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[Music] Goo’s morning routine is complete wait my self-made sim Curie coffee hit the like button if you are in the strong button crew of your Keurig coffee machine you have to hit that strong button when you make your k-cup that is just like the number-one rule of cured coffee then I put my my wins my numbers in my spreadsheet two weeks straight in that everything is just it’s right on track guys but if you’re here just for the food you probably want to skip through this bar because I’m gonna do a little rambling kind of want to give you an update on how body we comp has been going and also sort of my goals for the next few to several months so as far as body recompensed going very well if you noticed in the beginning of the video today is actually the first day that my carbs have gone up in this whole like full day of eating series that we’ve been doing carbs are now at 275 grams and the reason for that is because I’m going to be slowly transitioning from doing this body recon thing into doing a reverse diet slash metabolic repair my plan going forward is going to be to increase my calories pretty slowly and really not gain any weight at all I want to stay around 210 211 pounds and see just how many calories I can add back in without gaining a lot of weight hopefully while I’m doing this my NEET non-exercise activity thermogenesis is going to be increasing so just be burning more calories throughout the day without really even noticing it and hopefully it’s going to be offsetting the small amount of calories that would be adding back in over the next few weeks anyways eventually though the NEET is not going to be able to keep up with the calorie increases that I’m gonna be adding back into my diet so eventually what’s gonna end up happening is I’m gonna start getting a little bit of weight because I’ll be in a small calorie surplus and the most I’m gonna be trying to gain during this whole thing is like a half a percent of my body weight per month that’s one pound a month over five or six months which will put me at about 215 pounds by the time March or April rolls around and hopefully I’ll have added a minimal amount of fat so that’s where I see the next several months going and then once March April rolls around them about that 215 pound range but start dieting again probably diet for about 12 or 15 weeks and then that’ll be into summer and I’ll probably maintain all of summer at about 200 to 195 pounds whatever I determined I wanted I to at that point so yeah that’s sort of like a year’s worth of my ambitions and goals and sort of how I see this next year unfolding in terms of my YouTube channel and I’m just really excited to share both sides of the process with you guys the bulking side to lean bulking side and also the cutting side of things once that happens anyways let’s start the day let’s start this full day of eating and if you guys have seen the videos that lately no evening has been happening in the morning at the apartment it happens at work and that’s what’s gonna happen today so see it work alright it is that time of the day time to eat some food meal one is about to go down in the office and if you’ve seen any of my other videos I don’t think you’re gonna be too surprised about this work meal today it’s like a classic go to work meal for me anyways meal one pre-workout I’m doing one of these bags the steamed fresh brown rice wild rice bags of rice with two eggs to make some egg fried rice and you guys know I usually like to put a bag a cauliflower rice and with this to really volumize it up but the number one rule that I have about pre-workout meals is no veggies there should not be vegetables in the pre-workout meal because lots of fiber pre-workout it’s just like a recipe for the toots I think anyway so I keep the veggies in the fiber to a minimum pre-workout and the rest of my meal is 240 grams of some grass-fed can’t even talk fed sirloin steak gonna put a little a one on here if you’ve seen my other videos you know I don’t like a one I like Liam parents but this is the only steak sauce we have at the restaurants I’m gonna add a little bit of that to the steak and then for dessert ether tea got like a hundred grams of some apples as far as macros go on the meal I think it’s like 80 protein 85 carb and 20 fat so pretty balanced kind of a lot of calories but I am and I haven’t eaten anything all day so we need this and then I’m headed to the gym alright dudes at the gym it’s pushed it today it’s a 15 rep push day which basically means all my exercises I’m doing at least 15 reps for every set this is the top set of my first workout of the day which is close grip bench and this is the fifth set of that so I’m at 190 pounds today this is the fifth set of 15 the previous four sets it’s been feeling kind of heavy today I’m not gonna lie it’s gonna need a lot of luck and encouragement to get all 15 reps here but I try my darndest and I know I’ve been getting a lot of questions on my workout routine and split and stuff like that but I figured I’d just let you guys know a lot of my workouts are focused primarily on weak points so I do a lot of weak point training this is what I consider to be sort of a weak point of mine triceps and shoulders in push days or weaker points of mine and I consider my chest to be a