Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg

Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg

Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg

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Do you think that the keto diet is as good as say a carb rich diet it's a good question greg giuset he's called me out on his channel before he's poked some holes in some of my theories when it comes down to nutrition but you know you can't just live in an echo chamber where you are just talking to people that agree with you all the time .

So what did i do i invited greg you said on to my channel so that we could talk about his nutrition philosophy as well as my nutrition philosophy so i think you're about to see a collaboration that you never thought would ever happen like a completely different turn of events so let's go ahead and let's cut to our conversation let's go ahead and jump .

Right in where he starts poking some holes at keto to see what i have to say about my keto lifestyle we talk a little bit about his philosophy surrounding carbohydrates so i do want to say a huge thank you to greg for coming on my channel and i know he's going to repost some of this content onto his channel as well it's an honor to have him here .

Let's go ahead and dive in coach greg and i'm here today with thomas delauer we're going to be talking about everything keto regular dieting cardio all kinds of stuff that you're going to want to talk about and in case you don't know i've done videos on him in the past said he wasn't natural don't .

Know if he is or not maybe we'll talk about that also we've had debates on how to burn belly fat if it's effective or not we've gone back and forth but what i always notice is no matter what i said no matter how harsh i was it was extremely respectful writing very nice things on my wall writing mean private always a hundred percent in favor of .

What i've been doing so there's no way you can hate this guy very very nice guy in private like i've talked to him in private many times he's always extremely polite so if you don't like this guy i mean i don't know why so hi how you doing before we get into the video you have to check this stuff out so if you use apple cider vinegar in the morning .

Or you do lemon water in the morning this new stuff from layered is awesome okay so when it comes down to like hydration but also being able to get the benefits of having like lemon juice having some ginger having some cayenne this has got it all so look how easily it mixes i just take it literally i'm just taking a teaspoon of .

This stuff and i'm adding it to water maybe i do a little bit more because i really like the stuff the ginger and cayenne just gives it a super good kit mixes right up and if you usually have apple cider vinegar this is pretty much your apple cider vinegar concoction in a bag in a powdered form you just add it to your apple cider vinegar or you don't .

Even have to have apple cider vinegar so the cool thing is layer is all about setting up these rituals setting up things that we can turn into habits so when it comes down to like having lemon juice and things like that those are those little daily rituals that you establish to get new habits in place so there is a link right now you can try .

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Them out down below again if you're trying to start your day the right way and trying to nourish your body and feel a certain way and you're doing that with lemon water and cayenne and all that stuff in the first place trust me this stuff is a go-to that's got a kick i mean outside of this stuff tasting awesome it's really about .

How it makes me feel like when i start my day with something like this it just gives me that fresh kind of zing feeling okay plus i'm feeling hydrated i'm feeling like things are working the way that i want them to the little zing from the lemon the little zazz that you get from the cayenne it just kick-starts your day and makes you feel like you're .

Just i don't know like you're just ready to go so i think that's probably the biggest thing i like what's up man i'm glad that we and this is long overdue man long overdue yeah it's been a long wait and we actually wanted to get together and collaborate but i'm some kind of criminal i can't get in the united states it's been tough .

But hopefully we'll be able to do it someday um maybe you can make some keto recipes i watch one video it's a nice keto recipe desserts and stuff so maybe a good segment mean you can cook together that would be awesome man that would be a definitely a sweet one if we could i don't know find some way to .

Collaborate with some kind of keto recipe in a cookbook or something because i've got my intermittent fasting book coming out you've got all kinds of cookbooks coming i don't know it'd just be an interesting little collab and one thing people should know is thomas you should be very much overweight and he lost the weight and .

He's kept it off for years so when somebody has shown and demonstrated that they've actually been able to keep the weight off then obviously they know what they're doing so it's obviously someone you can listen to yeah to a certain degree right i mean it's like the thing is is you take everything with a grain of salt because .

It's what works for me may not work for you what works for bob may not work for jill what made it work for mary you know it's uh i think a lot of it is you know i had to cross through that that mental threshold right because i could have done whatever diet i was doing before if i was eating 7 000 calories per day i wouldn't have lost weight right so it's .

