Ethan Suplee’s Massive Weight Loss – What Did He Do?

Ethan Suplee’s Massive Weight Loss – What Did He Do?

Ethan Suplee’s Massive Weight Loss – What Did He Do?

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okay so this is 10 pounds you lost 30 of these just about yeah maybe 28 but i mean you know if we go if we if we count all the times i gained a bunch of these i lost probably more than 30. so you you weren’t just one static weight and then lost weight you you bounced up and down a bunch yes i i i i lost a bunch of weight and then i gained some back and then i lost a bunch and then i gained some back and then i went really really low much lighter than i am now even and then i was super unhappy being kind of thin and frail and i enjoyed lifting weights and was like i’m gonna eat everything and lift weights and got back up to like 400 pounds and now i am 250. well you look awesome man so i have ethan soupley here who if you don’t know him already you should he is an awesome actor and he’s lost 300 pounds using all kinds of different diets no one agenda just doing it right so we’re going to dive into the psychology of it we’re going to dive into what the call to action was we’re just going to have a little fun with this and see where it goes so keep it locked in and let’s rock and roll and this video is brought to you by ugido matcha so if you’re looking for a good quality matcha green tea ujido is where you should go absolutely 180 year old matcha company they know how to do it okay these teas are grown in japan in the shade baby tea leaves harvested into the finest ceremonial grade matcha that you can find so fasting keto whatever dietary protocol you’re doing matcha is a great alternative and a great solution either way just to keep yourself healthy and feeling good so make sure you check them out down below in the description after this awesome interview with ethan all right man so what happened you i mean when you really needed to embark on like the big journey like the big like what popped in your head like what was the call to action my my girlfriend at the time it was it’s very weird because when i think back on my life prior to like trying to lose weight i i don’t have a memory of being miserable about my weight every day it just kind of gradually became what it was yeah you know like if i imagine putting on a 300 pound weight vest today it would be miserable my knee you know i can’t really hurt myself but if i put on a pound every day for 300 days it wouldn’t be as startling does that mean no yes so by the time i was that heavy i wasn’t really even aware necessarily of my daily miseries and all the effort that maintaining and building that weight required yeah uh but then i i got this girlfriend who i i liked a lot and i started to think about the future and our lives together and i realized if i didn’t do something that relationship wasn’t going to last because there was a lot of active stuff she was interested in doing that i was incapable of doing yeah and so that was really the impetus to begin losing weight and the first the first diet i did that i had success on was a was a liquid diet with protein shakes and a ton of like fiber and supplements yeah this point is i mean at the end of the day yeah you can skin a cat a bunch of different ways i mean it’s not like anything’s going to work especially you know being that overweight and the thing that i thought about a lot i don’t know if you’ve thought about this much but you know your your image as like the severely overweight guy was kind of glorified right because that was like part of i don’t want to say your brand but that’s by why you were casted certainly so probably made it so that maybe you didn’t feel as self-conscious about it because there was a level of it that was kind of glorified right percent now i will say that like um the first professional job i ever had was boy meets world yeah and in between episodes at some point they did say to my agents like he doesn’t have to gain weight for this so yeah i wasn’t even aware that i was gaining weight but i was and they the producers were aware of it and they said something but they didn’t say i had to stop gaining weight and i didn’t say i had to lose weight yeah so there there was initially in the in the early 90s um a little bit of focus on that but then it kind of died away and mostly i kept getting work and it was never an issue and dude i i played a football player at like 450 pounds yeah i never could have played football the guy the real life guy was playing was never as big as that and so i wasn’t running into issues of like you’re too overweight it was all a benefit so was there ever any thought that when you started losing weight that it might jeopardize your career there wasn’t there there was kind of thought when i lost when i was like legitimately thin yeah um there was like oh this is not helpful to my career yeah but on my way there i wasn’t thinking about that yeah interesting so while you were going through let’s say the first and for those that are watching i mean i had my own transformation too it wasn’t nearly as as profound as yours i lost about 100 pounds but it’s amazing yeah it was it’s still a challenging massive weight it was a lot of weight yeah it was definitely uh you know for me it was i was stressed out all the time i was in a corporate kind of private equity environment and focus on money and all the wrong things and i mean yeah so i mean i go on and on about that and for the viewers but i mean when you’re going through that first like 20 30 pounds this