How Your GUT Affects Your Immune System

How Your GUT Affects Your Immune System

How Your GUT Affects Your Immune System

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it turns out that sugar is a signalling device that can mess up our immune system and mess up our gut bacteria and it does so in a really strange indirect way you see we used to just think that sugar was a nutrient that would just be well mechanically bad for us but it turns out it has signaling properties that affect proteins that normally help support good bacteria turns out it kind of turns off these proteins so we can get overrun with bad bacteria it’s like an alien form coming into our body anyhow we’re gonna talk about your immune system because seventy to eighty percent of your immune cells hang out in your gut so if you don’t believe that your immune system is tightly regulated by what’s going on in your gut you need to sit back and enjoy this video because we’re gonna break it all down with some simple fun science that’s gonna help out you and your immune system hey I do want to make sure you hit the red subscribe button and then after you do that please hit the bell icon to 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gut for our gut bacteria than we do within the human body for our human cells what that means is we have more overall activity happening inside of our gut than we do in the rest of our body at a genetic level it’s almost like we are more bacteria than we are human cells it’s like we are the carrier or the host for this bacteria that is really the main focal point here so when we look at our immune system we have to know that our immune system has essentially co-evolved along with the bacteria within our gut to make sure it’s constantly in balance right so I want you to envision it like this your gut is sort of like area 51 okay you’ve got all these different alien life-forms your bacteria that are just all contained there but it’s very important that they stay contained there so you have immune cells your military that hangs out in the gut that’s why 70 to 80 percent of your immune cells are in your gut okay they are there making sure that these alien life-forms okay do not escape but every once in a while there’s a foreign invader that comes in the body like a virus or a bacteria and your immune cells have to leave the base to go to war they get deployed right the point is yes most of our immune cells will live within our gut but let’s explain it a little bit more there’s this thing called crosstalk okay and this crosstalk is where the bacteria and the immune cells communicate with each other and the immune cells that are within our gut also communicate with the human cells to kind of say hey here’s what the bacteria is doing here’s this and that is constant communication that’s why it’s called crosstalk but there’s a level of translation that’s there in a way to sort of protect the human body so think of it like this you have area 51 inside your gut there’s a lot of crazy activity going on but there needs to be sort of a translation between what happens in the gut and what the human body knows it’s almost like the military or the government is trying to explain to civilians what’s going on but they have to translate it in such a way to well protect the civilians if you catch my drift so how does this actually work though what’s going on okay within our gut we have a barrier and there’s two levels to this barrier there is a physical barrier and there is a chemical barrier now the physical barrier is made up of what is called epithelial cells okay these epithelial cells are lining the gut wall and they communicate with the bacteria then we have a chemical barrier which is cytokine activity and antibody activity we always think of a physical barrier within the gut but we don’t really think of the fact that there’s like a low-grade chemical warfare going on all the time to make sure once again that these aliens or these bacteria don’t leak out of our gut and cause too much of a problem then first we have the physical barrier being the mucus which a lot of us don’t think about either but that mucus is like the physical hard barrier that’s gonna make sure the bacteria stay in line it’s like the fence right the fence that keeps the aliens at area 51 at bay now the epithelial cells that are within our cell use these things called PRRS these PRRS are designed to recognize the signals that are sent from the gut bacteria is just blowing your mind yet there’s a lot of different things going on and then there’s these things called dendritic cells that stick little probes into the gut biome to determine if something is changing it’s a constant litmus test it’s a constant test to see if well pathogens are coming in and if things need to get triggered so you realize what a hostile little crazy environment we have going on inside of our gut and if one little thing is off it triggers the immune system to just go on a high alert and trigger just wild effect so if you’re not getting convinced that you have to take care of your gut then well keep listening we also have T cells and B cells that live within our gut T cells are quite literally the frontlines of the immune system okay it’s the job of T cells to go out identify an invader tag it and then send in the infantry or Calvary to attack it it’s like the Recon right the recon goes out signal something and then the airstrike comes in well it turns out the T cells B cells largely live within our gut so if we’re compromised those T cells aren’t as prevalent which I’ll talk about in a little bit so what happens if your gut is compromised well the main thing is if your gut gets compromised because you’re eating the wrong foods or you’re just stressed out or you’re sleep-deprived well that gate or that fence that’s keeping all the aliens in gets holes in it and a lot of those aliens can leak out okay now your infantry your immune system can work as hard as it possibly can to protect that wall to protect that border but if there are multiple holes in it there’s just nothing they can do those guys are leaking into the bloodstream