How To Make a Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Burrito | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

How To Make a Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Burrito | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

How To Make a Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Burrito | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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what’s up my guys first of all I’m alive it’s been like a month since I’ve uploaded a video second of all the reason why I’m uploading this video this isn’t even supposed to be happening right now I was just driving home from the gym it’s a lunchtime I’m hungry I made this egg burrito the other night it was so delicious I thought to myself why aren’t I filming this and just sharing it with you guys because it’s a really great easy healthy breakfast idea or a snack idea you can really tailor it to your macros people are always looking for super easy things like this that they can make a super quick and are just really delicious so I’ve just picked up the camera and decided you know what we’re gonna make a video today so that’s what we’re doing let’s get into the steak burrito let’s do this so you’ll only need a few things for this recipe guys this has been my favorite cooking utensil as of late I think it’s like a Joyce chin walk if you’re in the market for a walk I’ll try to put the link in the video description below if amazon has this but it’s awesome so this is what I’m gonna cook my eggs in it is a huge pan just something nonstick something large something you’re gonna cook your eggs in we’re making an egg burrito we’re gonna need some eggs or you could go with egg beaters too or a combination of both I actually don’t have egg beaters in my refrigerator refrigerator can’t say that word right now so I’m just gonna be going with some whole Eggland’s Best large eggs and also my bees and some whites would be using like half and half you are also gonna need a low calorie wrap these josephs lavash bread wraps i think are the best that they sell pretty much every Walmart carries these at least in America sixty calories per serving one and a half grams of fat eight grams of carbs three grams of fiber in there five grams of protein there’s two servings per wrap but that’s actually better than this company called flat out which is pretty popular in America you find most a lot of places these are I think are a little bit harder to find but these are just way bigger like look at this that’s a 18 pack of eggs covers that thing like easily so we’re also using some of this and the final thing is some high quality bacon spread you can find the spectrum coconut oil highly recommend the stuff is what I use all the time and it’s just it’s a really really good guy so that’s all you need alright guys so I got a bowl out here to kind of scramble eyes these eggs with my whisk before I actually scramble them in my wok that was kind of tough to say for some reason but anyways you can use five full eggs for your Joseph’s wrap I think five is the maximum you want to go because you use six it’s gonna get tougher and tougher to wrap but you could also use a combination of whole eggs and egg whites today I’m going to go with three whole eggs and three egg whites if you’re using egg beaters from since that would be 805 grams of egg beaters or if you’re using eight beaters the maximum I would use is about 300 grams of egg beaters that’s if you’re not using any eggs so at this point guys once you get all of your eggs in your bowl what I’m doing here is I’ve just got my whisk and I’m just whisk applying all of those yolks together in with the whites you want to look for all of your liquid to just kind of turn yellow just like this and then you can move over your wok or your pan and just start cooking them before we start cooking our eggs and our pan and take out that baking spray the coconut oil just gonna coat our wok decent amount of that and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna turn this guy up to about medium-high it’s a little bit too I medium-high heat alright so the oil in our wok is heated up that’s how you know that once is heated up once you get that sound going in the pan you add your eggs and what we’re gonna do now just get a spatula I need you spatula Melissa got me as a gift and we’re just gonna start working these eggs around our wok or our pen until they cook through completely so the eggs took like no time at all tomato it’s like maybe a minute this is exactly what you want to look for completely dry on the outside not liquidy at all completely cooked looking super fluffy if I do say so myself too and once they’re looking like this that’s when you can go ahead transform to your wrap and get your burrito started now what I’m going to do is just add the eggs to the wrap to one side of the just like that and then we can do is you’re gonna want to hold your rap if you’re using a Josef’s lavash bread fold it in like this and then roll it guys just like and this can be a little tricky there we go this is looking good now boom that is what you want to look for now the secret to cutting your burrito and it not falling apart guys is toothpicks I’m going to put one toothpick on this side one toothpick on this side then once you have your toothpicks in there you can take a knife cut this in half oh man this looks so good guys check that as I just spilt eggs everywhere check that out though how good does that look so good right yeah so that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed making this egg burrito with me it is seriously delicious it’s so easy to make it is certified 11 out of 10 good I hope you give it a shot if you do even add a little sriracha to this which is what I think I’m gonna do with my second piece over there you are in some serious delicious business guys anyways thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the video did hit the thumbs up button I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music]

This Post Was All About How To Make a Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Burrito | Healthy Breakfast Ideas.
How To Make a Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Burrito | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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How to make a scrambled eggs breakfast burrito! This is THE
BEST scrambled eggs breakfast burrito recipe, and a great healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss too.


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