is a weird question but like what was going through your head was there anger drive was there you have to really kind of get deep with it not just like oh yeah i want to i want to lose weight but like when i look back at my focus like it was a load of anger part of my language you know it was a lot of anger yeah i i you know i’m a sober guy i’m i’ve been i have um i can be addicted to whatever is bad for you and and so i i knew through sobriety that workable steps for me were like the idea that i’m powerless yeah now i’m not a powerless person and there’s certainly no powerlessness in me right now but if i’m facing something that i don’t really even know how to deal with the idea that i’m gonna recognize my powerlessness in that instance and and seek advice and help from another and kind of turn it over to them and go like my life is unmanageable show me the way and i’m gonna follow it that’s really what i did initially was go like hey i don’t know how to do this i don’t know what to do i have no idea where to start do can you help me and my girlfriend was like yes i can and she’d never brought it up before and she found this she like did a little research and found this nutritionist doctor guy who had a liquid diet plan and said here it is and and she her kind of idea was um do this and you know this is not something you do forever but when you become responsible for this you can take over and figure out doing it on your own and you know it wasn’t like do this forever this is the way to lose all the weight you need to lose because that would take years of just drinking these protein shakes so it was more of uh not anger but more of just like uh releasing myself of responsibility utterly and and putting myself in somebody else’s hands and going like i’m going to just do what you say and at some point i’m going to feel confident enough to kind of take over and if i stumble maybe i need a little help getting back on the path which happens certainly but it was very freeing and i found that dealing with substances also in that way to be very freeing like i tried to get sober a number of times on my own and was unsuccessful and then the moment i was like i don’t know what i’m doing i’m not having success here i’m gonna just admit that hey i’m admitting it to myself i’m admitting it to another person i’m admitting it to god whatever version of god you want it to be by the way god could be an aaa meeting because it’s a power greater than me um and the moment i did that i i kind of started to find success by just going like i’m not doing this right so let me get a little bit of stability by following somebody else’s lead that’s not to say that i’m going to follow their lead forever but once i get my feet under me i can start to look at things a little bit more analytically a little bit more critically with understanding having had some accomplishment in the area that’s that’s deep because i think that is a big hurdle that people deal with all the time myself included is no matter how humble of a person you might be on the exterior we all want to believe that we know what’s best for ourselves yeah okay we may we may admit that we don’t know what’s best for somebody else you know that’s that’s easy to do on the surface that’s but when it comes down to being able to admit that we may not know what’s best for us that’s a whole different level and that it’s okay to resign to the fact that you might not be totally powerful i love that you say power because i talk a lot about mastery there’s a difference between power and mastery and like you know being able to power is like the i know exactly what i’m doing i’m going to grind through it and but being able to know that you’re powerless but being able to develop mastery what i mean by that is just an understanding of what it is right now at this very point in time at this nanosecond and understanding where your place is within that nanosecond that’s mastery and i think what you’re describing is you you developed that you you learned that yeah yeah i you know it can be daunting this idea of powerlessness and it’s certainly not something that i ever consider today like i don’t go around going like i’m i’m powerless i’m utterly powerful today and i am in search of mastery and on the path towards that and have found it in areas i think um but initially if i’m not having success with something i think i got to cut it back and go maybe i don’t know what i’m doing you know i think it’s it’s a it’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s also kind of necessary to sometimes go like if i’m not doing this correctly i got to be able to admit that to myself you know totally totally so you’re doing the the liquid diet all right what’s what results did you have with the liquid diet first if we kind of bring it back to like more tangible stuff okay so you uh like was it 20 30 40 50 pounds you lost a liquid diet before you transcend it into something else 80 pounds 80 pounds eight of these and i will say this for all the gain the weight loss and gain that i’ve had that is 80 pounds that i never dipped back into interesting those were 80 locked in pounds now i lost i proceeded to lose more weight following that um but that was like from from day one to the to the end of that it was 80 pounds so did it just stop working at around 80 pounds or did you just decide you needed to switch it up i had to go back to work and i you know it was a it was a diet where i had such low energy like every time i stood up i would almost black out i mean like literally lose my vision my vision would go