How Keto Protects Your Immune System

How Keto Protects Your Immune System

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let’s talk about how keto the ketogenic
diet could potentially help protect your immune system especially when we’re
talking about the coronavirus now check this out ninety nine point two percent
of all deaths from COVID-19 are associated with metabolic syndrome and
this syndrome your immune system is compromised big-time now those who do
not have other health conditions but die only have a point eight percent chance
of dying versus if you have pre-existing health problems like blood pressure
diabetes heart condition cancer raise your chance of dying to ninety nine
point two percent now let’s take a look at what is the common denominator of
some of these conditions well high blood pressure most cases of hypertension and
I’m talking ninety percent of all of the hypertensive patients have what’s called
essential hypertension essential meaning they don’t know what causes it I’m gonna
put a link down below of this paper that talks about the interrelationship
between insulin resistance and hypertension in some resistance in
compensatory hyperinsulinemia that means that you’re having high amounts of
insulin in the blood as a compensation so let me just draw this out tankers
right here it’s sending insulin okay into the cells but you have insulin
resistance right so it’s it’s gonna be low right here so the signals won’t get
back to the pancreas so there’s no feedback loop so if there’s no feedback
loop to turn it off the pancreas will make more and more in more and more and
this is why people with insulin resistance have five to seven times more
production of insulin in other words people with instant resistance have a
tremendous amount of insulin in the body but it’s not working that’s what they
mean by compensatory hyper insulin emia that means insulin in the blood commonly
occurs in patients with untreated essential hypertension
the coexistence of instant resistance and hypertension can be viewed as a
cause-effect relationship Wow that’s powerful now I would imagine this
is probably a lot less if you factor in insulin resistance itself which I know
for a fact they rarely test that and especially with these cases they’re not
testing if the person has insulin resistance which could be a pre-diabetic
condition in fact in America it’s been estimated that 60 to 70 percent of the
entire population has some level of insulin resistance so this point eight
percent could be on an 0.2 percent bringing this level up to ninety-nine
point eight percent potentially so in summary what happens when you go on keto
this is what you do with this is what you improve healthy insulin levels you
basically get insulin to the level where it’s no longer high and guess what many
times your blood pressure improves your diabetes type two improves the
cardiovascular system gets improving I’m gonna put links down below showing you
those connections as well another vital reason why people should do keto and
especially intermittent fasting to support their immune systems so we can
actually minimize the risk of dying if the person gets infected if you want
information about insulin resistance check out this video right here 

This Post Was All About How Keto Protects Your Immune System.
How Keto Protects Your Immune System

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Could keto help protect against viruses like COVID-19? Find out more. 


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Today we’re going to talk about how keto can potentially help protect your immune system, especially when it comes to the coronavirus. 

99.2% of all deaths from COVID-19 are associated with metabolic syndrome. With this syndrome, your immune system is compromised big time. 

Those who do not have other health issues have a 0.8% chance of death. If a person has pre-existing health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart condition, or cancer, the risk of death significantly increases. 

It’s possible that insulin resistance is really behind some cases of health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, certain heart conditions, or cancer. It’s estimated that 60-70% of Americans have some level of insulin resistance. 

When you go on healthy keto, you’re working to improve metabolic syndrome. Healthy keto promotes healthy insulin levels, which, in turn, may help improve certain health conditions. The healthy ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting can potentially help support the immune system and minimize the chance of dying if infected.

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