Funny Keto Comments

Funny Keto Comments

Funny Keto Comments

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hey guys I’m back for another video we’re gonna talk about 11 funny keno comments starting with number 1 I can’t do Kido because I have type 2 diabetes that’s exactly why you need to do Kido even the American Diabetes Association is validating and acknowledging that a low-carb diet is actually beneficial for diabetes okay so that’s all I’m gonna say about that number 2 all that bacon fat is gonna clog my arteries well first of all when you’re frying bacon you’re frying off the majority of the fat I don’t know anyone who’s going to consume all that grease that you fry off in the bacon pan okay so you’re gonna be ending up with this piece of protein with a little bit of crispy fat and if you’re not adding carbohydrates to that it’s not gonna clog your arteries it’s not as high in fat as you may think number 3 keto is recycled Atkins no it’s not Atkins is higher protein Atkins does not recommend large quantities of vegetables okay so that’s the difference because it’s similar doesn’t make an identical and before keto causes ketoacidosis anyone who tells you that just does not understand what ketosis is ketoacidosis only occurs if you’re a type 1 diabetic and you fail to take insulin and your blood Sugar’s get out of control if you don’t have type 1 diabetes you’re not going to get this okay and even if you are a type 1 diabetic and you control your insulin you’re not going to get this because they both have the same word in them doesn’t make them the same okay number 5 high fat diets will kill you well it is true that there are some studies out there in rats that will state high fat diets will kill you but if you actually read the study and observe what the mice consumed it wasn’t just a high-fat diet it was a high fat high carbohydrate diet so you have to read the studies and that probably will kill you because you’re gonna when you’re combining fat with glucose or sugar it’s gonna exaggerate insulin number six our brains running carbs that’s true but it’s also true that our brain prefers ketones over carbs okay so if the brain has a choice and there’s ketones in your blood and there’s also glucose it’s gonna go after the ketones first why because your brain loves ketones and ketones can help fuel a brain that is damaged from high levels of glucose 7 keto will cause your muscles to shrink absolutely not true when you’re doing keto you’re improving insulin resistance and you’re increasing the absorption of amino acids personally I’ve gained nine pounds of muscle on keto so this is totally false number eight keto is not good for your thyroid completely false it is good for the thyroid a high carb diet is bad for the thyroid it makes the thyroid work harder when you go low-carb the thyroid can be more efficient and the thyroid does work better the key is consuming a diet that has all the nutrients alright number nine there is no long term studies that prove that key to is good long term yes it’s good for short term but not long term but we do know this we do know the long-term effects of a high carbohydrate diet okay and if you look around the effects our diabetes heart disease cancer a fatty liver so I’m gonna go with the key to right now and we’ll just tell this person to stick with those high carbohydrate diets and let us know how that works for them in another thirty years okay number ten keto gives you bad breath honestly I don’t know of a lot of people who have bad breath from keto unless they’re doing dirty keto but if you’re doing the healthy version of keto I really don’t think you’re gonna have bad breath because you’re getting your nutrients you’re getting info ketosis your body’s using all those ketones as fuel and you have adapted enough where you’re not breathing out the ketones because you’re metabolizing and using those for energy and number eleven Chito is not sustainable actually it is very sustainable because you get rid of your hunger and you get rid of your cravings the high carb diet is definitely not sustainable because you’re hungry all the time so that’s completely and utterly false if you have a funny keto comment go ahead and put that in the description below I’m gonna check it out so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications 

This Post Was All About Funny Keto Comments.
Funny Keto Comments

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Today we’re going to talk about some different funny keto comments. 

1. I can’t do keto because I have type 2 diabetes
2. All that bacon fat will clog your arteries 
3. Keto is recycled Atkins 
4. Keto causes ketoacidosis 
5. High-fat diets will kill you
6. Our brains run on carbs 
7. Keto will cause your muscles to shrink 
8. Keto is not good for the thyroid 
9. There are no long-term studies that prove keto is good long-term 
10. Keto gives you bad breath 
11. Keto is not sustainable 

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