How to Stop a Panic Attack

How to Stop a Panic Attack

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let’s talk about how to stop a panic attack okay now over the years working with a lot of different people there’s been quite a few people who came in my office with panic attacks and they are always on the same diet which I’m going to discuss but a panic attack is a severe anxiety it’s fear with volume okay it’s the feeling that you can’t breathe suffocating and so here’s some things that you should do number one slow down your breathing if you notice someone in a panic attack they’re either hyperventilating or the inhalation is different than the exhalation they could be doing like the exhalation is usually shorter so you want to breathe in for maybe five seconds and then breathe out four to five seconds to keep that the same and slow it down that’s gonna actually pull you out of this panic attack it’s gonna pull you out of what’s called the flight or flight mechanism because you have the adrenals involved the adrenals of the stress clan there’s also something else going on in your brain you have something called the amygdala and it’s very similar to the adrenals because it’s involved in the fight or flight mechanism they found that when you remove this structure in the brain you lose all your fear so one purpose of the amygdala is involved in fear and that’s a survival mechanism it’s because if you see a big snake that’s gonna eat you you can run away if you have no fear chances are you might not survive as well to take long walks about 40 minutes to 60 minutes every single day get out there nature gets tons and tons of space and lots of oxygen number three stop watching the news you don’t need that negativity at this point you don’t want anything to trigger you you need a lot of lots of space and probably need to watch a comedy and before vitamin b1 is very necessary in countering stress when you’re b1 deficient you will have severe and xiety and take a well guess what depletes b1 refined carbohydrates people that have either panic attacks or anxiety attacks are always on a refined carb diet they’re consuming a lot of sugar they might be doing a lot of coffee tea and things with sulfates as in wine and other foods that have sulfites all deplete vitamin b1 casaba will deplete vitamin b1 so you’d want to take a good amount of nutritional yeast if you had severe anxiety or a panic attack also consuming the African silkworm will deplete you of b1 I know it’s tempting but you want to make sure that you cut down on the consumption of silkworm also consuming the larvae of insects high-end diamond ace could be a problem as well so you want to limit your consumption of that chu they may do that in certain parts of Africa okay number five acupressure very powerful it can pull someone out of that panic attack very fast all right number six adaptogens these are herbs that help you adapt to stress they calm down the sympathetic nervous system they lower cortisol they help you just regulate stress alright guys thanks for watching and if you haven’t seen my video on the stress webinar or on the adaptogens I put both of those videos on this page 

This Post Was All About How to Stop a Panic Attack.
How to Stop a Panic Attack

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Here’s what to try doing if you experience a panic attack. 

Stress Webinar:

0:15 What is a panic attack?
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1:37 What you can do if you have panic attacks

Today we’re going to talk about how to stop a panic attack. A panic attack is severe anxiety. Many times during a panic attack, people feel a lot of fear, and they may also feel like they can’t breathe.

During a panic attack, the adrenal glands are involved. These are stress glands. Also, in your brain, you have something called the amygdala. The amygdala is similar to the adrenals because it’s also involved in the fight or flight mechanism. It has been found that when the amygdala is removed, a person loses all fear. The amygdala is involved in fear. Fear is a survival mechanism. 

How to help stop a panic attack:

1. Slow down your breathing 
Breathe in for 4-5 seconds and then breathe out for 4-5 seconds.

2. Take long walks
Take about a 40-60 minute walk every day. Get out in nature, get space, and get oxygen. 

3. Stop watching the news 
You don’t need the negativity. 

4. Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1 is necessary to help counter stress. Refined carbs deplete vitamin B1. People that have panic attacks or anxiety attacks are typically on a high-carb diet. 

5. Acupressure 
Acupressure may really help pull someone out of a panic attack fast.

6. Adaptogens 
These are herbs that help people adapt to stress. They can help calm the sympathetic nervous system, lower cortisol, and regulate stress. 

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If you have panic attacks, consider trying these natural and effective remedies.

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