How Long to Fast: Fat Loss vs Health Benefits

How Long to Fast: Fat Loss vs Health Benefits

How Long to Fast: Fat Loss vs Health Benefits

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so there’s a very clear line between fasting for fat loss and fasting for longevity so in this video I’m gonna give you the critical points of each what you should be doing if you’re fasting for longevity versus what you should be doing if you’re fasting for metabolic or fat loss reasons once again they’re very very similar and they’re certainly going to be some overlap but if you’re looking for one over the other there’s some critical points that you need to be paying attention to hey you are locked and loaded into the Internet’s leading performance fat loss and nutrition channel new videos coming out every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos throughout the week so please turn on that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications to know whenever I go live and please check out highly calm so you can see the latest and greatest performance apparel that I’m always decked out in in my videos alright so like I said you’re always going to have some overlap right if you’re fasting because you want to burn some fat you’re certainly going to have some longevity benefit too and if you’re fasting for longevity reasons because you just want to improve your cellular health and you want to live for a long time well guess what you’re probably still gonna have some metabolic fat loss benefits as well so there’s definitely this gray area and it’s overlap but if you’re looking for two very clear distinct separation points that’s what I’m gonna break down in this video so let’s go ahead and let’s start with the digestive enzyme side not the most exciting but honestly it has a big role in how you feel and how your body functions see when you’re fasting your body stops producing digestive enzymes I know it sounds kind of crazy but it starts conserving what you already have this increases what is called your enzyme potential okay your enzyme potential is your body’s ability to effectively break things down so during a fast when we’re conserving enzyme production the existing enzymes break down what’s already in what’s called the metabolic speer starts breaking down proteins and starts breaking down lipids it makes the body function a lot better it’s one of the reasons why you feel so clean and lean and really actually feel like internally better when you’re fasting so this process is known as autolysis catalase is a similar tautology if it’s actually when we’re breaking down old cells not just the components of an existing cell so again it’s increasing the enzyme force now simple analogy that we can break down here is if you had a team of say ten people that were working and they were really plugging away and doing a lot of work that was proactive then all of a sudden you didn’t have the ability to give them any more workload so they have no choice but to continue to work on things that they were working on but just do a better job there’s no new workflow coming in so they’re just gonna work on what they have in front of them but do a better more efficient quality job that’s basically what’s happening at the cellular level in the enzymatic level inside your body when you’re going through a fast now any little bit of food any little bit of insulin technically shuts this process down a little bit it doesn’t turn it off all the way but it definitely slows it down okay that means one calorie to calorie three calories it stops the process at least a little bit now it is important to know that calorie restriction alone conserves our enzymes too if studies have shown that even just lowering your caloric intake actually improves how your enzymes function but nothing to the degree that you would get if you were actually fasting okay so now the big thing that we have to focus on is something known as for Mises if hormesis plays a gigantic role in longevity and before you turn off this video because you’re confused about what hormesis is let me explain it it’s very simple or Mises is putting our body through cellular stress anytime we stress out our bodies we have a state of hormesis a simple example is you go into the gym and you workout and you put your muscles under stress well as a result of that stress your muscles grow bigger and stronger or your heart improves your cardiovascular system improves everything gets better right that’s because they’re adapting to a degree of stress okay well your cells go through that process too and it’s very very important and that’s ultimately what we’re after when we’re fasting for longevity purposes all we’re trying to accomplish is a conditioning the cells to get stronger and better at what they do so any kind of stress can actually cause this to happen so fasting because you’re depriving yourself of calories but also exposing yourself to extreme heat to extreme cold or heck even a little bit of oxidative stress even some free radicals it allows your cells to get a taste of stress so they have no choice but to adapt and get stronger now again the second that you have a calorie it slows that process down so what I want to make sure is crystal clear with you is that we have two very distinct reasons that were fasting longevity and metabolic so don’t twist my words around and think that just because I’m telling you not to do something for the longevity reason means that you can’t do it with the metabolic reason okay and everything’s gonna make sense as I get through this video a little bit more so let me take a look at a couple of different things for you okay we have a fasting state and a fed state and when I say fed state I mean anywhere from one calorie to ten thousand calories the second a calorie comes in I’m gonna consider you fed for these examples so fasting versus fed so IGF levels when you’re fasting they plummet they go down I GF is what grows tissue okay i GF will also grow tumor tissue we want our i GF levels to go up sometimes but most of the time we want them pretty low the second that you’re fed by GF levels elevate okay we don’t want to be feeding ourselves all the time then our IGF levels are gonna be elevated all the time that’s how you end up like ultimately a bodybuilder but also obese okay we don’t really want that situation okay then we have M tour okay when you are fasting in tour is turned off when you are fed import is turned on M tour stands for mammalian target of rat myosin