Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

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More specifically, you want help with Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer?

all right it’s that time a week again that means that I’m answering questions so if you’re new to this channel or you haven’t seen one of these videos before what I do is I take the most what I think are thought-provoking or just interesting questions from the previous week’s videos and I answer them here in a video that’s published on YouTube I figure this is a great way for me to be able to give back to my community but also just answer questions that pose interesting thought an interesting discussion because I don’t know if we’re gonna be in this channel it’s got to be a community we can’t just be dishing out information and not expect a discussion so anyway you’re tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel so new videos all the time pretty much every single day nowadays so I’m gonna go through the list of videos from last week I’ll explain a brief kind of synopsis of the video and then get into the top comments and by the way no disrespect or offense if I didn’t answer your question and we get hundreds of them I try to rotate through them as best I can first question comes from a video that was called can anything sweet like gum affect fasting or Kido this was about the sweet taste response on insulin like some people say that the moment you have an artificial sweetener like drink a diet coke or chew some gum it triggers an insulin response well what this video ultimately concluded was that it differs from person to person and we looked at the studies and quite honestly it’s fascinating and it’s totally interesting stuff so I encourage you to go check that video out if you haven’t already but anyway the first question cutie queen glam key says so is gum okay or not I can’t go or come with funky breath in a fasted State okay so here’s the thing again we don’t really know it depends on the person gum generally speaking won’t break a fast by my standards I usually say it’s okay but it might cause a little bit of an insulin response and if it does then yeah technically that insulin spike is breaking your fast as far as the metabolic effects go I mean it might actually trigger insulin which therefore stops your fast but I think it’s just such a small degree that in my honest opinion I think you’re fine to keep chewing gum but the real answer is you have to find out if it works for you go for a few days without chewing gum when you’re fasting and see if you actually notice a result I notice when I have an insulin spike during my fast I don’t wake up as lean the next day I don’t wake up as clean and dry I have or water retention I actually notice it so I would encourage you to just to take some days where you can have funky breath and don’t chew gum and use those as your days where you get a little more of an extreme fast next question comes from David M he says what about brushing teeth and mouthwash again same kind of thing so brushing your teeth usually there is some kind of xylitol or something in there that could trigger an insulin response so if you are one of those that has an insulin response to a sweet taste then yeah that could do it problem with toothpaste is there’s other compounds in there that definitely get swallowed okay definitely some things that have technically a little bit of a caloric value so you got to be a little bit careful with toothpaste mouthwash you know you can get by with mouthwash a little bit easier it’s less likely to swallow some but a lot of times mouthwash has alcohol which will definitely break a fast can absorb through the membrane inside your mouth so mouthwash is a little bit more tough mama Mina is 0:09 says Thomas does lemon water break a fast I’ve actually done a video on this talking about this topic where I’ve explained it in in inside of a video where I talked on a few different things but lemon water by my standards doesn’t break a fast or metabolic purposes but for esophageal purposes it does kind of break a fast but I think the effects of flushing out the uric acid and the other effects you get from lemon like the pectin far supersede the negative aspects of having that one or two calories come in l monkey superfreak says does vaping affect ketosis or if’ so vaping usually its glycerin may sometimes it’s a different compound I would honestly say yeah you’re disrupting your fast you’re causing a pretty significant metabolic response because you’re the nicotine everything like that that’s affecting neurotransmitters and other things at the cellular level it’s throwing things off it’s really no different than having some alcohol just because it’s not going into your actual stomach and you don’t have calories coming in I think it kind of affected but again same kind of advice for you like I did for the gummy gal you want to try it without vaping one or two days make it a challenge make it fun embrace it then Deadpool says I eat 30 grams of peanut butter daily on keto will that trigger an influence Ponce yeah they will and stuff any foods gonna trigger an insulin response but 30 grams of peanut butter if it’s unsweetened shouldn’t be too big of a deal me for you to see says love the videos Thomas I need clarity in previous videos you said that stevia won’t break it but also said dextrose will stevia and the raw has dextrose I’m still confused please help because I may think I’m fasting and I’m actually breaking it dextrose will mess you up yep I always say go for a liquid sweetener go for a liquid stevia go for liquid monk fruit anything like that it’s much safer bet next video was are you caffeine sensitive coffee and your genetics so this was not talking about tolerance this was talking about sensitivity some people can have a cup of coffee and be wired and some people can have a cup of coffee and need six more to actually get through the day so it’s all about