strong point so most of my push days are structured around tricep and shoulder exercises and I’ll only do like one real chest exercise during the push day that’s sort of just how I set up a lot of my exercises not just or workouts not just pushed it and I figured out that you guys know that because like I said a lot of you have been reaching out and wondering what I do for workouts etc but I guess it’s the moment of truth time to go try and do 190 pounds for 15 reps you’re on the close grip see if I can get this [Applause] all right so back home from the gym we have some company over and they are in awe about how big my meal is right now this is actually like a pretty big meal but typically after the gym I really like to have huge meals so this is like not a surprise to Alyssa or myself but this is what my post-workout meal looks like to start things off a hundred and seventy grams of some smoked salmon with three of the RAI Vita crackers this is dessert the sort of out of order but it’s gonna be yogurt t30 time after all the rest this is eaten having eight of the Pappa doom crackers gonna dip that in some of the Tostitos habanero chunky salsa the massive salad that I do pretty much every day there’s like 250 grams of greens in there Swiss chard kale spinach Sorrell arugula grape tomatoes that you can’t see and then I topped it with some balsamic vinegar you guys have seen this like thousand times and then I’m also having four servings 340 grams of some shrimp so I have a lot of food than I needed to eat and some company dude isn’t with so that’s that’s what’s going on right now food and yogurt 2:30 all right so company left a little while ago Alyssa’s asleep it’s only like 9 o’clock at night pretty much just hanging out alone I’ve got a hankering for some pancakes done if you’ve seen my insta stories lately then you know I own the protein pancake championship title I’ve been making protein pancakes like every night for God I don’t know probably the past week and I haven’t had enough so gonna make some right now [Music] every time I make protein pancakes I just make one giant one the macros on the recipe ten fat thirty five carb 80-85 protein it’s amazing fluffy massive delicious it’s the best seriously it’s the reason why I have the protein pancake championship title of the world I know a lot of you guys are gonna want this recipe and I’m gonna give it to you but I want to make the recipe I want to make these protein pancakes or pancake if you’re team one giant protein pancake a recipe of its own a video of its own and I want to do it justice because it really is the best protein pancake recipe that I’ve ever done in my entire life so you might have to wait a week or two for that to come out but I guarantee you when it does it’ll be worth the wait because it’s that good so let’s talk about a couple of things guys really important stuff right now pancake syrup maple syrup whatever you want to call it typically it just has the awfulest the worstest most terrible esteem a Crow’s basically it’s just a bunch of empty calories but if you want to save some calories if you wanna have the pancake flavor all the pancake maple syrup goodness without all of the calories I highly recommend picking some of the warm farms calorie-free maple syrup up there’s links in the video description to grab this stuff but this seriously is the best stuff that Walton farms has ever created and if you’re not worried about sugar substitute and eating sugar substitute grab some of this it’s really really good number two is this is a butter knife but I really don’t think that’s fair to all of us people who are lactose intolerant in the world so I want to rename this to pancake knife because I’m not putting butter on this knife like I said I’m lactose intolerant I’ll cut pancakes for days with this knife but you won’t catch me dead putting butter on this thing so this from now on pancake knife this is pretty much why’d the protein pancake dunno guys I mean thick fluffy perfect pancake consistency protein pancakes don’t get better than this a lot of you guys know I love cereal but one cereal we’ve never done on a full day of eating is Cocoa Puffs and I feel like cocoa puffs were like a classic cereal right I just don’t get them a lot and I have the macros to fit a cup of cocoa puffs into my macros tonight after this cup of cocoa puffs I’m gonna be at 295 protein 281 carb and 42 grams of fat yeah pretty excited for the cereal actually if you enjoyed today’s full day of eating give the video like if you want to see those pancakes let me know in the comments below to kind of get my butt moving on filming that recipe subscribe if you’re not subscribed ready I think that covers all the paces guys but go eat the cereal and I’m going to bed so can I guys thanks for watching see you in the next one


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Week 7 – My meal by meal full day of eating for shredding and gaining muscle (I’m doing body recomp after 5 weeks away from the gym and counting macros) . Just like my full day of eating bulking and cutting videos I’m still hitting specific macros – except I’m being a bit more lenient right now. The macros I’ll be hitting in this video are 2500-2750 calories or 300 grams of protein, 275g carbs, and 50g of fat.




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