Healthy Grocery Haul SNACKS and IDEAS For Weight Loss | 5 Foods I Like To Eat To Lose Weight

Healthy Grocery Haul SNACKS and IDEAS For Weight Loss | 5 Foods I Like To Eat To Lose Weight

Healthy Grocery Haul SNACKS and IDEAS For Weight Loss | 5 Foods I Like To Eat To Lose Weight

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More specifically, you want help with Healthy Grocery Haul SNACKS and IDEAS For Weight Loss | 5 Foods I Like To Eat To Lose Weight?

what’s happening guys hope you’re having a great day today I just want to do a quick video talking about five of my favorite foods I think everybody should have in their grocery haul arsenal they’re trying to lose weight or fat or just want foods that are high volume low calorie packed protein great macros pretty much anything that is a dieters dream come true that’s what these foods are anyways let’s get to the good stuff and go over some of these foods first and foremost guys I didn’t have a hard time deciding what the first product I was gonna show you was because if you’ve seen any of my vlogs than you know I’m totally obsessed with the stuff the G Hughes line of barbecue sauce is amazing 11 of the 10 delicious you gotta check this out so the reason why I love this stuff so much and I still have yet to try the honey flavor and I heard that the honey is absolutely delicious 30 gram serving which is a lot of barbecue sauce 2 grams of carbs nothing else 10 calories this literally makes everything taste better and yes I put the son sell and it was still delicious you need to check this out like ASAP go to your grocery store right now stop watching this video and try to find this the second product that I want to show you is something that I can’t believe people still don’t know about but a ton of people still don’t know about this which just boggles my mind it’s 2017 I’ve been using this for six years and that product is pb2 guys the reason why I love this so much is because I’m a peanut butter addict I’m the kind of guy who could literally sit on my counter and just eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon peanut butter not the most calorie friendly guys that two tablespoons like 200 calories two tablespoons of this if you turn this into peanut butter basically it’s just peanut flour and you add a little bit of water and it magically turns to peanut butter oops magic anyways two tablespoons of this stuff 50 calories one and a half grams of fat 5 grams of carbs 2 which is fiber and 5 grams of protein which means like half the calories in this are proteins you can’t say the same thing about a normal peanut butter mostly calories and peanut butter are from fat and I don’t have a problem with eating fat or getting fat in my diet the problem is is that I cannot just contain myself to 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and if you can do that Bravo to you good sir or madam because you are an anomaly two tablespoons is just not gonna happen for me and this just lets meet a ton of peanut butter for not a ton of calories basically what I’m saying is if you love peanut butter and you’re trying to lose weight and you want to keep peanut butter in your house because sometimes you have to like not keep foods in the house so that you can keep losing weight this might be an answer for you and it’s really really good by the way guys I’ve had the other powdered peanut butters that are out there and this is the best I’ve had some of them are close to as good as this but I will say is the jiff is just it’s it’s terrible don’t waste your money on that that is just not good at all if you see my vlogs then this third product is gonna be no surprise to you I pretty much have these every single day it is a snackers dream come true because it’s crunchy it has a little bit of flavor and you can eat the entire package and still not feel too terrible about yourself and that product is Kim’s deli pops guys the reason why I love these so much is because compared to rice cakes they actually have a flavor there’s like an OD nutty flavor to these they’re super crunchy crunchy mmm-hmm but the reason why I love these guys is because the macarons you can eat an entire sleeve which is like a snackers dream come true just like mindlessly snack on crunchy things at least my dream come true and you can eat an entire sleeve while your Netflix and chilling for 30 grams of carbs there’s no protein there’s no fat numb so super low calorie and 150 calories for an entire sleeve I like to put honey on them or I’ll put pp2 on them and make mini pb2 and jelly sandwiches that is very very nice and I’ve been addicted since I’ve tried them so definitely try to find them at your grocery store and if you can’t there will definitely be a link to grab some these in the video description below before I go on to the fourth product undef initely to the fourth product or products I should