Holy Grail of Keto Science! Keto Changes Your DNA!

Holy Grail of Keto Science! Keto Changes Your DNA!

Holy Grail of Keto Science! Keto Changes Your DNA!

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by the end of this video you’re gonna have a very clear understanding of how you can go on a ketogenic diet for a few months and change the entire way your body works forever even if you are not on the ketogenic diet for life okay I’m gonna blow your mind with some emerging research that has to do with our DNA and it has to do with the fact that ketones do a completely different thing within our body than we thought even a year ago you were tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel new videos on Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos throughout the week as well I asking you to hit that subscribe button but I also ask you to hit that Bell button so you can turn on notifications and know whenever I go live so you never miss a beat and never miss some new emerging research now for those of you that are trying to get the most out of your body and your mind I encourage you to check out 4 sig Matic down the description below you’ve probably heard me talk about them before you’ve probably seen them in Whole Foods the cool thing with 4 sig Matic is they’ve been able to take good quality coffee and combine it with the data genic mushrooms to give you the most powerful effect on your brain so we’re talking things like lion’s mane we’re talking things like cordyceps that have proven scientific evidence behind them to actually increase ATP production it’s gonna give you more energy in your brain so anyway if you just want that extra mental boost before or after a workout you’re gonna want to check them out because they don’t break up fast either now let’s get into the fun stuff ok so here’s the interesting thing ketones are not just passive carriers of energy ok they’re not just this random little thing that just goes around and gives us energy they’re not what people basically make them out to be people will go out and say well ketones are just an alternative to glucose they’re just an energy source well holy cow are we wrong they are performing a slew of biological functions and activities within the body far beyond what glucose could ever do now I’m gonna do my best to keep this super like level and mellow and not go way into lala land and it comes down to genetics and physiology because I want this to all make sense but this is some stuff I can honestly say and go on record saying that you should be getting really excited about so ketones have an ability to change how our body functions for good at a genetic level ok I’m gonna explain some stuff in some more depth but basically they becoming signalling molecules so ketones are actually regulating our gene expression but ketones are actually sending signals throughout our bodies much like hormones and much like overall neurotransmitters or neuro chemicals do okay so testosterone is a hormone right just dosterone changes a person testosterone builds muscle testosterone makes a boy a man when they go through puberty I mean testosterone is important right because testosterone is a hormone well guess what ketones are having hormone like properties and having other properties other than just being fuel it’s not just an alternative to glucose they are acting like drugs inside our bodies and this is all recent stuff like super exciting stuff so ketones are changing how everything works and I can almost guarantee that here in the not-too-distant future we’re gonna be seeing that pharmaceutical companies are gonna be jumping on the bandwagon because they’re realizing that ketones have a very powerful effect when it comes down to changing the body ketones bind to receptors on cells that activate different processes so it’s not like they just come in and they give us fuel okay they come in they’re activating processes now a simple example would be something known as HCA R 2 and we keep this simple HCA R 2 is a receptor that sits on a fatty acid okay now what we’re finding is that ketones can come in and they can occupy this receptor and they can therefore tell the fatty acid to not go through lipolysis to not actually get burned right so we can actually command that the glucose can’t do that in its world right like sugar can’t come in and tell the body not to burn sugar I mean you can you become diabetic I guess that’s a quick way to have that happen but the reality is ketones actually go to a cell and then they can have the power to tell the body to not burn fat or to not produce more ketones through a negative feedback system again I’m gonna use testosterone as a simple example because it’s one that most people know of okay if you take in a bunch of testosterone from an exotic source you’re not going to produce testosterone anymore because your body sees that you have enough ketones do the same thing your body sees that you have enough ketones because they’ve bound to the cell so your body says well I don’t need to produce more or I don’t need to burn fat because ketones have that power why is this so cool because we didn’t realize they did we thought it was just simple energy but it’s not it goes much further beyond that but now when it comes down to the way that ketosis literally changes how we look at life literally changes how our cells work and literally changes how we burn fat ok beta-hydroxybutyrate which is the main ketone body looks a lot like something known as butyrate it makes sense beta-hydroxybutyrate and butyrate now what butyrate is is a short chain fatty acid that is produced within our gut ok when we digest fiber and we digest certain things we produce butyrate now we’ve often heard that there is a very solid link between our gut health and positive gene expression and just overall longevity and good health well it’s because of the buter rate at the end of the day but it turns out that beta-hydroxybutyrate has the same properties as butyrate so here’s what happens when we look at how beauty we have a genetic code and it’s complex to think about but this genetic code dictates how we grow and how we build muscle and how we burn fat and who we are to live at our absolute utmost potential right the problem is we normally can’t even read our genes because they’re so tightly wound let me explain it ok our genes have what is called a histone background ok so they have a protein ok if you think of just your genes as like one solid strand ok with the film strip of your life just tightly wound around it if you were to extend your DNA it would be almost 3 feet long but it’s so tightly wound because of this whole situation that it hardly ever gets broken down and able to be read if our genes can be broken down and actually read then we can actually make change so let me give you an analogy it’s like a film reel ok and your life and your genetic code and everything that is you is tightly wound on that film rail so tightly wound that you could never undo it but if you have a specific enzymatic process activated known as a sittin this is going to unwind okay so this assimilation unwinds the film reel of your life and allows it to go into the projector and play but here’s the problem normally we have so much in the way of deacetylation properties and deacetylation enzymes and activity going on in our body we hardly ever get to unroll our genes so we don’t ever get to live to our full potential here’s what’s wild Ketones beta-hydroxybutyrate actually unlock it and this is what recent science is showing it unlocks the film reel of our life so now we literally can change genes are under tight lock and key for a good reason we don’t want any just Paul Joe or Harry coming by and unlocking our jeans and changing something in our life it’s just not the way we’re programmed and not the way it’s supposed to be so it requires something very important and the fact that key tones have that ability is really cool so as our cells start burning more fat and they start utilizing more fat and oxidizing more fat simultaneously we have gene expression going on okay we’re able to read our genes and able to change and change the print so now we’re burning fat we’re burning ketones but we’re also changing our genetics so our genetics are now saying AHA fat is what we should be burning because that’s what these guys are burning right now and at this point in time I’m susceptible to change so now I’m a fat burner that my friends is why on a ketogenic diet you can make yourself fat adapted well you don’t just make yourself fat adapted because your body is genetically telling you to burn more fat now know it goes beyond that have you ever realized that when you go on a ketogenic diet your mind changes altogether you become a more calm person even when you’re not on keto you handle stress better you handle life better it’s because literally the ketogenic diet allowed you to reprint your DNA it opens it up and I know you can tell and I’m excited about this but this is interesting wild stuff because this is exactly the proof that ketones are more like a drug in our body than anything else they have the power to change how we look at life and that changed exactly how our cells work so it’s not just Jillian Michaels saying that it’s getting rid of the carbs and you’re just eating fats like oh my gosh that is the most shallow pathetic way of looking at things when you actually look at the big picture we’re changing our DNA and that is what is powerful so anyway I’ll get off my high horse here but this is powerful stuff as always make sure you’re keeping it locked in here on my videos and I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Holy Grail of Keto Science! Keto Changes Your DNA!.
Holy Grail of Keto Science! Keto Changes Your DNA!