black and i’d stand there and go like am i gonna fall over no no no and then my vision would come back and okay and now i’m going about my day um bizarrely cold all the time so it was just not something that i could go work on and do my job as well as i needed to do um and so i then went on to a blood type diet you know this guy sure yeah and so and i was actually doing a movie in romania um and so i went off to romania and was doing this blood type diet and continued to lose weight doing that that’s interesting yeah the blood type diet i’ve done some videos specifically on that and i think it’s interesting because from a physiological standpoint like it does make sense like biochemically like you know we’re gonna we have certain antibodies in our blood and just in case you don’t know like blood type is just dictated by like basically antibodies like that’s why you can’t mix blood types so from an immune system perspective it makes perfect sense that if you’re eating foods that don’t align with well you know you’re going to have massive amounts of inflammation so you probably had success with that success with that just simply because yeah maybe your immune system wasn’t as overactive and things like that but i think it meant also like maybe i don’t know probably that but also just even with 80 pounds weight loss i’m still 470 at that point and just i think any kind of uh putting you in a box anything any anything where i went like i’m going to actually consider what i’m eating and not eat whatever i want i was going to lose weight exactly that was exactly i was going to say nexus it’s like you just you were in the confines of something you’re just like you’re giving me parameters yeah and it’s funny because we were talking a little bit before we were recording about just you know science and how it can be just so misinterpreted because it’s that worked for you because it puts you in the confines of something people watch this channel and they practice intermittent fasting or maybe they do keto or maybe they’re vegan and sometimes we all have a tendency to get a little dogmatic about that approach what works for us and it’s okay that it works for you it’s absolutely okay that works for you but sometimes it’s just the fact that you’re resigning to something like you said where you can relinquish a little bit of control to something else that is going to just give you a playbook straight up you know and i think yeah and sometimes suffice to say the more complicated something is sometimes for intelligent individuals it’s better because it gets you really consciously thinking about things not to the point where it causes you turmoil and stress but the blood type diet at first glance can be complicated because you’re trying to almost look at an algorithm like you know for your blood type right um but for people i think like like you and i they’re probably into that it’s it it satisfied something in our mind where we were like connecting the dots and yeah it’s uh so it’s really interesting so it was it was by the way i was perfectly happy doing it it wasn’t super hard it was like here’s a list of foods you can eat i wasn’t having to measure anything and i and the thing that’s wonderful about being 470 and doing any diet is like i think any control like the box you’re talking about you’re going to have success as long as you stick with that yeah totally and it’s and then the cool thing about going from being massively overweight is your body is going to get very very conditioned to utilizing stored body fat anyway so you have a degree of what’s called fat adaptation that occurs where the cells in your body just get used to utilizing fat when you’re liberating that much fat whether you’re fasting whether you’re doing keto whether you’re just massive caloric restriction your cells like totally switch gears so some people find that they they struggle after you know 100 pounds or so but a lot of people find that they get in a deeper groove after 100 pounds or so and some of it’s psychological but some of it is really is biochemical did you find like that it got more difficult as you went along or did you find that it got easier the that diet well just in general just just after say 100 pounds i after 100 pounds i i had no trouble the the the place that i started to have trouble was when i got down to about 300 pounds got it and at that point when i had the freedom to kind of when it when it was still i think at that point i was probably doing keto by the time we got you know years into the future and and i got down and i’d lost over 200 pounds at this point 250 around that the the just giving me a list of foods that were not on the table yeah but total freedom on everything else that’s where it started to be like oh i’m not having success like i was got it i’m also nearing you know whatever goal weight is appropriate for me at that point or would have been you know i have i still had a fair amount of muscle mass and that’s when it started to become a struggle you know was there something a single food or a single group of foods that throughout the entire journey you just craved like crazy and just had to abstain from or did you let yourself kind of get into that stuff you know there was a there was a period of time where i’d like go to do a movie in new zealand and suddenly be going like i’m i’m eating keto but i’m gonna every now and again allow myself to have like something fried but you know listen honestly on keto if you just cook something in oil that’s pretty fair yeah but i would but i would like go you know is it