How To Make Keto Pancakes | THE BEST Low Carb Pancake Recipe

How To Make Keto Pancakes | THE BEST Low Carb Pancake Recipe

How To Make Keto Pancakes | THE BEST Low Carb Pancake Recipe

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I’ve got a feeling a bunch of you guys are gonna be obsessed these pancakes I think this is like the world’s best low-carb keto pancake recipe in existence Plus each one of these pancakes only has one gram of net carbs by the way today’s recipe is sponsored by Isis pure protein powder I use some of their unflavored whey protein as part of the base – these pancakes it bakes unbelievably well you can add it to a bunch of different things and it takes on the flavor of whatever you’re adding it to it’s just it’s so versatile I highly recommend picking some up there’s a link to grab some in the video description below but without further ado let’s jump into this one and make some pancakes guys so for this one I’m gonna be adding everything to my blender starting with two large eggs next I’ll be adding a heaping quarter cup of small curd no-salt-added cottage cheese followed by three tablespoons of sugar free maple syrup as well as a teaspoon of vanilla extract four tablespoons of almond flour a teaspoon of baking powder and last but not least a scoop of ice appears unflavored whey protein powder now I’m all set to blend everything until a smooth thick batter forms once it does I’m gonna coat a pan with some non-stick baking spray add some of the batter to the pan and let that cook until bubbles start forming then I’ll give the pancake a flip and cook the other side just for a couple of minutes I like to make four pancakes out of my batter but you can make however many you wanna make regardless as always enjoy guys yeah these are some life-altering low-carb keto pancakes guys I cannot wait for you to try them I can’t wait to hear what you think about them you enjoyed the video today it always means a lot it really does meet the like button or thumbs up on the video if you want the full recipe with the metric measurements and the macros or you want to pick up any of the stuff that I used to make the pancakes today all that’s in the video description below thanks for hanging out with me watching me make some pancakes I’ll see you guys the next recipe [Music] you

This Post Was All About How To Make Keto Pancakes | THE BEST Low Carb Pancake Recipe.
How To Make Keto Pancakes | THE BEST Low Carb Pancake Recipe

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Learn how to make keto pancakes! This is THE BEST low carb pancake recipe you’ll try. These almond flour pancakes for the keto diet taste just like normal pancakes, but with far less carbs. If you’re look for low carb keto breakfast ideas look not further!

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Keto Pancake Essentials:

Food Scale:

Almond Flour:

Sugar Free Pancake Syrup:

Isopure Protein Powder:

Low Carb Chocolate Chips:


Low Carb Keto Pancake Ingredients:

Eggs: 2 Large
Almond Flour: 4 Tbsps Cup (39 grams)
Unflavored Whey ISOPURE 1 scoop (30g)
Baking Powder: 1 Tsp
Sugar-Free Maple Syrup: 3 Tbsps (40 grams)
Vanilla Extract: 1 Tsp
1 % Fat Small Curd No Salt Added Cottage Cheese: 1/4 Cup (40 grams)

Keto Pancake Instructions:

Add all ingredients to a blender
Blend for several minutes on high – the batter should be thick
Coat a pan with non-stick baking spray
Over medium heat add the batter to the pan – to make 4 pancakes try and make each one about 4 inches in diameter
Once bubbles start to appear flip the pancake
Cook 1-2 minutes on that side
Repeat until all batter is used

*NOTE: Do not use large curd cottage cheese. The cottage cheese needs to be as thick as possible, and not runny. USE SMALL CURD COTTAGE CHEESE.

110 Calories
Fat: 6g
Carbs: 2g
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 12g

1 NET CARBS per serving


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