How Much Alcohol Will Stop Weight Loss (and Ketosis)

How Much Alcohol Will Stop Weight Loss (and Ketosis)

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hey guys today we’re gonna answer the question how much alcohol will influence not just your weight loss but your ability to stay in ketosis all right so we have ethanol pure alcohol has seven calories per gram now a carbohydrate is only four calories per gram and that will block your weight loss and that will block your ketosis but this has more calories but ethanol does not spike your insulin directly and we know insulin is affected by carbohydrates and insulin blocks weight loss we also know that ethanol is not stored in the body like glucose as’ so all the ethanol in the body has to be removed from enzymes made by your liver so if we’re just looking at this information you may think that it doesn’t affect your weight loss because it’s not gonna stimulate insulin and your body’s just gonna clean it up and you’ll be fine but here’s the problem ethanol is highly oxidative which means it creates a lot of stress in the liver your body considers it a toxin and so all that oxidative stress eventually causes inflammation and eventually it can lead to cirrhosis which is scar tissue and a fatty liver okay and they actually have a condition a fatty liver condition which is caused by alcohol but here’s the big thing ethanol blocks fat burning it takes priority over the metabolism of fat so if there’s alcohol in your body your body is going to stop burning the fat and it’s gonna focus on this danger situation and try to get rid of it through the use of enzymes so all your metabolism is gonna be focused on getting rid of that alcohol not burning fat so depending on how much alcohol you drink it can literally block that burning for a day two days even three or four days most alcohol has added carbohydrates most people don’t just drink pure ethanol drink beer wine other types of alcohol with with a lot of sugar in it now if you research the recommendation for drinking alcohol and all the benefits of drinking alcohol our government will tell you to drink two drinks per day if you’re a man and one drink a day if you’re a woman and they will tell you that you will actually benefit the cardiovascular system right now recently there’s been a new recommendation based on another look at some of the studies that are already out there and they found that the benefits from alcohol actually are not there in fact it will increase your risk of death and this happens so many times with so many different products they constantly switched the recommendations before the trans fats were good now they’re bad before sugar was good now it’s bad and now they’re telling us the alcohol is bad well hundred to even become good in the first place but if you’re interested in more information I put a link down below but you probably already know what I’m going to talk about and that is the influence of the alcohol industry over government research okay now when you see government research okay realize that it’s not as independent as you might think they usually partner with someone who is helping funding the research and they actually partner with the actual industry that’s related to that research the whole point of this video is just to let people know there’s no health benefits from ethanol so just don’t be surprised if you don’t experience the full benefits of ketosis so if you’re gonna drink don’t do it frequently don’t be surprised if it slows down your progress do things to make up the damage I’ll have a video on that below you can check it out if we compare the alcohol with the added carbs I would consume alcohol without the added carbs and you’d be much better especially if you’re not going to overdo it alright guys thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About How Much Alcohol Will Stop Weight Loss (and Ketosis).
How Much Alcohol Will Stop Weight Loss (and Ketosis)

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how much alcohol will stop weight loss and the ability to stay in ketosis. Depending on how much alcohol you drink, it can literally block fat burning for two days or more and most alcohol has added carbohydrates.

Ethanol: 7 cal/grams
• It does not spike the insulin directly.
• It is not stored in the body
• It has to be removed by enzymes made by the liver.
• It is highly oxidative (it creates a lot of stress in the liver) – it also causes inflammation that could lead to cirrhosis and a fatty liver.
• The body considers it a toxin.
• It BLOCKS fat burning. *if there’s alcohol in the body, it is going to stop burning the fat and it switches focus to the danger situation through the use of enzymes.

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