Foods that Help with Insulin (sensitivity and resistance)

Foods that Help with Insulin (sensitivity and resistance)

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if you get yourself insulin sensitive you will get leaner you will get more fit you will burn fat if your insulin resistant the opposite is going to happen now I’m going to explain what this means I’m gonna make it very simple but the entire purpose of this video is to give you ways to improve your insulin sensitivity specifically via timing of food but also specific foods you can eat so it’s going to make it so your insulin levels aren’t high all the time quick newsflash if your insulin levels are high it prevents your body from burning fat hey I want to make sure you go ahead and hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications so you never ever miss a beat and also check out thrive market down in the description okay so I’ve been able to create grocery boxes specifically for low carb diets for fasting things like that because thrive is an online grocery market so you don’t have to go to the grocery store you just get stuff delivered right to your doorstep and I’ve been able to create these really cool bundles and boxes people always watch my grocery videos but this just makes it easy this way you’re like this is what Thomas would recommend I get on keto make it simple wham bam done so go ahead and click on that link after you watch this video and check it out alright let’s go ahead and let’s talk about insulin and the foods that you can start eating to reduce your insulin resistance and improve your insulin sensitivity alright so first off we have to look at a study study that was published in the journal at diabetes care okay this study took a look at 14 diabetic patients is really really interesting and this just shows the magnitude of insulin when it comes down to how fast we gain fat 14 diabetic patients they gave them insulin until their blood sugar was normal so they said okay we’re just gonna keep on giving you insulin until your blood sugars are normal they did this for six months which means that they had to gradually increase the amount of insulin they gave them okay so as they would give them insulin and they get more insulin resistant they’d have to give them more insulin the point is at the end of six months they were giving them a hundred units of insulin just to keep their blood sugar normalized well guess what they found out at the end of six months they ended up on average gaining 19 pounds 19 pounds 19 pounds in six months what the heck okay that simply came also with 300 calories less than when they started so yes they ate 300 calories less but gained 19 pounds what’s happening here well the whole premise of this is to show that insulin made it so that they gained fat they gained 19 pounds even though they were eating less simply because they had to keep increasing their insulin levels okay now there’s also new science that shows that high levels of insulin break down our blood-brain barrier and make it so that things get into our brain anyway I don’t want to just waste your time with this let’s get to the stuff that you want to hear now you know insulin is important and you need to be insulin sensitive you need to make it so your cells always want insulin not rejecting it the first thing the order of your food okay simply by eating your proteins and your veggies a little bit before your carbohydrates you end up lowering your overall insulin need dramatically causing more insulin sensitivity also published in the Journal of diabetes care was a study that found this okay they had subjects eat their protein and veggies 15 minutes before their carbs and then another group they had consumed their carbs and then their protein and veggies well then they measured their overall blood sugar in insulin at 30 60 and 120 minutes after eating want to know the results well 29 percent at 30 minutes 37 percent at 60 minutes and 17 percent lower at 120 minutes so what that means is for those time periods afterwards they were that much lower on blood sugar and insulin simply by having their protein a little bit before 15 minutes before their carbs that’s literally you sitting down at a restaurant and opting to eat your protein and veggies first on your plate and then circling around to your carbohydrates by the time you’re talking with friends and family and everything like that you can kill 15 minutes before you eat those carbohydrates and you end up with 37 percent lower insulin levels so you end up with more insulin sensitivity it’s funny because when I’m talking about the order of food if any of you watch my intermittent fasting videos I always suggest having a small amount of protein first and then 3060 minutes later have a larger meal it’s for this reason so we don’t get this just voluptuous insulin spike we can control it break it fast have your protein weight a little bit then have your other foods it’s simply going to make it so your blood sugar it doesn’t skyrocket as much okay now let’s talk about the things that you can add into the diet all the time okay ginger added all the time eat it with breakfast eat it with lunch put it in your water making a lick sir I don’t care sprinkle ginger powder it’s silly not to unless you absolutely despise it there’s something in ginger known as ginger rolls what ginger oils do is they allow glue for to come to the surface of a cell so imagine this here’s your cell okay and inside that cell you have these things called glute 4 and these glute 4 come to the surface to receive and be receptive to insulin and glucose okay but imagine for an instance you only have one glute form one glute four piece right that’s only one opportunity to be able to catch insulin and food but what if you had more glute for coming to the surface over the entire area of the cell well then you can catch more glucose you could