sensitivity caffeine affects us differently based on different genes Ryan rocker says how much do epigenetics affect one’s caffeine sensitivity don’t worry Thomas I don’t really expect you to know would be nice to know how to mess with genetics though yeah it’s I included this even though there’s no real answer because it’s interesting like genetics really can play a role in epigenetics can play a bigger role like if we can tweak our genetics they’re doing different things through kinds of meditation and different thoughts and everything like that I think it’d be pretty interesting I mean curious to see what happens in the future with this so we’ll start looking into it I mean epigenetics is a very interesting thing you know there’s all kinds of different people you can follow for that I’ve done an interview with Bruce Lipton before on his channel which I thought was very interesting he’s a kind of the king of epigenetics but Joshua Salazar says caffeine literally has no effect on me is that bad I don’t think it’s bad I mean if you are not actually having that adenosine response then it’s really not doing anything for you you’re getting the polyphenols so I mean the question is do you really want to drink it do you like the taste of it if you like to taste of it and go for it but otherwise if it’s not doing any good then you probably get just a strong but polyphenol response from some cacao or something Romario Henrique says hey Thomas is grapeseed flour okay to have on keto in small amounts yes not the biggest fan of grapeseed flour but yeah it’s okay miss denim says I used to drink caffeine right before bed no problem it didn’t really affect me I turned 40 and now I can’t tolerate it my heart pounds I’m dizzy sweat etc what the heck anyone else have this problem a lot of people have that problem as life goes on as hormones change everything can shift plus if you started doing a keto diet and you weren’t doing it before sometimes that can actually affect your overall tolerance or sensitivity to caffeine simply because things absorb easier you don’t have the starches in there so factor that in John May says when I quit smoking for some reason I became more caffeine sensitive I could drink two to three cups of coffee a day and now I have one cup of coffee and I feel wired and jittery and panicky at times why is this because nicotine works along similar yet very different pathways you know at the end result is still similar we’re still getting a dopamine response so what’s happening is you’re not dulling out your dopamine receptors your dr and dr1 and dr2 dopamine receptors so that dopaminergic response is chilling out a little bit normally you’d have cigarette or vape or whatever and you just at aside that dopamine urge and then you’d go and you’d have some caffeine and it wouldn’t satisfy that much now you’re not smoking and your dopamine sensitivity is much higher so you have that caffeine and you’re like whoa you probably I’m gonna go out on a limb but you probably feel jittery but you probably feel like an overwhelming sense of positivity like all is well in the world right that that happens to me – I’m very caffeine sensitive so like I I can be kind of depressed in the morning which happens to me sometimes I suffer from anxiety always have I wake up in the morning the whole world’s on my shoulders emails bomb boom boom then I go and I have a cup of coffee or a cup of cold brew and all of a sudden it’s like like oh my gosh I’m happy like I’m all good all is good everyone’s good I’m friends with everybody but I’m also well aware and very self aware that it’s the caffeine talking and causing that dopamine response so it could be the case with you you’re probably recognize that – it’s it’s those of us that are of addictive nature have to competi battle that and unfortunately it’s just who we are sometimes at the genetic level daniel says wouldn’t daily caffeine inevitably lead to caffeine tolerance yes eventually what tolerance is different from sensitivity though next video was turmeric benefits fight headaches fast I had to put this video up because I’m a big turmeric guy always having not a big fan of NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs I don’t like ibuprofen I don’t like aspirin unless I need it turmeric is very powerful and I’m gonna answer some questions here because there’s some good ones that come up and honestly we have two patents in the world of turmeric so I’m pretty well versed in this despite what some people and haters on the internet will say I do have some experience in this world and the patenting process and what goes into actual absorption anyway I don’t want to go down that road but Marion Brown says I add turmeric to my bulletproof coffee is it true that black pepper helps the turmeric work better black pepper does turmeric absorb but black pepper disarms the liver so what happens is the liver normally breaks down turmeric and it breaks it down so much you’re not getting the active for humanoids that you need to actually have the positive anti-inflammatory effect so black pepper turns off that process of the liver so that the turmeric can be absorbed and curcuma noise can be used however it disarms the liver which means that anything else you’re taking at that point time your liver is temporarily on standby you don’t want that to happen you want your liver to be armed so I’m not a fan of black pepper honestly this isn’t just a plug but I mean my patent is on delivery so we have you know proven 20 X but through clinical studies realistically more like 185 X increase in overall absorption of turmeric by combining it with fulvic acid but also by using what’s called receptor cell meted into cytosis and a nano particulate in a vitamin e phosphatidyl chloride bond so basically we’ve found a way to make a water-soluble vitamin fat soluble so it absorbs you’ve seen my poly see my ads around but I’m not really front-facing on that the company is called pure thrive Joey phallus says