How to Eat Keto at a Gas Station our Convenience Store

How to Eat Keto at a Gas Station our Convenience Store

How to Eat Keto at a Gas Station our Convenience Store

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convenience store Kido items we’re talking about trying to eat clean while getting some groceries at in this case a 7-eleven okay but we can do any kind of convenience store full disclaimer the stuff is not going to be super clean it’s gonna be stuff that is just typically at a 7-eleven or convenience store that just so happens to be Quito maybe some almond maybe some cheese sticks things like that will probably end up getting kicked out because it’s just gonna look weird and we’re in there with a camera even we’re kind of discreet but if that’s the case we’ll grab what we can we’ll take it back to the studio and I’ll explain it there okay so it’s gonna be interesting we’re gonna go in we’re gonna break it down we’re gonna see what the heck they got because this is a real-deal thing you’re at a gas station anything like that you never know what you’re gonna find that will actually work you’re not gonna get full-blown meals and by the way it’s always good to be prepared so after this video go ahead and check out fat snacks okay these guys have nailed the keto cookie in a super portable friendly way so it’s a way that just doesn’t have a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce so keto cookies that are super super awesome so check them out down in the description after we hit the convenience store and after you watch this video all right let’s hit it so convenience stores gonna go one of two ways you’ll either accept this with open arms or they’ll kick us out really quick let’s see what they got perfect little baskets all right let’s start down here okay well you know what heck yeah this is actually kind of cool surprisingly they’ve got some interesting things these baby they’ll cheese’s are perfect good little snacks almost all the stuff we’re gonna talk about today is gonna be snacks right and not gonna get good wholesome meals you’re not gonna be able to get like a wide spectrum variety of nutrients these things are really cool mozzarella and prosciutto I’m gonna go with prosciutto Pursuit is actually pretty clean out of all the cured meats yeah look at mozzarella cheese cultured met pasteurized milk enzymes prosciutto ham pork and sea salt that’s like super clean so I’m gonna get a couple of those for hospital I don’t have a particular budget this is more well this is cool we saw these in our target things very similar thing okay so if you’re on keto you actually need electrolytes right so because what happens is your your kidneys in depth expelling extra water because your insulin levels are low so this is perfect okay let’s end this fresh cucumbers vinegar salt calcium chloride sodium is it okay preserve this galore but still kind of cool I’m gonna grab this that’s awesome you need some bacon Lunchables No Go obvious no goes up these cheese items would work if you wanted to get some of those okay I’m not gonna worry about it cuz I got the prosciutto thingies we’re good there okay anything frozen definitely not there okay ice that’s keto oh sweet okay interesting stuff just so you guys know the difference between the crackling curls and like regular pork so these have a little bit more of the fat in them so you’re definitely to get more fat with like the crackling curls and you would with like the regular pork rinds not a whole lot of options here let’s see what we got original fried pork skins and salt and then this is Rideout pork fat with attached to skin and salt so if you need more caloric density than these guys these guys actually won’t blow you as much it’s just a little bit more fast I’m gonna get one of each just to prove a point not a whole lot in the way of this let’s see okay here’s what’s why this is interesting fried out pork fat with attached skin and salt clean ingredients as soon as you get into the spicy ones fried out pork fat with a taps consult and monosodium glutamate MSG is not like terrible for your overall health but what it does is it lights up your brain so it makes something taste good that ordinarily wouldn’t taste good so it basically tells your brain that it tastes good when it doesn’t really taste good so clearly they’re adding some not-so-good stuff in there always look for MSG not because it’s bad for you but because it’s an indicator that there’s other bad things for you it’s a warning sign okay none of this stuff’s going to work we’re getting I’d like we might get kicked out but that’s alright okay so these things when you get down to the protein bars this is where you can run into a problem okay the quest bars say there keto friendly they are so full of sugar alcohols you will be on a quest to the toilet okay that is where they got the name so even though they might look like their keto friendly because of the fiber and the sugar alcohols no trust me what and even if they were it would defeat the purpose of doing keto because you just don’t feel that great I don’t have anything against quest to be honest like I think they’re doing good things but like that come on okay Tiger’s milk definitely no good when I was growing up I ate a lot of those though Robert Irvine spit Crohn’s just out of curiosity what’s in these things got 27 grams of carbs 6 grams of sugar a bunch of sugar alcohols see they try to make them low-carb but they’re just so many sugar alcohols I just why okay well you’re better off to just get nothing none of these these are not good to go [Music] okay these Lenny and Larry bars are deceiving I mean they’re just still wheat flour there’s just a cookie with some protein them and the protein bars are tough trail mixes no go okay it’s the quest bar is the same kind of thing they try to say hey it’s a quest cookie 20 grams of carbs 10 grams of fiber but look at the ingredients in them we got protein blend milk protein isolate whey protein isolate butter which really isn’t all that bad then erythritol palm oil cocoa unsweetened chocolate calcium caseinate water natural flavors cocoa butter and then a bunch of other preservatives and stuff like that