How to Break a Fast – Walmart Grocery Haul for Intermittent Fasting

How to Break a Fast – Walmart Grocery Haul for Intermittent Fasting

How to Break a Fast – Walmart Grocery Haul for Intermittent Fasting

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so this video is real life alright I figured why not do a video on just a quick grocery haul when I need to break a fast this isn’t gonna be a long video it’s gonna be short it’s just real life you see I just dumped off a bunch of recycling stuff I just moved into a house so we just had a bunch of cardboard and stuff and I’m starving if you look at the time you see that it’s 210 which means I’ve been fasting for about 17 hours but it’s time I go to the store and get a couple things it’ll be about I don’t know 17 18 hours it’s all be in good shape so the whole purpose of this video is to show you a quick grocery haul what I’m gonna do if I go into the grocery store and I need to pick specific things to break my fast strategically when I’m on the run so let’s go ahead let’s hit the road and I’m just gonna head to a Walmart that’s down the road [Music] we had a few different things as I go here but I’m gonna talk about breaking a fast remain non ketogenic perspective just to keep things simple if you’re doing keto all you’re gonna have to do is just omit the carbohydrate recommendation that I’m going to give you in this particular video so we’re gonna make it easy just by breaking down carbs and protein but if you’re doing keto you just omit the carbs and I’ll explain things as I go and I spend a little bit more when I get back to the truck let’s rock and roll now those of you that watch my videos know that vlog style is not my normal style but the thing is I don’t have my team with me right here I’m up in Northern California a bit more so we’re just trying to knock this out as quickly as we can and I’ll have my team edited back up when we get back to the office doing this one super simple just hand basket style and now I cannot stop looking at that pimple on my neck so I’m sorry that you guys have to deal with that I just woke up this morning you’ve had it so I don’t know what it is maybe it’s all the stress of moving and things like that yeah sorry you have to look at that alright we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna go to the meat section first and see if they’ve got anything that we can utilize on a quick with them on the go so I don’t really have the means to cook anything plus I wanted to cook it on my intake manifold which I don’t think it’s gonna so this whole area the actual fresh meat this is not gonna fly simply not going to work so let’s see what they’ve got over here maybe we can take a look at the felony which generally is going to be a no-fly zone let’s check it out watch it let’s take a quick pit stop here because this isn’t the end of the world it wouldn’t be terrible but it’s definitely not a first choice it’s gonna be the yogurt section and now here’s the thing yogurt although it has a probiotic effect it’s still very inflammatory because of the casein proteins on the casein proteins are what trigger an inflammatory response within the body cuz they’re part of the body to break down something known as ECM 7 which is basically what it is is it ends up acting as opioid within the bodies not something you really want to happen in your body when you’re super sensitive after breaking a fast well let’s see what they’ve got any money [Music] okay so when we’re breaking the fast we want to keep it as lenient as we possibly can so in this case I would say even if your Kido I want you to go with a 0% donor not even think they’re having an organic-rich they’re very new but I would go with a 0% simply because we don’t want to be half of the fat come into the equation you want to make sure to get unsweetened unflavored and nothing else okay the body is going to be very sensitive at the end of a fast and see what else they’ve got here and make sure you’re not going to not that into your knowing for perceiving on fat regular make sure you’re going for it nonfat Greek it’s going to have a significantly higher protein content take a look at this 52 grams of protein if you eat the whole container versus soo particular to this one not nearly as much in the way of protein 8 grams per serving 170 grams versus 170 grams serving is going to give you 18 grams okay so double more than double the protein content but again remember when you’re dealing with yogurt it’s not an ideal to break the fast so let’s see what they’ve got some other meat department sir actually this take a look at cottage cheese with a correctly alright here’s the thing with cottage cheese [Music] or those ingredients nonfat milk cream and then has a bunch of other stuff carrageenan which is known to be inflammatory in fact in some specific research settings they use carotene and to trigger inflammation and test subjects literally they use carrageenan to trigger inflammation in order to test things like anti-inflammatory drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories against that stuff so we have to be really careful with that so again we’re breaking a fast our body is sensitive every single thing that you put in your body right now your body’s going to absorb so you don’t want to be taking it a bunch of garbage right now unfortunately the options that Walmart are always going to be slim pickins so the dairy again if you’re gonna pinch is really easy but I think we can find something better I used to do some people that would just straight-up eat the Orca wring the egg whites okay that works if you’re like on a mission but the hard part is you need vitamin K to actually utilize that so you need the yolks to really utilize that protein better anyway but also the egg white is the most inflammatory part of the a okay remember that is what is feeding the yolk which means it has a lot of the immunoglobulins the iga the ite which is going to trigger an immune response in your body it’s there to grow and nurture a baby chicken which means it’s passing the antibody it’s just like Mother’s Milk Wood right so we don’t want to be doing that especially when we’re sensitive so I think you’re