Just one of the things that i really try to get across is use my transformation as motivation as inspiration but just because it worked a certain way for me doesn't mean that it's 100 going to work for you but yeah if you're not putting some points up on the scoreboard then you know it's it's hard to listen to someone .

Totally and i think everyone knows my diet high in protein high volume lots of popcorn anabolic i've got the diet book out i've got several cookbooks i have my circle diet book but how exactly do you eat i mean i've understood mostly it's keto how do you lose this weight and what is the keto diet that you're following and .

Can you just quickly explain what you're doing we all know it's calories in calories out but why is it that you like the keto diet so much yeah well i'll first echo that for a second because people people tend to think just because i i sit in the keto camp you know for the most part that i completely discount calories and .

Calories out that i'm a carb insulin model guy through and through look i look at both sides i absolutely understand how insulin can play a role but i also more so understand math and understand physics and thermodynamics and i understand how that plays in and when you have two different kinds of diets three different kinds of diets .

Sure they can all environmentally influence what's happening in your body but what does that influence mean it means it's influencing calories and calories out to a certain degree now people can poke holes in that of course we all can now what i typically do i would say most of the time i'm still keto like when i went through my weight .

Loss transformation for like the five six years that like i was really strict on keto that was what it was it was it was keto through and through i really liked it implemented it along with intermittent fasting and then once i got to a point where i was happy with my weight and performance started to be something that i was paying attention to .

More then it was a lot more of what i call targeted ketogenic dieting where i'm doing more carb back loading so say after a workout i might add 50 60 grams of carbohydrates in or if i'm not doing that maybe i'm taking a period of time where i'm doing more carb cycling type approach now the interesting thing is and people aren't going to really .

Believe this i mean i talk about it a lot but once you are doing keto for a long period of time it's amazing how quickly you get back into ketosis once you know you have that for lack of a better term mitochondrial like adaptation where your body is is a little bit more conditioned to utilizing ketones i find that i can have 50 60 .

Grams of carbohydrates after a workout it gets sucked right up into muscle glycogen and three four hours later i'm right back in ketosis without a problem so i really do manipulate the utilization of carbs because i'm one of the few keto guys that isn't afraid of carbohydrates i'm not pro-keto i'm pro-performance okay whatever's going to .

Work for me whatever's going to get me the mental load that i want whatever's going to get me that you know endurance drive because i'm a big endurance guy i know you're a bike guy i'm a runner guy so it's like i really try to capitalize on that so i would say if i had to put a number on it like sevenish months out of the year i'm .

Really strict keto and i implement that along with intermittent fasting and the rest of the year even right now i'm off of keto i'm doing much more of a paleo approach but doing a little bit more extended fasts when i say extended fast like maybe 18-ish hour fast like three days a week sort of a compensatory mechanism to offset like where i'm .

Normally doing keto so i'm still producing some ketones while i am doing my fasting regimen and so is there any reason you just don't abandon keto all together and just be like just gonna eat carbs and just you know maximize performance because for me whenever i'm in ketosis or whenever i'm .

Very low carb my performance it goes into the i'm on the bike i figured i barely feel like it can ride i just can't function properly and when i analyze like marathon runners triathletes uh people who do endurance or or anyone in the olympics i don't see a bunch of them saying they're on keto diets and if it was that great i feel .

Like they would be doing keto if i was told keto is a better diet for endurance than eating carbs you become fat adapted you can just tap into your fat stores and you can produce more energy i feel like all the marathon runners would all be doing this diet so if it's not just about weight loss but more so for performance like for .

Athleticism do you think that the keto diet is as good as say a carb rich diet it's a good question because it really it does depend on the individual it also depends on how long they've been doing keto and giving it a try so one of the things that you find is with people that are endurance athletes that have been doing keto for a period of time their .

Performance increases over time now the reason behind that is it's simple it's gluconeogenesis right as you do keto for an extended period of time your body does learn how to create glucose from other substrates in another in a more efficient way so if you look at like longer term like you know the virta health study and like you know .

