How to Reduce Back Fat and Look Good in a Tank Top Again

How to Reduce Back Fat and Look Good in a Tank Top Again

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you know those mirrors where sometimes you catch a glimpse of your back I can you always look in the mirror and you see your front I look pretty good and then every once a while you catch a glimpse of one of those side mirrors and you see your back you know oh shoot I have a lot of back fat or maybe there’s a picture of you walking on the beach this is what happened to me picture of you walking on the beach I’m like oh crud I am definitely not in shape so back fat is a serious issue and there’s some ways that you can get rid of it but I have to be honest you can’t just magically erase just your back fat but you can take a look at your diet you can take a look at specific hormones and you can take a look at cool little bio hacks and really implement them to be able to reduce the impact of that back fat and get the body that you want so we’re gonna dive into this we’re going to largely focus on the estrogen piece and then we’re gonna focus on these little bio hack things that you can introduce into your daily life to really get the most out of your life but also get the most off of your back hey I want to make sure that you hit that red subscribe button and then go ahead and hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications so you know whenever I go live but now let’s go ahead and let’s get this one back fat science ok so full disclaimer before we dive all the way in a lot of where you store fat comes down to your genetics sort of predisposition okay some people will store fat in one particular area of their body that doesn’t mean that you can’t work a little bit harder towards getting fat off of that area though his spot reduction to some degree is somewhat possible but we have to look at the big picture and that’s what we’re gonna do here because I want you to get the lean back that you want I don’t want you to have those fat deposits that make you feel self-conscious I’ve been there so let’s first start with the estrogen piece because this especially when it comes down to just back fat is a big big player okay as we get older even just over the age of 25 what ends up happening is we have an overabundance of estrogen for both men and women before women go through menopause their estrogen levels tend to creep up and causes issues but for men you have testosterone levels that end up going through what’s called aromatization and turning into estrogen now estrogen is not a bad thing we need it for recovery we need it for just typical hormone modulation throughout the body anyway but what ends up happening when we have in excess of it is it creates what is called excess thyroid binding globulin and just like the name implies it binds to our thyroid hormone and our thyroid hormone regulates our metabolism so if we have estrogen causing something that binds to this thyroid imagine what ends up happening it slows down our metabolism because now we don’t have the thyroid ability to really wrap up the metabolism so estrogen causes this downward spiral but there’s one other thing you need to be paying attention to estrogen has a really powerful effect on your insulin okay so once you start building up a little bit of fat whether it’s around the midsection or the back then all of a sudden you’re producing more insulin and then that causes a chain reaction with estrogen and then estrogen causes more insulin and next thing you know your blood Sugar’s high or your insulin resistant and you’re packing on more pounds and you ever knew we’re even possible and you’re not really doing anything but the thing is you are doing something you just aren’t aware of what’s going in your body so we’re gonna talk about what you can reduce and get out of your diet to be able to fix this issue the first thing I want to be paying attention to our Zeno and phytoestrogens now I’m not here to say avoid all of these things I’m here to be practical but there is one thing that I really think you should be conscious of and that is the world of grains and gluten okay so wheat and grains things like that are very very important to get out of your diet whether you are keto whether you’re low carb paleo vegan whatever get those out of your diet if you have an issue with estrogen imbalance and back fat because they contain a specific xenoestrogen known as ze a-okay ze a is a xenoestrogen that literally comes from a mycotoxin it’s a fungus that grows on wheat now you may be thinking like okay well have clean wheat no it’s a micro fungus that is gonna be on virtually all wheat you’re going to find it and ze:a has some interesting reactions within the body so a study that’s published in the journal Cell Chemical Biology found something pretty interesting they found that people that were consuming high amounts of ze:a ended up having just a lower effectiveness of anti estrogen drugs now what does that mean what that means is that these ze A’s have the ability to combat the effects of some of the most powerful anti estrogenic drugs like letrozole so you take a drug that going to be for an anti estrogen purpose for whatever reason that might be ze A’s are so powerful they counteract those drugs imagine what that is doing inside your body okay imagine so ze A’s crush any anti estrogen effect in your body so now you have nothing to mitigate estrogen so all of a sudden you’ve just unbound the ability for estrogen to just flourish in your body and fat that just deposit everywhere it’s scary stuff so wheat and grains just get those out of your diet the next piece we got to talk about is soy I’m not here to tell you once again that you need to get all soy out of your diet I know you’re human I know that it’s going to creep its way in but what you need to do is be more conscious of the soy that is coming into your diet through all these different random places okay there’s soy in everything these days and that’s where I invite you to just really pay more attention okay mayonnaise soybean oil sardines drenched in soybean oil ketchup some soybean oil marinara sauce what do you know soybean oil to thicken it that’s where this stuff creeps in and soy is a phytoestrogen that mimics estrogen in the body so it doesn’t have any kind of crazy feedback loop or anything like that it just literally acts as estrogen and binds to estrogen receptors it is no different than taking an