Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk & For Gaining Muscle | Lean Bulk Diet Ep.2

Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk & For Gaining Muscle | Lean Bulk Diet Ep.2

Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk & For Gaining Muscle | Lean Bulk Diet Ep.2

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wait this morning to 12.6 so as far as maybe by Bezique is looking like right now week two during the main vault this isn’t this isn’t unfledged really not too unhappy with it at the obscenity n– sixteen percent body fat i really don’t want to get much higher body fat than this so adding calories Emily Beckett is going to be a very very very slow process over the next eighteen weeks like I’ve kind of said but if I flex things look obviously a little better I definitely one of my problem areas is my lower abs like a lot of people I think have that problem these guys anyways and I sorta see some striations in my chest wasted like kind of cracking some start but I kind of hairy so it’s not to see a lot of the striations and then if I turn to the side the side posts are always my best poses here’s one of my body is shaped and then I have like a bicep and front double bicep not like I’m gonna be competing and by the way anytime soon but at least gives you guys an idea of sort of how my physique is currently looking in the body that percentage of currently at week two in the lean bulk so just a quick Zeke update now I’m gonna go get ready for work and we’ll start today as you guys know I’ve been hitting about 2700 calories there’s been sort of the beginning of this lean bulk my macros have been somewhere around 275 grams of protein to 300 grams of protein a day about 275 ish grams of carbs I’ve been hitting closer to 300 some days and then 50 grams of fat but the last three or four days I’ve actually been hitting like 325 350 carb and my calories have been closer to twenty nine hundred to three thousand I started eating pretzels again and I couldn’t stop eating pretzels is pretty much a long story short so I’m gonna make up for kind of going over my carbs last three or four days today and tomorrow I’d like to hit about 200 to 250 grams of carbs and even though today’s Wayne was to 12.6 and it’s sort of in line with last week’s average weight yeah today I hit an all-time high weigh in for the lean bulking which was two thirteen point four so I just want to be cautious gaining weight and gaining weight too fast kind of like I mentioned earlier because if I’m gaining weight too fast I’m definitely getting fat too fast and I need to maintain or I’d like to maintain this body fat percentage as best as I can until March yeah so it’s like the perfect fall day outside today it’s like low 50s you can smell the leaves you can just smell fall in the air it’s pretty great so a lot of times I take off my sweaters I wear sweat Duff sweaters and sweatshirts to the gym all the time and then they just end up in my trunk and now my trunk is full of Duff’s workout sweatshirts that’s what happens when you have an unlimited supply of sweat shirts at least what happens when you have an unlimited supply of sweat shirts and your name is Joe dev [Music] [Applause] they’re already playing Christmas music on the radio it’s November 7 like I love Christmas music but I feel like it might be a little early I I think I have to wait until Thanksgiving once Thanksgiving comes then I can have like 4 weeks of Christmas music but there’s just not enough Christmas songs if I start listening to Christmas music now by the time Thanksgiving comes around I’ll be sick of Christmas music so I’ve got to like just stay away from that channel for the next 3 weeks I think he has no I love my Keurig machine I love hitting the strong button in the morning but I’m actually all out of K Cups so the restaurant today doing a little Folgers it’s not Keurig but still coffee or something all right so it’s like 1 o’clock in the afternoon finally got my first meal of the day together well you guys know I like to kind of push off my first meal a day do like a mini fast in the morning and then eat my first meal sort of as my pre-workout meal so today what I’m doing is 2 sirloin steaks from the restaurant that’s like 200 grams of steak and then I’ve got 2 packets of some instant cream of wheat in this bowl there’s just something about cream of wheat where it’s like the perfect carb source I think pre-workout or one of the perfect carb sources for me I really like a rice pre-workout a lot as you guys know I make fried rice all the time but if you’ve never had cream of wheat pre-workout before is your carb source give that a shot because every time I swear to god I have like a really really good lift it’s like just a go-to for me I started doing it when I was prepping for the bodybuilding show and ever since then it has made its way to being one of my go-to pre-workout carb sources but if you ever come to Duff’s and you want a healthy option you don’t want to eat chicken wings I don’t know why you’d want to do that but if you do get the steak chefs out it is the best deal on the menu for under $11 you get two of those steaks what I’m having today for my pre-workout meal and this big giant chef’s salad and the macros are obviously really awesome too so keep that in mind if you ever come to my restaurant but anyways I’m gonna go eat this and then I’m headed to the gym it’s like day today and today is actually the first day I’m doing free weight squats since before a listen I went to Greece it’s been a really really long time that’s months ago that I free weights wanted I’m doing 10 rep sets today I’m working at 275 which is actually kind of surprising because before I did this I didn’t think I’d be able to hit this from taking so many months off but since I hurt my knee since I tore my meniscus a few years back and I hurt a my l5 s1 disk I’ve been a lot more cautious than I used to be in terms of squatting like I don’t know if I’m ever gonna hit 400 pound squats again I used to hit 400 450 almost 500 pound spots for reps and since I had both those injuries like the appeal of putting tons and tons of weight on my back is just super unappealing