Year-long two-year long keto studies you find that eventually especially in endurance athletes they start to have just as much muscle glycogen as a carb athlete now that's simply after a period of time right because your body gets so conditioned to utilizing ketones utilizing fat it still needs that other substrate and that's that's something .

That i definitely need to make sure is very abundantly clear is that even when you are doing endurance work or long distance running or biking no matter what you are still using both substrates there's always going to be a period of time where you hit a slight incline or where you have to increase you know your resistance or whatever and .

You're going to go glycolytic you're going to start utilizing carbohydrates the problem that people face is a lot of times when they first start keto they don't give it enough time because you're sitting in this gray area okay now i'll get back to your original question with like why aren't more athletes doing it in a second because i think i have an .

Answer for that but but i'm also not disagreeing with you on that because i think it's one of those things like the proof is in the pudding like who is doing what right what works for me may not work for you et cetera et cetera but it takes a period of time for your body to .

Legitimately learn how to utilize ketones there's fat adaptation there's keto adaptation and that period of time can take months it's not like i just start keto today and tomorrow i'm gonna have the benefits in fact i'm gonna sit through a gray area period of time where my mitochondria is still largely operating off of glucose and .

Understanding how to utilize that pathway okay it takes time for the body to understand for the mitochondria to be able to be more efficient at utilizing fats that's literally fat adaptation so a lot of times with athletes what happens is they cannot risk taking that three four month five month period of transitioning to where they can really .

Have optimal performance with keto the you know some of the athletes some of the long distance runners and things that have done it they've gone that route and they've stuck with it but now they're starting to see hey wait a minute if i backload some carbohydrates or even front load carbohydrates it becomes less about hey i'm doing keto .

Because i'm trying to get this specific benefit of ketones all the time and more about the hormetic stressor and that's what i'm all about so you take that bike ride that's really difficult for you you remember like all the the sleep low and the train low studies it's kind of like that that's sort of my philosophy so if i go into the gym and i'm exhausted or .

I'm even a little bit tired or should say i shouldn't even say that if i'm just a little bit beat up because i'm like super low carb and i feel like my training session is harder than it should be that's a little bit relative because it's somewhat of a hormetic stressor i'm putting myself under this additional like taxation so it's kind of .

Like my own sleep load train low study on myself right and then when i do front load carbohydrates or i do even back load carbohydrates it's like i'm running on jet fuel because then my body is like whoa you've been training me in this somewhat deprived state as a hormatic stressor and now all of a sudden you're giving me this fuel that is rightfully .

Needed for more anaerobic work so i find that by training myself in a ketogenic state it allows me to perform at an optimal state when i do have carbohydrates in the picture okay so i think that the problem is i've done keto tried to do keto so many times but i've never done it long enough i would never have been willing to go for .

Those extra months i've done it for several days and felt like garbage every time i did it so i was never willing to take that effort so i can't personally say that i wouldn't eventually adapt to it and be able to do that cardio i can't say because i never tried long enough however you did say that if you are in ketosis for a long period of time .

Several months and that you add in extra carbs your body can almost like be a super power with those carbs because you're used to the ketones you're used to not having carbs and then you add those in so is that basically saying that if you have carbs it's better overall than not being without carbs like is there a situation where .

Going completely keto for say years on end is better than never implementing carbs for an athlete no i wouldn't say that at all i think that you know what can happen is it's called being dual fueled and it's pretty interesting stuff so essentially you know with any one direction and i've used this analogy before if you think of .

Railroad tracks okay and you think those railroad tracks are going to fork at a certain point one railroad track is going to go to the left and one's going to go to the right okay well let's imagine you have a switch okay in that just that switch that you would normally flip to make the train go one direction okay if one direction is carbohydrates .

Okay predominantly glycolysis going that route that's great if you're predominantly going that route then that is the way the train is normally going and if you were to try to flip the switch over to fat adaptation to using fats it would be a pretty hard switch to flip because it's kind of rusted that direction so you got to work really hard .

To flip it the other situation occurs for people that are on keto they're always going to the right they're always fat adapted and then all of a sudden they go have carbohydrates and they feel like garbage right that's the common complaint oh well now i can't have carbohydrates because i feel like garbage when i have .

