From 610 Pounds to 264 Pounds: Dr. Berg Skype with Steven Schaafsma

From 610 Pounds to 264 Pounds: Dr. Berg Skype with Steven Schaafsma

From 610 Pounds to 264 Pounds: Dr. Berg Skype with Steven Schaafsma

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hey guys welcome back we have another great interview today with Steven from Calgary Alberta so welcome Steven hello hi good so can you basically kind of give me a little summary of your history of what happened when you gained all this weight and tell me a little bit about like the before situation okay well I grew up on a farm and basically I’ve been big my whole life I’ve always had been overweight but I worked until I was 35 on a farm a that dairy feedlot so I was always you know do a lot of physical work and I was always around 350 375 but then we sold all of our stuff and I moved to the city here and I got a you know a sedimentary job just walking kind of talking you know I’m a supervisor right so what happened just slowly it kind of came on because I wasn’t doing any physical work and then slowly and slowly in you know I tried a few things along the way but it just never stopped and I always been told by doctors I got one of the slowest metabolism I’m like when I eat a little bit of food it stays with me so I’ve always had an issue with that but it wasn’t pretty good shape but just being sedimentary for I moved up to 2005 and it just slowly kept coming and coming and before you know it you’re so big you’re like well tomorrow I’m gonna start something tomorrow I’m gonna do some and then you don’t realize that no one said you’re like whoa this is getting out of control here so it just basically crept on over the years and I hear you what what at your peak what did you end up weighing well I think I was like probably around six hundred and something around probably six ten but then I did a little bit you know and I’ve lost if you here know 1020 but I could never really get on because I was doing it kind of backwards so I would like you know get like a hamburger rinse all the fat off you know how rice you know everything that was backwards or he never really worked you know as we talked about insulin is probably just spiking up I thought I was doing it right but I never was so you probably never even heard of the word keto at the time no well the only reason I heard a keto is that I watched like you have seen I was watching Joe Rogan and he was talking about it and I you know the way he was talking about I was like oh this is kind of interesting it’s kind of up my alley so I heard about it probably a month before my birthday you know it’s beginning in September and I started doing a little bit of research on it and then I just decided on October 6 was my birthday two years ago I’m just gonna start doing it and so that’s what I did but I just did a little bit of research you know read Jamie Moore’s book you know found you I found a couple other people Leon Stephanie she’s a little a little crazy for me that’s too hardcore for me but I basically just you know got on and started at my own research and reading a few books and on October 6 the day I started I started the keto and that day I hired actually a personal trainer we have a table they come into your house so it’s called Fitness on the go so I started on the trainer five days a week and I started in Quito that day and that was two years ago now so and so so uh do you remember that day what did you weigh yourself you remember the exact dose 587 587 pounds yeah I know it was the picture how tall are you 511 how does that feel – on your joints I mean I can’t even imagine them as special but that’s them that’s the funny part I was a pretty mobile big guy like I didn’t have no joint problem the only problem that I was really having that was scaring me was I had a bit of water attention to my lower legs so that was in the other problem with sleeping like I would sleep sitting up a lot of time to call it the Buddha just sit on the edge of my bed I could fall asleep though I was pretty big I wasn’t a tax and those shirts I’m showing you so I was in a tax I’m down to an extra-large to maybe a 2x offensive shirt it is now cuz right you right now I think you’re 200 it was a a Jew 64 to 64 yeah why I still I my goal was when I started this I wanted to get down to 250 I missed it by 14 pounds I’m getting to the lower end here and it’s getting a little tougher than it was you know in the beginning so Wow okay so did you find that the weight came off pretty rapidly in the beginning oh yeah I did like it was really weird like when I first started Aikido you know I just you know increased the fast everything they said and like in the first probably two weeks I probably lost 35 40 pounds like it 11 was water weight I know it was watery then after that it was consistently losing between 7 to 10 pounds a week Wow Wow at the at that time did you also include intermittent fasting no I didn’t starting to rain fasting until May this year I started May 1st so what it basically did and I started I was doing three meals a day I would do breakfast lunch and dinner and I we I’d have a little bit of snack with us hungry the beginning but wait was coming off and then basically I got into about 8 months later I was kind of stolen a little bit I was a little confused because I was taking like MCT oil I was adding avocado oil