How Immunity is Created: Antibodies

How Immunity is Created: Antibodies

How Immunity is Created: Antibodies

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This Post Was All About How Immunity is Created: Antibodies.
How Immunity is Created: Antibodies

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Here’s what you really need to know about immunity and antibodies. 
0:20 The two parts of the immune system 
1:37 Vaccines 
1:52 The B cell 
2:16 What antibodies do
4:25 What decreases antibodies?

Today we’re going to talk about antibodies and how you can create your own immunity through your own antibodies. 

You have this amazing and powerful internal defense mechanism, or immunity, that helps neutralize enemies.

There are two parts of the immune system:

The innate—
You are born with this. It doesn’t need any training. It has a general defense mechanism for day to day activity. When things get too intense, they signal the acquired immune system to get help. 

The acquired or adaptive—
This is the back-up force. The acquired has very specific actions to help protect you. This part of the immune system is acquired or adapted over time. It learns from experience. If it’s not first exposed to a virus, it won’t learn anything. 

Hypothetically, vaccines are supposed to create artificial immunity. But, your own body can even create immunity to pathogens. It all occurs mainly from the B cells, which are a part of the acquired immune system. B cells have receptors that can reach out and grab pathogens. These are called antibodies. Antibodies neutralize the enemy (a pathogen). 

A virus becomes dangerous when it gets inside of the cell. If you recover from a virus, the next time you’re exposed to this virus, you’ll be immune to it. This is because you now have antibodies waiting to neutralize the virus. 

High levels of cortisol can decrease your antibodies. Low levels of zinc or vitamin D can also cause you not to have the full capacity of your antibodies. 

Certain viruses can also create white blood cell amnesia, which causes the antibodies not to remember what to attack.

You have an incredible machine in your body, and if you take care of it, it can help you.

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