catch therefore reducing your insulin no that’s what ginger does is it increases the ability for your body to absorb more glucose therefore driving your glucose levels down and keeping your insulin levels down and nice and insulin sensitive okay the other piece and you can mix this with ginger or you can have it separately is don’t be shy with cinnamon cinnamon is one of those powerful things that is totally underrated okay it’s high in what is called methyl hydroxide chow cone polymer and this methyl hydroxy Chawla cone polymer mimics insulin so it’s like an artificial insulin that triggers the cell to be receptive to glucose so you don’t need to elevate insulin thereby making you more insulin sensitive that’s like a magical thing but then the cool thing is it also happens to work in tandem with insulin so what that means is not only does it mimic insulin and keep your insulin levels low but if there isn’t one in the bloodstream it makes that insulin more effective all of these are tools to make it so that your cells can get by with less insulin now to make banners even better it’s cool that cinnamon also binds to the specific part of your brain called the VTA the ventral tegmental area which is just an area of your brain that just makes you more satiated so that’s a plus next one magnesium so eat foods that are high in magnesium but honestly I’m just gonna cut to the chase I would love to tell you to eat you know 76 almonds per day to get your daily recommended amount of good quality magnesium but I’m just gonna call a spade a spade it’s easier to just take a good quality magnesium supplement okay I would recommend between 4 and 800 milligrams of a good-quality die magnesium malate I’m happy to link down below to one that I would recommend the point is is magnesium also increases the amount of glute for so it also increases again you know the amount of sugar and the amount of insulin that a cell can be receptive to but it also regulates the insulin signaling pathway okay so rather than having an indirect route magnesium makes it so the insulin signaling can be very direct so basically it can just help the body understand the insulins on its way and everything can work efficiently we need magnesium for thousands and thousands of different enzymatic functions in the body this is just one of the pivotal ones when it comes down to your waistline okay now the big one high amounts and I mean high amounts of omega-3 okay I don’t care if you’re eating good quality fish I don’t care if eating grass-fed grass-finished meat or I don’t care if you’re taking copious amounts of high high quality fish oil supplements omega-3s do something unique okay what they do is they alter the beta cells that are in our pancreas in our pancreas we have these beta cells that produce insulin well those beta cells just like anything in life if they don’t just get active and get moving they get kind of stale well omega threes end up going directly to the phospholipid membrane of those cells what that means is these cells in our pancreas now become much more fluid and they have the ability to migrate move and communicate with each other which therefore increases their ability to properly produce insulin and not become sort of just deficient at producing it when someone is diabetic their beta cells have a hard time producing insulin because they’re producing so much so imagine if your pancreas could produce just enough insulin with one little pump because the cells are operating better another thing that obviously is going to go without saying and it’s silly for me to even mention it that is the fact that if you increase your soluble fiber intake it is going to lower your overall insulin resistance okay like I know it’s obvious but let’s just call it what it is there are so many studies that have shown that if you increase your soluble fiber intake that you end up reducing the amount of sugar that’s actually absorbed so if you are by chance to in keto or a low carb diet a little bit of chia or a little bit of flax goes a long way okay you get you know a tablespoon of flax is gonna not kick you out of quito a half a tablespoon of chia seeds is not gonna kick you out of quito but once it combines with water in your gut it swells up to the extent of being thirty grams of fiber I mean it’s powerful stuff so therefore you get all the benefit of reducing your blood sugar keeping things low keeping your insulin sensitivity nice and high but without potentially kicking them out of keto of course you also get the fiber effect too that’s going to help you out in a lot of different way so I know that one’s basic and I didn’t want to lead with it for that reason but if you combine all of these change up the order of your food change up by adding some ginger add some cinnamon into the mix add the omega-3s take a magnesium supplement and then of course add some fiber into the mix you do this for a year your insulin sensitivity is going to be so different than what it was before so anyhow as always keep it locked in here in my channel I’ll see you in the next video [Music] 

This Post Was All About Foods that Help with Insulin (sensitivity and resistance).
Foods that Help with Insulin (sensitivity and resistance)

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Foods that Help with Insulin (sensitivity and resistance) – Thomas DeLauer

If you can get yourself to become more insulin sensitive you will get leaner and you will burn more fat. But if you’re insulin resistant, the opposite is going to happen. So in today’s video, I’m going to explain the benefits of being insulin sensitive, the dangers of being insulin resistant, and then give you ways to become more insulin sensitive. These are going to be via the timing of your meals AND via the consumption of certain foods that have been proven to improve insulin sensitivity!

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