the food you know way too much bad so I actually contacted Tristan you probably know him and I got a little you know I wanted a little advice that wasn’t in the books and basically told me to get back to simple cut out some of the fats but once I did that and really dropped against right it’s basically start eating basic more basic foods again and just got in not not adding any fat just you know cooking the hamburger you know adding the kale and you know that kind of stuff just simple quite and then I started you know missing the breakfast so I started you know going to 11 o’clock until you know 6 o’clock and then I went two o’clock until 6 o’clock and I did that until me first Wow and then they come in stalled out again a little bit so on May 1st I said well I’m gonna do the 23 and one so basically I don’t eat till like 7:00 8:00 o’clock at night and I just have one meal a day and I’ve been doing that every day since May 1st and so tell me about your hunger I don’t have any hunger I never really did that was the funny thing and I’ve never felt better I you know even a month into when I started keto like even when I was 587 I was sleeping normal I I was never that hungry like it really turned like some for me it was I was never hungry before I did have cravings they you know perchance a piece or something like that it went away with me really quick Wow so makes it easier so when you were losing like let’s say seven pounds a week how long did that last before I was like six pounds and five pounds and four pounds per week they started to soul around 424 that’s when I started to introducing a little bit intermittent fasting and I started cutting down a little bit of meals before I would have like a breakfast you know you know five piece of bacon eggs and omelette and then I would have like a Caesar salad with some chicken for lunch because I was kind of on the go and then at night I would have you know say you know like a hammer or whatever kind of like regular meals and then that was going good and I was working out every day too and I would do you know I had a trainer for an hour a day and I would only do maybe 15 minutes cardio but I was doing weights trying to get body movement get some strength back and I was doing that every day when I got down in the 400s I started adding in cardio half an hour a day and then just introducing more in this same with the weights five days a week so I was always working out but the problem was gone for 24 I started to stall out a little bit like I was getting down to one or two pounds a week and but I was always introducing too much fat my problem was there I had way keno setting avocado Altis like you know say my hamburger my kale I was adding I just have an MC tol every morning that the shots you know so I just basically started cutting all that out I just don’t wear I’m CTO no more adding any oil I would just have the fact that was in the hamburger you know with the kale like I I kinda have a pretty simple routine now but cuz I’m only doing one meal a day but I just cut out all the extra fat because everybody’s like we all kind of know you don’t eat that I try to have it on me so I need to stay in there and I’ve never really had elevated ketones like everyone always talks about I’ve only had between point six and one like that’s where I kind of like test my blood and then my blood Sugar’s always stayed around three point-two I’ve had a really low blood sugar the whole time and I basically stay there and never really goes up and I feel really good now that that belong the way night I test my you know i prick my finger I don’t do as much anymore because I know how I feel now um when you were in high school did you have any weight issues oh yeah I was big my whole life I grew up on a farm right so I’m glad I worked every morning before school every day after heere up on a dairy feedlot I was strong like I was big I I worked hard every day I never he’s most 350 375 did your privates ever wait um little not really little bit not too much how about your brothers and sisters my brother and sister are yes we got that bad body type you know whatever the one is that you know we store fat very well did you as kids like eat a lot of sugar no it was just all meat potatoes Oh like we didn’t have a lot of that kind of stuff darkness yeah just like you know the regular farm to do you know like lots of meat monster Tainos yeah so so so all of you were kind of big growing up yeah and these still are baby I’m the one that’s the smallest and so and so so I think I think you said in high school you’re like three hundred and something pounds 350 375 Wow and just with citizen Terry lifestyle you just like shut up like 405 soon as they quit farming I we I moved to the city here and I got in said Mary job I just went slowly just kept going on every year nothing and I would kind of lose ten fifteen work out hard within like you know get working more and then you don’t work out enough like if I’m not doing a good bit of stuff it just crept on and like it came back fast Wow and that was the problem yeah Wow and then when you hit when you were actually in the 500s did you have any other health issues like the doctors say your cholesterol is high or anything like that or diabetes yeah they said like you know a little you know my blood pressure behind my you know my class drawl is how they put