From 315 lbs (143 kg) to 138 lbs (63 kg) Using Keto and Intermittent Fasting: AMAZING!

From 315 lbs (143 kg) to 138 lbs (63 kg) Using Keto and Intermittent Fasting: AMAZING!

From 315 lbs (143 kg) to 138 lbs (63 kg) Using Keto and Intermittent Fasting: AMAZING!

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every one I have a very special guest Krista is with us and she has an amazing success story and she’s one of my health coaches so I’m very interested in talking with you hi Krista how you doing nice to meet you nice meeting you so um can you tell me a little bit about your journey where you were when you first started I know that you’re struggling with losing weight can you tell us a little bit about what happened how you got yourself in that situation oh I have been heavy almost as far back as I can remember so most of my adult life even it’s a little kid oh you know elementary school and stuff like that but even through middle school and high school and just wait was there any a point was there ever a point like let’s say when you first had your first mental cycle or a certain point in your life where else and you started gaining weight was any distinct well I can remember the first time that my mom and I did Weight Watchers and it was right around twelve thirteen years old so okay enough at that point to need to drop something interesting did you have any issue with dimensional cycle at that time like they’ve never been good so it’s kind of been a just a lifelong issue nothing where did you tend to hold the weight was it all over or anyplace initially well all over but more concentrated and probably hips as I area I remember taking measurements and and at one point I was sixty plus inches around so like okay lose my mind now it’s like wow yeah that sounds like an ovary body type so you’re going along and did you try to diet for many years or tell me like what happened over and over / and you know you lose that 3040 pounds and then it just starts creeping back on and it’s like well if if I’m gonna gain it may as well be eating the junk and so I just gave up every time and of course the older you get the harder and harder and harder if not even loose at 30 40 50 pounds absolutely well when was there a turning point when you found was it when you found keto or what tell me like what happened when you you know just in passing one of my husband’s co-workers had they were talking about it at work and he had mentioned it to me and I was just looking through Pinterest and popped it in the search bar and one of your videos was right there though Wow which is kind of weird because I’m typically not a video watcher but for some reason I clicked on it and I think it was one of the intro intro to Kido in a minute fasting and I watched it and I remember just thinking that makes a whole lot of sense then I went to your library and watched as many as I could find about Kido and I have and probably shortly thereafter I ordered your book and that’s kind of what really sealed the deal for me and I don’t know if it was just a book had everything all in one place but after I was done reading it I kinda remember thinking just you know my feeling was like I’ve been poisoning myself it’s like I mean this association with sugar s poison that you know I’ve just been kind of killing myself slowly right here right here yeah oh my gosh it just uh I don’t know it just made sense Wow was there anything in the book more than others that was like a sudden realization that you didn’t know like related I don’t know insulin or carbohydrates or anything like that well you know yes I think one of my big takeaways from the book was food quality know that kind of really clicked with me that just by eating the non organics and all that that I was making everything worse the sugar you know that was a big takeaway from him but yeah it just the insulin became the enemy now I know well and then you you got obviously got started and kind of tell us how it went when you in how old were you when you started 49 Wow and you got started and then tell us how went from that hold on we started kind of slow and simple lots of eggs trying to think of what else you know cheese you keeping it basic and I did track at the beginning I think I used my fitness pal because I didn’t know what 20 carbs or less look like I can’t even imagine fryer what we [Music] need to do that 21st first month but I’m trying to with a loss but you know it was it was fairly significant that’s pretty good because people have to realize that you really could only lose two pounds that’s not a good metabolism per week so people are like oh my husband lost 20 pounds the first week well that was water weight great and I remember that from the video and would kind of know tell myself that it probably not even nine weeks where you know you didn’t lose it’s like but for us it was real kind of slow slow and steady great and then what was your most you weighed and then what do you weigh now 315 was starting and I’m 5/8 so and then yesterday as 138 that’s incredible yeah it’s pretty cool that is amazing in those years that that’s um we’re at almost two years exactly wow that is like that’s an entire person I mean that’s like it’s yeah more than an entire person yeah depending on the person right exactly Wow average sized American male right that’s incredible so do people like look at you and go what the heck have I mean cuz they probably remember you so completely different shape of your face and your body and you’re like what doc yeah that’s a great before-and-after mm-hmm yeah it’s it’s it’s amazing friends and family have jumped up or two it’s been successful so you’re like a walking billboard I mean who’s gonna like say anything like okay whatever you doing I want to do it for sure for sure well both myself and my husband are evidence that it works he plus 160 pounds I need to see his picture before an opportunity if then your success story somewhere ease during the reviews are in the success to town okay I’ll look come on what about your how do you feel oh like night and day Wow yeah this is just and I didn’t realize how bad I felt until you don’t feel so bad anymore right it’s just your normal and I would say probably I had chronic swelling in my hands and feet and then I probably went away at about the two months point so and I had dealt with that for years so to me that was just like okay this this is working that’s remarkable and so how many times do you eat per day now now I’m back to two meals a day I’m trying to figure out maintenance so trying to find that sweet spot because I lost like eight pounds accidentally but I remember you’re talking about that in one of the the maintenance videos that you know it’s a little trying trial and error to figure out how much fat to be eating so yeah yeah everyone’s different and then how about give me an example of when you eat your timing like your first meal you’re sucking milk well we started three meals a day no snacks and we probably eliminated breakfast around that two-month point we just weren’t hungry so we just stopped eating breakfast and we have our first meal about one second meal about 6:00 somewhere in there so it’s kind of what I’m doing here right now that’s great and then you meet example of what you would eat in a meal I made a lot of casseroles just because we could eat for three days on a you know nine by thirteen casserole so we’ve quite a few casserole recipes that I would make soup breakfast food we tried to