GUIDE to Keto for BUSINESS People – Complete Guide

GUIDE to Keto for BUSINESS People – Complete Guide

GUIDE to Keto for BUSINESS People – Complete Guide

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so nine or ten years ago when I was starting my ketogenic journey there was a couple year period of time where I was still in a corporate business setting okay so very black-tie environment where I needed to abide by a corporate structure and go to client dinners and travel and wine and dine clients and things like that all while still trying to practice the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting so my point is I learned some things I learned some tricks I learned some shortcuts and I learned some hacks but then as my career’s gone on I’ve obviously learned different ways to hack it even more and be able to get by in a business setting so I want to share these things with you now that’s gonna be a pretty comprehensive guide but it’s not gonna be like a full detailed meal plan if you’re new to the ketogenic that lay that out and I’ll put them all down below in the description but I still think you should watch this video in its entirety because it’s probably gonna help you out at least conceptually okay I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little Bell icon so you can always turn on notifications and always know whenever I’m going live or posting a new video okay the first thing I need to instill upon you all is the confidence to be able to make those decisions in a business setting that are still gonna be better for your health and I know that sounds funny but it’s true it’s difficult to go to a client dinner and order something that is ketogenic without those around you judging you or making a weird comment I know it’s tough the point is is that those people although they may make a comment on the surface deep down they’re going to trust your discipline and your decision making a lot more because you are sticking to something so even if it doesn’t show and manifest just right then and there when it comes down to brass tacks and trusting you in business I think they will have a boat of confidence knowing that you have discipline so just before I get started in anything tactical just know that now I will say generally it’s easier to fast through dinner than it is to try to make healthy options or healthy choices and that’s simply because it’s a lot easier to say oh I’m not hungry and just not eat then it is to explain why you’re eating a certain way because people always like to judge and always like the poke holes and I know in an ideal world we would hope that they wouldn’t but they do okay so let’s talk a little bit more about client dinners here’s a couple strategies and things that I learned along the way if you were doing a ketogenic diet try working out directly before the client dinner of course give yourself time to shower want to show up sweaty and gross but point is work out before you go to the dinner and this is for good reason here’s what happens when you work out your muscles become much more receptive to glucose okay so what that means is that if you slip up when you’re out to dinner or if you accidentally get car bombed right like some of these sweet sauces and things like that it’ll go on your salmon they might have some extra carbs in them well you’re gonna have a little bit more leeway and it’s simple what happens is the muscle cells are going to soak up the glucose rather than the liver if the liver were to soak up that glucose it would potentially kick you out of keto which would mess up your brain function which would make you not feel as good which would hinder your business decisions things like that so you just got to be careful with that so if you worked out first that extra glucose gets soaked up in the muscles versus soaked up in the liver it doesn’t mean that you can eat a bunch of bread but still another thing that I usually recommend is if you’re around people that you know don’t be afraid to bring your own dressing okay now that sounds weird because you’d be bringing a little Tupperware that’s why I said if it’s with people that you know otherwise here’s a little hack that I’ve learned almost every single restaurant has olive oil so if you get a salad or you get some veggies or anything like that ask for a side of olive oil and order a side of avocado put the olive oil on the salad or whatever put the avocado on the sell it and mash it together and make a little dressing with avocado and olive oil it tastes really good once put a little bit of salt and pepper on it and no one’s gonna ever bat an eye at that they’re probably just thinking you’re making a somewhat healthy option there they’re not thinking that you’re just being a total strange person ordering these things so that’s just a quick tip that I’ve learned another quick tip that’s made a big difference for me is before I’d go to any kind of dinner function or anything like that I’ll usually have a protein shake before I go in to dinner why do I do this well two reasons one it’s going to satiate me so I make a better decision okay so I already have eaten something I’m not going into a restaurant looking at a menu saying okay I want this this is this it’s amazing what a little protein shake will do but also when you have a protein shake it absorbs really quick so it spikes your insulin up now this is not good overall but in the short term it’s very good because glucose will be in your bloodstream and when you spike your insulin it’s going to allow that glucose to go into the cells which means your blood sugar is going to balance out and level off before you go into the restaurant okay it’s the big rise and full blood sugar that’s gonna make you crave things and make you hungry so I’ve just found that this makes a big difference for me okay now I need to jump over to lunches for a minute now I’m not talking about client lunches I’m talking about day in and day out making the right decisions when it comes to prep prep your meats that’s all you need to prep okay you don’t need to be making a bunch of meals you don’t need to be doing this if you cook up a bunch of like grass-fed grass-finished ground beef or some ground turkey or something I can cook up a lot of that and then separate that into some containers and that’s all you need to bring with you when you go to work then you just need to add avocados or you need to you know add some oil so you add some salad or you can eat the good quality meat and then go out to eat and just have a salad and don’t worry about getting the low quality meats is that’s the hard part is most restaurant meat is very very very low quality and especially in a business setting when you’re trying to maintain optimal cognitive function I am a stickler when it comes to the kind of meat that I consume because I’m always trying to get the right omega-3 ratio we have to remember 30% of the fats in our brain are omega-3s we need to be getting those omega-3s if we want our brain to be functioning better and modulate inflammation within our brain most of the meat that we consume especially in a business setting out to eat our Omega 6 meats that are cooked in canola oil so guess what we trigger a myriad of different inflammatory reactions and cascades within our body that we may not think affect us until we’re 70 or 80 years old but no they’re affecting you right now so make those decisions a little bit easier by prepping the meat out ahead of time another thing that I’ve done in the past is if I’m traveling and I know that I won’t be able to you know get my hands on really good meat I will literally ship meat to myself I will literally do that and you know maybe I’ll ship it to myself frozen and stay at like a home some home with sweets or an extended stay or