me on like this dad and they put me on you know Robert Brown like a small dose you know I went to see a diabetes clinic a couple times but every time I tested I was always never quite a diabetic he’s like you’re really really heavy but you never because I never did really have sugar I was never sugared I never had candy I never really liked sugar before I was come over pizza and chips the sandwich kind of guy so I was never a huge ended that but it was always kind of on the verge of it but my biggest problem I was having water retention legs my lower legs and that was what scare me and I’m retiring in a few years they came when I’m 50 and the problem was I was like you know I’ve done very well I’ve got this problem with my you know water tension my legs my sleeping well am I going return fighters any to get something in order but all the other stuff we’ve tried in the past seemed to work until you know I’m basically so Joe Rogan talking about ideas they Raven on and I didn’t really dog because I’ve tried Atkins in the past but never work because they never had a plan and then what you get into Quito and you just stay with it the food is so easy like it’s so enjoyable like I don’t know like I would never even go back to eat regular because there’s so much good stuff you can have right yeah the other thing now is I’m doing the intermittent fasting is to me even once a day is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done I feel the best and I have like so my meal is I’m pretty consistent I need like I only eat at 7:00 at night so I have like four pieces of Swiss cheese with some cream cheese and some bacon but that’s my appetizer then I have the regular size kale salad I eat a kale sell and I have my own olive oil and spices I put on and then I mix some once a week I have organic the hamburger and I do one pound of kale one pound of spinach and I just put spices in and I just basically comes out to be two and a half cups and that’s my meal I have five days a week and then on the weekends all how like eggs or bacon you know I’ll maybe switch it up a little bit but five days a week I have the same food you know I have like a salad a hot meal and then like just a little appetizer Wow and that’s all I eat and I work out right now I’m doing 45 minutes of pretty hard cardio and I’m doing our weights and I’m getting lots of games like it’s strength you know sighs and I don’t even know what the protein is but it’s not that much like people are saying oh he appeals protein I don’t have any extra fat to it and a lot of times they call travel I guess went on for the weekend it was their Thanksgiving and I’ll work all that day I’ll Drive home I’ll just forget T I won’t even eat til the next night I can go two days and I’m just totally unbalanced like and I’m going to worked out like I worked out the day before and I worked out fasted and then I just eat the next day and I’m fine I don’t ice guys say what I mean I can feel it I’m a little bit hungry and I would like something but yeah it goes pretty easy now Wow have you noticed like with your skin loose skin oh I have an issue I might apply surgery like I’m big okay there’s like probably 500 operations I got to do the upside down tea first and then you know the exciting you have skin I’m gonna have a skin issue I do have a skin mmm-hmm how about your cognitive function are you noticing like any difference with that like before versus now oh yeah the brain lick you probably started after a month I was a lot more sharp before oh you know you’re always tired you can never sleep your brains always race he’s always thinking about a million things now you go to bed I remember my dreams like I just go to bed and then I wake up on time like like is this the way like after a month I couldn’t believe how better I was sleeping that was the one thing I noticed right away in the cognitive you’re not so foggy anymore right and then what about your fluid now do you still retain or is that better no I got Danes in my legs and like I’m super I got pretty Superman I was like it’s for a big guy still got the skinny she’s like you know my legs and that they’re right down there’s nothing there I only get my arms and all that like my face I never had the problem in my neck you should probably see in the picture I had a pretty big you know I had no neck no it’s all coming back I just have it run my midsection I was really big I was made x rate so I was if you look at the picture there in that door I took up two of those doors and then I only have one if you look at some pictures yeah I went from an 8x down to basics an extra-large why are you so like to lose 40 more pounds I would like to get you to 25 right now it’s getting a little slower I’m doing half a pound a week do you know maybe 0.25 pounds and something cells do 1.5 just depends it’s it’s kind of bit of a little bit of a slower but I know I’m getting smaller and size because I’m gaining more muscle and the clothes are going down sorry just that the weight side so I’m not really too concerned but I would like to probably get down another 25 to 40 I don’t know if I can get there with my body type you know yeah I think you know even though it may feel like wow it’s just really slowing down you could be at your maximum weight loss which is because you’re actually retaining muscle you’re growing muscle you’re losing weight