Homemade Low Carb Tortilla Chips Recipe In 2 Minutes

Homemade Low Carb Tortilla Chips Recipe In 2 Minutes

Homemade Low Carb Tortilla Chips Recipe In 2 Minutes

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what’s out of guys hope you have a great day wherever you are by the way let me know where you are in the comments below but anyways today we’re doing things a little more vlog a little more off-the-cuff and that’s because today’s recipe it’s not as much of a recipe as it is a hack guys I’m going to show you how to make two minute tortilla chips today these tortilla chips super-easy obviously super delicious and much healthier much more calorie friendly macro friendly then the tortilla chips in the grocery store so let’s get started let’s get into these tortilla chips let’s do this alright so first of all guys you’re gonna need a wrap or a tortilla of some kind if you’re trying to keep this more macro friendly more calorie friendly or carb friendly I recommend going with the two Morrow’s a low and carb nine-grain cheer wrap only 60 calories per wrap but here’s the cool thing guys these actually are gonna end up looking like legitimate tortilla chips because they got the seeds in there and everything this is what I like to use for my wraps but like I said any wrap will work with what I’m about to show you I don’t know if Amazon sells these but if they do I’ll try to put a link in the video description below what I think’s really neat about the recipe guys is there’s few ingredients so the only other thing you need besides the tortilla is some baking spray I really like the spectrum coconut oil I use this stuff all the time and some salt that is what you’re gonna use for your normal classic tortilla chip but say you want to go cinnamon sugar and make these like cinnamon sugar pita chips you could totally do that or Nature Valley sells ranch seasoning in packets if you buy the packets of ranch seasoning boom you put it on your tortilla you have pretty much Ranch Doritos so in a much more calorie macro friendly ranch Dorito than obviously you’ll buy it a bag in the store so just a couple of tips if you want to mix this up I think the possibilities are pretty much endless with whatever way you go with this but I just wanna let you know there’s a ton of different things you can do with this recipe guys besides just your normal average everyday tortilla chips so once you got your tortilla out what you want to do is just give it a quick little spray with your baking spray turned over spray it again add your salts just a little salt here alright flip it over salt this side then once your tortilla is all salted up to go your pizza cutter I like to cut mine into eight chips so you just cut in quarters like that and then you just go right here and cut it in eighths guys once you’ve got your tortilla cut up into chips guys you want to transfer the chips to a paper towel because we’re actually gonna be sticking them in the microwave for a couple minutes do not use a plate because the plates get super hot they could explode you can burn your hand when you’re taking it out of the microwave use the paper towel paper towel does not heat up at all it’s really great for this now I have a 700 watt microwave and I want to point that out because your microwave time may vary depending on how strong your microwave is this is about as weak as microwaves come it should not even be considered a microwave guys so you probably have a thousand water 1200 watt microwave in your house and you will need to microwave yours for less time than I’m microwaving mine for because yours is just a more powerful microwave than mine now in my microwaves my 700 microwave these take about a minute and a half so most likely yours are only going to take about a minute maybe even a little less but less time is always better guys you can always add more time to your chips but if you overdo it you’ll burn the chips and then there’s no coming back from that so just keep that in mind seven hundreds about a minute and a half I’ll check back with you guys once these are done cooking all right so a minute and a half later guys you are left with something like this now this is still I can feel it it’s still a little flimsy the hardest part of this whole process is just letting them totally cool down you want to give them about 5 maybe 10 minutes just let them totally cool down guys and when they totally cool down that’s when they really really crisp up crunch up so in about 5 or 10 minutes I’ll come back to you guys and we will do a little taste test of our tortilla chips oh hey guys real quick before I do this taste test if you put your tortilla chip in the microwave and a dozen crisp up like this edge isn’t crispy prime candidate for like 15-20 extra seconds in the microwave let it cool down completely and then you should be all set good to go totally crispy chip but I just want to let you know sometimes this happens and you might need a little more time in your microwave but always less time is better than burning them all right so here we go my taste test that is really really good for two minutes that’s amazing guys I hope you enjoy the tortilla chips I hope you enjoyed today’s recipe if you did hit the like button subscribe if you’re not subscriber to let me know if you make these tortilla chips in the comments below because I’m feeling you guys are really gonna dig this and I can’t wait to see what he thinks so thanks so much for watching hope you enjoyed it see you next video guys [Music]

This Post Was All About Homemade Low Carb Tortilla Chips Recipe In 2 Minutes.
Homemade Low Carb Tortilla Chips Recipe In 2 Minutes

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How to make tortilla chips! This homemade low carb tortilla chip recipe is all that and a bag of chips. Seriously though, there’s only 5g of net carbs in every serving of these healthy tortilla chips, and they only take 2 minutes to make. So, these tortilla chips are perfect for a low carb diet – like the Atkins diet or the keto diet – or even if you’re watching your calorie intake – like Weight Watchers – because each serving only has 60 calories!

Tumaro’s Wraps:



1 Tumaro’s Low Carb Wrap
Baking Spray
1 Tsp Salt


-Coat low carb wrap with baking spray, add half the salt and repeat on the other side
-Use a pizza cutter to cut the low carb wrap in 8 pieces
-Transfer the tortilla chips to a paper towel and microwave for somewhere between 45 seconds and 1:30 minutes depending on the power of your microwave
-Let the chips cool down completely (5-10 minutes)
-Letting them sit out uncovered and unsealed longer will make them even crunchier

60 Calories
5g Protein
12g Carbs (5g net carbs)
(7g fiber)
2g Fat


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