How Many Calories on Keto? The Simple Formula

How Many Calories on Keto? The Simple Formula

How Many Calories on Keto? The Simple Formula

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so I’m gonna talk about calories I get this question a lot how many calories should I do on a ketogenic diet first thing I want to talk about is how much fat people are carrying around let’s pretend a woman is 140 pounds okay and she’s fit she has 23 percent body fat she will have about 32 pounds of fat on her body and she’s carrying just over a hundred thousand calories of fat someone that’s fit that’s a lot of calories to be carrying around of actual fat if she’s obese let’s she she’s thirty nine percent it could be more and we keep her at 140 pounds she has about 54 pounds of fat and she’s carrying around a little less than 200,000 calories of fat okay take a guy who’s 170 16 percent body fat he’s fit 27 point 2 pounds of fat and he’s carrying around just under a hundred thousand calories of fat a thick person carrying around a lot of fat I’m sorry potential calories on their body at one time let’s say they’re obese at 27 percent body fat they’re carrying around 45.9 pounds of fat that’s over a hundred and sixty thousand calories of potential energy on their body so then you have something called the basic metabolic rate that is the number of calories that you are burning at rest to keep things working not exercising just at rest let’s say for example yours is 2,000 calories per day so all you have to do is reduce those calories by 500 calories per day and because one pound of fat is 3500 calories if we divide that by five hundred and seven days you will lose one pound okay just by cutting your calories now this sounds logical it makes sense but in reality it doesn’t work why because of these variables okay based on your age you’re gonna have a certain metabolic rate let’s say you fired is slow it’s gonna be a lot slower let’s say you have insulin resistance or pre-diabetic are you diabetic that right there is going to keep your insulin high and keep you from losing any weight also the amount of exercise can influence your weight by about 15 percent stress can inhibit your ability to lose weight the number of hours you’re sleeping affects whether you’re gonna lose weight or not and just the speed of your metabolism which really involves all these things we’re talking about the number of times you did a diet and more times you’ve done a diet the slower the metabolism because the body will just compensate by just for the fact that you’re eating less and then we also have the variable of how these calories influence hormones that type of calories you’re consuming and this is always ignored by those people using the calories in calories out theory and then we have your body problems if you have an autoimmune problem or inventory condition or whatever or that can affect your ability to lose weight and then we have this variable right here especially when you’re doing keto because if you test yourself and you’re in fat burning and you are in fat burning because you’re in deep ketosis you’re like yes but I’m not losing any weight it could be because the ketones you’re burning or the calories from fat that you’re burning is mostly dietary and not your own fat reserve so instead of trying to figure out your calories that you should start with from the front end I’m gonna recommend you try certain things to see what works for you as far as to discover how many calories you need and how many times you should eat so now when you consume a meal at the end of the meal you can either still be hungry or you can be satisfied not overly stuffed or you can be completely stuffed and uncomfortable okay so this is where we need to stay right here satisfied full but not overly uncomfortable so don’t worry about counting calories just go for this right here but start here start with Kino you’re reducing your carbohydrates you are starting to get any ketosis in your fifteen to fat-burning many people will lose weight just by starting with this without doing anything else just by cutting their carbs mainly men because women have more estrogen than men but the point is start here and start working your way this way if you need to number 2 remove the snacks so you’re still doing 3 meals a day just cut the snacks out if that doesn’t work go to two meals a day skip the breakfast and just do two meals a day and start squeezing them together this for many people will work just fine okay but if it doesn’t work just go to the next level one meal a day it’s called oh man this works for a lot of people over the age of forty and fifty many people are doing this with amazing amazing success they’re able to hit their goal but you have to work up to it that doesn’t work well take it to the next level one meal every other day because there are people they are carrying around a lot of potential energy remember when we looked at this slide this person weighed 140 pounds and they had this much body fat they’re carrying around close to 200,000 calories of fat well if you’re double this weight and you’re 280 pounds you’re carrying around or close to 400,000 calories of fat on your body and you want to speed things up you want to get in the fat burning you’re gonna have to do this right here and this will work for you so this is just a really simple way of figuring out how many calories you need based on this right here and the results of weight loss with this right here and you can also enhance things by adding more exercise more nutrients better sleep less stress into this equation so right now I’m actually in the process of creating a keto calculator with a lot of these variables that are added into it it’s not going to be perfect it’s gonna be a good guess but I do want to add some of these things in there to help people narrow it down a bit further anyway thanks for watching and stay tuned for the release of this calculator if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About How Many Calories on Keto? The Simple Formula.
How Many Calories on Keto? The Simple Formula

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Today we’re going to talk about keto and calories. Do you count calories on keto? How many calories on keto should you do?

People are carrying around a lot more calories of fat than they may realize. Many people think they will lose weight just by cutting their calories. But, in reality, this doesn’t work.

Counting calories doesn’t really work because of these variables:

• Age
• Slow Thyroid
• Insulin Resistance
• Exercise
• Stress
• Sleep
• Dietary Fat vs. Body Fat Burning
• Body Problem (autoimmune problem, inflammatory condition, etc.)
• How Calories Influence Hormones
• How Many Times You’ve Dieted In The Past
• Speed of metabolism 

Instead of trying calorie counting, discover how many calories you need and how many times you should eat.

When you consume a meal, you should be satisfied and full without being uncomfortable. You don’t need to count calories on keto. You just need to aim for being satisfied. 

Action Steps:

• Start with healthy keto (shift to fat-burning)

Then, start working your way down this list if you need to as your body adapts.

1. Remove snacks
2. Go down to two meals

If that doesn’t work, go to the next level:
3. Go down to one meal (OMAD)

If that doesn’t work, go to the next level:
4. Go down to one meal every other day

Enhance weight loss by:

• Adding exercise
• Adding nutrients
• Getting plenty of good sleep 
• Lowering your stress

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