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starting the day off with a measuring cup of green tea I moved on from coffee cups now I just put all of my green tea in a measuring cup trying to get into my morning routine filling out my spreadsheet like I was talking about in the last video that I want to keep doing more of and actually that last video is right here it is being uploaded to the youtubes as we speak who did this we put this back in here with nothing here that there’s nothing in here I’m gonna have to do something different for breakfast today I’m gonna go with some smoked salmon do a little oatmeal and for my salmon so these are like the best salmon crackers you’ll have to find the right rafters and the macros or just their epic two slices 13 grams of carbs zero fat two protein these are my kind of cracker the way with dill dill for days pepper O’Rear mmm oh it’s got boom I’ve got Kapow Kapow is this not the greatest spoon you’ve ever seen in your entire life it’s like the spoon version of one of those mini Forks that they give you to like get your crab out of your crab meat if you go to the seafood restaurant it’s tiny it’s like a spoon for babies I picked this up somehow in Greece I don’t remember exactly where I cut this but it’s been with me ever since and it’s my official oatmeal spoon so now every time I eat oatmeal I eat it with my tiny spoon and the reason why I like using this so much is it’s like a mind trick it’s so small makes me think I’m eating more opium than I am between everything here it’s like 30 grams of protein 41 carb and 8 fat I don’t put anything on my own side the way I just like to eat them plain is that weird my so today I just kind of want to talk to you guys about the possibility of doing body recombinase is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time because somebody in the comments section yesterday was kind of challenging me and saying that it’s not possible to lose muscle to lose muscle to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time but it definitely is possible and I think there’s three instances where it totally is possible to do body become number one if you’re on steroids you probably can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time because you’re on steroids that doesn’t apply to me but there are two other instances that apply to people who are naturally working out number two if you’re just starting to lift you got those newbie gains I think a lot of us have seen the newbie gains where when you first start working out you’re gaining quite a bit of muscle pretty quickly and also you’re noticing that you’re getting leaner so you’re losing fat at the same time and then the third instance where it is possible is if you take an extended period of time away from the gym and you have been working out for years before that there’s a good possibility that if you put yourself in a maintenance state of calories or just under maintenance and you’re eating enough protein and you’re working out and you’re progressing in your workouts there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to add some of that muscle that you’ve lost from taking the time off back on and also losing fat at the same time so the third instance is what is applying to me right now of course losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time it doesn’t always happen and it usually isn’t possible but under those three special instances it definitely can happen and I know for me right now it’s definitely happening I know body recom is definitely happening I’m losing a little bit of fat and gaining a little bit of muscle or the change is massive no not by any means it’s only been five weeks since we’ve been back from Greece but at the same time the circumstance number one doesn’t apply to me if I was taking steroids I probably would have made some crazy progress in five weeks but it’s going to take time it’s gonna go slowly but it is happening slowly and it’s encouraging it’s actually like the most encouraged that’s been the most fun that I’ve had in the gym since I first started working out because I’ve had not newbie gains but sort of newbie games with my strength coming back and also just being able to see the changes in the mirror pretty quickly it’s been super cool so I just wanted to talk about the possibility of body recom being a possibility and under those three circumstances I think a lot of people would agree with me that it can happen all right Samantha Jim it’s dead lift pull / leg day I haven’t been doing pull in leg day separately a lot of times they’re just kind of combined but my top set today the first exercise that I’ve been doing is regular deadlifts and the last time I did regular dulles for 15 reps which is the rep range of thing today only got four sets of it so today trying for five sets I feel pretty confident I feel like I’m getting at least 10 reps here on this fifth set and that’s pretty because that means I’ve made quite a bit of progress since last 15 Rock deadlift day so here we go let’s do this fifth set [Applause] [Music] [Music] you know this works you gotta sign we got a circle yeah your circle you are go walk – banana throwing in first grade yeah it’s pretty good so given this place to polio it’s like the best salad place in Buffalo it’s basically the Chipotle XL seriously the solitaire or just that’s so tasty some broccoli red pepper tons of chickens hot banana peppers odd cherry peppers so alright dad I love you I’ll see you tomorrow I love spending time with that man he’s my hero and we don’t do enough just stuff him and I together I wish we did more but we’re both busy and when we do have time to spend just him and eyes together I really appreciate the time that we get to spend and it’s really special to me and he’s really special to me and lunch today was just super nice not only was the food good but just hanging out with dad was was good – figures should do a little grocery haul in this full-day meeting so this is take two because my battery found and then all the video is lost so first off I got a club pack of chicken basically just gonna meal prep the out of this next I had to get some eggs I’m running out of eggs and one of my biggest fears is running out of eggs because a ton of my recipes involve eggs and also because I love egg fried rice and you have to have eggs to make a crater while we’re on the topic of egg fried rice we gotta mention the green giant rice that she’s the cauliflower medley this stuff because this is how you eat a ton of egg fried rice for not a ton of calories there’s four servings in here and each serving is 5 grams of carbs 2 grams of protein now does this taste like rice not really I mean it’s a cauliflower at the end of the day but when you mix this with rice and then you have like a 101 serving of cauliflower and rice you basically think you’re eating all rice picked up more blueberries because health and also because out of making a ton of the frozen blueberry Froyo with the nonfat Greek yogurt also because health and deliciousness got some frozen strawberries and this was a total impulse buy never had this before I got some 100% young green coconut it’s not an old coconut so it’s a young coconut and I’m just planning on snacking with this I guess the main thing is you’re supposed to add this to a smoothie and then you’re screwed the smoothie is supposed to be like a thousand