How to Cut Weight Fast…but Healthily: WRESTLERS ONLY

How to Cut Weight Fast…but Healthily: WRESTLERS ONLY

How to Cut Weight Fast…but Healthily: WRESTLERS ONLY

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hey guys dr. Burke here this video is for wrestlers only okay I’m gonna talk about how to cut weight very fast but do it in a healthy way I was a wrestler in high school and college and I’m the example of how not to do it I would eat the wrong foods I would start off undefeated in beginning the season and then end up being so weak I was always cutting weight starving my body and you can really screw up your metabolism big-time so let’s talk about how to do it healthily the biggest danger in losing weight especially before a meet you have to weigh in you have to lose like 5 to 7 to 10 pounds in like a day or two what happens is you’re only going to lose fluids okay that’s it and the problem with losing fluid is all the electrolytes that come with it so you end up with the severe potassium deficiency what that’s going to do is going to put your heart at risk for a heart attack there have been many wrestlers that have died of heart attacks when you combine a heat work working out you know the sauna losing a lot of weight losing a lot of fluid and then a heart attack okay so you don’t want to do that so when you’re losing weight and you’re working out the day before a match yet an electrolyte powder that doesn’t have any sugar in it okay and I’ll tell you why in a second so you want a lot of potassium you want at least a thousand milligrams of potassium per serving size because here’s the thing potassium is one of the most important minerals for the heart for energy okay to keep your energy high and we need about 4700 milligrams every single day but you might say well I eat bananas right well banana is 300 milligrams you need 4700 that’s like seven to ten cups of vegetables no one does that most people eat all this protein and they have no vegetables so we need the vegetables for your strength and for your potassium and for the other minerals very very important if I to go back in time if I would have these big salads it would have been incredible I would have maintained way better energy so that’s number one consume more salads you want to start cutting out the carbo hydrates okay because that’s the thing not the fat the carbs that’s what keeps you from being really really lean if you need to lose weight or cut weight the thing that you need to cut is the carbs that would be any hidden sugar let me explain juice orange juice alcohol bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins those have to go I would even avoid fruit okay maybe a little bit of berry let’s say you wanted to get your salad in a you get some kale get it from the grocery store freeze it put about a cup of berries fill up with water blend it up you can actually drink your ten cups or seven cups of vegetables right there before an evening and so when you wake up you’re just like all recharged with potassium so that way you can get the least amount of carbs from the like a little bit of berry but you’re not doing like fruit or bananas things like that now as far as protein goes I don’t recommend protein powders because if you have too much protein powder it’s really hard on the liver and it does spike the hormone that keeps you from losing weight which is insulin if you have too much I’d rather you do actual meat chicken fish beef things like that if you’re doing a hamburger do without the bun hotdog without the bun try to go grass-fed but you need about eight ounces of protein with each meal I like to do eggs too like four eggs would be great don’t do just the the whites do the whole egg because the the next part is you need fat why because without the fat you put a lot of stress on the organs and we need all the essentials like vitamin A vitamin D those are that comes from fat so I would recommend avocados I would do peanut butter actual butter and definitely cod liver oil and that way you get the nutrients from the fat file nutrients from the fat and also one of the things if you were going to do a meal and not be hungry in between the meal adding fat is going to be the best thing to consume because we want to do a version if you want to cut weight you don’t want to do six small meals a day you want to do three and maybe if you really need to cut more do two meals a day but I think you have to do three if you’re working out that much but just make sure you don’t snack in between that’s called intermittent fasting you lose way more weight doing three big meals than five small meals because every time you eat you spike insulin so how do you go from one meal to the next by adding more fat you’re going to feel very satisfied so peanut butter nuts avocado things like that and I’ll put a link down below there’s also these called Quito bombs that you can make their little cookies with fat you can have and you’ll be able to be very satisfied so you’re not hungry between the meals but your body will actually start burning it’s called ketones and it’s more efficient it’s burning fat and it’s much better fuel source for athletes you’ll have more endurance and you’ll have the unfair advantage to your opponent because they don’t know about this so I highly recommend it the other thing other nutrient that you need to get is the B vitamins but you don’t want to get the synthetic version you want to go to health the store and get what’s called nutritional yeast that has all the B vitamins take a couple tablespoons maybe even four mix it with water drink it down because the B vitamins will give you a lot of energy as well okay so then we have talked about three meals and the last thing I would recommend is do not over trained the biggest mistake I made was working out twice I would work out during practice and then work out at night when I got home at nine o’clock big mistake I never recovered so it would break down my muscles and I would never recover so only work out once try to take the weekends off and not Train on the weekend so your body can recover all the benefit from your workouts occur in the recovery phase when you’re not working out or when you’re sleeping and it’s very important to sleep more as well so we got electrolytes make sure you have that make sure you do when you’re drinking fluids put that in all your fluid because so that way you have the potassium cut the carbs three meals eight ounce of protein with each meal huge huge salads or you do the kale shake a healthy fats avocado olive oil egg yolks nutritional yeast and don’t overtrain so these are the things of the most important go ahead and do it and put your comments down below hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you report

This Post Was All About How to Cut Weight Fast…but Healthily: WRESTLERS ONLY.
How to Cut Weight Fast...but Healthily: WRESTLERS ONLY

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Dr. Berg talks about how to cut weight fast but healthily. It’s dangerous to lose weight like most wrestlers because they are not only losing fluid but electrolytes. Potassium is most difficult electrolyte to get simply because most people do not consume enough vegetable or salad. Our body needs 4700 mg every day – that’s 7-10 cups of salad per day. You can do a kale shake (see link below).

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