“Hard of Hearing” and Iodine Deficiency

“Hard of Hearing” and Iodine Deficiency

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so whether your child is hard-of-hearing or maybe a parent or even your spouse let’s talk about a potential reason for that and a real simple remedy okay now there are two structures in your brain that control hearing one is the auditory cortex and the second is the inferior colliculus and realize this even though that one third of your brain runs on glucose you don’t have to consume glucose to get the glucose your body can make it it’s called gluconeogenesis it can make it from protein it can make it from fat it can mobilise your storage sugar and the mineral iodine is crucial in the regulation of energy in your body and think about it what gland controls your energy production let’s all right okay and what gland needs iodine to regulate that energy the thyroid the thyroid makes t4 okay and then it converts to t3 which is the active form of the thyroid hormone t4 is inactive in four and the three represents the number of iodine molecules that are that’s attached to that hormone so your hearing mechanism is dependent on the thyroid and iodine if a pregnant mother is deficient iodine within the first two trimesters of pregnancy the risk factor for hypothyroidism goes way up also other risk factors go up the loss of hearing decrease IQ poor growth and development many many different things and on top of that a lot of people are deficient in iodine especially children in fact 241 million children worldwide are deficient in iodine so unless you’re consuming like seafood or fish it’s very easy to become iodine deficient simply because the soils don’t have the trace minerals that they need so very very simple and inexpensive way to get your iodine seek help so sea kelp that is harvested in a really clean ocean would be a really good source not just of iodine but all of the trace minerals it’s also really good at amino acids as well and especially if a woman is pregnant okay she should be consuming seek help now some people say they’re allergic to iodine because when they consume shellfish or fish or something they break out in a rash it’s not an allergy to iodine directly it’s something in the food that you’re eating that’s connected to iodine in that case then I would recommend going to the health store and finding a supplement that has iodine without anything extra and they should be totally fine now I put some studies down below that show some interesting fascinating data between your hearing and iodine and sometimes it takes several months before you can see improvement but if you know someone that has hearing problems put them on seek help and see if it can help them so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About “Hard of Hearing” and Iodine Deficiency.

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about hard of hearing and iodine deficiency connection. There are two structures in the brain that controls hearing; the auditory cortex and inferior colliculus. Iodine is crucial in the regulation of energy in the body and the gland that controls the energy production is the thyroid, which makes the T4 which then converts to T3 (the active form of the thyroid hormone). The hearing mechanism is dependent on the thyroid and iodine.

Best Source of Iodine: Sea Kelp

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