How to Lose More Weight if You Are a Diabetic

How to Lose More Weight if You Are a Diabetic

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so if you have diabetes type 2 and you want to lose weight a lot faster this video is for you okay what is type 2 diabetes it’s a condition where you have high blood glucose and all this sugar is then being triggered by this hormone right here insulin insulin responds to the extra sugar and it’s going to put this in storage as fat okay now this book textbook of medical physiology by Gaiden all right we’re at page 927 that’s what it says all aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin if you want to lose weight you must reduce insulin it’s that simple so insulin is basically a lock that keeps the fat from going away now if we look at the mistakes that most people make not knowing this information and they’re trying to lose weight and they’re diabetic they’re going after the low calories lowering your calories does not lower insulin and because they’re a low-calorie diet they’re gonna have to eat multiple times through the day that will actually raise insulin not lower it and then they do low-fat lean protein you may not know this but there’s something called an insulin index okay and if we compare lean protein with fatty protein lean protein especially low fat or no fat protein spikes insulin the protein that has the most fat is the lowest on the insulin index so you don’t want to do low fat or lean protein I’ll get more into the next slide weighing yourself frequently is a problem because when I show you the next slide what to do to reduce insulin a much better test would be to measure your waist because of the location of where you’re going to lose inches is going to be right around the waist your waist is a direct indicator of how much insulin you have in your body so you reduce insulin and you stomach shrink so you want to measure your waist and go by that more than weight especially after you’ve lost all the water weight because once you reduce insulin you’re gonna dump a lot of fluids so you’ll have this weight loss that goes down then it will Plateau realize that the initial weight was just water loss the actual fat burning process occurs a little bit later as you your system gets a little bit healthier so instead of wearing yourself frequently measure your waist at the belly button this one moderation this is probably the stupidest advice that I’ve ever heard because when you take all the different macro calories protein carbohydrates and fats and you reduce all of them to a moderate level you really are not going to actually lower insulin you want to decrease only those foods that trigger insulin and not the other ones alright and here’s one that I always hear well I pretty much eat whatever I want because I exercise okay realize that exercise only handles 15% of your weight okay diet is 85% of the success all right so now if you want to speed up weight loss here’s what we’re gonna do 10 things to lower insulin alright this will really work for you you bring your carbs below 20 grams per day this is really really important and I put a link down below so you can get a printout of exactly what foods to eat so that way you can understand what this means number two apple cider vinegar can also help something called insulin resistance and it can help lower insulin so you take two tablespoons and a big glass of water drink that once or twice a day number three moderate amount of protein this is where you can get into the moderation right here your protein but do not go lean do not go low-fat why because the leaner you go the higher it spikes insulin protein in large quantities has potential to increase insulin so we want to keep it moderate we don’t want to keep it too low just keep it moderate all right number four these are the three nutrients that have the most effect on insulin okay chromium that helps the cells of the pancreas produce less insulin zinc very very very very important in the production of insulin if you were to take zinc your body would need less insulin and you could probably find a supplement both of these and then for this one you want to get nutritional yeast vitamin b1 vital because vitamin b1 helps the metabolism of sugar and it’s going to help the metabolism within the little energy factories that help you burn the fat vitamin D I recommend that you get more Sun if you could if you can’t vitamin D as a supplement d3 be very very important to improve the access of insulin it helps reduce insulin and it will help your blood Sugar’s extra sleep okay at least eight hours people that actually get six hours or less tend to have higher risk of diabetes okay and their appetite goes up so a little bit of sleep and if you can’t sleep try to get a nap more sleep will speed up the recovery number seven in a minute fasting okay here’s the rule of thumb you don’t want to eat unless you’re hungry okay don’t eat when you’re not hungry okay so many people do that especially at night there they’re not even hungry they just graze they just eat for the sake because it’s a habit when you start reducing your carbs what’s gonna happen your body is gonna start switching over to fat-burning okay when you’re burning fat it’s a more efficient fuel your blood Sugar’s are gonna be better your hunger is going to go away and so here’s the thing if you’re not hungry for that breakfast do not eat it okay in the download below you’ll learn step-by-step on how to do in a minute fasting this is very very very important I’m gonna jump down to here number nine before I go to a decreasing stress okay long walks there’s an acupressure technique you can learn it I put it down below and a link to actually reduce stress to enhance your sleep so many people can’t sleep because there body won’t relax or turn off and also this right here high-intensity interval training if you’re over the age of 40 and your recovery is not as great I’m gonna recommend you doing this once twice per week okay this high-intensity workout for about 40 minutes this is very very powerful to spike growth hormone which actually will help your blood Sugar’s tremendously and then lastly fiber but not from a fiber supplement not from grains from veggies okay here’s the thing you can’t digest the fiber the fiber acts as food for your microbes and they convert that fiber into what’s called butyric acid which then does two things it feeds the cells of the colon and it feeds the cells of the colon giving your body energy okay and it also helps insulin resistance it actually lowers insulin now one little side note what we’re trying to do is put you in ketosis ketones are an alternative fuel there’s three types of ketones one is called beta hydroxy butyrate well it just so happens that this fiber with the help of microbes convert into a type of ketone and it’s butyrate so butyrate is very similar to beta hydroxy butyrate and both of those compounds can greatly help regulate your insulin levels go ahead and click down below and enjoy your faster weight loss program if 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This Post Was All About How to Lose More Weight if You Are a Diabetic.
How to Lose More Weight if You Are a Diabetic

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If you are diabetes type 2 and you want to lose weight a lot faster, this video is for you! Type 2 diabetes is a condition where you have high blood glucose and the sugars are triggered by insulin and store this excess sugar as fats.

Ways to Lower Insulin
1. Consume less than 20 grams of carbs
2. Apple Cider Vinegar
3. Moderate Protein – **do not go lean/low fat
4. Chromium, Zinc, B1
5. Vitamin D – Sun
6. Extra Sleep
7. Intermittent fasting – do not eat unless hungry
8. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training
9. Decrease Stress
10. Fiber – Veggies

When you start reducing your carbs, the body is going to start switching over to fat burning and when you are burning fat, it is a more efficient fuel and the blood sugars are going to be better and the hunger goes away.

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