How To Meal Prep Chicken Fried Rice For The Week (Low Carb Recipe)

How To Meal Prep Chicken Fried Rice For The Week (Low Carb Recipe)

How To Meal Prep Chicken Fried Rice For The Week (Low Carb Recipe)

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what’s happening guys hope you’re having a great day and I hope you’re excited for some meal prep today one of the most common questions I’ve gotten over the years is if I have meal prep recipes or if I’ll do more meal prep recipes and it’s something that I personally don’t do a lot of which is why we haven’t done much of it on the channel but it’s something that I want to do more of and also do more of on a channel and I think today’s low carb Chinese chicken fried rice recipe is a really great starting point to do that because it’s so easy guys it’s like less than 30 minutes easy we’re gonna be making six meals which is over workweek worth of meals and it’s 11 on a 10 delicious I think you guys are totally gonna dig this all right so to do this meal prep super easy and super convenient guys we’re going to be using already riced cauliflower we’re using cauliflower instead of regular rice deep the calories lower and keep the carbs lower now instead of rice and cauliflower ourselves which takes a bunch of time and then you’re gonna clean up afterwards we’re just gonna be using frozen bags of already rice cauliflower and if you can find a bag that has all the stuff that you want in your egg fried rice that’s even a bonus this green giant cauliflower medley it’s awesome and it’s got all that stuff in it it’s got the green peas the carrots the scallions the yellow onions highly recommend checking this stuff out the calories on it are awesome 25 calories a serving 5 grams of carbs 2 grams of fiber 2 grams of protein but with that being said I realize that everybody’s gonna be able to find this at the grocery store just try to find something similar guys I just want to make you aware that this is out there so if you can find this get it but if you can’t pretty much every grocery store has a plain rice cauliflower that’s frozen in a bag and if you could find this grab some of this and just add about a cup of frozen peas and carrots to your 12 cups of your plain rice cauliflower right let’s get this meal prep show on the road guys first thing you want to do is take out 3 medium to large-sized take your breasts something about this size and then what you want to do is just take a pair of kitchen shears and just trim away all the says fat in grizzle from your breasts okay so we’re looking good guys we got our pile of grizzle and fat over here our chicken breasts are all trimmed up and looking lean now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take our kitchen shears again and this is why it’s so nice to have a pair of kitchen shears instead of having to use the knife and we’re just gonna chop up our chicken breasts into tiny little pieces using our shears by the way guys this is totally a workout I’ve got a forearm pump going on my form is just totally pumped so expect that I guess is what I’m trying to say all right so our chicken breast is looking good we got some tiny bite-sized pieces here what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna transfer our chicken into our Bowl here turn our food scale on that’s gonna automatically put our scale to zero it’s gonna tar out the bowl and we’re gonna figure out how much chicken we’re actually using in today’s meal prep recipe this is important because this is gonna help you determine how many calories and how much protein is actually in your meal prep so just before you cook your chicken weigh it out on your food scale just like this all right so we’ve got all the uncooked chicken in our bowl here guys and I want to make a point of saying uncooked because it’s super important when you’re entering the value of how much this weighs in to MyFitnessPal so it’s 1.75 1 and 3/4 of a pound of uncooked chicken breast I just want to make that distinction clear guys because if you put in 1.75 pounds of cooked chicken breast as the value for the amount of chicken we’re using in today’s recipe that would be way more calories and way more grams of protein than we’re actually using in the recipe because as you cook meat it weighs less and less the juices cook out of the meat so it’s very important that you use the uncooked weight because cooked this is gonna weigh significantly less than one point seven five pounds we’ve got all of my rice veggies open and ready to go here I’m going to turn up my stove to about medium heat medium-high I get some baking spray out over here and we are gonna coat this huge wok with some baking spray we’ve got the wok coated in baking spray we’re just gonna add our rice cauliflower medley and it doesn’t matter I mean you could defrost this if you’d like doesn’t really matter though guys I’m just gonna get all this in here as you can hear it’s already starting to cook away all right so we’ve got all of our cauliflower in there we’re gonna let this cook away and defrost a little bit now we’re gonna get our chicken going and turn this pan up to about medium medium-high heat spray this with a little bacon spray and now we’re gonna add our chicken the only you want to do you guys is just take a wooden spatula and evenly spread this out in your pan now what we’re doing guys is we’re gonna add three tablespoons of some soy sauce I’m just using the cap as my tablespoon measurement this is about a capful and we’re just gonna add this here to our cauliflower rice now once you’ve got that in there we’re gonna work the soy sauce in with the cauliflower rice all right so I think we’ve got all of the soy sauce incorporated with our cauliflower rice now I’ll just let this keep cooking and we’ll check on our chicken you just want to check on it every couple of minutes just kind of work it around with your spatula so it cooks evenly and you don’t overcook any side you don’t undercook your chicken what you want to look for is all this is gonna be white you see how we have some pink spots on our chicken obviously you want all the pink to kind of disappear and turn to white that’s when you’re gonna know your chickens done cooking all right so all the chicken and cauliflower is cooking away over there we’re gonna get our eggs together well egg beaters because I’m gonna be using sesame oil later in the recipe and I want to keep the fats sort of under control I don’t want to go too crazy at the fats with this meal prep but if you don’t care about that kind of thing you can totally just use regular eggs guys so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna weigh out 300 grams of some egg beaters in terms of how many eggs that would be that six whole eggs guys so if you want to use a mix of like three whole eggs and 150 grams of egg beaters that’s probably a decent ratio to use or if you want to use just all eggs and you don’t care about how much fat there is in the recipe just use six eggs guys so I was just about to add my eggs in here guys but I notice there is some water in my wok just make sure that all of the water from your cauliflower cooks out of the wok if you have any in there you just want to make sure that totally cooks away so what we’re gonna do now is go ahead and add our egg beaters or eggs or half-baked beaters have eggs whatever you’re doing and just start stirring all of that into our cauliflower rice check that out guys how good is that fried rice look we’re steaming up the lens I think that is looking super tasty now we’re gonna do is add our chicken two hour walk here so just gonna go ahead and add all of our chicken we can stir our chicken into our cauliflower rice holding a camera and stirring this is just like a total disaster in terms of the mess I’m making on my stove but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna transfer all of our chicken fried rice now into a super large bowl we’re gonna weigh it out and we’re gonna put it in some meal prep containers so this is pretty much the largest bowl that I own get out a really really large bowl add it to your food scale turn on your food scale that way it’s already turned to zero and then what you’re gonna want to do is take your big wok of chicken fried rice and I’m trying not to tip over the camera while I’m doing this and just add it to your big bowl that way you can get a accurate measurement of just how many grams of chicken fried rice you’ve got going on in your wok check this out fifteen hundred grams on the dot but there is one final thing I want to do and that is add 12 grams of just pure sesame oil to my big bowl so I’ve got to weigh this out it’s harder than it looks guys 13:13 close enough guys the last thing you wanna do guys is just take a spatula and work all of the sesame oil around your bowl just to make sure all of your chicken fried rice is covered in sesame oil deliciousness it is smelling so good guys so good right now so I’ve got my meal prep containers and my lids here we’ve got our skillet r20 now we can do is just start getting this fried rice in our container like I said we’re gonna be adding 252 grams of chicken fried rice to each container I’m pretty good now since we didn’t weigh out our chicken after the fact we’re gonna do our best to just eyeball getting an equal amount of chicken in every container that way you know you’re having about the same amount of protein in every container you don’t want to end up with just one bowl of no chicken and all rice is what I’m trying to say so try to get an equal amount of chicken in every one of your meal prep containers and by the way if you need meal prep containers or a food scale or a wok all that stuff is listed in the video description below if you want to pick up any of that as far as what you can expect this to look like guys that is what your meal prep container is gonna look like tons of chicken tons of fried rice tons of deliciousness I promise if you want to heat this up just 45 seconds to a minute in the microwave and it’s good to go guys so before we wrap it up today guys I just want to quickly tell you the macros macros per container 288 calories 41 grams of protein 11 grams of carbs 4 of which is fiber and 7 grams of fat how great is that that is like awesome it’s certified 11 out of 10 delicious guys and it’s just it’s so easy to make like 30 minutes you have a week’s worth of food or over weeks worth of food so thank you guys so much for watching if you want the full recipe it’s in the video description below and I will see you guys in the next one [Music]