catching the drift here when I’m trying to break my fast I want it to be clean I want to be super pure and quite frankly a little bit bland okay I still can’t find it deli meat here but the short of it is I don’t really want your using it I just hope I can find something to show you ah here we go so when people are in a pinch a lot of times they’ll say oh I need some protein so I just want some deli meat I understand the premise of that but even if you go with say natural delegate let’s just take this one pick on this one for a minute Oscar Mayer no antibiotics ever that’s a great sign I will say that vo there’s no artificial ingredients and when they say no antibiotics ever and that does mean that they’re not given any kind of antibiotics for their entire life otherwise the FDA allows them to give them antibiotics up until 30 days from harvest so you need to look for that no antibiotics ever let’s see what’s in here so we got turkey breast we’ve got potato starch honey’s it’s just it’s garbage it’s not real good quality meat then so I’m seeing if I can find anything here let me take a look [Music] not really finding much I’m gonna give you some better solutions here in a minute if you were in an absolute absolute pinch I would say that you could eat some of this natural Oscar Mayer it wouldn’t be the end of the world it’s just not something you want to be doing all the time so I’m not gonna grab that because again let’s see ya already need that whole thing either $2,000 grams of sodium now I’m not a you know opposed to sodium but when it’s 2,000 milligrams in one sitting that’s a lot okay so the real reason that I’m not a fan of tell you isn’t because it’s low quality protein because it’s something known as advanced glycation end-products now when you consume any kind of food you’re gonna have some degree of oxidation that occurs right so basically your cells react with the foods that are there to have a little bit of waste but advanced glycation end-products are where sugar reacts with proteins within your body and they go like it and what that means is essentially think of a caramelized onion see but onions in a pan and they react with the sugar in themselves and they get caramelized they crystallize right well that happens inside your body and it creates a lot of free radical damage which means it causes a lot of stress on your body so the protein that you are consuming is usually glycated and it ends up making it so that you’re not feeling as good but you’re also not utilizing the protein to it’s more advantage so in essence you’re kind of wasting your money sure you’re gonna get the protein but the free radical effect within your body is so extreme it’s just not worth it so I would honestly opt for the yogurt over the deli Mestas was wild yogurt is pretty inflammatory a lot of people don’t like dairy but it’s better than this deli so go for the yogurt and I’ll save you some money but I want to go to the canned fish section because I think that we’re gonna find something in there that’s a little bit better having a hard time navigating Walmart it’s not what I’m usually going to see here there’s snacks let’s stop here and show you something talked about this in other videos but if you haven’t seen it you’re gonna be a long way about this okay so almonds alright let’s take this one for example good old-fashioned regular almonds we got lightly salted that have been roasted you’d think they’d be healthy and to a degree they are because you have a good degree of mono and polyunsaturated fats they’re good for you but look at this almonds and then what did they cook them in with vegetable oil okay and the other thing is canola oil safflower and/or sunflower oil which means that they don’t really know what is in there they could be any form of omega-6 fat the point is is you’re taking a perfectly healthy fat coming from an almond and you’re adding a fat that is not good okay canola oil is not good stuff terrible oil so it’s interesting we take a good heart-healthy quote fat and then we go ahead and we completely adulterate it by roasting it in canola oil I just don’t understand why they would do that at least if you go with like dry roasted macadamia nuts they’re dry roasted that’s what that means when they take dry roasted it means they don’t add extra oil okay so they just take macadamia nuts they put them on a baking sheet and they’re dry and super super simple and very very easy and a better choice for you but again it’s not going to come into application when you’re breaking a fast we need to keep the fats out of the equation so why are we keeping fats out of the equation why do I keep saying that because when you break a fast your insolence is tips so it means whatever you put in your body your body’s gonna glom onto it’s gonna absorb really quick so that means if you’re consuming fats right when you break a fast your body’s gonna want to absorb those which means you could have the potential of storing them a lot easier so we just have to be really careful with that remember your insulin sensitive so if you spike your insulin by having some carbohydrates that’s fine but if you have some carbohydrates in conjunction with fats then you stimulate what are called oscillation stimulating proteins which end up triggering a bunch of potential fat accumulation when you look at different studies so it’s just not worth the risk okay but here is something very interesting if you are doing carbs if you’re not doing a feed oh that could be beneficial for you puffed rice okay now we’ve got rice cakes we’ve got all these things but I like these things and I’m gonna grab some of these because these are perfect if you’re not on keto sure they’re a grain and I can say a lot of negative things about grains I usually try to avoid rice oats things like that because grains still have a problem in affect cross over into the brain for those of you that are nerds basically what that means is it can still have the same kind of response that gluten would have in your body but first of all these are organics that does help quite a bit but here’s what’s cool when you look at rice it’s got starch molecules that are bound together like this right okay and