um is it a non gluten-free batter that it’s deep fried and you know what i mean and so i would start to screw around a little bit there and i wasn’t tracking whether i was in ketosis and i wasn’t necessarily counting carbs accurately it was just more this general idea and then i started to gain weight again yeah yeah and that’s again like with with keto it’s so easy because yes there’s a very there’s a very hard line with when you’re going to have results and then that line it’s very black and white like if you cross over that line where you you’re bringing just five too many carbs into the diet it’s kicking you out of that state yeah and it kind of depletes a lot of the results that you would get something that comes to mind for me like when i went through my transformation i literally did a video on this because the the things that the worst advice people gave me or i say it with air quotes because it’s not advice it’s it’s i don’t know it’s just practically verbal vomit like people just say things they feel like they’re compelled to say something was there anything that people said while you were losing weight advice or just comments that just drove you nuts uh you know i i remember that my wife would get very irritated over holidays where it’d be like um you know you’re dieting over christmas again you’re not eating mashed potatoes for the fifth year in a row and uh it didn’t drive me crazy it was just i just felt like i was disappointing people you know interesting yeah uh i kind of i kind of can tune out the nonsense though like if if you’re not my wife i don’t really care what you have to say you know what i mean so i i have a guy programming for me right now um this dude jared feather who’s awesome just because i got down to 13 body fat and it was hard and then getting under that became really really hard and and my instinct is always to go too deep into a deficit and then i’m not functioning well and so i was having trouble figuring this out and so he’s really helping me right now so if anybody but him tried to give me advice right now i would be like i don’t care what you’re saying even even my wife who’s like are you really not on maintenance yet come back to maintenance you’re so much more fun like that kind of thing i’m like i don’t care what you’re saying right now i have this for another four weeks and then i’m on maintenance and this is what it is um so i kind of was able to tune all that stuff out but there’s always gonna be somebody who thinks they have a better plan than you’re on yeah you know yeah totally yeah it’s i think i mean the thing that really got to me i think the one that bothered me the most was people would always tell me don’t don’t lose yourself don’t don’t lose yourself along the way like to hell with you if i want to like i want to become someone better and like like who are you to tell me not to lose myself and i started to realize that um when i was in like a corporate setting people liked to tell me that because they liked me a certain way because quite frankly i was more of a pushover in certain ways and i was the guy that they could go out and drink with or i was a guy they could go out and go to dinner with or you know they were going to lose that person that probably subconsciously made them feel a little bit better about themselves yeah and it was like this just verbal diarrhea that would come out that didn’t really mean anything but it was just don’t well don’t lose yourself like i’ve heard that probably five or six separate times and it just would yeah i mean knowing what i know now i don’t give two cares what people say yeah but when you’re going through a transformation and you’re kind of in a vulnerable state those things do resonate with you and that just work those words just stick so so much yeah thankfully i you know listen i don’t believe any of us are islands i believe we all require other people in our lives and we all benefit from other people whether it’s you know the gal who’s handing you your coffee at starbucks or somebody you’re talking to every day about your workout or whatever it is or even the connection with the people we’re gonna make right now i think these are really important that said for me going back 20 years the only person that ever mattered was my wife yeah and you know to some degree also my kids but my kids what are my kids going to tell me would matter to me if i was doing something that was really bothering them and they say like hey you know i i’m really sick of the amount of olive oil you’re putting on our vegetables and i go like okay i will stop doing that you know i’m going to serve you broccoli with no olive oil from here on out you want butter you can have butter or whatever it is um but like i think to what you’re talking about it would only ever be my wife like if my wife and she has done this many times but also my wife is capable of allowing me to be who i am and who i’m figuring out i i went through a cycling phase where i just rode my bike every day yeah i we i finished doing my name is earl i thought oh we’re rich i could basically retire right now i gained weight during my name is earl how am i going to lose this weight i like riding bikes i started on a beach cruiser and ultimately was on road bikes and even track bikes on the velodrome just riding in circles for hours and hours and hours um and my wife was okay with that and and you know there were times where i would wear my little cycling cap to lunch with her and she would be like take that effing hat off you you’re not on a bicycle and you’re embarrassing me and