Hot Chocolate Recipe | How To Make Homemade LOW CARB Hot Cocoa For KETO

Hot Chocolate Recipe | How To Make Homemade LOW CARB Hot Cocoa For KETO

Hot Chocolate Recipe | How To Make Homemade LOW CARB Hot Cocoa For KETO

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so winner is basically here in Buffalo it’s not officially winter I think that starts like December 21st or 22nd but it’s already snowing it’s freezing outside it’s miserable I’ve said this countless times in the channel winter is my least favorite season of the entire year I do not like winter at all bow that being said the season of hot chocolate is also here and I love hot chocolate I actually consider myself a hot chocolate aficionado I drink hot chocolate all year round it doesn’t have to be winter for me to be sipping on some hot chocolate a lot of times in the summer at night you will find me on the couch over there drinking some hot cocoa so that being said I wanted to share with you guys my go-to low-carb keto friendly hot cocoa recipe it is so good and I think you guys are gonna love it so let’s get on this one let’s make some hot cocoa so for my low-carb keto hot cocoa recipe you guys are gonna need some low carb milk what I recommend going with is the almond breeze unsweetened vanilla out of all of the almond milks in existence I think this stuff is the best is the best of that I’ve tried anyways and the great thing is that every cup only has 1 gram of carbs so for the taste for the carbs I don’t think it gets better than this by the way this video isn’t sponsored and all by almond breeze I just truly love this almond milk so check this out it’s what I use all the time for my hot cocoa or just to drink around the house whatever alright so at this point you want to get out your food scale and a really large cup I’m using a large measuring cup works great for this and we’re gonna add 2 cups or about 500 milliliters of that unsweetened vanilla almond milk to our cup so we talked about the milk obviously a huge component to hot chocolate now we have to talk about some cocoa I recommend going with some unsweetened cocoa powder now I got asked the other day is cocoa powder keto friendly of course it’s keto friendly every tablespoon of this only has one net carb so do not be afraid to use cocoa if you’re on the keto diet anyways for today’s hot cocoa recipe we’re gonna be adding a heaping tablespoon of that unsweetened cocoa powder to our cup so to sweeten up my hot cocoa lately I’ve been adding some of the swards confection as your thrall I really love this stuff a lot especially the confectioner’s because just is solves way better you totally use granulated ureteral if you wanted to but the confectioner’s is just dynamite it dissolves great and I think there’s less of a cooling effect a lot of people talk about the cooling effect of your thrall for whatever reason the confectioner’s I think just has less of a cooling effect if you don’t have any orther although you could always use a liquid sweetener like a liquid Splenda or liquid stevia but for today’s recipe and my hot cocoa we are going to be adding a heaping tablespoon or about 15 grams of the confection is your thrall to our measuring cup alright so the last thing we need is some salt you might think do I really need salt yes the reason we’re using salt is because it’ll help enhance the chocolate there’ll be more of a chocolatey flavor and it’ll also bring out the sweetness in the hot chocolate as well alright so now we’re all set to get out our whisk and whisk if I all those ingredients where you’re looking for is the ureteral and the cocoa powder to pretty much completely dissolve in there and once that happens we’re gonna bring the measuring cup over to our stove turn our stove up to medium-high heat and add the hot cocoa or cold cocoa at the moment to a small pot and we’re gonna heat that up until just the sides of the hot cocoa start to boil and once the edges do start boiling that’s when you want to remove it from the heat let it cool down just a little bit and then once it cools you’re all set and ready to add it to your favorite hot cocoa mug so our hot cocoa is officially hot I don’t know if you can see all the steam coming out of this mug this mug is a two cup mug it is a giant giant mug so the whole recipe fits inside here but the recipe makes two servings guys I must say a serving is just 1 cup of hot cocoa the last part of this recipe is adding some whipped cream to your hot cocoa some shake this guy up boom got our whipped cream add it to the mug the very last thing we got to do we got to go a little Coco Bay on our hot coco this is for the instagrams and I check that up that is the final product of your low-carb keto friendly hot coco definitely got to go for a taste here is good it like warms the whole body my whole body is warm right now deliciously warm that is today’s hot cocoa recipe my go-to low-carb keto friendly hot chocolate and all for about a gram of carbs per cup or a little less than a gram of carbs per cup by the way if you make this definitely add the whipped cream and Coco Bay action to the top of your hot chocolate it really does take it to a whole different level and if you do make it I’d love to see your recreation of it so definitely tag me on Instagram my handles in the video description below also down there you’ll find links to all the products that I used to make the hot chocolate today so if you need to pick any of that stuff up all that’s down there thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next recipe didn’t see you guys there was that was that a little bit cheesy with the camera in the fridge

This Post Was All About Hot Chocolate Recipe | How To Make Homemade LOW CARB Hot Cocoa For KETO.
Hot Chocolate Recipe | How To Make Homemade LOW CARB Hot Cocoa For KETO

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How to make hot chocolate! This homemade hot chocolate recipe is THE BEST low carb hot cocoa for the keto diet. It’s made with almond milk, easy to do, and takes only about 15 minutes, and is filled with chocolate cocoa deliciousness. Plus, every cup has LESS THAN 1 NET CARB!!

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Hot Chocolate Ingredients:

2 Cups (500mL) Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Heaping Tbsp (7g) Unsweetened cocoa powder (Use 2 Tbsps if you like it extra chocolatey
1 Heaping Tbsp (15g) confectioners erythritol
Pinch of salt

Macros Per Cup Of Hot Cocoa (recipe make 2 cups)

Calories: 37
Fat: 3g
Carbs: 3g
Fiber: (2.5g)
Protein: 1.5g

*NOTE: Macros don’t account for the erythritol sweetener, it has ZERO CALORIES.

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