How to Trigger the Vagus Nerve

How to Trigger the Vagus Nerve

How to Trigger the Vagus Nerve

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hey guys in this video we’re gonna talk about how to trigger or stimulate something called the vagus nerve now what does the vagus nerve it’s one of the longest nerves in the body it originates from the brainstem on both sides okay and it goes throughout the whole thorax or the the the chest and the abdomen intervening the heart the digestive organs the spleen and it has a two-way street in other words information can be picked up from the digestion and sent back up to the brain and an information from the brain can be sent down there so if there’s something going on digestive lies down here it can really affect you up here okay that’s probably why you know if you are bloated or you feel constipated you just don’t feel right your your your brain fog you have a headache things like that so the vagus nerve is part of something called the parasympathetic nervous system now the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for rest and digest so digestion rest recovery things like that and then you have the sympathetic nervous system which is flight-or-fight picture being chased by a tiger running away you need high pulse rate you need blood flow to your muscles adrenalin then when you sleep you need the parasympathetic so you need both of these working in harmony now the problem most people is that they’re very heavy on the sympathetic nervous system because of stress and very weak on the parasympathetic nervous system now if you can picture this let’s say for example you run up a stairs right and your pulse rate goes up as soon as you get to the top and you stop running up the stairs the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and is activated and it’s you can kind of a picture it like a wave it’s like a push down wave that it’s pushing actively your pulse rate down so after exercise the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in there and is the recovery mechanism so if you have poor recovery you really have a weakened parasympathetic nervous system some of them has a really good recovery they can bounce back quick they have a very strong parasympathetic nervous system but a problem with this system can really affect your not just recovery but your ability to sleep heal it can create all sorts of problems in the digestive system and fortunately certain drug companies are starting to develop something called electro suit achill devices for example here’s one the vagus nerve stimulation which they basically put a little device on your chest and they stimulate through little mini shocks the vagus nerve to help people with migraines headaches fibromyalgia inflammation Crohn’s depression epilepsy and the list goes on and on but that’s pretty invasive and there’s side effects and the effectiveness isn’t that great so I’m going to show you four things that you can do to strengthen the vagus nerve and really the parasympathetic nervous system okay number one simple breathing you can control your own breathing okay consciously and affect the parasympathetic nervous system because when you’re in a stress mode your breathing is altered usually it’s like you’re breathing in slowly but you’re breathing out very shallow so the breathe the exhalation is very shallow so it’s like like that when you’re stressed so if you’re trying to sleep at night for example and you can’t sleep or you want to just calm your nervous system down this is what you would do you would slowly breathe in for four to five seconds and then slowly breathe out for four to five seconds so right before bed you’re you’re just doing this you’re like you’re breathing in and then you’re having your exhalation is exactly the same is your inhalation at about four to five seconds okay that over a period of a few minutes is going to calm down the nervous system and you’re gonna probably fall asleep pretty quick so this is a great technique right here okay number two long walks calm the nervous system down it’s low stress a lot of oxygen will stimulate the parasympathetic number three there are certain minerals that also support the parasympathetic nervous system and the big one is potassium because it’s a calming mineral magnesium and sodium so just make sure your diet includes enough of these minerals and in the ketogenic plan it’s built around supplying these minerals right here and including some sea salt as well on the flipside if you look at the sympathetic nervous system you need phosphorous okay and also calcium so phosphorus you would get from animal meats so if you’re consuming too much protein for example not enough vegetable you can that alone can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system so we want a balance of a good amount of vegetables to provide the potassium in magnesium and some meats to help balance that out and lastly there’s techniques acupressure techniques that you can do to greatly improve the parasympathetic recovery and also kind of turn off your sympathetic nervous system I put a link down below if you haven’t seen this but I did a whole webinar it’s called a stress webinar and actually walk you through how to do this step by step all right so go ahead and apply this and I will see you in the next video so if you don’t have this book you might want to check it out it’s entitled it’s not lose weight to get healthy it’s get healthy to lose the weight healthy ketosis and in a minute fasting check it out I put a link down below

This Post Was All About How to Trigger the Vagus Nerve.
How to Trigger the Vagus Nerve

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to stimulate the Vagus Nerve. He also talks about Parasympathetic Nervous System that is responsible for rest and digest.
Four things you can do to strengthen the Vagus Nerve and Parasympathetic nervous system:
• Breathing Slow
• Long Walks
• Acupressure

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