Thomas if using the actual raw turmeric root is fat still needed and does adding black pepper as always recommended eight at all yeah I like this one mention raw turmeric cuz you get the full spectrum turmeric and there’s a bunch of other benefits outside of just the curcuma noise rod turmeric is great yes you do need some fat you could use black pepper I would recommend using some fulvic acid instead it’s just safer just biphobic acid or I mean honestly if you wanted to you could always try pure thrive to Christine corner says do these also affect c-reactive protein yes yes turmeric very much so has a powerful effect on nuclear factor Kappa B tumor necrosis factor-alpha interleukin 6 interleukin 1 interleukin-1 beta all those inflammatory cytokines cyclooxygenase one cyclooxygenase enzyme two C reactive protein a bunch of these different ones very very powerful mm clinical studies Plus on turmeric so yeah C reactive protein very much so Tony Rico says I was using turmeric daily than I read that it may be too much can this be taken daily any side effects there’s gonna be side effects with everything and there’s good and bad so honestly I’m a fan of taking it daily do your own due diligence there next video why you weight rebound after a diet fat regain okay this was a cool video talking about how like a lot of things when you lose weight and then you go off your diet you gain it back faster and more aggressively sometimes even more and it all has to do with how fat cells rebound so if you’re interested in this go check that full video out Jacques the FEHB says so you can lose those new fat cells or you stuck with them forever wondering because that’s not the first time my rebound yeah so those as far as I’m concerned like those fat cells don’t ever really go away unless you’re doing some aggressive fasting the jury is still out on that but the fact is they probably will rebound at least until you mitigate that rebound a little bit so Davis AJ says confessing autopsy reset the number of fat cells you have early research is pointing towards yes but it’s pretty inconclusive JP Co kamar says hey Thomas great video as always my question is is there a way to destroy or kill fat cells so we understand they grow shrink and multiply but can’t we get rid of them again fasting al-tofah G may very well do that apoptosis is really more what you want to trigger which is the program cellular death autophagy is where we’re like recycling the components of a cell not necessarily a full cell apoptosis is a pre-programmed cellular death we actually kind of want that to happen at an advanced stage but getting that to happen in an advanced stage without having other cells die too is difficult first/last says so if you stayed lean in an autopsy for long enough would you get rid of some of those extra fat cells perhaps a lot of the same kind of question okay the next video was for ways to boost energy and ATP that everyone ignores I was surprised that this video took off it has a lot of use on it and I was my team and I were talking like alright this probably a video is just gonna be filler material like there’s only gonna be a few people that actually want to see this video because no one wants to know about energy and ATP it’s kind of boring wrong okay a lot of people liked this video maybe it was just the thumbnail I don’t know but either way it was interesting I was talking about how the ATP synthesis process works and how ATP coupling works and mitochondrial density and anyway very very interesting video if you’re looking to get more energy in the gym overall so check that one out here’s some questions here’s a name that I can’t pronounce because it’s symbols from a different country these intensity of cardio important for mitochondrial efficiency what a long walk be as useful as a sprint for example so you want to be in the realm of like 60 to 70% max heart rate high intensity doesn’t change much the way a mitochondrial efficiency or density more so as like longer bouts of just mid-range cardio Jeremiah Mullen says thanks for the video Thomas this was perfectly time for me as my energy levels have been low lately probably due to stress I have a question though is there any way to get dietary nitrates other than beet juice I’m getting back to a strict keto diet been mixed for a couple months and I don’t – spike my carbs thanks again and keep the videos coming get beet root powder man beet root powder you’re gonna get the highest degree of nitrates and it’s got all the sugar remove that of it’s just beetroot powder you’re looking like a couple grams of carbs most of its fiber Jesse Anderson says best time of day to take course Epson how often cordyceps will light you up so honestly I’ve taken quarter steps in the evening time and although I sleep I end up with trippy dreams where I feel like I’m not getting that good of a sleep maybe I yeah so if you want lucid weird dreams take quarter steps before bed it’s kind of fun but most of the time take it in the morning early afternoon even in mid-afternoon just don’t take it at night it’s it’s good pretty much any time Paulo vítor Martin says with citrulline malate do the trick so it’s really male 8 is great okay but citrulline made it converts to l-arginine within the body that’s gonna get you more of a blood flow response so not the same as ATP but still good mr Barakat says does coenzyme q10 create more energy yes it improves the mitochondrial efficiency and it works at the ATP level inside the mitochondria so yes coq10 is one of my go-to if I ever write custom plans for anyone or anything like that usually coq10 is on the list of supplements that I provide so that’s it that’s all there is to it for this one so make sure you’re posting comments down below and please make sure you keep it locked in and all my videos we’re posting videos pretty much every single day at 7 a.m. so if you just can hop on there watch the video learn something apply it to your life and rock on see you guys soon

