How Do I Know If I’m Stressed?

How Do I Know If I’m Stressed?

How Do I Know If I’m Stressed?

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hello I had another question from someone they wanted to know how do I know if I’m stressed so I just want to do a little video on how do you know if you’re stressed okay so there’s some objective tests that you can do like Raglan’s test will you take your blood pressure lying down and then you take it standing up and you’re really going to look at the Cystic that’s the top number not the bottom look at the top number only and you’re going to compare those two numbers now normally when you’re lying down and standing up with gravity your body should adjust between 6 and 10 points higher when you’re standing up now with adrenal it’ll go like way higher than 10 or it goes lower because your body is not adapting it can’t compensate for simple gravitational changes so that’s why if you get up too quickly and you feel light-headed that’s enter adrenal symptom as well so that’s Raglan’s number 2 the iris test this is we’ve shot a little flashlight in your eye and into contract like that and maintain that contraction for at least 15 seconds too longer what will happen with with adrenal it will start going back and forth like this because it can’t maintain that contraction that little diaphragm that causes that contraction that shuts out the light kind of like a aperture in your your camera or just it’s adjusting the light well it’s controlled click on the dimmer it’s like a dimmer switch but it’s controlled by the autonomic nervous system which happens to be intimately involved in the adrenal glands and the plight of fight mechanism so when that’s you lose that it shows up in that little test and I will put links on all these different tests I’ve done videos on them so you can check it out the scratch test you can take a little like a little paper clip and just kind of scratch yourself if it turns like a white a little white marker that leaves a white mark for any period of time like after I don’t know 5 10 minutes it’s still like a mark like a scratch or even turns red that’s usually an adrenal because the with adrenal you get high levels of histamine so you you tend to have these immune issues and inflammatory issues very easily ok and subscribe to us I think I have a video on that one yet ok hair analysis there’s a the hair analysis I think it’s from Canada I’ll find the link and I’ll put it down below but the hair analysis is very similar to an a.1 scene that measures your blood sugars for three months it’ll measure cortisol for a period of your hair growing so it gives you an average picture of what’s happening over a period of time to cortisol I love it way better than the blood test or even every four hours because it’ll tell you what’s going on so that’s a really good cortisol test if you really want to find out you got to send some hair in though so alright so now these are objective tests let’s talk about the subject of how you’re feeling one is you’re a big indicator of of stress is your tolerance to stress or your strength of the adrenal this tolerance for stress do things get on your nerves easily do people irritate you easily how much patience do you have do little things bug you okay that’s adrenal that’s like a great little measurement of how your adrenals are do you fly off the handle easily okay can you tell the relative stress well adrenal number two cognitive with adrenal you’re always thinking 24/7 like popcorn thoughts in your brain can’t turn off especially before sleep so we have that and then we also have your ability to focus on one project at a time without being dispersed and going off to another project so a classic adrenal cases are multitaskers and they think they’re more productive but in reality their power is their attention and with their if it’s dispersed they lose that lose their productivity but because they’re moving really fast it seems like they’re really productive they do not like to be stuck in traffic so as long as they’re moving we’re okay but they have to be moving constantly okay then we have the feeling of being productive with adrenal you’re in a state of plight of fight mode so you’re in a survival mode so no matter what you do during the day you never feel like you’re productive so even if you get this much done you’re like I should have went for this you’re just not satisfied because the adrenal glands are the survival glance and they’re not feeling quite great so you not going to ever feel like you’re surviving and then how do you feel in the morning when you wake up do you need coffee when you wake up are you bright and to focus in the more was it take you a while to wake up well my adrenals were really bad in my late 20s a couple years ago I’m just kidding I’m 52 when I was like 28 I took me to 11 o’clock in the morning to physically wake up because I was so burnt out with my adrenals I had serious issues with that and then also your overall mood with the adrenal your mood is kind of like in this stress state anxiety moody not happy worried about everyone like a adrenal case with like a mother who’s always worried about their kids constantly it’s obsessed how they are they surviving are they safe where are they now that’s happened that’s adrenal it’s totally adrenal and that’s like they’re stressed out okay so and then jet-like like recently I flew from the east coast to the west coast and the back within a couple days and I just had pretty good but with an adrenal case you would basically it would take a while to bounce back now when I was very I remember I went on vacation when I was like 28 we flew to Cabo San Lucas from San Diego that’s not that far away it’s like I think it’s the same time zone so I flew by the time I get to my destination my lungs are filled up with fluid I’m like what is going on here so with adrenal like this shift in position in location it could stress you out and your body reacts to it so I couldn’t go anywhere so it was very very my adrenals were very weak so these are all subjective objective testing so yes you need to be walking more you need to get space every single day make sure you don’t over train you need to get more sleep take naps use the acupressure techniques that I talked about for sure but as far as nutritional supplements there’s one that I highly recommend if your stress is called adrenal cortisol relief this is my best product for adrenal stress and what it does it’s like a chill pill it supports healthy adrenals but it will give you a greater sense of ease and peacefulness and relaxation and you’ll feel like a stress free if you feel stress free it’s like if your spouse is stressed out just flips them on their coffee don’t tell them they’ll be really nice to you and it’s quite amazing so thanks for watching and put your comments below hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and we’ll send you report

This Post Was All About How Do I Know If I’m Stressed?.
How Do I Know If I'm Stressed?

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Dr. Berg answers the question – how do you know if your are stressed?
1. Raglands Test (measures the autonomic nervous system’s adaption to stress using blood pressure and observing the top number (systolic).

2. Iris Test

3. Scratch test
4. Hair Analysis
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Subjective Observation:
1. Tolerance to stress
2. Cognitive – how is your memory
3. Productivity
4. How you feel when you get out of bed in the morning
5. Your overall mood
6. Jet lag

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