it could come out to about the same because here because all we have to do is like measure weight but so as long as you’re shrinking that’s like a good indicator that it’s working big time working and in my muscle like my legs are getting you know way stronger you can see the muscle definition you know your arms everything is getting you know shoulders chest it’s okay now but I do have the excess skin which is you know a problem people are as big as me and lose that what are the other things that I’ve also done since the beginning I also take like my vitamin store though I’m doing the internet fasting I always took them in the morning and I’ve always been doing like I do amazing grass the wheatgrass and I do they’re super grass and they take my vitamins in the morning and I do four shots of their organic lemon and four shots apple cider vinegar I do that on my empty stomach it’s never raised my blood sugar nothing so I don’t eat til 7:00 8:00 at night but in the morning I have my vitamins and my wheatgrass and my super grass because we can’t find your stuff up in Canada your target across the border the charges a lot of money I know I know so I can only get that something it’s organic and I’ve taken that since the beginning cuz you know when you’re doing this kind of dye you’re not getting them a lot of greens like I do have my salad today but I do take that extra and I take quite a regiment of vitamins to just to you know keep going on it to make sure everything is there that I need and I’ve never had an issue with anything you know so but I’ve done that since day one and so I’ve always doing you’re out the cider vinegar and I’ve always done the poor shot so that I do that every morning I don’t do it three times a day so awesome Wow and how was your sleep oh it’s perfect like as soon as I go to bed I’m asleep in that wake up I’m gonna use alarm clock like I need sleep money you know eight nine hours whatever you know when I go to bed I’m up at 7 the sleep was probably been the biggest one you know that was a huge problem before like I was you know saying when you’re not paying of course and then the breathing and but it might be this thing is I tell people I’ve done in two years but I’ve stayed steady on it for two years I’ve never had an extra meal or you know gone off and like oh it’s been there I’ve always tried to get better and better better when you first start it takes a couple months you know in three meals a day to get your body over because that was really big I probably had insulin resistance like they said but it took a while to get over and it’s just you slowly get at it but you got to keep moving like everyone’s like really scared what exercise but I’ve done it since day one because you don’t get stronger you probably get a Pedro my buddy Mike the secret is probably just moving everything and it was hard getting I could barely do two things you know and then it just gets you know it’s like saving money day after day after day after day and then what you try to do is just try to get better at what you’re doing go down smaller do I really need that extra you know a little bit of food no you don’t and you know you can still gain muscle on it everyone’s that Gloria I have all this protein and all that I don’t and I’ve been doing this since May first I do you know one meal a day and I probably had the best gains and my cardio is higher than it’s ever been like I’m going increasing on my cardio like I think the bike and rower I’m getting faster and I’m going more yardage and stuff so I don’t know about like having to have all this protein the game also like everybody says you can gain quite a bit of muscle a good good shake it just hasn’t one meal a day totally on the flip side I had a client who is quite large you know and they were supposedly doing in a minute fasting but really what happened right around five o’clock they would start the carbs in the grains and the rice and the sugar and they would graze all the way until 12:00 midnight and then they didn’t eat for the next part of the day but they gained so much weight and fluid retention from the carb it’s crazy ya know I like that’s one thing I only have like I only probably eat like probably 20 minutes because I start my meal and they say 7 o’clock I have so I do my meal so that I have my hot meal I do five of them for the week I already have my kale salad those square one and then I already other so what I do is I have my four piece of cheese with the cream cheese and a little bit of bacon bits on and then I have the salad and then I have my hot meal at the end and that’s probably done in 20 minutes half hour and that’s all I hate Wow you know and I do that every day and I you know that’s after I’m working out and after I’ve known myself I do that later at night because that time I’m feeling good you know a couple hours I’m going to bed and then I started gaming and it’s probably the best thing I go in on holidays for two weeks posture and I was kind of down to two meals a day I was going to a full inclusive resort for two weeks 13 pounds at that you know you know so I’ve been losing weight even when I travel I go you know forward I travel away you know I just go to a restaurant or a hamburger you know with the avocado slice cheese bacon get the Caesar salad no croutons or you just go off bacon and eggs they get so easy to eat out or if