something like that and cook up a little bit of good quality beef that’s an easy way to do it for those of you that are trying to save some time that are interested I did put a link down below for butcher box put your box is who I use whenever I need to sounds funny but mail meat to myself but also just a home delivery service for grass-fed grass-finished meat so you’re getting that good omega-3 profile it’s a special link down below and anyone that uses that link that’s watching this video will save some money but also get some extra bonuses that come along with that just all for my audience and for my fans and stuff like that’s a special link down below for butcher box grass fed grass-finished meat great for anybody but definitely great if you’re busy because it saves you the trip to the grocery store and you can get whatever cuts of meat that you want all in the profiles that you need on that same note of being prepared keep a stash in your car and keep a stash in your actual office of any kinds of snacks or additions to meals right so what I usually do is I’ll usually keep the macadamia nuts I’ll usually keep like some beef sticks of some kind I’ll usually keep sardines I’ll usually keep a can of tuna I’ll usually keep olive oil in coconut oil – and I just have a little stash for that and makes life really easy because you can go and you can have your Quito coffee and have a full meal replacement there so I can come into the office I can have a cup of coffee I can take two tablespoons of coconut oil and boom I’ve got a couple hundred calories there that is a sufficient breakfast that’s gonna keep me say she ated all the way to lunch so I’m not making those bad snacking decisions throughout the day or putting the sugar filled creamer in so just being prepared no one is going to question or think that you’re odd if you put coconut oil in your coffee it’s mainstream enough now that I think you’re good to go okay the big one when you’re out to eat that people are always talking about is alcohol I have good news for you alcohol more than likely will not kick you out of ketosis alcohol is its own macronutrient it is not a carbohydrate beer on the other hand yeah beer can kick you out wine can kick you out to some degree but distilled vodka gin things like that those are gonna be good to go simply because they are not a carbohydrate they are an alcohol which converts into what’s called acetaldehyde in the body which does take preferential digestion and metabolism over anything else I’ll explain that in a second but they’re still not a carbohydrate so some people will say that alcohol will kick you out of keto no what it does is it temporarily stops the production of ketones because the liver prioritizes the metabolism of that alcohol remember acetaldehyde which is what alcohol gets broken down to is a toxin it is a poison and it should be avoided to be completely honest for general health but the liver will process it at a highest priority because it’s a poison and it wants to get it out which means that any ketone metabolism or any other digestion that’s occurring at the liver level has to take a backseat to that so we have to remember that so just be aware of that now note if you are fasting at a dinner function try not to drink only drink if you’re actually going to eat because you’re stopping the benefits of the fat you absolutely are that hepatica Taji we’re the cells within the liver are recycling their own used components and and just or unused components I should say that stops because of din the alcohol has to get metabolized to the liver is like oh I got to stop recycling and I got to get to work okay so just where do the whys there now the big one okay big takeaway from this video okay we’re talking about travel and how to time your fasting properly now I have some new cutting-edge science for you here that’s really cool now don’t take this the wrong way if you practice intermittent fasting already and you have a way that works for you keep on it I’m not trying to get anyone to change their ways but there is some recent science that shows that if you eat a large amount in the evening time you have a higher chance of it getting stored but B spiking your blood sugar and causing some negative health effects and contributing to metabolic disorders the reason is is because it’s been found that we have melatonin receptors on our pancreas so melatonin is a hormone that’s released when we are going to bed or when it’s dark out or when we’re starting to get into our natural circadian rhythm and when it’s time to wind down melatonin will bind to these receptors in the pancreas and that triggers the pancreas to not produce as much insulin which means that when you consume food the insulin isn’t there to let it get into storage properly it’s not there to allow those carbohydrates to get digested and get utilized because insulin is just not functioning at that point in time or at least not as well so this implies that we should be eating larger breakfasts and then weaning off food as we go throughout the day which means if you’re fasting and you’re traveling you may want to consider and this is somewhat new fasting from morning to morning it’s just something to consider so eat a larger breakfast and then fast all day and then eat again the next morning on a travel day however we have to look at the different kinds of travel because our body does link up with a circadian rhythm and it does absolutely matter with our gut biome and things like that so for example if you’re traveling from west to east let me give you an example California to New York you may want to consider fasting that day okay here’s why if you land in New York at 6 p.m. as far as your body’s clock is concerned it’s only 3 p.m. so it’s really earlier than you actually think so you’d be safer breaking your fast in the evening traveling from West to East because when you do have that larger bolus of food it’s technically not that late and you probably don’t have the melatonin levels coming in to suppress insulin okay so if that makes sense traveling from west to east California in New York you should go ahead and plan on fasting and break your fast after you land now on the contrary traveling from east to west you might want to consider eating before you fly before you get on the plane and then fasting throughout the day and not eating until the next morning so if it’s 6:00 p.m. in New York and you’re traveling to California and it’s only 3:00 p.m. well you may not eat your dinner until 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. California time which is going to be 8 or 9 p.m. New York time so it’s going to be much later as far as your body clock is concerned ok so the point is is that if you were to fast till the end of the day there and you’d be taking it a bunch of food when your melatonin levels are high and your insulin levels aren’t gonna be working so you’re better off to eat in the morning and fast morning to morning so just to paraphrase really quick what’s the east fast until evening ok east to west fast morning to morning this will make a big difference and it will help your cognitive function because your circadian rhythm and your gut biome is going to be able to be jiving with each other the way that they should now I will say if you need any more detail on the ketogenic diet and quick tips everything I gotta put comprehensive guides down below the different videos that I’ve done and that way you can see it all and you can really absorb the material that you need to absorb to do this right so as always please keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About GUIDE to Keto for BUSINESS People – Complete Guide.
GUIDE to Keto for BUSINESS People - Complete Guide

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