Fatty Acids | Boost Omega 3’s | Omega 7: The Forgotten Fat- Thomas DeLauer

Fatty Acids | Boost Omega 3’s | Omega 7: The Forgotten Fat- Thomas DeLauer

Fatty Acids | Boost Omega 3’s | Omega 7: The Forgotten Fat- Thomas DeLauer

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in less than five minutes I’m going to have you convinced that you’re going to get more out of omega-3s by eating cold water fish directly than just taking supplements and it all has to do with something very very interesting called Omega 7 fatty acids and here’s the interesting thing we’re hearing day in and day out about omega-3s but what about this mysterious omega-7 fatty acid what’s it all about you see there’s something that’s totally changing the game Omega sevens work in conjunction with Omega threes the problem is we’re always hearing about omega-3s and they’re good I promote them a lot and we’re always hearing about how we’re consuming way too much anyway of Omega sixes but no one’s talking about Omega 7 and I’m going to explain the details in this video so Omega sevens are a monounsaturated set which means that they have only one unsaturated bond but that’s really not the important part here they’re usually found in macadamia nuts they’re found in cold water fish so we’re talking about sardines we’re talking about sea bass we’re talking about salmon stuff like that and we’re also talking about something very interesting called a sea buckthorn berry but I’ll get to that in another video it has one main fatty acid and it’s known as palmitoleic acid and that palmitoleic acid is the absolute critical component of everything i’m talking about in this video it is what is called a light bokeem and the way that you could remember what a light booking is is it sort of sound like lipo King meaning king of the fats right so whenever you think of lycopene just remember lipo King lipo keen essentially controls what other fats do in the body so Omega sevens in effect control how our bodies utilize those Omega threes starting to make the connection with the whole Coldwater fatty fish kind of thing but some of the benefits of Omega sevens are pretty darn amazing huge huge results when it comes to controlling hunger and I’ll get to that in a second huge result and research backs tub when it comes down to reducing inflammation in the body and more research when it comes down to overall insulin production and insulin sensitivity meaning you can help you utilize carbs better so one randomized placebo study done by the Journal of Clinical lipid ology took patience had dis lipedema which means they had high cholesterol and they also had systemic inflammation meaning that inflammation throughout their body and they had them supplement palmitoleic acid Omega 7 for 30 days then there was of course a control group to those that took the palmitoleic acid had tremendous results what happened they had massive massive reduction than c-reactive protein meaning they had huge reductions and inflammation okay and they had dramatic reductions in triglycerides then they had dramatic reductions in low-density lipoproteins LDL and huge increases in high-density lipoproteins HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol so study that backs up the general health of Omega 7 but let’s talk about the nitty gritty good stuff when it comes to insulin and utilizing carbs palmitoleic acid omega-7 help us utilize carbs better you see what they do is they prevent beta cell apoptosis of insulin cells what that means is that insulin cells don’t die apoptosis means premature cell death so what we are doing is we’re preventing the cells that are created that are working with insulin from dying so that means when we do have carbs our body is able to produce insulin and able to utilize it better meaning it doesn’t go to fat as much additionally it helps muscle cells utilize insulin better that means that when you do consume carbs the actual carbs are going to go into the muscle and do it they’re supposed to do with the muscle and allow the body to communicate better rather than having your blood sugar elevate and just stay elevated we don’t want that but there’s more there’s more when it comes to these Omega sevens and it has to do with your appetite there have been studies that have shown that Omega sevens dramatically reduce the appetite but they do through something called cholecystokinin this cholecystokinin is a satiety hormone it allows our body to feel like it got enough food miss palmitoleic acid that contains the cholecystokinin is usually of course in fish and most people say when they eat fish they feel satiated and they feel full putting it together now so now let me circle back the whole Omega 3 Omega 7 comment asian thing remember we found out that Omega sevens work well with omega-3s but we found out because they are a lie pokey they control what those omega-3s are doing so if you take those omega-3s alone in supplement form you may not be getting the full effect but if you get those omega-3s from fatty fish then you’re giving it along with the Omega sevens that are dictating what those fats actually do now a lot of people might be wondering can you get this Omega 7 in a supplement form short answer seems to be yes but the cool thing is because you’re watching this video you’re ahead of the curve this isn’t something that’s big in the supplement industry yet so now you have an upper hand to go out and eat the right kind of fish to get the most out of your body so you can reduce inflammation so you can start affecting your triglycerides you start affecting your blood sugar but you might also be able to handle that diet a little bit more when you can control your appetite as always make sure that you liked this video make sure you subscribe make sure you check out some of the other playlists that I have describing everything that you can do to get the most out of your life I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Fatty Acids | Boost Omega 3’s | Omega 7: The Forgotten Fat- Thomas DeLauer.
Fatty Acids | Boost Omega 3’s | Omega 7: The Forgotten Fat- Thomas DeLauer