This Post Was All About Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer.
Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

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Fasting Tips | Keto Sweeteners | Rebound Fat Gain | Caffeine Sensitivity- Weekly Q&A-Thomas DeLauer… In this video, Diet/Nutrition/fitness/health Expert, Thomas DeLauer answers a handful of questions from his viewers surrounding keto dieting, rebound fat gain, caffeine sensitivity, artificial sweeteners, and what you can drink and use while fasting in order to avoid breaking your fast!

Can Anything Sweet (like gum) Affect Fasting or Keto

CutieQueen Glamke

So Is gum ok or not ? I can’t go around with Funky breath in a fasted state.

David M

What about brushing teeth and mouthwash?

MamaMina 009

Thomas does lemon water break a fast?


Does vaping affect ketosis or IF?


I eat 30g of peanut butter daily on keto. Will that trigger an insulin response?

Me4u2c D

Love the videos Thomas. I need clarity. In previous videos you said Stevia won’t break a fast but also said Dextrose will. Stevia in the raw has dextrose. I’m still confused. PLEASE HELP because I may think I’m fasting yet I’m actually breaking it.

Toni Gaskill

Do essential oils (lemon, for example) break a fast? I’ve been adding it to my water…

Are You Caffeine Sensitive? Coffee & Your Genetics

Ryan Rockers

How much do epigenetics affect one’s caffeine sensitivity? Don’t worry Thomas, I don’t really expect you to know :) Would be nice to know how to mess with genetics though.

Joshua Salazar

Caffeine literally has no effect on me is that bad?

romario henriques

Hey Thomas, is grape seed flour okay to have on keto?

Miss Denim

I used to drink caffeine right before bed, no problem. It didn’t really affect me. I turned 40 and now I can’t tolerate any. My heart pounds, dizzy, sweat etc. Wth? Anyone else have this happen? Anyone….?

John May

When I quit smoking for some reason I became more caffeine sensitive I could drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day before,now I have one cup of coffee and I feel wired and jittery panicky at times? Why is this?

Daniel Reverter

1) wouldn’t daily caffeine inevitably lead to caffeine tolerance (and addiction) so that one will need caffeine to simply have their “normal” amount of energy and avoid a headache?
2) if you say theanine and teacrine (theacrine) can prevent that, where is the supporting research?


Marianne Browne

I add turmeric to my bpc. Is it true that black pepper helps the turmeric work better?

Joey Fallas

Thomas, if using the actual raw turmeric root, is a fat still needed? And does adding black pepper, as always recommended, aid at all?

christine cornish

Do these also affect “C” reactive protein?

Tony Rico

I was using Turmeric daily then I read that may be too much. Can this be taken daily? Any side effects? Thank you

Why You Weight Rebound After a Diet: Fat REGAIN

Jacques Lefebvre

So can you lose those new fat cell or your stuck with them forever ? Wondering cuz that’s not the first i rebound.

Davis A.J

Can fasting/autophagy reset the number of fat cells you have?

Jp Koekemoer

Hey Thomas. Great video as always. My question is there a way to destroy kill fat cells. So we understand they grow, shrink and multiply. But can we get rid of them?

First Last

So if you stayed lean and in autophagy for long enough time would you get rid of some of those extra unused fat cells?

Klaudia Valentová

Thanks Thomas. But – can body eats own fat cells like proteins through autophagy??? Really not? 🤔

4 Ways to Boost Energy and ATP that Everyone Ignores

Борис Игонин

Is intensity of cardio important for mitrochondria efficiency? Would a long walk be as useful as a sprint for example?

Jeremiah Mullens

Thanks for the video Thomas. This was perfectly timed for me as my energy levels have been low lately. Probably due to stress. I have a question though. Is there any way to get dietary nitrates other than beet juice? I’m getting back to a strict keto diet (been mixed for a couple months) and I dont want to spike my carbs….. Thanks again. Keep the videos coming!!

Jesse Anderson

Best time of the day to take cordyceps? & how often?

Paulo Vitor Martins

Would citrulline malate do the trick!?

Ammar Barakat

Does Co enzyme Q10 creat more energy?

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