and then your immune system has to go attack them let me give you another analogy so this all makes sense and if you’re tired of the alien analogy I’m sorry it’s just the easiest way you’ve got your area51 aliens just scaped into domestic turf well what’s the immune system gonna do the immune system has to react and it has to dispatch and it has to start trying to neutralize the threat that’s escaping in your body well what does this do it means that if you do have an external or a virus or something that comes in they’re too busy trying to fight in corral aliens that they don’t get a chance to fight the virus again it’s like if you’re waging war on your own turf and then another country comes and attacks you well you’re going to be preoccupied and you’re more susceptible to getting sick I hope that this is making clear sense so the only way that we could truly fix that is to control inflammation within our gut which of course is going to be a feeding the epithelial cells okay that means feeding the cells that are defending okay feeding the cells that make up the wall well how do you feed those cells short chain fatty-acids butter ghee coconut oil really high fiber soluble fiber foods that are going to create what are called short chain fatty-acids those little cells that live on the gut barrier that protect that barrier that protect that wall that fence if they’re not fed they’re short chain fatty-acids they get weak they get to CREP it they’re not strong and they cannot defend what could leak into the bloodstream remember we had that first line of defense within the gut now let’s talk about antibodies for a second because it gets even more cool and a little bit more complex but I’ll make it simple IgA that is an antibody that is largely responsible for finding a pathogen coding it and making it so it’s somewhat neutralized so it can get attacked it is an antibody that recognizes when a virus comes in or when something bad comes in turns out IgA lives within our gut quite significantly now one of its main jobs is to regulate what is called gene expression of our microbiota so it’s like IgA is desk job or day job before it gets deployed is making sure the gut biome is growing and making sure the gut biome is healthy and not getting affected by negative things okay well the good thing is the more healthy bacteria that we have the more IgA that we have in vice versa the more IgA we have more healthy gut bacteria that we have so when your bacteria levels in your gut our health you have more antibodies makes sense means you have more troops that are readily available to fight a virus or to dispatch when they need to get dispatched so if you have low levels of good bacteria and high levels of bad bacteria you have low levels of IgA within the gut meaning less troops potentially available to go fight an attacker okay now let’s take it one step further we have something called T helper one seven cells th17 these are T cells that again are designed to find and neutralize pathogens but they’re volatile little suckers and when they go too far they cause inflammation and havoc within the body it turns out that once again we need healthy epithelial cells to make sure that those guys don’t go rogue so you see how complex this is we also in addition to having aliens that can get into our bloodstream we also have potentially rogue soldiers that can get into the bloodstream and cause problems you’re seeing what a clear analogy there is right it’s so simple to explain when you use military and you use warfare as just an explanation for it so again one of the ways that we control that is with good fats okay we’re talking about the short chain fatty acids again we’re talking about the ghee we’re talking about yes the fiber and even if you’re a carnivore dieter the fiber is definitely proven to support our immune system but one of the big things you have to focus on is what you can do to not compromise your immune system okay not compromised your gut bacteria it turns out in the journal molecule there was a study that was published that took a look at artificial sweeteners they found that six artificial sweeteners that were in ten different sports drinks all switched good bacteria to becoming toxic it’s like it mutated the bacteria that would in turn gut to become bad bacteria meaning your immune system your immune cells within your gut have to focus on neutralizing the bad bacteria that simply got mutated because of artificial sweeteners so use those in moderation absolutely then we jump over to the sugar piece that I opened this whole video with in the first place sugar doesn’t just affect our gut directly sugar signals specific proteins to be impeded and these proteins would normally foster the growth of specific bacteria like Bacteroides that is a good bacteria so basically it stops the feeding or stops the birthing of good bacteria through a signal the body sees this signal that comes in from sugar and says oh oh shut down the good bacteria crazy right sugar is a signaling molecule so fats over sugar prebiotic fibers over regular starches okay good healthy prebiotic fibers over grains now even if you’re not someone that eats a bunch of veggies even if you’re consuming things like Chia and flax and stuff like that that is going to be the stuff that truly feeds your immune system you have to feed the immune cells within your gut and I know this has been extremely complex but the gut biome is so unbelievably complex but if you do these things you can take care of your immune system and get back on the right track thank you again for watching and don’t forget to check out magic spoon down below see you soon 

This Post Was All About How Your GUT Affects Your Immune System.
How Your GUT Affects Your Immune System

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How Your GUT Affects Your Immune System – Thomas DeLauer

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Two big findings: Firmicutes were largely decreased while Bacteroidetes significantly increased AND some key genes, such as butyrate genes, were decreased


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