these days so I like to go sort of lighter higher rep stuff it’s not to say that I’ll never go heavy again but it’s just definitely kind of a rain’d my ego in a little bit and also just made me a bit more cautious so this is a fifth set today here we go let’s do this hopefully they’re not too ugly from taking all that time off [Music] yeah so that was a great leg workout plan right now is to meet up with Elissa we’re going in the grocery store you can see my breath we’re going to grocery store picking up some almond milk and some other stuff but just mainly almond milk I’ve realized like if I don’t have almond milk in the house I’m I get slightly irritable and depressed because then I can’t make my giant protein shakes in the morning I also can’t make protein hot cocoa which like I said it’s getting cold and I’ve been really enjoying a lot of protein hot cocoa lately so that is the plan of the minute the our second plan of plan of now okay I don’t know what I’m talking about we’re just just going to start so I thought bringing the groceries in was gonna be a team effort and my teammate decided to go to the Christmas tree store and get cheap or try to get cheap Christmas cards so now I am left with like twelve bags it’s deceiving there’s bags behind bags my backpack ice my jacket my shirt chances of me only taking one trip probably not that great I did one trip just intense an effort I just want to say before I put these groceries away that this is a good lesson in never doubting yourself you give 110% effort you can make one trip from your car to your apartment you might have to buzz yourself into the door with your nose use your camera to hit the third button on the elevator to get you up to your apartment where there’s a will there’s a way never quit yeah motivation this is plain all of the groceries are put away but I’ve got a confession guys what I was putting the groceries away oh well I bought this at the grocery store and if you know me then you know pretzel crisps are like my favorite pretzels known to man I opened the bag and that was a bad decision the pretzels got the best of you guys I had two servings of these III told myself I shouldn’t even open this bag but I did and then I said I only have one like one pretzel crisp nobody has one pretzel crisps I had 25 ifanc preso crisp so it’s like two servings that I had this to My Fitness Pal and then I also had a serving and a half of frozen blueberries because health guys you need like a balanced treats and health treats in heaven there’s no there’s cook steak in there somewhere Zac it’s like I spy Zac he’s over gonna make this dude a protein pancake he’s never had my world-famous protein pancakes but he’s about to I’ve got dinner made over here got some shrimp 340 grams of shrimp it’s not really pad thai it’s like fake pad thai it’s faux faux pad thai protein noodles some super grains so getting the micronutrients in and then a really easy way to make peanut sauce is just PB 2 I used three and a half servings of PB 2 some sriracha a little soy sauce you could add some sugar in there if you want it sweeter then you just add water you give that a mix and you have peanut sauce so that is what I’ve got in that bowl and yeah we’re just hanging out I’m probably gonna have a protein pancake too but yeah I don’t I don’t know what what are you looking for there’s no steak in here there’s steak in there dude I’m telling you we’re telling you there’s a small piece of steak in a ziplock bag in there that is a piece of steak this is some intense this is like ghetto stuff you’ve got going on in my sink here no plate just a salt shaker and steak fluffiness those Aggie well Zach he’s got his pancake my pancake is over here in this blender basically we’re about to become pancake Bros way better than eskimo bros all right so Zach you wanted to get this on film on how a real professional flips a giant my pancakes done you want the recipe recipes in the video description this pancake it’s amazing 85 grams of protein 35 grams of carbs 10 fat Zacky approved basically we’re just gonna go eat pancakes watch Christmas movies yes so this kitchen it’s a it’s a disaster right now Paul just left Alyssa’s asleep we almost made it through all of home alone too though so thumbs up for that I just put all of my macros all my food in my Fitness Pal and and it turns out and I almost just draw my phone turns out that I’m actually done with my macros for today I’m actually over my carb goal a little bit so macro wise I finished at 286 grams of protein 267 grams of carbs so a little bit over that goal of 250 like I was trying to hit I had 61 grams of fiber which is a lot of fiber it’s just that’s a little bit too much for me I like to be somewhere between 40 and 50 grams for the day and then I was at 46 grams of fat so fat was pretty in line without what I was trying to hit so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today’s full day of eating I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me a little bit today if you did hit the like button hit the thumbs up button cuz it really just helps the video out a lot it helps the channel out a lot more people get to kind of discover the video that way and I really appreciate it guys so thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next video I got a bunch of stuff to clean in the sink and then I’m off to bed so see you guys good night

This Post Was All About Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk & For Gaining Muscle | Lean Bulk Diet Ep.2.
Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk & For Gaining Muscle | Lean Bulk Diet Ep.2

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Lean Bulk Diet Ep.2 – A Full Day Of Eating For Bulking, Bodybuilding, and Gaining Muscle. Currently in week 2/20 of my lean bulk. I’ll be following a lean bulk meal plan for about 5 months – until April 1st – and then start dieting again. So over the next 18 weeks the plan is to gain as much muscle as possible, and as little fat as possible. My lean bulk diet macros for week 2 are around 300P, 275C, and 50F or 2700ish calories.

Week 1 avg. weight of the lean bulk – 212lbs

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