How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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all right so someone wanted to know is it possible to reverse insulin resistance and how long does it take so this video is for that person first of all what is insulin resistance it’s a condition whereby the cells are no longer absorbing insulin so insulin is being rejected okay and so in the receptor for insulin it’s just not receiving insulin anymore the consequence of that is this without insulin the cells can’t get fuel they can’t get nutrition so they’re starving they’re hungry and you’re creating carbohydrates there’s a little signal sent back to the pancreas because it’s not getting absorbed inside the cell that tells the pancreas hey we don’t have enough insulin make more so the pancreas makes more and more insulin so an average person with insulin resistance has five to seven times more than normal the problem with this is that this high level of insulin creates damage in the body also the fact that it’s not getting into the body that well it can raise your blood sugar so you’ve got high blood sugars because the purpose of insulin is to lower the blood sugar so we have this dynamic of the hormone trying to do its work but it can’t so then it can’t control the blood sugar so it can start going higher and higher and higher yeah at the same time the cells are starving they’re hungry and if you have insulin resistance in the brain then if they can’t get fuel they die that’s Alzheimer’s okay so that’s really what it is so what causes insulin resistance the overexposure of insulin okay okay will cause that the chronic consumption of carbs and eating too frequent okay frequent meals and snacking how do we fix this problem well you just reverse the process and you do prolong absence of insulin so we just avoid the triggering of insulin over a period of time because here’s the problem if you don’t fix this you’re not going to get weight loss so all those workouts that you’re doing are a waste of time all the diets you’re doing don’t really work and you’re going to be hungry all the time so you’re not going to be able to stick to it now based on my opinion it takes between three to eight plus months to reverse insulin resistance but the cool thing is you can also reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes now my guess is that doing ki tell is responsible for maybe twenty to thirty percent of the improvements intermittent fasting is responsible for about 60% of the improvements we add those together we get about eighty percent but if you do the healthy version of keto within a minute fasting together you can get 90 plus percent results why because the healthy version of keto itself supplies the key nutrients okay zinc vitamin D chromium potassium magnesium but B vitamins to help speed up the process and if you want to enhance the speed up your results you would add these things exercise reduce your stress increase sleeping certain supplements to take more of certain nutrients that target the beta cells of the pancreas that are involved innocent resistance and the way that you know that insulin resistance is going away you can do a task called Homa IR okay but honestly I would just look at these six things okay number one is your hunger going away can you go longer between meals without eating how about your belly fat is it disappearing that means the inside of the fat around the organs is going away especially the liver fat as well is your blood pressure going down now here’s the thing when you have high insulin or high sugars the arteries get really really stiff and when you do healthy keto and intermittent fasting with I would also recommend more vitamin D with this you can improve blood pressure but sometimes it takes up to a year to get this under control next one good blood Sugar’s now for most people you’re going to see change immediately now if you’ve been a diabetic for many many years and talking type 2 it could take up to a year to really get this blood sugar under control number five no dawn phenomena the dawn phenomena is this when you wake up in the morning you didn’t and your blood sugar is high that just means that you’re in the transition phase of adapting to ketosis and you still have insulin resistance so if you have this and then it goes away which it will over time that means your insulin resistance is much much better and number six you have a lot more energy that’s a real good indicator that it’s working and I’m gonna I’m gonna add number seven which is you’re satisfied when you eat so maybe before when you had insulin resistance you eat and you just don’t feel fulfilled now you do of course you’re gonna have to eat the right foods but the feeling of being satisfied after you eat tells me that the nutrition is going into the cell it’s working that means that you no longer have that resistance because with instant resistance that blocks the nutrients going in the south it’s hard to feel satisfied with food anyway thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video if you’re 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This Post Was All About How to Reverse Insulin Resistance.
How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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In this video, I want to talk about a question I received from someone who was wondering how to reverse insulin resistance.

What is insulin resistance? – It’s a condition where the cells are no longer absorbing insulin. Without insulin, the cells can’t get fuel, so they’re starving. This makes you crave carbohydrates. A signal is then sent to the pancreas telling it to make more insulin. The average person with Insulin resistance has 5-7 times more insulin than normal.

High levels of insulin create:

• Starved cells
• High blood sugar
• Damage in the body

What causes insulin resistance? – Overexposure to insulin (chronic carbs and frequent eating)

How do we fix this problem? – The prolonged absence of insulin. 

If you don’t fix insulin resistance:
• You’re not going to get weight loss
• You’re going to be hungry all of the time

In my opinion, it takes about 3-8+ months to reverse insulin resistance. My guess is that healthy keto with intermittent fasting is responsible for 90%+ of improvements. Healthy keto provides the key nutrients you need to help speed up the process.

If you want to enhance your results you can:

• Add exercise 
• Lower your stress
• Get more sleep 
• Get plenty of nutrients (zinc, vitamin D, chromium, potassium, magnesium)

How do you know if insulin resistance is going away?

1. Your hunger is going down
2. You’re losing belly fat
3. Your blood pressure is going down
4. Your blood sugars are good
5. No dawn phenomenon
6. You have more energy
7. You’re satisfied when you eat

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