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five green tea package that’s how I started my morning I still don’t know the correct name of this guy but if you’ve seen my blogs then you know this is the greatest thing you could ever put on eggs so you can find this in your grocery store it will step your egg game up ten thousand percent and you’ll probably make eighty seven percent more gains if you use the tone each chair ace how good are those eggs look guys Tony teachers on the eggs little salt and pepper on the potatoes it is going to be a delicious business is this wider or wide right so right now I’m trying to hit somewhere between twenty five hundred to twenty seven fifty in terms of my calories and my protein hitting somewhere between 275 to 300 grams of protein you today I’ve just noticed that since I’ve been doing this whole body recon thing since I’ve taken all that time off from the gym keeping that protein number high especially this past week I’ve just had better workouts I feel like I’m filling out more I’ve been stronger in the gym so all good things with the higher protein number and then trying to keep my carbs a little bit lower to compensate for having the higher protein so my carbs each day that I’ve been hitting 250 275 grams of carbs and I’m fat I just hit somewhere around 50 grams of fat each day as far as this meal though this guys is probably like 37 grams of protein I know that’s like pretty exact and then some are like 55 grams of carbs probably pretty minimal fat because I didn’t use any oil or anything like that this is probably gonna happen a lot pre-workout from now on I freaking love potatoes feel like I have egg on my face but I’m gonna hydrate a little before the gym and I pre-planned always pre-planning is a good thing this is obviously not blue Powerade zero what this is and a pro tip if you guys have a hard time drinking water I am really not a huge fan of the taste of water it’s not that I’m not a huge fan it’s just way easier if I just use these crystal light squirter bottles there’s zero calories and the strawberry lemonade is by far the best one you can buy so what I did and just filled this with a little water squirted some strawberry lemonade in here and then overnight just super cold gonna do but a hydrating for the workout today probably drink two of these actually before I go I just thought to myself why not pour a little of my strawberry lemonade into my green tea this combination is awesome I’m starting my push day off today with flat close grip bench have you been able to do 225 for 5 sets of 10 usually I’ve been at 205 for 5 sets so today bumping it up a little bit we’ll see if I am able to get this for all 5 sets but I’ll show you guys one set anyways of it and I’ll let you guys know next meal if I actually hit this for 5 sets so let’s do this [Applause] do you ever use this slice for any of your sandwiches I try not to but I always just keep it in the bag and then I end up using it at the very end of my my loaf of bread but so a professional PB&J artist definitely made that sandwich definitely made the sandwich I also think I need to take a thumbnail photo of this video with the sandwich because it’s just beautiful all I did guys I used some p28 bread each slice of this stuff has 14 grams of protein only 12 grams of carbs in three and a half fat so the macros aren’t terrible on it and the slices are pretty big when they don’t have holes in them these is way bigger than like a low-calorie bread slice but besides that I used pb2 instead of regular peanut butter save some of the fat macorís you’ve never seen this stuff before it’s it’s it’s awesome only one and a half fat per serving 5 grams of carbs 5 grams of protein I used 5 servings in my PB&J sandwich because I love peanut butter way more than I love jelly so if that’s you let me know in the comments below and we could be peanut butter friends but if you don’t like jelly that much but you like it a little bit I do have a recommendation this Welch’s reduced sugar jelly it’s awesome guys this is the best low calorie jelly I’ve ever had in my entire life it tastes like the real thing and macros not terrible 5 grams of carbs per 17 grams not the lowest in calories but the best tasting now I need to take a thumbnail photo with this thing you will be a photo yeah so I took the thumbnail and that was an absolute mask as I was trying to hold the peanut butter and jelly sandwich up so you could see it in the photo and then just jelly started to drip everywhere all over my fingers all over the floor it was a mess it was a delicious mess that’s what was happening in my my kitchen in my living room anyways guys I’ve got a theory that there’s two kinds of people in the world the people who cut their sandwiches peanut butter and jelly sandwich whatever they cut their sandwich in half like I did like this and there’s the other people who cut their sandwich in half diagonally I still don’t know is this the right way to cut a sandwich or the wrong way I’ve been cutting sandwiches the wrong way my