i would be like why it’s cool you know i’m a cyclist now this whole thing and she would be like if you want to shave your legs you have to wear long pants it’s fine when you’re on the bike but i don’t want to see it you know off of the bicycle like this kind of thing so that mattered to me but if somebody else told me to take my hat off i’d be like go go to hell i don’t care what you have to say you know totally it’s it’s uh same thing with my wife like i’ve been with my wife since she was 14 i was 16. like we’ve been together since high school i’ve never been with another woman like it’s plain and simple yeah i value what she says she’s the only person that can get under my skin and she’s only the only person that’s allowed to get under my skin and uh it’s so funny because like she will she’ll let me do anything same kind of thing like she was with me when i was you know i was a 140-pound cross-country runner in high school she was with me when i was a you know d-bag 300-pound corporate junkie she was there through the transformation she was there when i wanted to be a fitness model which is just just a terrible time of my life and then she’s here with me now and if you know she’d always said she’s like as long as you don’t be a d i don’t care what you do yeah and it sounds so simple and you know colloquial but it’s it’s so true and the same thing applies like with my kids i realize what i have to do to be the best version of myself when i’m with my family kind of doesn’t matter as long as when i am with them i am that best version of myself so if that means that i need to go ride my bike around a track for seven hours and it makes me a better person when i come home she’s all good with it yeah yeah yeah i i i’m so with you there would be also i would allow her the right to say like you’re doing this too much we need a little bit more time with you or you’re always exhausted when you get home yeah and that’s not fair to us and so it was stuff like that and then eventually she was like hey buddy i don’t know if you know this but you’re not rich you need to go get a job and you can’t ride your bike 40 hours a week you know and i would and then i had to sit and go oh okay yeah this makes sense it took her a couple of years to say that but she did finally say it um and and that was her right to do i cannot imagine not having her how much more complicated what i’ve done would have been yeah it just i mean i had a teammate the whole time who was utterly my cheerleader who demanded support herself and i had and i was her team member too but like i didn’t have anybody in my way and i think it is more than likely that a lot of people will have somebody standing in their way or a group of people standing in their way and that’s just another uh you know almost insurmountable task you have to take on and i think it’s important to recognize that um when it happens and and figure out what your priorities gonna have to be that’s yeah exactly it comes back to just like the fundamentals i mean when you look at priorities it’s something that’s again so simple but so commonly overlooked like if you create a simple triangle a pyramid on a white board and you just align like what is the most important to you and what makes up the bulk of your time and what it’s so easy to identify and sometimes those priorities are just completely misaligned where if your priority is sincerely getting healthier then it’s your job to align those in your life with that priority and if you’re good at what you do and you’re good at communicating you can get people in line of course there’s going to be some people that just it just purely doesn’t work and that’s a different story for a different day i suppose but it’s being able to effectively communicate with a spouse about what you’re doing is everything yeah because it’s like my wife saw me go through transformation but she saw me become a very vanity driven person in a fitness modeling career and you know which i’ve always been fairly introspective and self analytical but surrounding by a world where there’s half naked women and half naked men that are just trying to flaunt themselves essentially that can be very very very uh troubling for for anybody that’s a spouse right like oh well how do they feel sufficient how do they so how you approach any kind of change is very very important and when you’re going to be my wife i had to explain to her okay i’m going to be losing weight i’m losing weight this is what we’re going through together and there’s going to be times where it’s going to be difficult there’s going to be times when you know you’re going to feel insecure and i need you to be transparent about that so that we can fix it so it doesn’t manifest into this this anger that ends up being an obstacle for me yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s a it’s a lot to i mean there’s a you know listen it can be as simple as like i want to lose weight i’m going to figure out how to do that but there’s a lot of ancillary paths that you got to take into consideration and i you know relationships are are a big part of that and how you’re going to start existing you know if you are accustomed to eating out at restaurants every night and maybe that’s not a good idea when you begin a diet you might alter a bunch of these relationships that are based on eating out every night yeah there’s just a lot to think about that’s interesting as like where is your what is your baseline like what are you basing a relationship off of and like is it truly a valuable relationship internally or is it based