say cuz it’s kind of an overarching theme of a product and that is some high protein or macro friendly bread this p28 bread has been like my latest obsession lately what I love about it is that each slice of bread is it’s huge guys it’s really heavy it says a slice is 47 grams on the this package and typically that’s like two slices of low-calorie bread but the macros per slice are nice three and a half grams of fat twelve grams of carbs 14 grams of protein and the protein is from whey protein the bread so it’s pretty high quality protein sources what I absolutely love though is that I make french toast out of this I even made french toast for the channel with this p28 bread and I’m super full for hours and hours and hours after I eat this so what I’m trying to say is that if you get hungry after a meal and you want to find a meal that’s gonna keep you full and satisfied make some french toast out of p28 bread like I said this is gonna be an overarching category and the other part of it is just low calorie bread in the States you can find Pepperidge Farms has a 45 calorie of sliced bread Sara Lee has a 45 calorie of sliced bread and they’re both very very good you guys I’ve had both of them the reason why I love this bread so much is because you can pretty much eat twice as much of it for the same amount of calories and macros as you could for one slice of normal bread so in three slices of bread here it is one gram of fat 28 grams of carbs 7 grams of protein a hundred and thirty calories a typical slice of breads like a hundred calories by the way there is nothing about bread that makes you fat I constantly hear oh you eat bread doesn’t bread make you fat no there’s nothing specifically about bread that makes you fat overeating is what makes you fat bread I’m tired of the bad rap that bread gets bread is awesome it’s delicious and it doesn’t make you fat but overeating makes you fat so eat bread guys and that’s gonna bring us to number five which is the last number in the list today it’s also the last product or food I’m still not sure what to say but what I will say is if you’ve seen my insta stories or you’ve seen my vlogs then you know I am obsessed obsessed with fried rice guys and this rice medley by Green Giant is a game-changer for fried rice we’re talking volume for days guys this is like almost a pound of cauliflower rice and I don’t know about you guys but I’d rather just buy my cauliflower rice already rice rice and cauliflower it’s messy it’s time-consuming I have to clean up afterwards just having it pre rice in a bag that already has the peas and the carrots it’s all set to go for your egg fried rice it just makes a lot of sense at least it does to me and I think it’s well worth it because it is so good guys the macros are awesome on it it has four servings every serving 25 calories zero grams of fat 5 grams of carbs – which is 502 grams of protein that is like unreal right there by itself it’s pretty amazing especially if you’re on poverty macros and poverty calories you’re not eating a ton of carbs this could be a game-changer for you just make you fried rice out of the bag itself but let me tell you if you add it to some regular rice it is like unreal it makes this huge volume over a pound of fried rice with real rice and you can’t taste the cauliflower you just get this massive low calorie high volume fried rice meal that’s amazing and I think I’m actually gonna make a video of that for the channel really really soon so what I’m saying is pick some of this up at your grocery store you won’t regret it it’s amazing those are some products that I’m really digging at the moment guys like I said if you want to pick them up there in the video description below at least probably most of them are and I hope I was able to show you some products that maybe you haven’t thought of before turn you on to some really really good stuff but if you have tried some of these products before or you try them if you end up picking them up let me know what you think in the comments below I’m excited to hear what you guys think of these products and if you liked today’s video hit the thumbs up button hit the like button smash the button Drake the button I was just knocked over my tree anyways thanks for watching guys I’ll see you in the next video [Music]

This Post Was All About Healthy Grocery Haul SNACKS and IDEAS For Weight Loss | 5 Foods I Like To Eat To Lose Weight.
Healthy Grocery Haul SNACKS and IDEAS For Weight Loss | 5 Foods I Like To Eat To Lose Weight

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My healthy grocery haul snacks and ideas for weight loss and fat loss. These are some of my top foods I like to eat to lose weight with. Even when I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m still including most if not all of these in my grocery hauls.

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