Fasting and Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fasting Connection

Fasting and Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fasting Connection

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so if we’re not getting enough omega-3s then maybe we’re not synthesizing as much protein and not building as much muscle or not preserving as much muscle it’s calories in its calories out as long as i eat less calories than i burn then i’m going to be healthy right did we forget all about micronutrients did we forget all about fatty acid profiles you see when i look at intermittent fasting i try to look at the big picture here because there is a big glaring problem that we run into with intermittent fasting and that is the fact that we have a smaller eating window and that leaves us open to all kinds of deficiencies because we only have a finite amount of time to eat so that means we need to get very granular about what we do put in that eating window you see with intermittent fasting maybe you only have a four hour eating window maybe a six maybe an eight whatever depends what you’re doing but that’s a lot less time to get the abundance of fatty acid that we need to really support a healthy body so this video is all about making sure you get the omega-3s in and doing so in a really proper fashion hey do make sure you hit the red subscribe button and also hit that bell icon to turn on notifications and remember i’m not a doctor i’m just some guy on the internet that lost 100 pounds and i do know a little bit of biochemistry and i know quite a bit about fasting so i’m going to do this video a little bit different than what i would normally do i’m actually going to break down what you should eat towards the beginning of the video a it’s good for time but b it allows me to justify what i’m talking about later on rather than doing this big build up so i’m going to recap what you should do when you re-feed what you should do when you break a fast with four really quick simple steps first things first very minimal carbohydrates when you break a fast this is super important no more than like 20. just keep it super low ideally no no carbs second small portions small portions no matter what okay your body cannot handle a lot of food right after a fast number three protein is your focus lean protein that’s all you really need to focus on you don’t need to try to get a wide variety right when you break your fast and then lastly in this little category keep the sodium a little bit lower just because you’re trying to keep balance with electrolytes if you throw a bunch of sodium in it can create this osmotic flow that’s going to end up messing things up long story short keep those things in mind here’s how i would typically break a fast if i was trying to get a bunch of omega-3s in i would usually break my fast with a lean sockeye salmon okay i don’t like fat when i break my fast it’s hard on the digestive system your body’s not ready for it okay you don’t have the same enzyme potential because enzymes have reduced a bit during your fast because there’s no need for them so a bunch of fats are hard on the body which makes it hard to get omega-3s in right so i choose the omega-3 sources that are as lean as possible but still potent with omega-3s so sockeye salmon is lean that’s the really red kind okay go for that sakura salmon is a great way to break a fast sea bass is a great way to break a fast it’s also pretty lean and then shrimp is also very lean but still has some omega-3s in it remember you’re not trying to get all your omega-3s with this one meal you can get them a little bit later now even still you may want to add in some kind of omega-3 supplementation normally i don’t even recommend a lot of omega-3s because most of the oils out there are pretty contaminated and not the highest quality but if we can get some good amount of omega-3s in then we can combat some of the issues that i’ll talk about in a minute i put a link down below for the omega-3 that i typically use it’s from sun warrior you see a lot on this channel anyway because they’re a supporter of them and it is what is called algol oil algal oil is omega-3 that is technically a vegan form because it’s derived from literally algae so the lower that you go down the food chain the more potent omega-3 that you have fish aren’t magically born with omega-3s in them fish acquire them from what they eat so if you go further down the food chain you get cleaner unadulterated forms so usually i would break a fast and i might if i’m going to add omega-3s in i’m going to add algal oil or some kind of calamarine oil so i did put a special link down below if you want to try out the sun warrior omega-3s that i recommend uh you don’t have to just a recommendation but then what’s really important after you break the fast is what you do a couple hours later okay remember your body cannot break down a lot of fats at the end of a fast so a couple hours later is when you go ahead and you add the fatty fish in okay that’s when you would add the atlantic salmon that’s fattier that’s when you would add the mackerel that’s when you would add my personal favorite the sardines okay that’s when you add the fattier fish to really load up on the omega-3s an alternative there would be going for like grass-fed beef grass-fed grass finish good quality beef that’s high omega-3 content lower omega-6 so now let me justify this and make some big sense of it so that you can really understand the application of this what happens is we face three big issues at the end of a fast one inflammation goes up when we’re fasting inflammation is down but after we eat it’s natural for inflammation to go up it’s why we sometimes don’t feel so good right after fast the second problem is of course inadequate ability to get all of our nutrients in that’s a big problem we don’t get enough omega-3 but the third thing is a very big one and that’s protein synthesis and omega-3 plays a big role in protein synthesis so if we’re not getting enough omega-3s then maybe we’re not synthesizing as much protein and not building as much muscle or not preserving as much muscle so when it comes down to the inflammation was a study that’s published in the journal of clinical investigation okay it found that during a fast inflammation levels went nice and low in lrp3 and flammazone okay that went nice and low but upon breaking a fast there was a two and a half x increase in in nlrp3 inflammasome which resulted in a 3x expression of what is called interleukin-1 beta what this simply means in human normal terms is that inflammation went pretty sky high after breaking a fast it went low during and then went high after well they wanted to dive into this more they found what really made the inflammation worse was having more in the way of what are called lipopolysaccharides these are components that are living on the bacteria in our gut that sometimes leak into our bloodstream so here’s what they found out when subjects consumed a bunch of saturated fat right when they broke a fast they had a lot more lipopolysaccharides and a lot more inflammation when they consumed omega-6s not a whole lot of a change but when they consumed omega-3s the inflammation actually controlled and the lipopolysaccharide levels went down okay so what that was showing us is that omega-3s actually control the post-fast-breaking inflammatory response which is phenomenally good for us if we want to feel better and not have that joint achiness that we get at the end of a fast the other thing is that omega-3s are very unlikely to be stored as fat this is what’s cool if you look at any given adipose tissue you’re looking at roughly 0.2 of it being omega-3s it’s so low omega-3s tend to store as a phospholipid bilayer around a cell so it means if you eat excess omega-3s it’s quite difficult for it to turn into fat it’s a lot easier for it to turn into a phospholipid bilayer and create a membrane around a cell which actually helps you out okay so you can overeat a little bit of omega-3s whereas if you overeat a little bit of saturated fat you might run into a problem right so more omega-3s is also going to help the mechanical process of protein synthesis it helps the cell fluidity helps the membrane move more so the cells can actually communicate better but then also has some different expression in terms of specific genes involved in the intor pathway like p70 s6k now complicated stuff again but omega-3s essentially help you out with protein synthesis why is this so important you have a precious finite amount of time at the end of your fast or after when you’re eating in your eating window you want to get the most out of it if you don’t get good protein synthesis and don’t get good protein assimilation during that period then you run the risk of losing muscle because you did go a long period of time without eating let’s not deny that so let’s make up for it by making sure our body utilizes that protein better after you break your fast so if you look at everything that i’m saying here how it makes sense and how it ties together is that yes you want the omega-3s but you want the most potent omega-3s because you really shouldn’t be taking in a bunch of fats right after a workout okay remember the inflammation thing i talked about okay we don’t want a bunch of fats coming in because it can hurt that it can cause more inflammation so we want lean potent omega-3s so lean fish the shrimp the sockeye salmon the sea bass or you know a protein shake or some chicken or something like that supplemented with good algal oil or good calamarine oil or good omega-3s again put the link down below for my favorite algal oil and then later on you want to go ahead and you want to get more omega-3s from the diet however you can okay we can talk about different sources of that in another video anyhow i hope this broke down why they’re so important why you need them and as always please keep it locked in here on my channel i’ll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Fasting and Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fasting Connection.
Fasting and Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fasting Connection

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