up like i mean that’s such a again another simple thing it’s like you know if if you’re accustomed to eating out every night then you’re you’re setting sort of a happiness baseline on that too so if that becomes removed from the equation then it feels like there’s this huge void in your relationship when in fact it was a material superficial thing going out to each shouldn’t be the fundamentals of your relationship you it should be a lot deeper than that yeah that’s uh it’s a i want to jump over and talk a little bit like about your your workouts and things like that now because you know you went through a cycling phase where you got really really skinny or you lost a lot of weight that way then i mean you’re pretty jacked now like you’re not just lean like you feel some serious muscle like what are you doing now so from cycling when i was i was actually i brought my bike to visit a buddy in australia and i was riding my bike around australia and he said they’ve got this cool this was a 2011 or 12. he said they’ve got these cool gyms here that you’ve never seen anything like it before it’s not like a normal gym come check out this gym and i go to this gym with him and it’s the first time i’ve seen anything like crossfit this was prior to crossfit being a big thing here and my buddy goes like there’s this rowing machine that my trainer gets me on every day you got to try it because you ride bikes i bet you’d be really good at it and i get on this rowing machine and i’m i’m getting poles on it that are beating like the record for the gym and we’re talking about like gnarly jacked australian dudes who you know fight great white sharks in the ocean every day yeah that’s awesome like gnarly dudes and and they’re like astonished at what i can do on this rowing machine and so just that was like oh i’m good at this i’m gonna try doing this and so when my wife um was telling me like i needed to figure out exercise that wasn’t taking eight hours i bought a rowing machine and started doing that every day i wound up doing full marathons on a on a rowing machine you know 49 000 meters in three hours like that was kind of became my workout um and then i was also looking for a little bit of community because on the bicycle i would have a group of dudes i would go and ride with and sitting in my gym at my house on my rowing machine got kind of lonely and so i then found crossfit well where can you go and row next to somebody you go to crossfit and i started doing that and i found oh i really like lifting weights so i was doing crossfist for a minute and then i hurt myself and i was done with crossfit and had to recover but when i was done recovering um i was just like looking at good form for olympic lifts instead of doing olympic lists for time actually doing them properly and then i just started enjoying lifting weights at some point in there i was being told by work like you’re too thin yeah and i was like okay well i like lifting weights i’m just gonna lift weights and eat whatever i want so for like four years i ate whatever i wanted and lift lifted weights i i wasn’t lifting smart i would just go into the gym and fill up a bar and lift it a bunch of times until i couldn’t lift it anymore and then go do something else you know there was no plan um and i got up to nearly 400 pounds again but all that time over those years i was also building muscle um and then 2017 i went on another diet i went back to keto and lost a ton of weight yeah so what’s uh what are you doing now i mean obviously things are things things are wonky right now so i mean i might be a little bit distorted but you know what’s if everything was perfect right now what kind of the last like the last year and a half has been really interesting so when i went back on keto it was basically just cut carbs out and eat whatever you want yeah and i lost a bunch of weight doing that and then i stopped losing weight and so i had to go like um okay it’s not quite that simple so i’m gonna switch over to like clean keto yeah as i called it and so it became like a little bit of broccoli and a bunch of chicken thighs and olive oil and so and then i started losing weight again and then i my weight loss slowed down again and so then i was like well i’m just going to eat less and so i’d eat less and my weight loss would start up again i’d lose weight and at some point i was not liking the visual results yeah and i also was having trouble in the gym and i was hungry all the time and i was going like i don’t know what’s happening here but i i’m either starving myself on keto or not starving myself and not losing weight and then when i’m starving myself i’m getting smaller but i’m i want to see my muscles started doing dexa scans saw that on this starvation keto clean you know thing that i was doing where i was just not thinking about it but going into way deep of deficit and losing muscle mass also yeah and so i then started doing some looking at like what can i i had this idea that um i was allergic to carbohydrates yeah i don’t know why i just really you know from years of believing like no the only way i am capable of losing weight is keto found out that wasn’t true yeah um it’s certainly an easy thing and for my lifestyle when i’m traveling like if i cut carbs out i don’t have to think about anything and so it’s like a very easy diet to be on once i’m getting down into lower body fat percentages i had to start doing like some calculations and so i basically just went on a standard diet which was uh top loaded with protein and then carbs and then a little bit of fat gained