basically it’s a bunch of whey protein like byproducts consolidated into a cake would it work on keto would it kick you out probably not but like again why I just think there’s better options see here okay okay here’s this is the better stuff so quick almonds 101 okay when you have roasted almonds you’re gonna end up having canola oil okay canola oil it’s just gonna end up in them right so you’re gonna have doesn’t even say on this one yeah I can tell you from experience these have canola oil on so the best bet is to go for the whole natural ones if you get any of the ones with flavoring smokehouse sriracha anything like that they end up having a bunch of malted extra and a bunch of sugar on them too which adds up when you have one of these okay that’s why you have this one whole package that’s gonna be 8 grams of carbs that adds up versus the whole natural is gonna be well it’s still 8 but sugar C 2 grams less interesting I have to eat my words on that one but I do know that this stuff oh here we go yeah see I’m not wrong almonds vegetable oil canola sugar salt so let’s go clean let’s get a couple of the whole natural elements let’s see what else we got here and none of this stuff’s good to go it’s all gonna have starches carbs anything like that jerky sticks okay low quality jerky for the most part okay again I’m not trying to be critical here we’re out of a convenience store beef water salt brown sugar msg okay again an indicator that there’s some not other good things in there okay if that’s gluten in it if case you haven’t seen my video surrounding what happens with a gluten especially on keto triggers an autoimmune response okay it triggers Sanyal and to be released a protein in your body which causes an immune response in the blood which just so happens to also attack the thyroid so that slows down the thyroid activity which therefore slows down your metabolism so I’m not seeing any ones that I can have here to be completely honest so I think I might just have to omit the the jerky here today these are good to go if you wanted to again but just gonna have the salt right if you wanted to have some sunflower seeds that’s totally keto I just highly recommend not having things at you’re gonna munch on all the time because as soon as you munch on something you’re spiking insulin so you have these you’re gonna be munching on them for hours and you might think you’re doing yourself a favor but you’re constantly spiking your insulin a little bit at a time so although their keto friendly they might just mess you up okay that’s all candy so I don’t think that’s happening well not a whole lot of things here well this is kind of disappointing you see they have sardines Oh for the win okay item of the day sardines all right so when you are in doubt this is going to be the best omega-3 profile that you could possibly get at a convenience store you can always find these at a convenience store that is what’s cool so I am in business now all’s I got to do is get a little plastic fork or something and I’ve got my omega-3 z’n so you if you don’t like sardines you’re out of luck okay because I can’t can make you like sardines there’s nothing you can do to these things to make you like them if you don’t like them but high amounts Doukas a hexanoic acid which means that you’re getting a bunch of brain fats the only downside to this is these are in soybean oil which is a problem but at the same time if you give them a bath just rinse them off and some water just take a water bottle rinse them off it’s not the end of the world okay so definitely gonna get those let’s take a look at mixture I didn’t miss anything here lorises kitchen what is this this Larissa’s kitchen oh wait actually 100% grass-fed beef beef water a little bit of sugar it’s kind of par for the course hey it’s actually pretty clean I’m gonna get so Lotus this kitchen alright that’s cool hopefully you’ll see that at a 7-eleven oh and see I’m glad I took another look oh that’s sweet okay wild Alaskan salmon jerky but it’s a sweet flavour which means that this whole thing has 8 grams of carbs also get a salmon sugar salt gluten free soy sauce big kudos there CT it some people figure it out okay you got to have the gluten free stuff yeah that’s not work and then we’ve got I guess I could see if I get a hot dog so we’ve got for the most part the hotdogs Polly would be keto friendly probably have some things in there that you don’t want but it’s okay I mean if you’re just in a pinch just get a hot dog with no bun and be okay Oh technically this is technically Aikido friendly I mean it’s not the best stuff right you got turkey almonds and Colby jack that turkey is probably barely turkey so maybe we just avoid that let’s go ahead let’s take a look at what they’ve got in the drinks really quick that’s not gonna work okay not a fan of dang yes I actually filming a helpful video on healthy things to get it I’m filming a video for you before you can do this by right now I’m advice and you can make any video inside the store you asked me before I’m sorry ever working on the CL since you asked me before sure sure just like just so you know it’s all excuse me no video more inside the store yeah sure I’ll say we made it actually let’s get a I just get a regular quarter pound hot dog but with no bun just one other guy yes please he became really friendly again I don’t know he was very very just professional which probably his store so I get it you know and again it’s one of those things where he’ll don’t realize jeez people don’t realize that we’re there to do positive things ok they’re probably used to hooligans coming in and and just make an annoying videos and making a Rus and all this stuff the reality is we’re doing a positive thing and it’s hard to explain that to somebody so you come in we have a really discreet little camera that we use for these kind of things so that we’re not invasive or anything like that but you know we did get kicked out but I totally anticipated getting kicked out so it’s not the end of the world my thing is we actually made it through about 90% of the shopping trip so the only thing that was left was the drink aisle and I ended up grabbing a hot dog without a bun so I’ll