estrogen pill because your body sees the spider estrogen and just assumes it’s estrogen and next thing you know estrogen levels go up and simultaneously testosterone levels drop because they work kind of a opposite of each other so to that same point if you eat a lot of poultry you may want to consider choosing the leaner options of poultry why because hormones and soy and things like that are going to sit in the fat a lot more so there are studies that show that poultry has four times as much in the way of soy and 1/7 beta estradiol and then cow and pig now they discovered this by looking at the manure which you might be thinking well that’s not the food that’s the manure no that tells you how much is in the feed and how much is being stored in the body so if you’re going to have poultry go for the leaner poultry simply because then you’re not going to have those hormones and those estrogens coming in because estrogen has an affinity for fat it stores in fat and it works within the fat and adipose you so lien poultry all the way all sir if you use a bunch of whey protein powder you might want to be thinking about that too since soy can sometimes come through in the dairy so if you’d a bunch of cheese bunch of whey protein you just want to control that in moderation that’s why generally speaking when I have a protein shake I’ll use like a pea protein blend simply because I’m not getting the soy that’s coming through the dairy but I’m also not getting the inflammatory component as well so if you want a good recommendation on some P protein I highly highly recommend that you check out Sun warrior because they’re not just a normal PN they’re ketogenic in mind they have fasting in mind they have everything in mind when they formulate their product so it’s really really cool they add all the other aminos that they need to make it a complete protein so anyhow there’s a special link down below it’s not going to be your magic pill to get rid of back fat but I will say it’s a great step to take when it comes down to consuming a cleaner protein that has less of the estrogenic impact on your body especially when it comes down to a more plant-based protein so definitely check them out after you watch this video down below in the description okay in the last piece of the estrogen component are gonna be the BPA’s okay study those published in sterility and fertility did take a look at 218 men and they found that men that had a presence of BPA’s in their urine were three times as likely to be at high risk for low levels of sperm what that means it’s a certain levels are lower sperm counts lower and the overall sperm travel is going to be lower so what that tells us is yes there’s a direct effect the good news is we don’t find pph nearly as much as we used to even as much as like two years ago and most of the Tupperware’s got rid of them most of the straws and drinks got rid of them so that’s all a plus side but you do need to be cognizant of that okay now I want to touch really quick on a big one you need to cut alcohol down to two times per week now this doesn’t have to be permanent but if you are dealing with back fat you’re storing fat in a specific area and it’s more than likely having to do with again an estrogen dominance kind of thing alcohol has been shown to cause the conversion of androgens into estrogens so the Journal of toxicology published a study that found when subjects consumed ethanol alcohol they ended up having a significantly higher conversion of androgens over to estrogens what that means is the the the hormones the androgens that would normally make a man man were strongly getting converted into estrogen and quickly they also found that there were significantly less androgen receptors in the liver in those that were consuming the ethanol meaning they had less potential ability to even receive male hormones because their body develops such an affinity for estrogen so my point in saying this isn’t that you need to just crush your alcohol have it all together but you do need to cut it down and it’s not just because alcohol is bad for your blood sugar and bad for your health that’s a given but what it is is that alcohol is going to trigger that aromatization it is going to trigger more estrogen which causes this chain reaction now let’s get to some fun stuff though and let’s talk about some other things that you can implement into your life to directly get rid of fact fat versus just cutting things out first one start using a sauna for twenty to thirty minutes two to three times per week and it’s not just because you’re sweating out toxins and sweating things out no no it’s different than that it’s all about a hormetic effect known as heat shock proteins heat shock proteins are the bee’s knees okay here’s what they do they are a stress induced protective mechanism of the cell just like the name implies they’re a heat shock protein so they come into effect as a protein that protects the cell because of heat shock so when we’re exposed to high amounts of heat for extended periods of time these heat shock proteins come in and they protect the cell and they allow a specific folding and unfolding of proteins to occur so that the cells can actually recover our cells are constantly getting bombarded by things constantly bombarded by all kinds of different things that are affecting us in a good way and a bad way but every once in a while the cell just says I need a break to actually recover and these heat shock proteins believe it or not protect the cell for a little bit they come in and they’re like oh there’s extra heat let’s protect the cell so they protect it and while it’s protected it’s like it has a force field around it so it can actually repair itself what does this have to do with fat loss well believe it or not when you’re sitting in that sauna you also have a 58% increase in your norepinephrine levels norepinephrine is going to mobilize fat so this is something that you can do just sitting there literally sitting in a sauna you don’t do anything but just kind of suffer for a little bit but meditate think about your day plan your day whatever plan your kid’s birthday party whatever you got to do just sit in the sauna sweat and expose yourself the heat and act those heat shock proteins which leads me into the next thing which is the opposite cold therapy utilized cold showers utilize cold plunges set your thermostat down to 66 degrees yes that’s what the studies show 66 degrees triggers a