How Fasting Influences Your Genes

How Fasting Influences Your Genes

How Fasting Influences Your Genes

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This Post Was All About How Fasting Influences Your Genes.
How Fasting Influences Your Genes

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Did you know that fasting influences your genes? Here’s how.

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In this video, we’re going to talk about how fasting influences our genetics.

Your genes are your blueprints or your code for building proteins. These proteins are involved in all of the biochemistry in your body—from making hormones and neurotransmitters to releasing stored glucose for fuel.

You have millions upon millions of these proteins, but they have to be instructed on what to do.

When someone does fasting, many interesting things happen to your genetics. Fasting is one very important part of your epigenetics.

Epigenetics are things that influence your genes. Your genes are like a series of light switches—they can be turned on and turned off. Epigenetics has the ability to turn on and off each light switch.

As an example, fasting positively influences the gene CFHR1, which regulates your cholesterol. It also influences the SIRT-3 gene, which has anti-aging potential.

Fasting also down-regulates genes like the APP gene that helps lower amyloid plaque, which is seen in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Fasting may also play a role in other genes that influence cancer risks.

You can begin seeing the benefits of fasting after just a 16-hour fast. One meal a day (OMAD) will give even more benefits.

Fasting can help:
• Lower inflammation
• Support your immune system
• Lower syndrome X
• Support healthy brain cells
• Promote a healthy mood and mind

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