just recap it really quick when we get back to the studio just break it down really quick but all in all it’s a success less than 20 bucks 20 bucks and I got some stuff that would last me like at least a day like if I was on the road something like that what wouldn’t wouldn’t feel amazing probably wouldn’t have the best results but at least I’m getting clean keto options and it’s a little bit fun you can learn like what is actually decent at a 7-eleven or a grocery store that’s just a simple convenience store so let’s head back to the studio let’s break it down and see what we got and close up shop when you’re in a convenience store for however long it was I think we’re still rolling like what 20 minutes it makes it pretty obvious you’re doing something right yeah weird 19 bucks at 7-eleven hmm oh thank heaven right all right so when your Kido maybe it’s not quite oh thank heaven it might be a little bit more like this’ll do but I was still able to get the job done before I got kicked out just going to quickly recap just because I was kind of muttering in the store these things we’re pretty cool fine you usually find these in specialty grocery stores so pretty awesome there I went for the prosciutto over the pepperoni one just because the pepperoni one has a little bit more in the way of the preservatives prosciutto is usually pretty clean so these are awesome I think this would be a perfect thing just to have as a you know little snack or a meal replacement went back for a second look and found these Larissa’s kitchen don’t know much about them I’ve never heard of this company before but this was awesome they look pretty similar – chomps a few more ingredients than what you would find like a chopstick I usually would prefer chomps so you’d like if you if you do like go to a Trader Joe’s or something get a chopstick instead it’s still not bad a lot of salt again not a big deal because we’re on keto we can deal with salt but it’s a lot these were a cool fine the it seems like kind of a weird thing right like why would I just buy some pickles but the reality is like I mentioned when I was in the store when you’re in Quito what happens is your insulin levels are low and that causes your kidneys to expel extra water basically has a feedback loop system that’s going on that’s causing like aldosterone to elevate a little bit because of stress and things like that and insulin is down so then what happens is you excrete water which means you excrete your minerals so this is like a perfect snack so most people would look at it they say oh my gosh there’s like a thousand milligrams of sodium in this whole thing do I want to eat this and you don’t want to eat the whole thing all at once but it’s a great way to get a low calorie electrolyte snack in almonds okay so I didn’t go with the roasted ones because they’re roasted in canola oil I went with straight-up raw whole almonds quick hot tip don’t snack on these over the course of a half an hour or an hour eat them in one sitting okay here’s why if you munch on these every time you eat something you’re causing a little insulin spike so people think they’re just snacking and grazing by just having a couple at a time you’re better off to just eat these in a couple of minutes and then be off to the races so you can have that time in between your meals to actually burn fat you burning fat you eat then you burn fat in between your meals so don’t be grazing all the time then I got a hot dog and I have to admit I don’t know what’s in this I’m gonna guess it there’s probably some preservatives there’s probably some starches there might even be some gluten so if someone out there knows exactly what’s in the 7-eleven hot dog let me know down in the comment sections below I put it in here because I felt like it was reasonable to include simply within the budget that I had and everything like that the sardines so whenever possible when you’re getting sardines you should try to get them in water because you don’t want the fat from the extra oils and things like that to overshadow the good positive fats that are in sardines okay this is in soybean oil which is the cheapest lowest quality oil which explains why it was probably at a convenience store so you’re gonna want to give this one a bath okay sardines and soybean oil the only ingredients get a good amount of vitamin D a good amount of DHA omega-3 is out of that just clean it up then I got fried pork rinds okay so we got eighty times four so we’ve got 240 oops sorry 320 calories in this nice good solid meal like you were to have this along with a little bit of protein or these it may be this together you wouldn’t feel good but you’d have sufficient lunch material right like this could be a lunch and then you just don’t snack on anything until dinner or you get to your destination the cracklins these are a little bit higher calorie okay so these are gonna be for ya these are a little bit higher calorie for weight but this is a little bit more in the way of the actual pork fat with the skin so you get more the actual fat in this case so we’ve got C so some different size here so technically just has a little bit more fat technically this has a little bit more saturated fat why because this is fried skin this is fried skin along with the fat which may or may not be saturated it could be polyunsaturated too just because you’re not just frying the skin okay so that’s the fatty acid profile explanation there and then lastly I just grabbed the Perrier this was right when I got kicked out if you consume something sweet a lot of times you just crave more sweet things and it’s okay like I have stevia among fruit and stuff like that in my drinks all the time but when you’re cruising down the road if you just have something that is not sweet you’ll find that you don’t crave a bunch of sweet things and you’re less likely to roll into the convenience store or the gas station and get more of these and more of these things that you just munch on that aren’t really nutritious and they’re not nutrient dense they’re just filler material so anyhow 20 bucks got kicked out got a story and you get a little bit of insight in science I’ll see you in the next video the hot dog

