which quite frankly is still very high glycemic and I wouldn’t really recommend it however it is at least organics they got that going but then they have the rice bran extract I wish they didn’t put that in there because the rice bran extract ends up taking away any of the effects of the minerals that you have in here and they have all these minerals and all these superfoods that are apparently just abundant like abundant nutrient profiles minerals and vitamins and maybe you can’t even get them because you’re not absorbing them then we have rosemary extract that’s mine erythritol that’s really random it’s really a random to see that they have a riff it’s all in here I don’t see stevia I don’t see they’re using erythritol is the sweetener like out of the blue this doesn’t make sense not bad but just doesn’t make sense okay then the other 50 superfoods blend the one thing I’m gonna touch on here really quick a lot of this stuff is fine but millet is dangerous stuff okay millet is really really an anti nutrient disaster one of the worst okay millet has been it’s been noted as something that you really need to be concerned with if you have a thyroid disease or if you’re worried about your thyroid what it does is its apps your body of iodine okay and people think that millet is just one particular grain millet is like a subset of like 500 different forms right you can have all kinds of different millet but they all have an effect on your iodine levels now if you watch my videos you know how important iodine is to the conversion of t4 to t3 so your body can create that triiodothyronine which is the thyroid hormone your body needs to rev up the metabolism we have a big problem here that alone but and that’s the first part here it looks like they might have taken a cheap way out on that which really is unfortunate because overall I haven’t been too disappointed with what I’ve seen with our gain I’m gonna put this down now that kills it for me I don’t want the millet okay then we have organic protein plus probiotics supposed to be digestive health organic protein blends pea protein once again organic brown rice protein we’re gonna chia seed okay organic acacia okay Organic high oleic sunflower that’s really cool there’s at least organic and it’s still the high oleic the rice dextran that would in multi dextran organic rice bran okay you talking about that organic rosemary and then the erythritol again an alkalis Coco Organic acacia organic natural flavors sea salt stevia guar gum I it’s cleaner but here’s the thing I don’t like erythritol in protein powders because they tend to bloat you I liked erythritol when it’s in like a sweet treat or when you’re baked good or you’re making a keto cookie or a low carb thing I don’t like it if you’re trying to consider it a probiotic or if you’re trying to consider it some form of prebiotic even because it’s it’s gonna help grow intestinal flora because it essentially doesn’t get digested so I don’t like that I wish they didn’t do that because otherwise it would be okay so I’m gonna put these two backs I’m gonna try this one because the only beef I really have this this one was the peanut flour there so put these guys back oh I see a I see a vital proteins one over there that I miss let’s talk on this one I put I still haven’t found this mystery one thing it’s a bucket it’s kind of a good product okay let’s see what we got here this would be the last one collagen peptides bottle protein so we got grass fed and pasture raised again that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s finished but see here I might just oh it’s unflavored that’s oh it’s awesome of okay straight-up Sun flavor collagen yeah this one nice cool yeah so when it comes down to the vital protein so you can’t even find the ingredient list on it because all that’s in it is unflavored collagen like you just have 20 grams of collagen peptides it’s straight up I can’t find any stabilizers any binders anything like that one simple ingredient yeah 20 collagen peptide 20 grams collagen peptides one simple ingredient keto paleo friendly this stuff’s awesome okay I have an abundance of collagen at my house so I’m not gonna buy this one but this one in terms of so you got this or the keto collagen this is a much better product and it’s gonna be tasteless you mix in two yogurts mix in two things so huge props to vital proteins or huge props at Costco for having a minute because I know it’s hard to get into Costco it’s not always easy okay and I think that’s just about it I have one of these at home actually so I’m not too worried about it I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to get this mystery one because it’s just it’s a good product even though I don’t see anything there and I think that’s it I think we’ve got all the protein powders that are currently at Costco now if you have ideas for more of these kinds of videos things you want to see at Costco let me know because I absolutely would love to do more of these style videos alright so as always do keep it locked in here in my channel make sure always checking everything out when I’m posting daily and I will see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$.
HUGE Costco Protein Review - What to AVOID to Save $$

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HUGE Costco Protein Review – What to AVOID to Save $$ – Thomas DeLauer

I went to Costco and did a MASSIVE review of all of their protein powders! Protein powder isn’t just as simple as differentiating between the type (eg: whey vs pea). You see, often times protein powders are loaded with cheap fillers and preservatives to increase shelf life, despite some having pretty nasty effects. So this video explains which ingredients you should look out for when choosing a protein powder! I’ll see you in the comments!

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