EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) & Your Smart Phone

EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) & Your Smart Phone

EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) & Your Smart Phone

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hi guys i wanted to create somewhat of a short video on EMF it’s a very big topic so this is just to increase your awareness if you’ve never heard about EMF before electromagnetic fields okay it’s basically there’s certain waves of energy that can damage our DNA some people are more sensitive to these waves than other people however your smartphone Wi-Fi your router in your house with your wireless microwaves bluetooth computer and screen you recharge or the one that you recharge your phone right by your head of the bed right when you’re sleeping I’ll give out certain fields of energy that can affect your body okay this is a little sensing device right here okay that can pick up electromagnetic fields okay so you can get one of these if you want and I’ll show you cell phone you can see that it goes off pretty intensely when yeah right doing here so closer you are to your head you can create problems the problem is when you do research on this you’re gonna see that it says it’s safe science science that it’s safe just like asbestos was safe for 99 years and so was trans fast for 60 years and smoking was safe for about 46 years just a matter of time but I see the problem because if it was out there that this created damage could you imagine like all the different problems that could happen with the manufacturing companies and I’m not saying I don’t want to scare people I want to freak people out but it can affect your sleep your energy it can increase your risk of getting a brain tumor glioma by 3 times if you’re using this over a long period of time very close to your head so when you use your phone use this speaker okay try to keep this away from your head as much as possible so when I talk to my phone I use earbuds I don’t like talking in the phone very much maybe if I have to but I don’t like it but make sure that you order the air tube headset ok there’s different kinds you can get so that way it doesn’t have the EMF connecting wire that’s driving the energy right into your head it’s actually hollow and it’s much safer you can find these online search out ones that have good reviews and get one of those that way it can decrease the EMF to your brain so I put some links down below so you can minimize the damage in your house and your office so definitely check them out this is measuring EMF magnetic fields [Music] so all at one-nothing all-in-one oh wow I think I think we need to position you a little bit further back Wow no but your hand nobody no put your face right to that so I want to know what you’re interested in as far as a video click the link down below and share some ideas I want to hear

This Post Was All About EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) & Your Smart Phone.
EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) & Your Smart Phone

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Dr. Berg talks about EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Your cell phone, recharger, computer, screen, power cables, transformers, WIFI, microwaves, etc. These forms of energy can negatively effect you DNA and increase risk of brain tumors, fatigue, sleep problems.

Don’t hold your phone next to your head.
Use ear bud that “Airtube head sets”.

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