How Dr. Berg Met His Wife Karen: Interesting Story

How Dr. Berg Met His Wife Karen: Interesting Story

How Dr. Berg Met His Wife Karen: Interesting Story

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your phone hey guys we live we’re live relax okay so I want to tell a little story of how we met is it’s a little interesting I um first of all I just want to say I can’t believe we’re revisiting this again some of you said you wanted to hear this but for some reason we had yeah I keep getting comments like how did you guys meet some we’re finally gonna just have held them okay so here I was you’ll hear the truth on this side which is my version which is over here so here we I was in San Diego I I was just starting out as a chiropractor and so I didn’t really know what I was doing so I went to this swap meet okay swap meet is like place where they sell different you know junk food and things are junk material and another step to some cool stuff and so here I am I met this swap meet I have this little booth and I’m checking people right so I’m in my car my Nissan Sentra eating a banana and at the time and then I see this girl come by and it was Karen with her boyfriend so I check okay you’re with your next I actually went to the swap meet to find a chiropractor because I had some back trouble and my roommate said that sometimes there were chiropractors doing screenings at the swap meet yeah I was like the screening King so anyway checked her I think she was the only person who came in at the ton it was the beginning of my practice I had no patience she was like one of my first patients okay she comes in yes it is against the law to hit on and date your patients in the nineties this is another 90 that’s why in all fairness my insurance had been used up and we were no longer I don’t know how to make this right but I mean were you going with that it was legal anyway so I I didn’t have any patients today so I pretty much gave her a consultation that lasted all day it was an all day as myself and hours of well let me do some extras here after is there so anyway things you put me in a in a house gown I never know chiropractor to do that well that’s what you do when you take x-rays okay yeah so so anyway she started coming in so you started getting improved in it and I was interested in her so I decided to ask her out and the first opportunity that happened was she comes in she tells me that she broke up with her boyfriend so in my mind I’m like hmm she’s probably hinting that she’s single now and asked me yeah that’s what’s going out of my mind any guy would say that right now but so basically I asked her out and she says I get rejected okay I get rejected okay I said would you like to go to lunch and then she says well now you’re probably bill me okay so so this is the truth how it really went down is that I had when I said just broke up I mean like in the parking lot there was you know an emotional moment and I came in for my doctor’s appointment and I was still a little leaky okay and he was in the middle of providing a treatment on my spine noticing I was a little leaky and said what’s going on and I said that I had just had this breakup and obviously all my attention is still on this other person and he says well if you need to talk about it I am about to break you know and I’d be happy to listen or something like that in my mind I’m like I’m already paying out of my pocket for these visits I I don’t even I don’t want to download my garbage to my doctor but in his mind he’s asking me on a date so question number one to you guys do you think that that’s really asking me out on a date I could listen more to your problems so you have to have some feedback on that go ahead miss feedback if you think I’ll do the a scanner I really or the interpretation that wasn’t really an ask out or asked it wasn’t interpretation so ever no questions brought something up that’s interesting so I thought at the screening you were already broken up so now you’re saying you know right so we weren’t dating when you’re dating and then you know he knocked on the door again and then that didn’t work out I think this is gonna really depend on if there’s guys watching their girls because if someone comes in and they’re saying oh come on guys if you well let’s see what they’re saying okay I don’t know how to not a date someone says in his mind am i delusional not raised like we don’t communicate well actually we’re awesome i communicating we’re talking about a really funny time so okay dr. Berg was a savage it was a subtle the moment okay I think these are cat you’re letting me down Joe I got your back Oh doc from James that was not that was not a date okay okay so not a date heck yes see it’s kind of a mixed bag isn’t it’s a mixed bag all right so here’s what happened next so rejection number one okay but I was I was persistent so now number two rejection number two right it was my favorite so I’m actually doing what’s called a genie rub which is a massage tool back okay and and then what happens is that I asked her out on a date where I said would you like to do some yoga I thought I was doing yoga at the time I thought it was a great place to meet on a date miss to yoga right and rejection number two she declined okay so this is what really happened it is true I came in again for my visit I’m on my stomach and he’s doing this big genie rub massage tool on my back hair getting caught in the motor I fixed that i undid the nut and he says to me he’s my chiropractor right he says to me have you ever considered yoga and I who I haven’t ever considered yoga I said no so that was the rejection right okay I had to go out this correct the survey did you guys think was that actually me asking her out or not not oh no this is the last one Mars and Venus someone says that was not asking her out that was the comeback oh wait that was the first one that was first one hi Manuel he’s watching gosh what is anyone oh not man I gotta go to medical school um not poor attempt doc that was not asking her to come out right directly so sort of are you in a crit I am an Aquarius or I was Aquarius until they changed the moons and the planet things and knows focus okay focus um okay sorry dr. Burke I have to side with Karen no all right okay I got that let me go to strike three okay two rejections so I decided that I was gonna give her one more opportunity to go out with me so I was gonna