then what happens is once they’re puffed they inject air and the glucose molecules separate what does that really mean that simply means that because air has been injected into the rice into the starch it separates the individual glucose molecules making it so that the body absorbs it faster now I know that’s kind of complicated and I’m abbreviating but that’s the point care very very quick absorption which means very high insulin spike but you might be thinking why do I want to spike my insulin where you’re breaking the fast so you want to consume something that is going to spike your insulin so that it gets into storage quickly but we want to do it without fat we just want to restore muscle glycogen break our fast with something controlled where we’re controlling the insulin spike and then we have some lead protein with it and then we’re good okay and then a little bit later down the line we have a more solid meal so I’m gonna get some of these these are perfect for breaking my fast a couple bucks I’ll be good to go you can also get regular rice cakes they’re just these aren’t organic sure they’re cup like a dollar cheaper but then be careful with these because although these are still rice cakes look at that they still have old green brown rice then a bunch of other stuff sugar fructose maltodextrin and not so good you don’t really want that sorry about the noise now to find that canned fish section or canned meat in general okay I found it but it’s a crazy okay I found it it’s a crazy crazy busy.i else I’m gonna grab what I need to go to a more quiet aisle so I can explain it plus I don’t want to get kicked out there’s an employee right behind me [Music] okay that was intense I had to go to another aisle alright I’ll show you what I’ve got there okay so I got chunk light tuna now not everyone likes to knit but they can cool thing with the chunk light tuna in water is chunk light it’s going to have less of a mercury issue and then albacore and although this isn’t any kind of sustainably caught or anything like that it’s not farm raised okay it’s going to be wild because it’s tuna but the interesting if you want it in water they don’t want to ever did it in oil because then you’re just rubbing the fatty acid profile anyway but I like this anyway look how lean that is okay so we’re looking at a half a gram of fat super super lean if you can see that better get half a gram of fat in a one pouch super clean super easy moderately low sodium now if you notice that they have Wild Planet at whatever store you go to this isn’t a push for Wild Planet I just know that their stuff is really clean so their motto is that they’re one so or wildly good promise usually says yeah 100 percent pull in line kott so not easily I mean that’s so really high quality stuff this is albacore which is not going to be my first choice Wild Planet also has canned chicken so sometimes I get the canned chicken but don’t get any kind of canned chicken because Kim chicken has a bunch of modified food starts in it so there’s only like one or two brands I can’t chicken it you can get so if you eat fish between that’s gonna be your best bet in it and these little rice cake things that I’ve got I’ve done one other thing to get now this is totally on the whim this isn’t plan this isn’t anything weird so I don’t have like a whole lot of detail to give you other than what I need for my personal practical application now I did a video once before where I talked about the combination of regular glucose and fructose okay so what that means is a little bit of fruit and a little bit of carbohydrate like a regular carbohydrate and it does some pretty interesting things basically they ride different transporters into the body so you can only absorb so much in the way of regular carbohydrates at one point in time but you can absorb a little bit more of carbohydrates if you mix them with a little bit of birth toast basically you’re altering what’s called the S glue transfer and glute 5 transporters complicated thing basically what it means if I have a little bit of fruit with this that’s tiny bit of fruit not enough to really have a lot of fiber but enough fruit to give me a little bit of fructose I’m going to absorb the tuna that much faster do what that means is I will be ready to have a more robust more fun meal 60 90 minutes later okay so now that I’ve got my regular glucose coming from those rice rollers rice cake things and I’ve got my protein from the tuna or the albacore I just need to find something simple like possibly a little tangerine or something I really want to go organic when it comes down the grape with my fast I would like to do strawberries because they’re clean and easy but I don’t think that I’m going to find organic strawberries you’re at Walmart at least not right now we’re too close to Watsonville Monterey where there’s a lot of a lot of farms Salinas and things like that so it’s not a lot of organic right now you might be thinking what about veggies though well the thing is veggies are great and you want the vitamins from but you’re not going to want them revenue breaker fastest it’s going to slow down the absorption of everything else right the fiber everything even the veggies slows down absorption which is good usually but we want whatever we’re consuming right now to just be our quick break fast snack and then we eat a more robust mule later so we want to have it so that wilts as quick as possible lean protein that’ll get through your system low fat so we don’t have fat slowing down and instigating cholecystokinin we also want the starches that are gonna blow up quick if you’re not on keto if you’re on keto you just would eat the protein and maybe muscle cross sauce on it don’t add fats add the fats later on and that’s gonna make life a little bit easier because simply put you’re gonna be able to not absorb it in the wrong way forget it I’m just gonna get an apple because I know I can get an organic one and then I just won’t eat the skin so I don’t get the fiber gettin stressed out here it’s so busy hopefully they have organic gobbles I’ll see your panic pods I’m gonna get an orange I usually don’t like citrus but at least we get a little bit of vitamin