How To Lose Weight If You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau | 2 Weight Loss Tips To Break It FAST

How To Lose Weight If You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau | 2 Weight Loss Tips To Break It FAST

How To Lose Weight If You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau | 2 Weight Loss Tips To Break It FAST

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More specifically, you want help with How To Lose Weight If You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau | 2 Weight Loss Tips To Break It FAST?

what’s happening guys hope you’re having a fantastic day today I am back with another quick tip video all about weight loss and more specifically about weight loss plateaus and a few of my best tips on how to break down and the reason why today’s video is all about weight loss plateaus is because I thought it was a great stepping stone from the last quick tip video we did which was all about how to find your initial calorie goals to start your diet and if you happen to miss that video there’s a link to check it out in the video description below and that video was great because it gave you an initial calorie goal to aim for to start losing weight but inevitably guys if you don’t ever make any changes from that initial calorie total you will eventually hit a weight loss plateau I even allude to it a little bit in that last video I say you at 200 pounds isn’t burning the same amount of calories as you at 180 pounds so you have to make changes otherwise you will hit these weight loss plateaus and I just want to expand on that idea a little bit because I know firsthand just how frustrating weight loss plateaus are and I have a few really good tips on how to avoid them or if you find yourself in one on how to break through one first and foremost I think it’s super important that you’re 100% sure you’re actually experiencing a weight loss plateau what I mean by that is a couple of things number one you’ve been keeping track of your daily weights either on a calendar or in a spreadsheet and you’re also keeping track of your average weekly weights and it’s been at least two weeks maybe even three weeks that you haven’t seen the scale move at all and your average weekly weight really hasn’t moved in that time and the reason why I say at least two weeks guys is because even a weekly average weight can be deceiving maybe you’re a girl and it’s that time of the month and you’re holding on to a little bit of water because it’s that time of the month or maybe you’ve had salt a lot of salt a couple of the days in the week and that led to some have your weigh-ins because you were holding on to some water or maybe you ate late at night and you woke up heavier a few of the days and that threw off your weekly average weight so there could be a lot of factors that in just one week’s time maybe we’re a bit deceiving but over two three weeks you kind of get a better idea of wow my weight hasn’t changed the past two or three weeks I probably am experiencing a weight loss plateau at this point also I think it’s worth mentioning that another reason why you may mistakenly think you’re experiencing a weight loss plateau is maybe you haven’t been tracking or weighing your food as accurately as you could be this is where you have to be a little bit honest with yourself guys have you really been weighing all of your food or have you been going out to eat and guesstimating a lot on what you’ve actually been eating or have you been forgetting to track some of your food because you input all of your food into MyFitnessPal late at night and then you can’t remember what you ate during the day like I do from time to time so just be conscious of that guys because those untracked calories of those guesstimated calories can really add up and take you from a calorie deficit to more of a maintenance level or even a little above and be the reason why you’re not losing any weight it’s actually not because you’re in a weight loss plateau you’ve just been eating more food than you think you have however if those scenarios don’t apply to you and you actually are experiencing a weight loss plateau here are a couple of tips to get you through that plateau so my first tip for breaking through your weight loss plateau is to just make a moderate decrease to your total daily calorie consumption and the key word in that lessons is moderate guys don’t do anything drastic there’s no reason to make a drastic change to anything but just a small change can make a big difference in terms of your weight loss so for the ladies out there a decrease of about 75 to 150 calories a day from what you’re currently eating can really get your weight loss ball rolling again and for the guys out there a decrease of about a hundred to 200 calories a day from whatever your current daily intake has been should help get your weight loss moving again so that being said there’s no way around it guys as you’re dieting you will have to decrease your food intake to continue to maintain your Klerk deficit and to keep losing weight but that shouldn’t be your only tool to maintain that caloric deficit you want to have a one-two punch approach to dieting the reason why you want to use a combination of these two things is because if you make adjustments just from your calories alone there’s only so many calorie decreases you’re going to be able to make throughout your diet to lose weight and you’re only going to be able to lose so much weight by doing that it’s really not sustainable it’s a great way to feel like poop and it’s a great way to slow down your metabolism I think a great way to approach dieting is trying to keep your calories as high as possible while losing as much weight as possible and there’s one caveat to that but I’ll explain that we get to tip number two which we’re gonna do right now tip number two is just start being more active so if you don’t go for morning walks maybe try to incorporate a few morning walks during the week into your routine and as the week’s progress gofer for walks then the next week go for five walks are two weeks from then go for six walks you know just build more and more activity into your day that way you’re expending more calories and you burning more calories just throughout the day just by being more active will also aid in creating that caloric deficit so you just need to find ways throughout your day to burn more calories if that means doing more cardio after your workouts or maybe that means instead of working out three times a week you work out four times a week or by the end of it maybe instead of working out three times a week you ended up working out five times a week by the end of your diet but the point is as you’re dieting you want to try and increase your activity slowly to keep that caloric deficit rolling as well and now that I explain tip number two a little bit I think it’s a good time to go back Tarantino this a little bit and further explain on what I said before which was I think you should try and keep your calories as high as possible while losing as much weight as possible and what I want to say to that is you also don’t want to just kill yourself with cardio it’s not just add a ton of activity into your routine to lose weight and keeping those those calories higher because that’s not healthy either there’s only gonna be so much activity you’re gonna be able to do during a week that’s why you want to have that one-two punch so you can do this gradually so that way they can work together and you can sustain your weight loss and keep your weight loss rolling week in and week out because you know one week you might make that macro change but the next week you might add your fourth walk to the week or maybe you use a combination of both so I’m gonna decrease my calories a little bit but I’m also going to increase by activity at the same time I won’t decrease my calories as much because I’m gonna also increase my activity as well so it’s just important to keep in mind that you have two really great tools to lose weight and you should be using them in a one-two combination it’s like a Mike Tyson punch-out and you don’t want to just be using one just one no there’s no power there but one two he’s knocking people out and that’s why if you use this combination you can really have a lot of weight loss success and you can sustain your weight loss success weekend and week out so that’s how I go about not just breaking a weight loss plateau guys but also just go about dieting in general making sure that I’m using that one-two combination that we just talked about that can be so powerful for actually losing weight week in and week out and just to wrap things up guys tracking your calories can be a great way to lose weight don’t get me wrong but learning how to track your macros which are calories it’s just a little bit more specific can be a much more powerful tool for fat loss not just weight loss so if you want to learn everything there is to know about tracking your macros from just a beginner standpoint you don’t need to know anything about it I wrote an ebook macros made easy it’s in the video description below basically it’ll show you how to get your starting macros how to track your macros how to adjust your macros kind of like we were talking about in today’s video the adjustments you need to make as you’re dieting to keep losing weight goes over all that in the book also it talks about the activity adjustments you might want to make week in and week out so that you can keep losing weight it’s an all-encompassing guide and that’s available for purchase in the video description below but regardless guys I hope you enjoyed today’s video I hope you got something from it if you did hit the like button hit the thumbs up button and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]

This Post Was All About How To Lose Weight If You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau | 2 Weight Loss Tips To Break It FAST.
How To Lose Weight If You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau | 2 Weight Loss Tips To Break It FAST

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