Them well no it's the same situation with both sides if you're doing one kind of strategy for so long you're not getting that fat adaptation and that dual fueled ability so what i like to do is actually flip back and forth between the two so that my body is what's called metabolically flexible now that is an unofficial term right .

Metabolically flexible is not something that scientists are saying ah we made this rat metabolically flexible they're looking at things and they're saying oh interesting like this is someone that has been glucose intolerant because they've been doing keto for so long and that is a thing if you do keto for a super long .

Period of time you can actually become a glucose intolerant where when you do have carbohydrates your blood sugar spikes you have a degree of what's called peripheral insulin resistance and it's not pretty it's it's uncomfortable and that's exactly what people experience when they do keto for a long period of time and then all of a sudden .

They have a bunch of carbs they think the carbs are poisoning them when in reality it's just your cells are like what the f is this right like you've been okay all of a sudden you're switching it up on me anytime you switch it up you're gonna feel weird so my general recommendation for performance setting if someone is really liking keto .

Is like hey you have to still dabble in the carbohydrates okay if you're gonna just sit on your bum all the time then i think that you could stay keto all the time probably not really have an issue because you're never really pushing it right but a lot of my audience and like i work with the military and things like that like and even in that setting it's .

Like okay well we can't afford to not be anaerobic at times like there's times where we need to push it and absolutely at that point in time i think carbohydrates are totally fine so i feel like the keto community could have a lot of good done for them if they occasionally dabble in those carbohydrates and you originally had .

Asked me like why i stick with it i mean someone that's battled anxiety depression my entire life i find that for whatever reason keto helps me feel better with that i feel better i don't i feel mentally better so i'm not doing it because i say it's the best thing in the world i'm doing it because hey it's the best thing in the .

World for me and i've tried a lot of different things it feels really good for me and unfortunately for me the mental part like how i feel and think i can't but i honestly haven't done it long enough to get to that stage where perhaps i could get adapted to liking it but whenever i go keto i just can't focus i have a .

Brain fog i don't feel good i immediately lose five or ten pounds i lose a lot of water weight my muscles look flat i don't have as much energy in the gym i just don't feel like myself and i feel like a lot of people when they get into keto they lose all that weight at first and they're like wow this is the diet that really .

Works i lost 10 pounds in a week so it must be amazing so i can eat whatever i want which they probably could the first week they might be eating 5 000 calories of bacon and eggs and all this and lose weight but that's because their glycogen stores are going down and then when they ever go off that diet and i have coached people who are on keto diets and they .

Have that one cheat and they're up 12 pounds and i'm like it's water it's you didn't gain 12 pounds of fat but they're shocked yeah so one big concern i have with keto is it's a great diet if you can stick to it forever but if you can't and you just go off or if you have friends and they want to go out and eat .

Carbs or do anything then you immediately gain that weight and you're like oh my god look how bloated i am so i think that's the problem that's for me why i'm not a fan of it but if other people like it they should go for it no and it that's a very legit problem and i always say i always like quote spider-man with it i always say with .

Great power comes great responsibility like if you're if you're gonna do keto you have to either commit or you have to very strategically know how to come off like because that's the issue is like you know and i had lane norton on my channel he made such a good point like i'm not the biggest fan of of gluten to begin with .

For whatever reason i don't feel good with it but the point is like people will go keto and then they will have they'll they'll be like it's time to cheat and they'll like so so they'll eat 10 000 calories 500 grams of carbs and then the next day they feel like garbage and they say it's the carbs it's the sugar it's the gluten .

No it's the 10 000 calories you had you know i i bet you that would be a slightly different situation had you had you know 35 grams of red potato today 70 grams of red potato tomorrow and you you know brought yourself off of it strategically because any time you shock your body like that i hate that term shock your body but any time you just .

Shock your body like that it's gonna react right there's an equal and opposite reaction for everything so the water thing is very legitimate too because like you mentioned there's two things going on you lose you lose that you know initially that glycogen eventually that comes back right eventually your body learns how to .