ask her I was gonna ask her out so because three strikes you know she’s gonna be out the relationship is gonna be done so the third time the third time check this out third time I get on the phone and I call her and I asked her out on a date to go to a blues band this isn’t San Diego Pacific Beach I think it was it’s a great blues band right down the street would you like to go to a blues band and if you don’t say that’s asking her out I don’t know what what is but I got totally rejected she says I’m not interested so that was it okay so there is truth this is the first time there’s actually truth in what he says mm-hmm right because he did call me and he did ask me to a blues band I am going to give you the other data that he knew knows very well occurred the omission the omission which was he called me at home at about 11 o’clock at night it was it was 10:30 no it was core time I go to a blues band do you go at nine o’clock until later this is the first time he called me it was almost 11 o’clock at night in the middle of the week I was in my pajamas already and actually I was working on paperwork I had to be at work 5:30 in the morning the next morning do you know how many hours it took me to get up the nerve to call you I was waiting all day I know I know and I and that I appreciate I get that but it was 11 o’clock at night I was in my pajamas so it would take me a good 20 minutes to get ready ready he lived a good 20 minutes away Pacific Beach was like 20 minutes away so we’re talking about almost an hour till I get there and then the ban and then get home and get to bed so this was primarily the reason I was gonna have to pass on this but with sealed the deal on the know is that his roommates at the time now he lived in an apartment on the beach with some other guys as he’s asking me out in the background I hear go for it Eric I couldn’t help it there there’s through / dudes and that’s how they communicate so anyway I will say that contributed to my certainty on the know but most of it was the fact that you did ask me out so you can you can get yeses what are they saying too late doc see right 11 o’clock in the middle of the week you don’t call someone at the last minute for a first date definitely right okay these call right yeah okay right so the timing wasn’t the best okay so you want to know how to ask someone out on a date in the middle of the day I saw him that should touchy because you know asking your patient it’s kind of like so I had to do a little indirectly so if you like freaked out I would say what I didn’t ask you out I was just wondering if you like do yoga [Music] just kidding so cya so basically we got three strikes zero that’s it and now I’m like I’m it’s kind of like in high school you know you like someone the more you like them the more they don’t like you and then the minute that you decide that you don’t like them now they’re interested but I always have him but after our relationship after our relationship three strikes I’m pretty much deciding it’s over okay and during this period of time I was trying to build the rapport because I used to do a little mini seminars in my office and with and then I asked her to help out which you didn’t really have I would used to pass out champagne and cookies because I had a fear of public speaking so I figured if they drink champagne they would feel more relaxed and it laughs at my jokes so anyway so anyway we’re we’re at the point of three strikes she’s out I’m done with the relationship and then it was it was Christmas time and she was going home but she gave me a Christmas present she made these unbelievable chocolates which I’m looking to select oh my gosh she made these for me I made him do everybody I didn’t know that I thought oh my gosh she does like me right she gives me these these chocolates and then she walks out and she gives me the look the back look and she’s coming around she’s walking out and then she looks back boom I knew right there there’s something there she I think she does like me I did like you so I’m like okay so so I go back to Wisconsin now that would have been the time to ask me out well I you already have you three chances yeah so that was so but so I’m gonna let go you know and if she’s interested she can ask me some like you know anyway I did I called him up asked him to my business holiday party he came and so basically well was there any type of lag time of neighbors snow as a matter of fact I was saying Oh dr. Berg you know scaring and no you’re relatively new and I’m new in town and my company’s having this you know and I just thought you know your chiropractor these guys are physical therapists occupational therapists because that was my profession occupational therapy maybe you know there’d be some interest and reality and you know I’m like okay he’s like okay like well let me tell you what it is it’s like no okay I’ll go okay yeah so so one last little part of this right the night that we were supposed to go I was doing another screening right you’re not gonna tell this oh no just this last little part here I’m doing this little screening and I’m like oh my gosh it’s it’s late I got a run so I get in my car I get to my apartment and guess what I locked my keys in the apartment I forgot the keys it is dead bolted okay what so there is a there’s a pine tree okay next to my second-story apartment with a slightly open I said when yelled yeah the window I scaled that pine tree Karen for you I scaled it all the way up got in there got my keys and of course you know arrived at the door this explains why one time he was on time and looking amazing but it did explain why your sleeves were rolled up and you had big globs of SAP in your arm I cleared it off you weren’t supposed to see that okay so anyway anyway for the rest of you call it fate but we both worked kind of hard at that one it worked out yeah all right god yeah so that answers the question yes you were yesterday you weren’t interested there you go you have it and I’m sure you guys will all agree that you didn’t ask me out three times yeah I’m going to be looking at the comments I think probably most the guys will we’ll do that alright guys thanks for watching and we will see you next time have a good one

This Post Was All About How Dr. Berg Met His Wife Karen: Interesting Story.
How Dr. Berg Met His Wife Karen: Interesting Story

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