How Fat Gets Burned

How Fat Gets Burned

How Fat Gets Burned

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hello in this video we’re going to talk about how fat gets burned okay now when you think about fat burning there’s no real burning going on it’s basically the release of fat from the fat cell that gets turned into energy okay I’m going to just talk about the mechanics of actually what happens your fat cell is primarily stored with triglycerides kendos or fats and they’re in a liquid state so your fat is basically liquid it’s not a solid and what happens is that there’s an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase it’s an enzyme now enzymes are proteins that help chemical changes occur in the body they’re like the workhorse they’re like the worker bee that does the work in the body they’re kind of magical because they can go in there and change and break down proteins and build them back up break down fat and build and back up into body tissue so lipase is the primary enzyme that releases the stored fat in the fat cell and it’s a hormone sensitive which means it’s triggered by certain hormone okay so now that we know that lipase is the enzyme now the real question is what triggers let’s pace okay there’s certain things that trigger it and number one we’re going to use this little book right here guidance physiology on page 927 it says insulin inhibits the action of hormone sensitive lipase okay so if this is the burning of fact or the releasing effect and insulin is there it will inhibit this it will stop it number two insulin promotes glucose transport into the fat cell so basically in the presence of insulin it’s going to actually cause storage into the fat cell okay so far insulin is not good for losing weight right but here’s what I want talking about therefore when infant is not available to promote glucose entry into the fat cell that storage is almost completely blocked okay all aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin okay so it’s really the absence of insulin and triggers lipase that’s the trigger all right so cutting out the carbs not eating so frequently those are the two big ones number two fasting so fasting is another trigger for this enzyme intermittent fasting why because every time you eat you trigger insulin right another one adrenaline from exercise so exercise will trigger the lipase enzyme to help you dissolve fat growth hormone is another trigger for lipase growth hormone would be intense exercise sleeping a small amount of protein and intermittent fasting those are all the triggers for growth on them sigh red hormones will also trigger lipase okay now sometimes people will say they have a confusion because they say well insulin resistance is blocking insulin from getting into the cell stair buddy will have lower insulin and will lose weight but that’s not what happens because when you have insulin resistance and sends a signal to the pancreas forcing the pancreas to make five to seven times more insulin so insulin resistance is actually too much insulin because of the overcompensation that’s occuring it’s a real important point that you need to know so we have this release of fat from the fat cell partly we got regular IDEs fatty acids that can be used for energy in the muscle but also a lot of it’s just converted through the liver into ketones which is used for energy so that’s where we get the ketosis so the question is would a low calorie diet trigger lipase okay well not necessarily not if you have carbs in your diet too many carbs and you’re triggering insulin so this will just kind of help you understand like what diets will work what diets won’t well a high-fat diet cause the release of the fat well not necessarily because high fat does not inhibit insulin you can still be eating carbs and fat at the same time fasting well that’s not eating anything exercise growth hormone so high fat is not the trigger it’s something that you want to consume because it’s it’s kind of not going to trigger insulin too much but it’s not the main trigger low fat diet is is that going to help trigger the release of this no because there is no when you do a low fat diet that’s not a trigger to this enzyme at all it’s not gonna help you lose weight with a high-protein diet cause this trigger no because high protein doesn’t trigger enemies with a vegan diet trigger lipase no because you can be eating a lot of carbs it really depends on your insulin level if you’re doing intimate fasting exercise growth hormone and thyroid hormone avoiding saturated fat is that can help you lose weight no it’s not going to help you lose weight at all so the point is that this is how fast burn through this enzyme these are the triggers and that’s the simplicity of it thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press this little button down below okay thanks

This Post Was All About How Fat Gets Burned.
How Fat Gets Burned

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Dr. Berg explains what is happening when the body “burns” fat. The body stores fat in a liquid state until it is released and converted via the liver. What triggers fat to be converted? A special enzyme called “lipase”. And what triggers lipase?
1) An absence of insulin.
2) Fasting (intermittent fasting).
3) Adrenaline via exercise.
4) Growth hormone.
5) Thyroid hormone.

Find out in this video how they can trigger fat burning and also why a low-carb diet, low-fat diet, vegetarian diet doesn’t burn fat because they all avoid handling a very important element burning fat… insulin! Watch the complete video for the data.

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