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Fatty Acids | Boost Omega 3’s | Omega 7: The Forgotten Fat- Thomas DeLauer…
Omega-7 fatty acids:
● Monounsaturated fatty acids
● Found in macadamia nuts, cold-water fatty fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, trout) and sea buckthorn berries (a fruit).
● Palmitoleic acid is a type of omega-7 fatty acid that has been shown in many studies to be good for our health
● Acts through many pathways to prevent disease
○ Acts as a lipokine, a hormone-like molecule, to promote proper metabolism

Omega-7 fatty acids are believed to:
1. Improve insulin sensitivity
2. Fight inflammation in the body
3. Protect cardiovascular health
4. Help people lose weight through controlling hunger and appetite

All of the above point to how palmitoleic acid helps with metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that raise your chance of diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes and stroke. These risk factors include:
1. Abdominal fat – having a large midsection
2. High triglycerides
3. Low HDL level
4. High blood pressure
5. High blood sugar

**Best study** A study published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology in 2014 conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled study of palmitoleic acid supplementation versus a placebo on subjects with systemic inflammation and dyslipidemia for 30 days. The results were impressive! As compared to the control group, the experimental group:
● Reduced C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation)
● Decreased triglycerides
● Decreased LDL
● Increased HDL

1. Insulin Sensitivity and Type-2 Diabetes and Heart Disease

Type-2 diabetes is a cluster of metabolic diseases that results from problems with insulin secretion and/or action.

Different fatty acids have been found to have differing effects on glucose and lipid metabolism as well as insulin sensitivity.

As a general rule:
● Saturated fats contribute to insulin resistance
● Unsaturated fats counter insulin resistance

Palmitoleic acid has been found to:
● Prevent beta-cell apoptosis (cell death of insulin-producing cells) that is caused by glucose and saturated fats
● Improve plasma lipid profile (beneficial for both heart health and diabetes)
○ Human study: One study took mildly hypercholesterolemic men and women and compared a control group with a group that consumed macadamia nuts for 5 weeks. Compared to the control group, the experimental group experienced a reduction of both total and LDL-cholesterol levels.
● Functions as an adipose tissue-derived lipid hormone, stimulating insulin action in muscle cells and suppressing fatty liver disease
○ What this means is that muscle cells use palmitoleic acid to communicate with organs, regulating systemic metabolic homeostasis

2. Inflammation

A study looked at 20 participants with ulcerative colitis (UC), a disease marked by inflammation, and had ½ of the subjects take palmitoleic acid and the other half a placebo. This study found that after 8 weeks the palmitoleic acid group experienced decreased inflammatory activity measured by inflammatory markers.

3. Heart Health

Studies above showed the ability to raise HDL and lower LDL.

Also supports proper endothelial function.

4. Weight Loss/Appetite

A 2013 study on rats found that consuming palmitoleic acid, as compared to other kinds of fats and a control, led to decreased food intake.

In this study, consumption of palmitoleic acid was found to increase the levels of a hormone linked to satiety called cholecystokinin.

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