Hair Loss: The Missing Link

Hair Loss: The Missing Link

Hair Loss: The Missing Link

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More specifically, you want help with Hair Loss: The Missing Link?

let’s talk about the relationship
between your hair and trace minerals if you’re deficient in trace minerals you
could be losing your hair and the question is why well what is a trace
mineral a trace mineral is a mineral needed in very very trace or tiny
amounts and these trace minerals are helper nutrients in enzymes and proteins
but I think a lot of people don’t realize what that means enzyme or
proteins you know you think about protein as your hair nails skin muscle
ligaments tendons right well in your cells you have very very tiny biological
machines which are proteins and they’re enzymes so in other words those little
proteins do the work of the body they build certain body tissue they break
things down they’re involved in all sorts of biochemistry and they’re quite
amazing if you actually see what they do they’re little worker bees doing all the
work of the body so there’s some really key trace minerals involved with your
hair one is iron if you’re deficient in iron and you’re anemic one of the big
symptoms is hair loss because you need iron to build strong hair some of the
best foods for iron or red meat liver things like that and then we have
silicon silicon helps the structure of your hair if you’re deficient in silicon
you’re gonna find the integrity of your hair is not going to be that great it’s
not going to be strong it’ll break the ends will break also silicon is very
very important and then the strength of your nails and then you have zinc which
is probably one of all these one of the most important trace minerals because
it’s involved in so many enzyme reactions if you’re deficient in zinc
you could develop male pattern baldness okay then we get copper copper works
with zinc copper is involved in the color of your hair
so if you’re losing copper you could actually go gray or even white and also
copper is a part of the enzyme that’s involved in vitamin C
and the vitamin C complex the name for that as tyrosinase so copper is involved
in building collagen just as vitamin C is necessary to build collagen and your
hair is collagen then we have selenium selenium is one of the most powerful
antioxidants it’s a trace mineral and it’s really good for the thyroid it’s
also involved in converting t4 to t3 that’s necessary for that conversion
it’s also involved in countering some of the reactions that occur with the
thyroid if you have an autoimmune condition where you’re having a lot of
free radical damage well this comes in there and chills everything out because
your body is making this extra hydrogen peroxide which is very oxidative and
selenium can calm that down so these are the five most important trace minerals
for your hair in protein synthesis which is actually just making the protein the
length of the hair the integrity of the hair so it’s strong that doesn’t break
and the actual growth of the hair now if you have alopecia which is an autoimmune
condition you have different patches of hair being a lost that could be a
vitamin b3 deficiency it could also be a biotin deficiency I did a video on this
specifically biotin is in all the foods but your microbes make biotin so usually
it’s either going to be you don’t have enough microbes to make biotin or
there’s some gut damage that you’re not absorbing in the intestines so you
become biotin deficient and this is why a lot of people who take high levels of
biotin their hair actually comes back it’s a type of B vitamin and then we
have vitamin E a very powerful antioxidant very similar to selenium as
far as what it can do handling all the free radical damage
that can occur from autoimmune conditions and even hair loss in general
vitamin A has to do with supporting the growth of the follicle that it helps
stem cells activate the growth of hair now if your hair is too dry then you may
need some essential fatty acids it could also be that you’re not able to
digest the fat because either you have a gallbladder problem or you’re missing a
gallbladder or you need more bile salts and one less thing about that let’s say
you don’t have enough microbes you’re lacking flora good bacteria and you’re
not able to recycle the bile that could be why your hair is drying up because
you’re not actually able to absorb the essential fatty acids all right so now
you understand the relationship between trace minerals and other nutrients and
your hair thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About Hair Loss: The Missing Link.
Hair Loss: The Missing Link

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There is a really interesting relationship between hair loss and trace minerals. If you’re losing your hair, or you want to help improve the quality of your hair, this video is for you.

Dr. Berg’s Trace Minerals:


0:09 What is a trace mineral?
0:24 Enzymes and proteins
1:05 Important trace minerals for hair
3:05 What these trace minerals do to help with hair loss
3:19 Trace minerals and alopecia
4:18 Trace minerals and dry hair

Today we’re going to talk about hair loss and trace minerals. If you’re deficient in trace minerals, you could be losing your hair—but why?

What is a trace mineral?
A trace mineral is a mineral that’s needed in very tiny (or trace) amounts. Trace minerals are helper nutrients in enzymes and proteins.

In your cells, you have tiny biological machines, which are proteins and enzymes. Those little proteins do the work of the body. They build certain body tissue, they break things down, and they are involved in all sorts of biochemistry.

Important trace minerals for hair:

1. Iron
If you’re anemic and you’re deficient in iron, one symptom can be hair loss.

2. Silicon
Silicon helps with the structure of your hair.

3. Zinc
If you’re deficient in zinc, you could develop male pattern baldness.

4. Copper
Copper is involved with the color of your hair and building collagen.

5. Selenium
This is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

These trace minerals can help with:
• Making protein
• Hair length
• Hair integrity
• Hair growth

Alopecia could be due to a deficiency in:
• B3
• Biotin
• Vitamin E
• Selenium
• Vitamin A

If you have dry hair, you may need essential fatty acids. It could also be that you can’t digest the fats because of a gallbladder problem, a missing gallbladder, or a lack of bile salts. Or, you may not have enough good bacteria to recycle bile.

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