and what M tour does is it triggers the body to become anabolic building muscle and building fat now of course to some degree we want little spikes of a mTOR activation done at the right time but most of the time we want it down low so when you’re fasting in poor’s law when you’re fed M tours higher okay then we have Auto fatigue the buzzword everyone talks about autopsy autopsy is where your cells recycle their existing components to basically become more efficient when you’re fasting Altaf oh geez jacked up as soon as you eat something Auto G comes down now I’ll talk about coffee and tea and how this relates in just a second because there is some gray area but lastly when you’re fasting the fo x o3 gene elevates dramatically the fo x o3 gene is all about longevity it’s known as the longevity gene it turns on cellular rejuvenation okay if we had that gene activate at all the time we’d probably live forever it’s a very powerful gene so when we’re fasting that’s elevated okay when we’re fed that’s turned off okay so now we get into the fun stuff the fat loss right fasting from metabolic reasons so again a very clear I want you to put longevity over here and metabolic over here for a second remember there is some crossover but let’s define them for a second the metabolic benefits from fasting are all about the catecholamines okay it’s all about the epinephrine it’s all about the norepinephrine and the adrenaline that’s spiked again because we are in a degree of stress or hormesis our body has no choice but to start producing adrenaline it’s like why are you feeding me what’s going on okay this in turn activates what’s called hormone sensitive lipase whenever we activate adrenaline basically our body dumps existing stored fuel into the bloodstream so we burn it this activates hormone sensitive lipase which therefore turns on massive amounts of fat burning so that’s why you burn fat while you’re fasting from a metabolic standpoint now additionally catecholamines inhibit insulin production so when we have a high degree of catecholamines we’re blunting insulin quite dramatically but the second that we have insulin come into the equation again catecholamines reduced we’re getting less of that metabolic benefit here’s the interesting thing okay there’s a toss up things like coffee and things like tea technically have a couple of calories right so you might think oh shoot well it means I’m turning off the metabolic benefits and I’m turning off also the longevity benefits well the interesting thing is with coffee and tea you’re increasing catecholamines because coffee increases catecholamines so you’re actually accelerating the fat-burning effect so if you’re fasting for metabolic reasons not for longevity coffee and tea will actually help you out immensely because they jack up your catecholamines even more so you’re already elevated and you just elevated them more you’re gonna burn more fat period okay but it’s different when we look at it for longevity okay again longevity it’s all about hormesis right so any insulin spike that you have is gonna stop that hormesis because it gives the body a break the stress is there and then all of a sudden little insulin comes in the stress comes off the body you’re not getting as much of a benefit so there are a couple of things in which like coffee and tea for example can actually help in a longevity sense though okay coffee and tea technically improve autophagy so although you have some calories that come in that technically shut off some of the longevity benefits on top of G goes up okay so sure you’re still getting on top of G but you’re not activating the fo XO three gene stuff like that anymore so again a toss-up you’re gonna get probably 25% of the longevity effects than you normally would but you’re not completely making yourself dead in the water okay lastly I want to talk about telomeres for a second because telomeres are everything when it comes down to just anti-aging right telomeres are basically at the ends of a shoelace right okay so our cells have these shoelaces for lack of a better term and these shoelaces have little plastic tips right just like our shoes just like our shoelaces right and then if they start to break down if those ends of the shoelace break down the plastic tip breaks down our shoelaces fray well in the case of a cell that’s when a cell starts to deteriorate and die it breaks down it’s all frayed now okay now the interesting thing is our body’s cells have an enzyme known as telomerase telomerase allows that shoelace end to regrow but not all cells have that but one of the most important cells in the body does have telomerase and that’s a stem cell stem cells produce the proteins that allow us to recover and allow us to heal and because they produce telomerase they have the ability to live for a long time on our body as long as we take care of them okay so what’s cool is that USC actually found that fasting improves stem cell production so we have an improvement in stem cell production and if we take care of ourselves those stem cells can produce telomerase which can allow cells to live longer and allow the stem cells to live longer and then multiply and give birth to what are called daughter cells and produce more stem cells so long story short is if we fast for longevity purposes we can actually get an improvement in telomere length and improvement in stem cells and therefore live for a longer time and have ourselves be healthier but again a calorie breaks this so what you have to determine for yourself is this how many days are you gonna fast for longevity reasons and what days you’re gonna fast for metabolic reasons the benefit here is that when you fast for longevity you by default get the metabolic benefit when you fast for metabolic reasons you don’t necessarily get longevity so when in doubt if you’re looking for both fast for longevity with your intention towards longevity and you’ll get the metabolic effect but if you’re purely fasting for fat loss you can disregard some of the longevity components enjoy your coffee enjoy your tea and know that you’re going to get that accelerated catecholamine effect it’s gonna cause you to be lean mean and everything you want to be if as always make sure you’re locked in here in my channel if you have ideas for future videos be sure to put them down in the comment section below and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How Long to Fast: Fat Loss vs Health Benefits.
How Long to Fast: Fat Loss vs Health Benefits

