How to Start a Fast: What to Eat Right Before Fasting- Thomas DeLauer

How to Start a Fast: What to Eat Right Before Fasting- Thomas DeLauer

How to Start a Fast: What to Eat Right Before Fasting- Thomas DeLauer

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This Post Was All About How to Start a Fast: What to Eat Right Before Fasting- Thomas DeLauer.
How to Start a Fast: What to Eat Right Before Fasting- Thomas DeLauer

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How to Start a Fast: What to Eat Right Before Fasting- Thomas DeLauer… What do you eat when you start a fast? I mean, you talk about what to eat when you break a fast and we talk about what not to eat while you are fasting, but what about when it comes down to actually starting your fast? What about, are you trying to actually get yourself to be as hungry as possible when you fast or are you trying to get yourself so that you’re satiated through a fast? You kind of have to ask yourself do you want it to be easy or do you want it to be difficult?

I’m going to give you a couple of different instances and they all are varying depending on whether or not you want more fat loss or whether you want more of the health benefits. I’m here in my studio, you can check it out, this is what it looks like. I’m not in a perfect kitchen all the time, it’s a studio kitchen. I wanted to make this one a little bit more real.

I’m going to break down the science, I’m going to break down the facts and help you get a solid understanding of what you need to be eating the night before you embark on your intermittent fasting journey. The first couple of things we want to look at are what you fasting for, because it has a multitude of different benefits and what you eat the night before or the morning before or whenever you start your fast couple play a big role in things.

I want you to think about it like this. If you were to just have a rice cake for dinner and then start your fast you’d still be fasting just as equally as someone who had a giant plate of pasta the night before. This is a question that’s been coming up and it makes perfect sense. It’s like if someone eats 7,000 calories right before they start a fast are they going to have a different metabolic effect than someone that maybe just had a small salad and a rice cake? It’s a valid question.

What we have to look at is the thing called stomach distensibility. That distensibility is where your stomach shrinks during a fasting period. Quite honestly, this is one of the most advantageous reasons to fast, it’s simply because your stomach shrinks and you don’t want to eat as much food. If you’re eating a smaller meal then of course you’re going to reach that stomach distensibility or that shrinking a lot sooner, which therefore is going to allow you to want to eat less.

You’re not going to want to eat as much, you’re going to be getting full a lot faster when you do finally break your fast the next day. I want to give you two scenarios that are going to help you out when it comes down to fasting for fat loss or fasting for general health. First, let’s start with the fat loss start of things.

I highly recommend when you’re starting your fast that the last meal that you have prior to it contain something in the way of medium chain triglycerides but also contains high amounts of docosahexaenoic acid, that’s DHA. That means some fish, some salmon or at least make sure you’re taking some fish oil pills. The reason is, it’s simply because those are going to be fats that are going to actually help your cell membranes throughout the process of fasting.

You see, when we’re fasting our cells are dying off and being utilized as a source of fuel, it’s called autophagy. We have this beautiful thing that happens, the weak cells die and then new cells are formed, and the strong cells end up flourishing and essentially eating the weaker cells. The cell fluidity and this membrane fluidity is super important and DHA is very, very critical for that.

Now we can’t be taking DHA or fish oil pills during our fast. Why: Because, they’re a fat. They’re a soft gel that has oil in it, that will break your fast. If you consume a larger amount of it prior to going into a fast you will have a long tail effect as far as the systemic processes go. DHA takes a little while to do its job so it’s a pretty powerful tool to use. How do you get it? Well honestly, just eating healthy sources of fat. We’re talking things like mackerel, we’re talking anchovies, we’re talking sardines, we’re talking really good quality salmon. You’ve got to be careful there because obviously the mercury count, the radiation, all of that, that is very, very powerful.

Also, algae sources of DHA are exceptionally powerful, really important there. If you can’t do that take a good quality DHA supplement. You can find them on Amazon, they’re not that hard to find, it’s just very important. That’s going to make it so that regardless of how much you eat the night before your body is going to be in that anti-inflammatory and recovery mode so that is super important.

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