Restore glycogen because glucose is so important to the body yes guys i said that glucose is important to the body so it's like you know eventually the body learns how to store glycogen from you know gluconeogenesis from protein from the glycerol backbone a fatty acid breakdown all that but when you first start keto yeah you .

Lose those glycogen stores but then also as soon as insulin levels are lower you also have a pretty severe reaction with the kidneys where they expel extra water so you have a double-edged sword going on there which can be great because people get excited about the weight loss but then the moment that insulin levels come back up the water .

Weight comes back so like one thing that i can't stand more than anything is when people try to say like i'm gonna do like a two week keto cleanse kind of thing like that is like no okay if you're gonna do keto i just commit to it commit to it for a couple of months before you make a real solid .

Decision whether you like it or not and hey newsflash it's not a big deal if you don't like it like i strongly believe that from an epigenetic standpoint that we have a degree of bio-individuality i really do think that there are people that just feel better with carbs people that feel better without carbs and that's just the way it is we may not .

Know exactly why but you know epigenetically who knows there's some crazy history that goes on with people i think another concern is is binging like one of the biggest problems people have on any diet is wanting or feeling the urge to binge and i always tell these people you have that urge because you're fighting your .

Genetics you're trying to have single-digit body fat and your body doesn't want you to be that lean sending signals growling hey eat eat more and so people are like well i'm binging it's got to be something if i only ate just keto i i wouldn't crave anything because i wouldn't be eating carbs so if i only eat fats then i won't crave but for you .

Does that take care of it if you go on keto do you just not crave anything anymore do you have no more binging urges how does it do it for you there's definitely cravings i mean i will say one of the bodies of evidence like you know some it's observational in humans but a little .

More mechanistic and rodents you know with beta hydroxybutyrate if ketones are high enough for a long enough period of time operative words there if they're high enough for a long enough period of time then they do have an appetite suppressing effect they do affect glucan-like peptide they do affect ghrelin they can affect leptin so they .

Can affect these signals but you again you have to commit to it but then one of the things that you're playing devil's advocate on this is you have to understand that the volume of food that you are eating on keto is generally less okay generally because over time stomach to sensibility the stomach's going to shrink because .

Fat has nine calories per gram carbs have four calories per gram so if you're still eating the same amount of calories you're eating almost half as much food actual volume of food so the stomach is going to shrink okay that if that effect itself is going to determine a lot of your hunger signals .

Okay if your stomach is smaller then you're going to be more satiated after a small snack so there's things that we have to look at it's all good it doesn't mean it it's bad right it's but we have to look at the mechanism it's not necessarily magic right it's not just magically making you not hungry the effect of ketones on the cells is a .

Pretty interesting thing but i will say you know you really do have to commit you have to be willing to say hey i'm going to do keto for at least a month and kind of get that adaptation to really get that appetite suppressing effect that being said some people are very sensitive to uh the response of .

Carbohydrates right that and it's like if the carbohydrates are used to consuming are these high glycemic carbs and they're sitting themselves on a blood sugar roller coaster then anyone would get hungry from that so it doesn't mean that the carbs themselves once again are bad it means like how are you implementing this are you having .

Carbohydrates and then not utilizing them are you having carbohydrates and then sitting down doing nothing well then guess what's going to happen rise fall crash hunger signals it's it's pretty straightforward and that can happen no matter what kind of diet you're doing i haven't one last question about keto and that's i find a lot of .

People who are on keto aren't actually on a keto diet they're eating fruits and vegetables and they're thinking they're still in ketosis or you know doing a keto diet but they're eating fruits and vegetables and like there's carbs and fruits and vegetables you can't just have apples and salads and just think that you're still doing .

Keto but am i wrong is that not if you're eating carbs from fruit and vegetables does that not count towards the carbs that you're eating which will actually take you out of being in a keto diet it'll absolutely count towards your carbs the question is is how is it affecting that person now .

What we have to look at is like fructose is a big thing right fructose is interesting because although demonized and i've been guilty of demonizing it although i've i've softened my stance on that and let that be known i've softened my stance on fructose quite a bit as i've looked at more and more research is coming out um .