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How Long to Fast: Fat Loss vs Health Benefits – Thomas DeLauer

For Metabolic Effects

More leeway
Consume more types of liquids (and foods)
Targeting HSL

For Longevity

Nothing other than water (can argue coffee & tea)
Targeting autophagy, telomeres & stem cells


Insulin decreases autophagy & activates mTOR

Insulin also has a negative effect on telomeres

Digestive enzymes & relation to autophagy


Coffee increases telomere length

Catecholamines adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline (norepinephrine) inhibit insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells

Digestive Enzymes

When we fast on water, we’re giving a substantial rest to our digestive enzyme systems, and this takes the burden off our enzyme pool

Note on Calorie Restriction:

Calorie restriction is another way to conserve enzymes, although it likely wouldn’t conserve as many as completely going without food

Fasting & Hormesis

The key is that you want exposure to low doses of otherwise harmful agents, such as food limitation, heat stress, reactive oxygen species and other free radicals that cause an anti-aging and longevity-extending hormetic effect

Fasting – Metabolic Effects

Maintain low insulin to promote fat utilization and increase catecholamines

Fasting & Fat Loss

Increases levels of catecholamines, which ultimately activate HSL, and promote a ‘fat-burning’ state – prolonged fasting promotes the production of ketones

Catecholamines adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline ( norepinephrine) inhibit insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells

*Insulin causes a fall in adrenaline*

Foods & Liquids

Anything that will increase catecholamines is good to go (thermogenic fat burners, MCT Oil, coffee, tea. etc.)

You could probably argue things like bone broth wouldn’t have a massive negative effect in regards to fat loss as it’s minimal calories and wouldn’t have a massive effect on insulin

Fasting – Longevity

In simple terms, fasting works for longevity because of the ‘stress’ it puts on the body due to a lack of incoming energy

Providing fuel, even a small amount, helps ease the cellular ‘stress’ that the body undergoes during a fast

Fasting & Autophagy

Fasting increases autophagy, but insulin decreases autophagy because it activates mTOR

Fasting, Telomeres & Stem Cells

There’s an enzyme called telomerase that can re-lengthen telomeres that are shortened during DNA replication

Unfortunately, not every cell in your body expresses telomerase, and as we get older the cells that do express telomerase express less of it


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