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Holy Grail of Keto Science! Keto Changes Your DNA! – Thomas DeLauer

Ketones & Ligands

It’s been found that bHB is a ligand for certain receptors in the body – it binds to receptors on the surfaces of cells and activates processes within those cells as a result (similar to how neurotransmitters and hormones work)

Many G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) bind to fatty acid ligands, and have important roles in metabolism and metabolic disease

At least two GPCRs that bind short-chain fatty acids also bind bHB – HCAR2 is one that was first identified as a nicotinic acid receptor

HCAR2 activation by bHB (or other ligands) reduces lipolysis in adipocytes – for bHB, this might represent a feedback mechanism to regulate availability of the fatty acid precursors of ketone body metabolism

By doing this, ketones can actually regulate their own production through negative feedback – elevated levels of ketone bodies slow down the rate at which lipid is removed from fat cells, likely so that this fatty acid release doesn’t spiral out of control

bHB is also a ligand for the free fatty acid receptor 3 (FFAR3) – FFAR3 is highly expressed in sympathetic ganglions – FFAR3 knockout mice have reduced basal oxygen consumption and body temperature

This is likely why your heart rate drops when you are in ketosis – bHB likely binds these receptors on nerve cells in your sympathetic ganglia to lower your sympathetic tone

bHB as Deacetylase Inhibitor

It was recently found that the physical structure of bHB looks a lot like that of butyrate – butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that was the first discovered inhibitor of deacetylase enzymes that are critical for controlling gene expression

Butyrate, formed by microbes in our gut as they metabolize dietary fiber, has been shown to regulate the expression of genes that lower inflammation and protect our cells and mitochondria (the cell’s energy producers) from stress

Deacetylase enzymes are everywhere – they are in all of our cells, in all of our cells’ nuclei, and they exist in complexes with many other proteins that tell these enzymes where to go and what genes to interact with and turn up or down

So bHB could, similar to butyrate, also inhibit some deacetylase enzymes – mounting evidence that at least in brain tissue ketone bodies can indeed act as histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors that activate anti-inflammatory and oxidative stress reducing gene products

Deacetylase Inhibitors

If you pulled out the DNA from one of your cells and extended it like a string, it would be over three feet long, but because biology is so elegant, it has found a way to wrap DNA around histone proteins that serve as protective packaging to keep your DNA coiled tightly and neatly within your cells

This can happen because opposites attract – DNA has an overall negative charge from phosphates on its backbone, while histone proteins have little tails that are studded with positively charged lysine residues

The catch is that when your DNA is coiled tightly around histone proteins, it can’t easily be transcribed and “read” to create new proteins

This is where acetylases come in:

Lysines on histones can become acetylated, at which point they no longer have a net positive charge

This loosens the interaction between the “packaging” histones and DNA, allowing enzymes to enter the scene and transcribe genes from sections of unprotected DNA

Acetylation generally activates genes, while deacetylation silences them – by inhibiting certain deacetylases, butyrate and ketone bodies thus keep targeted genes accessible and active

bHb has been shown to inhibit deacetylase enzymes by actually binding directly to histones themselves (histone tails can be beta-hydroxybutyrylated)

What Does This Mean

This points to bHB being a signaling molecule that regulates our gene expression to help us activate new genes in response to changes in our environment, or in response to scarce resources

These new genes include genes responsible for metabolizing fat as well as genes involved in repairing damage and responding to stress


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