But fructose doesn't affect insulin well not really it does later on but red fructose doesn't really affect insulin so insulin is the main issue with stopping ketogenesis ketone formation so fruits that have a little bit more fructose which you're not going to find a fruit that's like 90 fructose but the bottom line is that fructose doesn't .

Necessarily affect ketone formation as much do the carbs still count yes they absolutely still count so someone could potentially have like say a specific kind of berry that's a little bit higher in fructose like say like a blackberry or something that's a relatively low glycemic carb to begin with relatively low .

Grandiose carb content carbs are pretty yeah low calorie and also pretty nicely skewed more fructose than glucose they're probably going to be able to have a half a cup of that and not have a big problem but the problem is um if i were to say that in a video people would stop the video right there and they .

Would go eat a bucket of blackberries right so it's it's like no listen to the whole thing please because it still is going to count and you're going to have to compensate from somewhere else right so if you're normally maybe you're going to eat a bowl of spaghetti squash later on that was going to have 30 30 grams of carbohydrates and that was going to be .

Your carbs for the day but after your workout you decided to have you know a half a cup of blackberries you should probably still be counting those carbohydrates it's still going to matter but at the end of the day it's going to depend on how you function and one of the most important things people that are on ketosis love to test their .

Ketones right they love to test ketones and i get it but the ketones it's a pretty arbitrary number that doesn't really tell you a whole lot all the time because it's always changing test your glucose if you're going to test anything test your glucose because that's going to tell you if your glucose is spiking you can almost guarantee you're not .

Forming ketones because that's going to cause a subsequent insulin spike that's going to slow down ketogenesis so if you eat an apple and you see that your glucose went to you know 160 170 you probably shouldn't eat the apple but if you eat some blueberries and you find that your glucose maybe bumps up to 105 110 something like that hey maybe you're .

In luck maybe blueberries are a food that you can eat so it's just you can't take that and take it all the way to the bank and just go eat like a drum truck full of freaking blueberries it doesn't work like that you know you still have to monitor that carbohydrate intake but the bigger your what i call glucose sink is like i'm a decently muscled guy i'm .

Not huge i'm like 180 pounds but like you know i got a good amount of muscle on me so that means that i have a bigger glucose sink that means that i can handle quite a bit of carbohydrates i'm relatively insulin sensitive i could probably eat more carbohydrates than someone that doesn't have a lot of muscle and isn't very active because my .

Muscles are going to suck it up so that means that i have a little bit more flexibility so you can't always take hey thomas eats 70 grams of carbs on keto and still remains in ketosis that may not work for a 140 pound person that hasn't worked out that's just gonna be a whole different ballgame and i think my number one critique of the keto .

Diet and why i don't like it personally is because i'm such a fan of fruits and vegetables and i think if there was one tip of advice i could give somebody that wanted to lose weight that just can't it's to consume more fruits and or vegetables as much of it as you can very hard to gain weight if you're eating mostly fruit and vegetables because it's .

Such a low calorie dense item so as you as soon as you go keto you take away all those apples and oranges and clementines and raspberries and blueberries and strawberries and watermelon and so on and it's like i don't want to remove that from my diet i think it's so healthy and to remove that that is like the biggest reason why .

I'm not a fan of keto i think if it could have been a keto fruit and vegetable diet and you could do that i think i'd be a fan yeah no i totally agree man because i like i love fruit it's hard for me to abandon fruit and that's one of the first things when i cycle off of keto that's one of the first things that i go .

To i do i'm a big berry guy you know i don't i don't go overboard anyone everybody knows yes they still count it's still carbs it's yes okay but uh like the veggies when you're on keto the starchy vegetables are almost off the table right you can have a lot of the leafy greens but those aren't always as fun .

For people to eat right and that's that's where i i tend to part ways with a lot of the keto community because i'm big on veggie consumption with like leafy greens and things like that you have the extreme side like the carnivore side which again i listen to them and i understand where they're coming from and i understand .

That piece and i'm not poo-pooing it i'm not saying that but the biggest beef that i have no pun intended with that is the fact that like they are anti-vegetable and like i am going to go out on a limb and suggest that just looking at the last 100 years of research that vegetables are probably .