This Post Was All About How to Eat Keto at a Gas Station our Convenience Store.
How to Eat Keto at a Gas Station our Convenience Store

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Clean Keto Shopping at Gas Stations or Convenience Stores – Thomas DeLauer

Full disclaimer: this stuff is not going to be super clean. It’s going to be stuff that is just typically at a 7-Eleven or a convenience store that just so happens to be keto.

Maybe some almonds, maybe some cheese sticks, things like that. We’ll probably end up getting kicked out because it’s just going to look weird. And we’re in there with a camera, even though we’re kind of discrete.

These Baby Bell cheeses are perfect. Good little snacks. Almost all this stuff we’re going to talk about today is going to be snacks, right? You’re not going to get good wholesome meals.

You’re not going to be able to get like a wide spectrum variety of nutrients. These things are really cool. Mozzarella and prosciutto. I’m going to go with prosciutto.

Prosciutto’s actually pretty clean out of all the cured meats. Yeah. Mozzarella cheese, cultured pasteurize milk, enzymes, prosciutto, ham, pork and sea salt. That’s like super clean.

Just so you guys know, the difference between the cracklin curls and like regular porks, so these have a little bit more of the fat in them. So you’re definitely going to get more fat with like the crackling curls than you would with like the regular pork rinds. Not a whole lot of options here. Let’s see what we got.

So these things, when you get down to the protein bars, this is where you can run into a problem. The Quest bars say they’re keto friendly. They are so full of sugar alcohols, you will be on a quest to the toilet. That is where they got the name.

Even though they might look like they’re keto friendly because of the fiber and the sugar alcohols. No, trust me. and even if they were, it would defeat the purpose of doing keto because you just don’t feel that great. I don’t have anything against Quest, to be honest. I think they’re doing good things, but like that, come on.

Tiger’s milk, definitely no good. When I was growing up, I ate a lot of those though. Robert Irvine’s FitCrunch. Just out of curiosity, what’s in these things?

You got 27 grams of carbs, six grams of sugar, a bunch of sugar alcohols. They try to make them low carb, but they’re just so many sugar alcohols. I just, why? When you’re better off to just get nothing. None of these. These are not good to go.

Yeah, and the protein bars are tough. Trail mixes. No go. I’m trying to think… The Quest bars, the same kind of thing. They try to say… Hey, it’s a Quest cookie. 20 grams of carbs, 10 grams of fiber. But look at the ingredients in it. We got protein blend, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, butter, which really isn’t all that bad.

Then a erythritol, palm oil, cocoa, unsweetened chocolate, calcium, caseinate water, natural flavors, cocoa butter, and then a bunch of other preservatives and stuff like that.

Basically it’s a bunch of whey protein byproducts consolidated into a cake. Would it work on keto? Would it kick you out? Probably not, but like again, why? I just think there’s better options.

Then I got fried pork rinds. So we got 80 times four. So we got 240. Sorry, 320 calories in this. Nice, good solid meal.

So anyhow, $20, got kicked out, got a story, and you get a little bit of insight in science. I’ll see you in the next video.

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