you’re like can’t find that just go to a deli get some white some of those they own the process salami meats like you know but I’ve never had an issue I have that so there’s so many meals you can get up there get a few pieces of cheese and you’re you’re fine to go like there’s no excuse that you can’t you keep you don’t stay home to prepare it you can go buy a salad and you don’t get a limit of olive oils for spices and throw it on it you know he could have read in the container so there’s always a way to have keto no matter where you are even at the airport there is there’s there’s stuff you can buy yeah you just have to be creative huh you know in the airport of course I go okay so I’ll be doing a 12-hour flight I’m gonna buy some nuts or something and you know yeah I’ve never gotten in snacking one thing that probably it’s been really good with me I’ve never tried to snack I would just have my meals now is it I never even have anything in my house like I don’t how good nuts I don’t even smart that I actually ate those nuts as a meal because that the food and the plane was just all carbs so yeah one thing I’ve done though that’s probably gonna make you crazy I do drink guy cop and I’ve done it since the beginning one of my secrets is when I’m doing the intimate fasting I’ll have a couple like dr. peppers and night I try to go with the aww because no caffeine in it but I do drink that and I’ve never had a blood sugar spike and I’ve never had an issue I know you always say don’t do it I do that on my fast and I’m still you know I was losing on the fast thing I was doing like say sometimes ten pounds we cleared first started from when I was a little heavier now I’m get down there in size but I don’t know how much I have left to lose like I’m still losing but I don’t really mind that you know yeah yes if you’re consistently shrinking you’re feeling better you know sometimes the diet sodas won’t affect the weight necessarily but I have had several patients that end up with blood disorders and other issues so and they’ve done it just for a long period of time so like I drink the water too and I’ll make a big pot of tea you know essence the TVM lemon – and I have that in my because go more natural but what I find if I’m feeling a little bit hungry and I’m anemic faster I think I’m hungry I just go have something drink and then I’m fine and long as I’m keeping myself busy during the day it’s what you’re sitting around sometimes is when you think you’re hungry but you’re not they just go do something you know and everything you need the energy to work out well I can work out it you know I’m at the end of my FAFSA exam I usually don’t work out till 6 o’clock at night cuz I haven’t working during the day so I’m doing my workout in near the end of the fast and I’m still feeling fine and I don’t have anything you know I don’t feel too tired at the end of the day so it’s just being consistent I think it’s like save the money you have to do it day after day I don’t call new six days a week I do weights five days a week even when I’m tired now if the weight unit I just do it once I’m down I’m down I’m happy yeah and then you have people that say oh I can’t afford to do the eating plan well let’s see you’re only doing one meal a day I think you can afford that you’re saving so much money hey I’ll tell you like my most expensive thing is lately I buy the organic hamburger but if you learned the money just buy the regular hamburger which is cheap and I lose two pounds for a week so I get two pounds of hamburger I like an candidates 500 grams for a bank I’ll buy the frozen chopped kale because it’s easier to get so much more because I’ve bought real kale frozen but by the time I’ve done there it cost me a fortune it’s way cheaper to buy the frozen kale and I have frozen spinach I mix that in with two pounds of hamburger and I had a bunch of spices like Cajun tex-mex and I use hot sauce and I put some shredded cheese in there and I just divide how it works out to five meals at two and a half cups and then the salads up here three bucks a day for a kale salad and the cheese and that you’re basically maybe 15 bucks at the end of the week the bacons most expensive now we’ll think of it like how much protein when you eat in that meal well I have been how many ounces probably four tablespoons of bacon bits Hormel that’s what I used I have four piece of Swiss cheese a little bit of cream cheese on there and then I have basically I divide that two pounds of hamburger to five meals so that’s all I’m having so I need to give two enough cups of hamburger and kale and cheese mix that’s all anything it’s probably not a lot of proteins and yep you’re apparently doing good and you’re actually you have you had a lot of reserved use up so you’re gonna have to create that you know that vacuum there that’s awesome man Steve you’ve done incredible yeah and I probably can stay was gonna be faster I think it’s probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done I’ll have to buy extra food I can make one meal I’m pretty simple everyone’s like oh I need to variety but when you’re only doing one meal a day you’re pretty hungry but I got hungry but you dyslexic okay I need some tastes with the bacon bits of the cheese that’s kind of like a little snack or one and then you just salads because we have to eat our salad every day the kale