lot more of an increase in uncoupling proteins what is this all about believe it or not yes exposing yourself to a cold shower for 30 to 60 seconds everyday or jumping in an ice bath or being in cold temperatures activates what are called uncoupling proteins what is an uncoupling protein an uncoupling protein is a protein that triggers brown fat to get activated it triggers the Browning of fat now what does that mean what that means is that in your normal fat tissue that sits on your body that does nothing but look unsightly and insulate you actually becomes metabolically active it turns brown because it gets more blood flow and it gets darker we want blood flow to fat because blood flow to fat means that heat is dissipating so that means all the energy that you’re taking in from calories rather than going and depositing fat in your back it’s going to actually get dissipated through these uncoupling proteins these uncoupling proteins act as radiators like those heat radiators that are in a dorm room when you don’t have central air okay they just emit heat power comes through it and emits heat well in this case calories come through and they emit heat simply because you’re exposing yourself to cold now additionally the blood flow restriction that ends up happening just from being exposed to cold because the blood largely is gonna go to your organs that blood flow restriction limits the ATP production within the fat cell which ends up making it so that potentially those fat cells will die and then last but not least when it comes down to the cold therapy it’s triggering stress on those fat cells triggering a large amount of reactive oxygen species to attack a fat cell so you’re kind of in a way starving out the fat cells so that it ends up just getting bombarded with a bunch of just reactive oxygen speed point is do it you don’t need to do much literally 3060 seconds of cold shower can make a big difference now it’s time to treat yourself a little bit go get a massage do some foam rolling it’s not just because you’re pampering yourself it’s because you’re taking care of yourself in that self-care has a strong physiological response okay what happens is you have these lymph nodes that are in your fashio and they get balled up and the lymph fluid can’t really move limp fluid is what mobilizes our immune system so our immune system travels through the lymph but guess what our fat travels through our lymph too it doesn’t just travel through blood and what happens is when everything gets clogged up in our lymph system because of tight muscles things like that the lymph doesn’t move as well so if we’re trying to mobilize fat from the back to actually get to the liver to get utilized we need to do something about it so what do we do about it we get a massage where we foam roll where it breaks up those knots and it gets the actual lymphatic fluid moving so the fat can get to where it needs to go the fat needs to leave the station and get to the liver to get converted into a ketone or to get metabolized or to get put into whatever it needs to actually get utilized as so a little bit of foam rolling goes a long way and last but not least and this is a big one if you’re going to choose an exercise to do to reduce the maximal amount of back fat I highly recommend high intensity interval training with a rower y-1 a rower is largely a full body movement huge huge surges of caloric burn huge surges of norepinephrine which is going to mobilize fat long after the fact huge activation of your back okay which is largely neglected and a lot of cardio moves you do a lot of running next thing you know you’re hunched over do a lot of rowing you’re at least building the right posture but you’re also building the muscle in the right area that quite frankly gives you the illusion of a leaner back it’s a big part of training a particular muscle isn’t about burning the fat in that given area it’s about building that muscle up so that you create the illusion I mean I’m not a bodybuilder and a lot of you probably aren’t but if you ever realized the whole world of bodybuilding is all about creating an illusion some of these guys aren’t even all that big but they look big on stage because they’ve created an illusion by making them look leaner and smaller in different places the point is is that if you tone up your back via rowing it does build an awesome physique rowers have really good physique with a really wide v-taper backs and it helps a lot now the other piece of the equation is when you incorporate your upper body into an high-intensity interval move it does something really cool you see we have a little bit less in the way of the ability to transfer blood from the heart to the upper body it means the heart has to work harder because there’s less perfusion okay so the heart has to work harder to push blood through the little veins in our arms which means you get your heart rate up higher which means you get more with less five minutes on a rower high intensity is probably I’m gonna guess here equal to probably 10 or 12 minutes high intensity on a treadmill because you’re actually activating these muscles in your upper body that don’t usually get the conditioning it’s just a shock to the system that will tone you up really really fast I know I covered a lot of ground and I hope that you’ve got some notes taken because this is really going to help you out whether it’s back fat chest fat or whatever I know I focused more on back fat I think this is going to really pave the way for you so as you’re looking to embark on your health journey and as you’re looking to get the best possible shape I invite you to remember my story I’ve lost 100 pounds you can do this too I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About How to Reduce Back Fat and Look Good in a Tank Top Again.
How to Reduce Back Fat and Look Good in a Tank Top Again

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How to Reduce Back Fat and Look Good in a Tank Top Again – Thomas DeLauer

Sometimes you’ll catch a glimpse of your back in the mirror, or in a picture, and feel like your back still has a lot of fat left to lose. Unfortunately, you can’t just magically erase just your back fat, but you can take a look at your diet, specific hormones, and you can take a look at cool little biohacks and really implement them to be able to reduce the impact of that back fat, and get the body that you want…

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