This Post Was All About How To Meal Prep Chicken Fried Rice For The Week (Low Carb Recipe).
How To Meal Prep Chicken Fried Rice For The Week (Low Carb Recipe)

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Learn how to meal prep chicken fried rice for the week! If you’re looking for low carb meal prep ideas, especially easy meal prep recipes for weight loss, you’ll definitely want to give this Chinese Chicken Fried Rice recipe a shot!

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Trim and cube 3 medium to large sized chicken breasts about (1500g or about 4lbs)
Add chicken to a large pan coated with baking spray and cook on medium high heat until no longer pink and white all the way through (around 10 minutes)
Weigh-out your chicken before cooking it if you’re trying to keep track of the calories in your meal prep … and be sure to enter the value as “uncooked” in MyFItnessPal etc.
Next take out 4 Bags (12 oz / 340g) riced cauliflower medley bags by Green Giant OR 16 Cups of riced cauliflower + 3 Cups of a peas and carrots mix
Coat a large wok with nonstick baking spray, and add the cauliflower
At this point, you can also add 3 Tbsps of soy sauce.
Cook until all of the water evaporates from the wok itself
Once the water cooks out add 300g egg beater (8 egg whites, or 6 whole eggs, or 4 whites and 3 whole eggs)
Cook until the eggs are fluffy and dry and no liquid egg is left in the wok
Now add your chicken and mix everything together until combined
Take your food scale back out, add a large bowl to it (tare the scale to zero), add you fried rice to the bowl along with 1 tbsp of sesame oil, and whatever the amount is in grams on the scale is what you’ll want to divide by. For instance, If you want to only make 4 meal preps out of this, you’d divide the number on the scale by 4, and then add that amount of fried rice to each meal prep container. So, say you have 1000g of fried rice you’d divide that up into 4 containers, and each meal prep container would have 250g of chicken fried rice.


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