weight for the first three days though i was in a deficit not understanding that it was just glycogen right i had no i i wasn’t like and i was like freaking out but i made it through those days started losing weight read more read about the principles of progressive overload started doing that and on my own i got down to 13 body fat so i had like some visible abs and was finally getting muscles and was like really stoked on how i looked um and basically i’m still doing that i’m just i’m getting a little bit of help right now with finely tuning the diet because my instinct is just like i can go into a deep caloric deficit no problem but i know that then when i come out of it i’m gonna put weight back on it so i’m just trying to really ease this last literally this is what i’ve got left you know to get to like eight percent body fat on a dexa scan yeah that’s it it seems like actually a lot yeah it’s well i think it’s someone that was super overweight kind of touched on before it’s like the level of fat adaptation i’ll get kind of scientific for a second like like inside your cell you’ve got your mitochondria which is going to take the fat and it’s going to um metabolize it into this what’s called acetyl coenzyme and ultimately create energy and when you’re super overweight you’re you’re so fat adapted that when you go keto you start to get some initial results but unless you are bringing your calories significantly lower your body is so efficient at using fat that it almost becomes a problem right it is so efficient that your body knows how to create energy with less amounts of fat yeah whereas you take someone that’s never done keto before and all of a sudden you put them on keto it’s such it takes a little time for the body to adapt then all of a sudden it’s like jet fuel yeah but with anything your body’s trying to find efficiency and that’s exactly what happened it happens to a lot of people it’s exactly why i mean people give me crap all the time because i don’t stay on keto 100 of the time well no because of just that like i cycle in and out of it because it allows me a chance to you know your your mitochondria like to use whatever fuel is the predominant fuel source so if you are accustomed to eating a lot of carbs your body’s going to get efficient at using those same with fats so see saw it back and forth every now and then just find a scale and a time frame that works for you and that’s that’s probably what happened that’s why you could go so long that’s why you could go into such a deficit too it’s the more fat adapted you are the more accustomed your body is to just not eating it’s fine like it’s people that do a lot of fasting they experience the same thing like it’s just like well i just don’t have a desire to eat like yeah and so it makes it so easy just because the hormones are telling you that you’re not hungry and just because your fat signals or your cells are signaling to your brain that you’re not hungry doesn’t mean that you’re not in a deficit like you can still be like a deficit independently of what your brain is telling you right and it’s a problem that i have too and that’s exactly how injuries happen that’s how you know i find myself if i start fasting too much like lo and behold i end up with soft tissue damage i end up with issues because well i’m in a deficit even though i don’t feel like it i’m not hungry what the heck i’m still gonna go bench 315 for reps and see how you know yeah you can still be strong there’s only so much like central nervous system energy that can get you there before your soft tissue goes you know yeah so yeah it’s interesting it’s interesting to hear that you know from someone that’s lost that much weight that you know yes you’re still going to have these these hurdles these these constant plateaus yeah and and like like i said man i i can lose weight like losing weight is really not hard i can be in a deficit and i can be in a blinding deficit truly to where i’m standing up and almost blacking out and i will if i go like i’m going to do this for 40 days i’m going to do it for 40 days the problem is coming out of it and the long-term results and actually trying to figure out like you know you hear a lot about lifestyle and it’s like that’s important you know what i mean like because losing weight isn’t the forever goal yeah like whatever that is that’s the temporary goal for me the thing i’ve found that i concentrate on more than anything is maintenance and like it’s something to work through because i always want to see a lower number on a scale that is the the pavlovium motivator for me if i get on a scale and want to see it down by the way right now i know i only want to see it down like one pound a week right now and and that is really fragile but i want to see it lower by like five pounds you know what i mean so i’m fighting these irrationalities in my head um and so going through a period where it’s like i don’t want to see it down i might want to see it a pound up and then a pound down and then a pound up you know because it’s going to fluctuate a little bit but i i don’t want to see this trending downward cycle maintenance has become the thing i’ve learned the most on where i’m looking at a meal and going this meal is designed to be 1 6 exactly of what fuel i need for the day it’s composed correctly now i’m going to eat this and i’m going to recognize how i feel eating this because i i’ve destroyed all those signals in myself exactly man exactly i’m in the same boat the signals and i i i say this so much is it like with with cheat meals and i’m not