Pretty damn good for us maybe that's just me but you know when i look at when i look at most of the research i'd say that vegetables are largely pretty good you know you can make the argument on lectins whatever okay you can make sure if you're gonna eat again a dump truck full of eggplant then you might have a .

Problem okay but like i continue to eat probably three to four cups of like collard greens or bok choy or you know things that are they're very low carbs so it's hard to overdo the carbs on it but a lot of the keto community is like no those have oxalates you can't eat whatever just eat your vegetables that's my opinion and i think it really is .

Knowledge's power and for me i think one of the biggest reasons why i'm able to lose this weight and keep it off is because i'm so aware of the calories and foods like i'm aware of the the pop that has 150 calories this one has five i'm aware of how many calories are in all these fruits and these desserts and these pancakes french toast all the .

Different foods and when you know that and you're presented with a choice at a restaurant i can look at two meals and say they're about equally desired by me this one's 800 calories this one's 1300 i'm gonna eat the 800 calorie option because it's lower in calories so if the world knew the calorie content of the foods they're eating well first of all .

They would be dumbfounded at just how many calories are in certain foods like nuts and peanut butter they'd be shocked be like really i'm getting 200 calories from that spoon they would be shocked and if they actually knew it like if they had a myfitnesspal or something where they could just press a button look at the .

Food and be like that's the calories choose to eat it if you want if people had that power i think everyone could lose weight they would just i know intuitively by looking i totally agree and that's a perfect point to say like and i've talked about this to my channel to the nth degree but again we gotta love the youtube .

Algorithm because you know you can have three million subscribers and you can bet your bottom dollar that all three million people aren't gonna see what you're talking about even if it's the most important thing that you need to get out there you want to know what the number one reason why people don't lose weight on keto is .

Well they have to be eating too many calories take it yeah take a guess right the it's the peanut butter it's the it's the almonds it's the you know and people are going to say literally oh thomas delaware said almonds and peanut butter that's it they're going to write it down and then that's going to end up on the .

Internet in another video because thomas says almonds and peanut butter the only problem no the fact that caloric density it is so easy to overdo it and on keto they chase the fats because they've been told in so many different situations that fats are going to create more ketones the fats don't burn the fat okay the fats might .

Be primer in some ways but then when you do go into a deficit then perhaps your body is more conditioned to use them but the deficit to a degree still has to be at play but it's like if you have a handful of macadamia nuts and you think that that's an ounce you're wrong because that handful of macadamia nuts is probably more like .

Three four five hundred calories yeah i waited at least i can't believe this yeah it's so that is the issue we face with keto so i catch a lot of flack when i say hey guys if you're if you're doing keto and you want to stick with keto and you're stuck at a plateau do something for me cut your fats by 50 .

Every other day okay you don't do it every day but just try cut your fats by 50 every other day and watch what happens okay i could easily tell on the track but a lot of times they don't want to track so let me just say okay like take the volume of fats that you're having and just cut them in half and watch what happens well no i'm not going .

To produce as many ketones no you will your body's going to produce ketones whether it's from quote unquote exogenous fats that are coming in from the diet or it's fats that are liberated from your tissue so yeah it's like especially when you get because fats are nine calories per gram it is easier simply easier like if you .

Overdo volume by one percent with fats you're getting way more calories than if you overdo volume by one percent with carbs so again it comes back to that same thing i said that spider-man thing with great power comes great responsibility it's almost more important to track with keto because of that because it's so easy to say oh like .

I'm doing keto i can just eat as much fat as i want but one more handful of macadamia nuts is the difference between you gaining a quarter pound of fat it's a huge deal so you really do need to pay attention and it's not fear-mongering it's just reality i know people will say you're fear-mongering by making it's reality and you know your numbers might .

Be completely different than my numbers you might need 4000 i might need i don't care the bottom line is that you still should be paying attention to how much dang fat you're putting in your body prioritize the protein first and foremost protein and the veggies and then worry about the fats .

This Post Was All About Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg.
Greg Doucette Hates Keto? Thomas DeLauer vs Coach Greg

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