but then I want something hot so then I have my kind of mix talk that’s my last one that’s the real good one and then after that I’m actually kind of full you know take a little bit of water and then I’m done and then we start our day again and I find it harder to have the two or three meals a day because you’re not there trying to going hey I need to have this mirror from here what do I do like when I travel I just don’t need I just see when I get there and you go to resort like ah this is that resort you know two weeks you go to the Japanese and say I just want shrimp cooked and butter a lot broccoli give me extra broccoli you just tell me what you want you go to really get the eggs or if you have a hamburger patty hamburger patties they’re everywhere you know in now here in Canada I am W has a lettuce wrap one just ask them is no mayo because mustard no ketchups and you can have a team burger you know in a lettuce wrap here you know there’s Q there’s no excuse nowadays for what’s out there and the other one I always believed in don’t have so much fun my success really wrapped up when I quit taking MCT oil quit adding havoc Ottawa Ellen all these fats you don’t need it if you’re like me and you have it don’t put it on just eat regular food and do it that way and don’t go buy these good you know ketones exhaustion Aidid like all that it doesn’t work he doesn’t have to be high like white ketones are not done in two years we’re never much over point eight like on the blood I’ve never had high ketones so let me just explain that for people that are watching in the beginning sometimes you may need some fat to go from one meal to the next but as soon as you’re adapted you want to have the food with it with its natural fat you don’t necessarily have to take all these oils and tons of fat you don’t really don’t need that because then you want your body to burn its own fat hey Steve you had an incredible incredible success what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do another one let’s say in a few months yeah because I we have to we have to do it so you hit your goal but you’re consistently coming down and it’s just quite a miraculous amount of weight loss that’s incredible yeah so this is six months I’d like to get to my goal in six months but it is getting tougher like all a bit like some weeks you know it’s like half a pound like I’m used to losing pretty consistently you know so but you know I’m not discouraged at all but I know I’m coming down in size but I’m getting in much like like clothing sizes going down but like even a five-pound on me I’ll drop another coating size like down the waist they come down to like a 38 waist extra large and a lot of shirts and I was 8 X 38 waist yeah I’m a 38 that’s not bad that’s not a bad and I’m still 264 right ya know it’s kind of weird I really follow 11:00 so you know and most people like you know I’m into extra-large so maybe I’ll be able to hit 225 I like to get down to there I’m never gonna be the 190 like I’m supposed to be I don’t think I could ever get to that Vlade tiny thing yeah well I think I wouldn’t change too much right now cuz your honor your honor you know these do you take these the Biggest Loser these really big guys they’ll lose very very unhealthily and they gain it right back but I don’t see you gaining it back because you’re doing it correctly and what’s been so easy it’s never been like a diet or sex right this is really easy lifestyle like the food from the hardest thing is do the exercise every day you doing that but the food to me is like this is like the easiest thing I try to lose weight my whole life and the food is so good on here like you don’t need the chip said I can have I’ve two days and I’m eating pizzas are in front of your chips stuff I used to lately it just even bother me I don’t even think about having it that would you know and I don’t even want to have some all those wait till I’m ready to have something so what you get adapted over that part there’s so much more honey you can have a heart of it the cheeses in that you know I don’t think the deli meats and that we prepare stuffs at sites like bacon and eggs whose carries about that it’s not that hard no hey Steve thank you so much for the interview and let’s touch base in a few months and see if the I’ll check in with you to see how you’re doing okay perfect okay we’ll see that while you’re talking to you thank you so much okay see ya

This Post Was All About From 610 Pounds to 264 Pounds: Dr. Berg Skype with Steven Schaafsma.
From 610 Pounds to 264 Pounds: Dr. Berg Skype with Steven Schaafsma

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Dr. Berg interviews Steven Schaafsma. He originally weighed 610 pounds and went down to 264 pounds. He weight loss was amazing. He did keto (ketogenic diet) with a personal trainer. He retained lots of water in his legs. He was a 8x and now down to an extra large. The weight did come off fast in the beginning – 35 pounds in the first 2 weeks, then 7 pounds per week. He did not start intermittent fasting until this year. He found that he need to reduce the fats to speed things up. His metabolism changed and he regained his energy, his cognitive function as well.

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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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