times better but I think there’s like eight packets in here and I’m just gonna kind of eat the frozen coconut because I love coconut and because the macros in these frozen coconut serving things one half pad for carb zero protein so macros are pretty nice I love coconut it seems like a match made never had to pick up another container of the fine nonfat Greek yogurt this is the base to that blueberry Froyo that you’ve seen on my full days of eating and by is the best Greek yogurt that they sell there is no better Greek yogurt I’m convinced I’ve been greased by as the best next up is all my sell stuff got a bunch of romaine hearts lemony arugula black why is it called lemony arugula when there’s no lemon in here that’s because apparently there’s like a green thing called Sorrell that kind of tastes like lemon and it’s actually it’s super super good super green blood buy Wegmans it’s basically spinach Swiss chard and kale there’s like nothing healthier I think the most three things I love cherry tomatoes that flavorful medley that I bought the other day it was such a disappointment it was it unflavored whole medley this should be called flavorful super-sweet cherry tomatoes because these are really really good some petite white mushrooms and I got these just because of a making steak a lot more lately and when I ate steak I love to have mushrooms with the steak some cream of wheat some Cream of Wheat I never had cream of wheat until like eight months ago when I was doing the bodybuilding show when I was dieting and the reason why I switched a cream of wheat from oatmeal was purely because the macros on cream of wheat are just a little bit better especially on fat and a serving of oatmeal has 2 and 1/2 grams of fat a serving of this instant cream of wheat zero fat so if you’re fat macros are sort of low but you still want something like oatmeal cream of wheat is probably your answer the macros for the whole thing for each packet there’s 12 packets in here it’s zero fat 20 carb one fiber three protein I also had a restock on almond milk because I’m all out so I got two half gallons of the Blue Diamond almond breeze almond cashew blend this stuff is the lowest calorie most macro friendly all milk that they sell and I’ve had silks version of this in silks version is yeah so if you want the best-tasting lowest calorie almond milk that they sell this is the answer so I’ve actually been really craving protein pancakes lately and one of the main ingredients to the protein pancakes that I’m gonna be making is cottage cheese so I had to forget more kind of cheese this 1% friendship with no salt added and small curd cottage cheese which is a little different from the bigger curd cottage cheese but they typically sell I think this stuff is sort of delicious run out on the tub and I usually don’t like to eat cottage cheese out of the tub but this is specifically going to be for protein pancakes while we’re on the topic of protein pancakes I’m out of wool farms calorie free pancake syrup and if you want to take your protein pancake game to the next level to the highest level then you need some Walden Farms pancake syrup I don’t think all of their products are very good but this stuff in particular is the best thing they’ve ever come out with the last and final thing that I got from the grocery store I’ve been obsessed with these if you’ve seen any of my insta stories lately and you know I’ve just been reppin this stuff super hard they should probably just give me a whole box of these things for free because I love these so so much these char woods Indian Papa dooms what I love about this not only are the macros just under but this is a fantastic substitution for tortilla chips tortilla chips high in fat really not all that macro friendly but these taste a lot like a tortilla chip once you cook them in the microwave or on the stovetop and then the macros on these are just awesome four of these are zero fat 14 grams of carbs 3 5 or 7 protein and they get huge when you cook them these are just a total cure for anytime you have like a chip craving you want to watch something on TV any chips this is the answer to that crazy so that’s my grocery all I’m gonna get these in the fridge go take a shower and then I’m making dinner so I’m all showered up I’m getting some dinner together and getting some snacks together it’s Thursday tonight which means Thursday night football’s on and the Patriots play tonight and I’m a Bills fan so I’m totally rooting against the Patriots I’m going to tune in watch some of that game hopefully just watch Tampa Bay beat up on the Patriots and when I watch football when i watch sports in general I love eating chips and salsa and kind of what I was saying about the puppet neumes they’re the perfect solution dee chips and salsa in a macro friendly way in the boxes the poppadoms look like this of these flat little disks but you throw these in the microwave for just a minute and a minute later through some kind of like black magic they turn into this thing and it’s super crunchy what I do is it just break them apart put them in a bowl boom I’ve got chips here we’ll do a little taste us dip this in the Tostitos listen for the crunch because that’s what chips are all about it’s all about that crunchy salty goodness right so anyways I hope using the puppet neumes helps curb your chip in salsa cravings and a little bit more of a macro friendly way I’m obsessed I am absolutely in love with the Papa dooms tonight I’m having eight of them gonna dip them in the chunky habanero hot Tostitos which is the best salsa that they sell I’m also having 450 grams of some shredded chicken a little bit of added that as barbecue marinade on there and I’m eating this entire pot of egg fried rice this whole freakin thing basically I took two eggs I used an entire package of rice two cauliflower medley and I also use the entire package of the brown rice wild rice broccoli carrot mix from Steve fresh these two together a one-to-one ratio so amazing the best egg fried rice you’re probably ever gonna make and so much volume macros are awesome yeah it’s really really good games over Patriots won like always but I was just taking a look at my macros so far today put all my food into My Fitness Pal I ate all my protein I met like 300 grams on the dot right now I have 50 grams of carbs left so I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a couple packets of some instant cream of wheat I’ve got like 10 grams of fat so probably gonna have like a small amount of walnuts and call it a night because it’s like 11:45 and it’s bedtime after this last meal gonna be at 307 protein 249 carb 45 fiber and 46 grams of fat so yeah that’s a wrap for today that’s today’s full day of eating I hope you enjoyed it I’m just gonna go eat this last meal watch a little Jimmy Fallon late late night late night late night TV call it a day get some sleep see in the next video


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This is my 5th week of body recomp, so I wanted to take you through a meal by meal full day of eating during this process. Just like my full day of eating bulking and cutting videos I’m still hitting specific macros – except I’m being a bit more lenient right now. The macros I’ll be hitting in this video are 2500-2750 calories or 300 grams of protein, 250g carbs, and 50g of fat.




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