Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss)

Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss)

Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss)

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More specifically, you want help with Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss)?

hey guys have another powerful tip for you this is faster fat loss for a slow metabolism let’s say for example you’re on keto you’re doing in a minute fasting you even got to one meal a day and things are still slow what do you do to speed things up so this video is not really meant for the new person starting keto if you if you’re that person watch the video down below I wouldn’t recommend doing this this is mainly for the person who is done keto for a while they’re plateaued they’re stuck and things are slow and they’re at one meal a day and now they’re like what do I do okay so the first thing you need to do is figure out are you really in ketosis and yes you can check the urine the blood to find out if you’re you’re showing ketones but this one other thing I’m going to tell you is like the most important thing to know that you’re really in hardcore fat burning and that is this no hunger your hunger has completely gone away so if you’re craving things or you’re hungry then chances are you’re probably not in ketosis so you’re maybe eating too many carbs or you’re doing something wrong you’re having snack your proteins too much it could be any number of things so once the hunger goes away then we know you’re burning fat you’re burning your own fat and you’re living off those calories okay that’s a good thing alright this next thing is very very important you don’t want to eat food unless you are hungry ok why would you want to eat if your body is actually eating already so you’re actually living off your fat you’re releasing your fat cells your body’s running fine you feel energetic you feel good and then you eat even if it’s one meal a day you’re eating and all of a sudden now we spike insulin and then we stop our fat loss okay that’s really what’s happening especially if you have a slow metabolism so if you’re not hungry okay don’t eat alright ride the wave let your body tell you when to eat your body may be in a situation you have a lot of excess energy to use up and when you eat you stop that fat burning so you basically want to stay in the fast until your body dictates you should eat now the other very important point is to make sure you’re consuming enough sea salt and I’m talking like one teaspoon of sea salt per day you can dissolve it in water and then spread it out through the day I wouldn’t recommend drinking the whole thing at one sitting but because you’re not eating you have enough food to put it on so spread out through the day and consume at least one teaspoon of sea salt per day okay electrolytes are essential just because we want to keep the potassium the magnesium very high in the body so we can run the organs and we’re we’re using our reserve to provide nutrients but we don’t know if you have those nutrients plentiful in the body or not so just take a little bit of lecture lights B vitamins I recommend you take these two these three things will greatly help you when you’re fasting I also recommend you get a good green tea to actually help you do this comfortably as well it’s going to make it easier so also realize that you’re not starving fasting is the depletion of glycogen that’s sugar reserve and then the burning of fat okay so you no longer have your glycogen reserve you’re living off your fat starvation is when you deplete all your fat reserves and now you’re eating your organs and your muscle so when you’re fasting you’re tapping your fat reserves so if you have a lot of excess fat you’re not going to starve okay it’s gonna be a long time before you starve but the benefits are fasting are huge and they go way beyond weight loss so stem cell enhancement that’s the cells that replace your cells and actually give you like it’s like an anti-aging effect you get new cells growth hormone enhancement you can stimulate growth hormone which is the anti-aging hormone way more than even exercise growing new brain cells I mean who couldn’t benefit from a couple of extra brain cells right your mood starts coming up your inflammation drops you go into a tapa G which is the body’s ability to clean itself from old damaged proteins okay and also clean up the the microbes and enhance the immune system so the main point of this video is to let your body dictate when you need to eat and practice some prolong fasting and who knows it could be 40 hours it could be 30 hours it could be 72 hours it could be longer just ride the wave keep going so your body is actually happy now it can burn off the fat and if you feed it too frequently it’s going to stop that process thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss).
Faster Fat Loss for a Slow Metabolism (A Lot More Keto Weight Loss)

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Overview to Keto and IF:

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the tip for faster fat loss for a slow metabolism. This tip is recommended for people who have done keto (Ketogenic Diet) for a while and were plateaued, stuck, slow and doing OMAD or one meal a day. For those people who are trying to lose weight in the belly, and have been doing lots of past dieting and created a slow metabolism – you need to extend your fast longer and longer. The big mistake is to eat when you are hungry. If you are fasting and your body is burning fat with no hunger, why eat? Your body IS eating its own fat and when you eat you shut down this process.

Things to do:
1. First, figure out if are you really in ketosis. – The fastest way to figure out if you are in the hardcore fat burning state, “No Hunger!!”
2. Don’t eat unless hungry
Let your body dictate when to eat.
Make sure to consume enough sea salt / electrolytes / B vitamins / green tea
3. You’re not starving – Fasting is the depletion of glycogen or sugar reserves and the burning of fat. Whereas, starvation is you deplete all your fat reserves and now you’re eating the organs in your muscle.

Benefits of Fasting:
• Stem cell enhancement
• Growth hormone enhancement
• Growing new brain cells
• Lower Inflammations
• Autophagy – the body’s ability to clean itself from old damage proteins, clean up the microbes and enhance the immune system.

Hey guys! I have another powerful tip for you. This is faster fat loss for a slow metabolism. Let’s say for example you’re on keto, you’re doing intermittent fasting, you even got to one meal a day and things are still slow. What do you do to speed things up? This video is not really meant for the new person starting keto. If you are that person watch the video down below. I wouldn’t recommend doing this. This is mainly for the person who has done keto for a while, they’re plateaued they’re stuck and things are slow and they’re at one meal a day and now what do I do. So the first thing you need to do is figure out, are you really in ketosis? and yes you can check the urine, the blood, to find out if you’re showing ketones but this one other thing that i’m going to tell you is like the most important thing to know that you’re really in hardcore fat burning and that is this, no hunger – your hunger has completely gone away so if you’re craving things or you’re hungry then chances are you’re probably not in ketosis so you’re maybe eating too many carbs or you’re doing something wrong, you’re having snack, your proteins are too much, it could be any number of things. So once the hunger goes away then we know you’re burning fat, you’re burning your own fat and you are living off those calories. That’s a good thing. This next thing is very very important, you don’t want to eat food unless you are hungry. Why would you want to eat if your body is actually eating already? You’re actually living off your fat, you’re releasing your fat cells, your body’s running find you feel energetic, you feel good and then you eat.

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