C out of this [Music] and that’s going got a little bit of an effect on free radicals the body so better than nothing and that’s it guys super simple I’m gonna go check this out itself check out we’ll talk a little bit more about it in the car that’s expensive tuna so it might not be the choice that you go forward Manley I promise I keep it short so here’s what we ended up with we went with the organic puffed rice simply does its high glycemic it’s a perfect way to break your fast here’s the thing like I said I would ideally not be using grains what is the best kind of starch that I would recommend probably a potato that has been baked or microwaved with nothing on it okay because what’s gonna happen is the same premises when you puff the rice here we can do the same thing with a potato so what that means is that the heat will make us that the glucose molecules separate and that means they’ll absorb faster in your system but we get to do it without the grains okay just trust me on the grains thing I’ll link out to some of my videos that talked about grains down below in the description so I can just don’t waste your time here but this is going to be a close second then we got a little bit of an orange I’m only gonna eat 1/3 of this I don’t need all this sugar I need like 10 grams of fructose so I need like 1/3 maybe 1/4 of this orange and then I’m gonna have probably 2 of these rice rollers so one rice roller is 11 grams of carbs so I’m gonna do 22 grams of carbs from that and then probably about 8 to 12 grams of carbs coming from the fruit so that’s gonna be 30 grams or so of total carbs even if I was keto I could still break my fast with this it would not be at a ketosis for an hour or so but then I keep my carbs so low the rest of the day it doesn’t even matter anyway it just allows me to absorb the carbohydrates absorb the protein a little bit better into my muscle so if you are doing keto and you like to wait train and you like to work out hard this isn’t still a bad way to break it fast just know that you’re going to knock yourself out of keto for a short amount of time but bouncing in and out of ketosis is not always the end of the world in fact a lot of people like Dave Asprey talk about how metabolic flexibility is all about getting your body fat adapted utilizing fats and then migrating back over to carbohydrates so usually what I’ll do is I’m usually keto about 9 or 10 months out of the year and have two or three weeks stents where I introduce carbohydrates for that strategic purpose and right now it just so happens to be one of those times I actually like how I feel and it’s not like I’m an anti carb guy so it’s not a huge deal anyway back to the protein I’m going with the tuna not everyone can do tuna I understand that otherwise do the yogurt would be a good mix you could crumble this up in your Greek yogurt put a little bit of orange in your Greek yogurt and you’re off to the races and then what I want you to do is maybe 90 minutes from now after you eat this little snack you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna eat your normal meal as you normally would whether it’s keto or not keto this is just the important window that you break your fast with now let me show you this received already had it not been for the expensive wild planet tuna that was $4 I would have gotten out of here for less than five bucks and would have had my strategic break fast a meal and these I’m only going to eat two of them and they’re individually wrapped so I have three break fast meals it turns my carbohydrates so let’s divide those rollers by three so we’ve got a dollar twenty then we’ve got $1 worth of tuna that’s two dollars and 20 cents and then sixty eight cents for the orange so basically roughly what I’m going to eat about two dollars and 50 cents I got a strategic break fast meal and it’s gonna prevent me from doing terrible things what I mean by that is doing terrible things like being hungry at the end of a fast and going through the drive-thru things I used to do right be strategic so even when you’re in a pinch I could run into Walmart in a couple of minutes I could grab this stuff and I could absolutely control how I broke my fast and then I could get on with my day anyhow a long-winded explanation cuz that’s how I roll as always I do want you to keep it locked in here in my channel but one more quick thing for you guys if you can please please please do check out butcher box down below in the description that way you can always get even when you’re traveling it get your grass-fed grass-finished meat and all your meat delivered where you’re going so actually at my house that I’m staying at right now I had butcher box send me a box of meat so that I could have grass-fed grass-finished meat and it worked out really really well because then I didn’t have to go to the grocery store but I had everything there and it’s super super affordable so they’re a big sponsor of this channel they really cook up all the people that subscribe to my channel and one with that stuff so basically they’re just a really great organization that delivers meat to your doorstep so check them out down below in the description if you want to support me support them it’s a great way to help as always keep it locked in here my channel and I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About How to Break a Fast – Walmart Grocery Haul for Intermittent Fasting.
How to Break a Fast - Walmart Grocery Haul for Intermittent Fasting

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How to Break a Fast – Walmart Grocery Haul for Intermittent Fasting – Thomas DeLauer

I don’t usually make VLOG-style videos, but I’ve been traveling and (surprise!) I’ve been fasting while on the road. I’d been planning to break my fast in roughly an hour, but had no food on hand to break my fast, so I stopped at a nearby Walmart to pick up a few foods that I could safely break my fast with.

This is a mini grocery haul designed to show you which foods are appropriate to break your fast with (this is non-keto focused but also provides keto alternatives)! Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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