even a fan of having them scheduled because if anyone’s like lost weight and they know the emotional relationship with food for one like having stuff scheduled like that can give you this false validation and this false and also i mean if you struggle with addiction then it can also you’re creating a an impulse kind of not an impulse but you’re creating something where a reward system based upon food which is a habit loop that can form very fast because it’s dopamine and then you’re just getting to that point every week or whatever it is bi-weekly or bi-monthly or whatever yeah the whole thing me i i went through that too where it’s like i’m white-knuckling the week to get to saturday or sunday for my cheat day you know i read tim ferriss’s book so there was a period of time where it was like no you get a whole cheat day no problem he didn’t understand i’m eating thirty thousand calories in the gym he’s never been extremely overweight right yeah and it’s it’s like you exactly you struggle through this week to get to this one reward you build this habit that that’s that’s your reward and that’s what you want and like the advice i usually give i’m not going to give you advice because i heard you said about advice but this is this is a reinforcing it for me is like when i have a cheat meal a lot of times i wake up that morning and decide i’m going to have a cheat meal that day right it’s impromptu it’s because like retrospectively i feel like i earned it i feel like i did good i feel like i could use it but also the most important thing is just like you said is not necessarily the warped signals that are in your body but the direct data driven response my workouts are getting weaker i feel like something’s happening i feel like i need some extra calories i feel and i listen to my body and i try not to have a warped perception in my mind that is dictated upon i should have a cheat meal it’s flat out like i woke up this morning i felt a little weak in the gym there’s something going on yeah amber let’s go let’s go get tacos tonight yeah you know it’s not like planned out you know yeah so it’s it’s wild you know i i thought going into eating carbs that it was going to be this thing you know like i wouldn’t drink a near beer honestly because i don’t want i don’t want to like want to have a real beer you know what i mean and when i started eating carbs i i started i was scared that it was going to be this trigger and now i’m just going to be incapable of stopping but the reality is like carbs without fat are boring yeah i actually think fat is much more fun like i would take a big fatty steak over a bowl of rice with no butter or oil or sauce like the steak no question tastes better it feels better i forget this satiation more from it the tidier of a giant steak with crispy glistening fat like i love you know what i mean um but but but i’m with you i i don’t actually have cheat meals very often and when i do i i just try to make sure that it’s not gonna derail the day or the week or whatever it is if if i’m gonna go eat cheeseburgers fine but i’m gonna figure out that that could be half my calories for the day and then i’m just gonna adjust that way so it’s it’s not on my program but it’s also not gonna really affect the day that much yeah i’m totally with you on that so what’s what’s next for you i i’m i’m going i’m going to get to eight percent body fat and by the way this is an entirely vain goal like that’s a guy it’s not something that i even i even feel a little bit small right now and i’m like yeah this is not the weight i’m gonna hang out at but i’m gonna do i’m gonna get there in the next uh four or five weeks i’m gonna do a nice long maintenance period over the holidays and then i’m going to do a masking phase early next year and it’s going to be the first time that i try to put on muscle that’s not reckless you know what i mean that’s not just like eating pizzas and lifting weights it’s going to be like thought through where my calories are increased by 15 or 20 percent yeah that’s gonna be awesome i’m excited to see that man welcome to i know we’ve there’s probably a lot of people that are just would like to hear more on this and it’s it’s obviously just i love being able to just drill a little bit deeper in just the base instead of just the calories and calories out simple conversation yeah that’s driving the actual change so but uh where can people find you where can everybody find you um uh ethan’s a plea on instagram and twitter but twitter i don’t it’s just whatever i post on instagram and uh american glutton podcast all right cool man yeah all right well awesome man thanks for coming on thank you very much i really appreciate it let’s do it let’s do a round two like let’s keep doing this yeah totally i’d like to dive in more into just different pieces of it like we had some really deep conversation about um you know a little bit of quantum physics rabbit hole and kind of uh just science and the state of science and where everything’s at right now and i feel like having more conversations about that and also i’ll be launching another channel come january that’s geared a lot more towards uh just being self-made and your garage gym and workout and just a whole different vibe from what we have here so that’ll be a perfect opportunity to do some more work with you too awesome cool yeah all right thank you keep it locked in and i’ll see you tomorrow

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Ethan Suplee's Massive Weight Loss - What Did He Do?

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