Green Tea and Cancer Protection

Green Tea and Cancer Protection

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let’s talk about green tea green teaxa0 is a powerhouse for so many things but especially cancer now there’s a lot ofxa0 phytonutrients in green tea that give you all sorts of benefits but the one that i want toxa0 focus on in this video is cancer there’s a very specific phytonutrient it’s called a catechinxa0 and there’s out of all six the egcg is the most potent and most abundant and whenxa0 i say most potent i’m talking about directed towards cancer but this phytonutrientxa0 has a lot of benefits it’s anti-obesity anti-lipid chemoprotective so let’s say youxa0 were on chemotherapy because you had cancer you’d want to be drinking green teaxa0 because it’s going to lower the toxicity it also has anti-proliferative properties whichxa0 means it has a potential to decrease the spread of cancer it also helps you increase your ownxa0 antioxidants like sod and glutathione and catalase it’s anti-cavity it supports your blood sugarsxa0 it’s antimicrobial and the list goes on and on and on but as far as cancer goes there’s twoxa0 different mechanisms that green tea can help you one which i just did a video on which i’llxa0 put a link down below fas stands for fatty acid synthase now anytime something has an ace thatxa0 means it’s an enzyme so it helps make fatty acids so it just so happens that this enzymexa0 is overexpressed in certain types of cancer which means that your cancer needs this enzymexa0 and requires this enzyme for making part of its structure so the phytonutrient in green tea canxa0 help inhibit the cancer from getting this enzyme and egcg is cytotoxic to cancer cells so that’sxa0 one mechanism but there’s another mechanism a type of fuel that cancer can live on is glutamine nowxa0 glutamine is in pretty much every food that you eat and it’s not that i’m telling you to avoidxa0 glutamine if you’re healthy but if you have cancer cancer cells can potentially live on glutaminexa0 and it just so happens that the phytonutrient in green tea can inhibit glutamine as a potentialxa0 fuel source for cancer and the very cool thing about green tea is it’s non-toxic so green tea isxa0 a really good thing to add to your current plan now i know this is going to come up as axa0 question so i’m going to bring it up right now since green tea can inhibit glutamine and wexa0 need glutamine is that going to create a problem and the answer is no because glutamine as anxa0 amino acid is non-essential and so if there’s some type of biochemical reaction that your bodyxa0 needs to make glutamine it can make it from other amino acids if you have cancer and you’re tryingxa0 to block glutamine as a potential source of fuel this compound might be a very good non-toxicxa0 alternative to certain drugs that might block glutamine all right guys thanks forxa0 watching i will see you in the next video before you go if you have a question about axa0 product or you’re new to keto and you want to know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and youxa0 need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i have a keto consultant standingxa0 by to help you this is just for the people in the u.s hopefully in the futurexa0 we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the number down below soxa0 you can call and get some help you

This Post Was All About Green Tea and Cancer Protection.
Green Tea and Cancer Protection

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FAS Inhibitor (Fatty Acid Synthase) Video:

Could this specific phytonutrient in green tea help protect against cancer? Here’s what you need to know about green tea and cancer. 

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Today we’re going to talk about green tea and its potential benefits concerning cancer protection. There are a lot of phytonutrients in green tea that have various benefits, but today we’re going to focus on cancer protection. 

There is a specific phytonutrient in green tea that has a lot of benefits, such as:
• It’s anti-obesity 
• It’s anti-lipids 
• It’s chemoprotective 
• It has antiproliferative properties 
• It can help a person increase their own antioxidants 
• It’s anti-cavity 
• It helps support healthy blood sugar levels 
• It’s antimicrobial 

There are two different mechanisms of green tea that may help promote cancer protection:

1. It’s a FAS inhibitor (fatty acid synthase)
Cancer needs this enzyme (FAS) to make part of its structure. The phytonutrient in green tea can help inhibit cancer from getting this enzyme. 

2. It’s a glutamine inhibitor 
Glutamine is a type of fuel that cancer can live on. Glutamine is in many different kinds of foods. If you have cancer, cancer cells can potentially live on glutamine. The phytonutrient in green tea may inhibit glutamine as a potential fuel source for cancer. 

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