vary it but we just eat what we like well so can you tell people as far as the difficulty is it hard doing this lifestyle now in fact it’s hard when people compliment me and say oh all your hard work and I really feel like saying this was the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced it really and I don’t know if I was just like a setup for it perfectly or something but I mean I didn’t have any of the any of the you know no keto flu none of the things that you hear but I also tried to do exactly what you said in the book so the only thing I was concerned about might be a challenge for me as I don’t like vegetables okay no it’s like I knew I was going to have to come up with a shape compaction to get my vegetables in which I did I was spinach shake every day sometimes two depending on the day and we started nutritionally straight from the beginning so other than we had a few issues with leg cramps that went away well you’re just like you’re like the perfect example of the result of just doing it correctly because a lot of times people they try to they don’t realize it’s kind of a technology of just is a formula do it like this and you’re gonna avoid this you know you just works because it’s based on so many people like we’ve tested in tens of thousands of people so just do it and you’ll see it will work yeah and really the that poison Association is what did it for me I’ve never had a desire to cheat I can walk back and forth in the candy aisle I know just you know reading about what goes on that food I think I made an association like roundup or something it’s like what I ingest roundup no right why would I eat a cupcake right it really is poisonous it is yeah it’s interesting you mentioned something in ition we’re talking about insulin being the problem and for those of you watching they’re new to what we’re talking about we’re talking about healthy keto and in a minute fasting and even 10 to 15 years before someone gets diabetes type 2 they usually have problems with the eye problems at the kidney problems with the heart blood pressure inflammation and all that happens with excessive amount of insulin but no one ever test for insulin so it go along for 10 to 20 years you develop insulin resistance because too much insulin is very very toxic and then the then they start to get high blood sugar because they fail to have insulin to regulate properly so now we get the icing on the cake literally is the added glucose high sugar that destroys the body in addition to high insulin so I always tell people if you’re new to list when you go to the doc literally force them to test your fasting insulin and if it’s above 5 then you know you have a big problem and sometimes it’s like 15 20 and that insulin is just like destroying the the retina doing the kidney and dementia but the blood sugars are normal so you gotta look at the whole picture and understand the mechanism how about how about loose skin do you do have a lot of it a little bit a little bit not a lot I mean for what I’ve lost you know I know people who’ve had gastric bypass and literally end up having to have pounds of skin removed and it just continues to improve so that’s why I don’t want to go back to three meals a day you still want to keep as much of the benefits as I can because it just keeps improving well yeah that’s right so people whether you do it on if you do it healthily the skin should come back just like because it’s an organ it’s healing just like everything else and also you you got training as a trained as the health coach Aikido health coach you’re one of my coaches did you complete just okay okay great well I’m excited to have you do that just because someone like you that has the reality of being there and how many people would just love to pick your brain and say okay what do I do next because I want to look like you I mean that’s incredible what what age are you know 51 that’s incredible incredible when I started so I bet you know what I thought was gonna be a challenge but wow it seemed to be I mean just like in the before pictures you just look so much older it’s just amazing if you said that the interesting thing when you were talking about the eye issues those pictures were taken in 2005 I avoided cameras so there’s not a lot of before pictures floating around but it’s kind of ironic that I used those because I would we took those because I was trying to lose weight counting calories or some traditional method because I had like out of nowhere an episode of optic neuritis where my eyes were not tracking right and so of course everyone went right – that’s probably a mess it’s probably a mess Wow so all this testing and whatnot but I didn’t have a lot of the other indicators of MS I didn’t you know no lesions showed up on the MRIs and spinal tap was good so but everyone was still is probably a mess trauma sure I highly suspect that it was probably sugar that I was so sugar and so toxic yes that you know I’ve been fun Wow Wow yeah time will tell on that you can’t say anything 100% certainty but yeah we’ll see yeah yeah well high sugar high insulin targets the blood vessel from the eye which affects the nerves in the eye and so you start having all sorts of inflammatory eye conditions macular degeneration retinopathy same with the kidneys anything with the hard seeing with the brain so sounds sounds like that’s what probably happened wow this is this an amazing you get so well and I really just want to get you on to get your story I appreciate you just following through and not cheating along the way like everyone else no desire still don’t just everything people need to realize that if they do what you say everything you said is is how it was at least for me you know your hunger do this correctly in your hunger will go away it did your cravings will go away it did Wow Richard seven to ten cups of veggies or as close as you can I you know I’ll be honest I probably don’t get quite that much but I’ve never had any issues like I said other than you know a little bout with leg cramps it’s a very beginning one has been it and what you said would happen has happened and I mean I never thought to this level you know I was like oh if I could if I could just get out of Plus Sizes oh yeah yeah right well this is so great yeah it’s really been awesome and thanks to you you know you’re welcome just amazing well that’s it just definitely my reward just for doing is just to get your results I mean that’s what I do this for I just love to hear that and you know I got the email from you in my plan I hate to do the whole interview I’m just your story because it’s it’s amazing so I think it’s gonna have a lot of people that they’re watching now there’s currently inspire them to do this so thank you I appreciate that thank you you’re welcome

This Post Was All About From 315 lbs (143 kg) to 138 lbs (63 kg) Using Keto and Intermittent Fasting: AMAZING!.
From 315 lbs (143 kg) to 138 lbs (63 kg) Using Keto and Intermittent Fasting: AMAZING!

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We have a very special guest with us today. I will be speaking with her as she shares her amazing keto diet success story. When she started the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, she was in menopause, and at 5’8, she weighed 315 pounds. After only two years, at age 51, she now weighs 138 pounds, and she feels great. She is going to tell us all about her weight loss journey. 

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