entire life one thing I didn’t tell you guys was the gym today I end up getting four sets at 225 on close grip bench for 10 the last set I only could get it for 8 but overall I’m really happy with the way things are progressing in terms of my strength coming back the way that I’m looking after taking five weeks off the first three weeks coming back I feel like it was a crime just a super grind and this past week really upping my protein I noticed ever since I have my protein everything’s just really been going a lot better I think I’ve been looking a lot better my lips have been going a lot better feel stronger just all the time stronger but I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s always worth experimenting with things right now I’ve had a lot of success increasing the volume of my workouts I’ve just noticed some big changes by doing that and then number two keeping my protein at a much higher level at my carbs more at a moderate level that’s really been something I’ve seen throughout the past six years of me tracking my macros that time and time again when I eat more protein and I can keep my carbs lower I look better I have better workouts I’m stronger it’s tough sometimes because I love eating carbs who doesn’t love eating carbs so you have to take those calories away from somewhere so if I’m eating more carbs and probably eating less protein and eating proteins just not as much fun as eating carbs so especially when I’m dieting I fall into this trap of I want any more carbs and then I don’t eat as much protein not just look worse I get weaker I just want to share that with you because over the past six years of tracking my macros probably the biggest thing in terms of the progress that I’ve made has been realizing and experimenting with just different macro ratios experimenting with different workouts and seeing how my body responds to that so I can’t emphasize enough experiment experiment experiment and then when you find something that works like for me the higher protein thing when you find that that works for you the best do that and just stick to it so I got to do some work hopefully that wasn’t a ten minute rant because I think I was talking for like ten minutes but see you guys at meal number three we’re on our way out to eat we’re going to a Mongolian Grill buffet a mongrel a Mongolian Grill is basically a place that has tons of vegetables you make a stir-fry it’s got tons of different cuts of meats veggies you build your own plate yeah grill it there’s like guys with wooden sticks that grill stuff it’s pretty cool should be pretty delicious we’re meeting my friend our friend Erik we’ve got 125 grams of protein left to play with about 50 grams of carbs it’s all gonna be veggies let the Mongolian Grill and I got 20 grams of fat left going out on a little date I am put all of it in all of its in Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] done with dinner we basically stopped at Eric’s place after dinner just to play with Mika Eric got a puppy and Alyssa’s obsessed probably getting a dog sooner rather than later I’ve got a feeling anyways I wanted some dessert after dinner so I stopped at the store real quick I picked up some Chobani yogurt there’s like two servings of yogurt in here up and a half of some frozen blueberries gonna have a couple of cups of the almond breeze unsweetened vanilla almond cashew this is the lowest calorie when they sell and I think I think it’s the best one almost just filled blueberries all over this counter yeah that’s what’s going on I think this is gonna wrap up my macros for the day but I’ll let you guys know my final totals are we get back to the apartment so only like 11:30 but I feel like it’s like 2:30 super tired macros the ending macros for today’s full day be finished finished today’s folded eating 288 grams of protein 300 carbs and 42 grams of fat how to do a little bit of guesstimating now because obviously we’re going out to eat so I can’t exactly remember what I guesstimate it for those numbers I think it was around a hundred grams of protein 75 grams of protein for that meal and like around 50 ish grams of carbs with all the vegetables and a little bit of rice that I had with the sushi didn’t know that that was gonna be all I can eat sushi the last time I went there it was just all I can eat Mongolian Grill that was kind of a surprise that was the best all-you-can-eat sushi I’ve ever seen in my entire life anyways hope you guys enjoyed hanging out today I’m gonna go to bed see you the next video I guess


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The last 4 weeks I’ve been doing a bit of body recomp so I wanted to take you through a meal by meal full day of eating during this process. Just like my full day of eating bulking and cutting videos I’m still hitting specific macros – except I’m being a bit more lenient right now. The macros I’ll be hitting in this video are 2500-2750 calories or about 275-300 grams of protein, 250g carbs, and 50g of fat.



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