Egg Yolks: Orange or Yellow – Which is Better?

Egg Yolks: Orange or Yellow – Which is Better?

Egg Yolks: Orange or Yellow – Which is Better?

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so today we’re going to talk about the quality of eggs sometimes when you break this egg open you see this darker deep rich orange color and sometimes it’s a pale yellow what’s the difference well generally speaking when you see the darker orange it’s usually from pasture-raised organic eggs and the factory farm eggs are going to be yellow unless they add something to change the color which sometimes they do now the reason why the egg yolk is a deeper orange is that these chickens are pasture raised okay not pasteurized pasture-raised they’re out in the pasture they’re eating the grass or eating the insects they do have grains but if you’re getting the organic it’s at least GMO free and the combination of being outside getting the Sun and what they eat change the composition of the carotenoids carotenoids are plant-based chemicals they’re pigments they’re antioxidants they’re vital nutrients that have additional health properties there’s about 1,000 100 different carotenoids and they prevent the effects from oxidation for example they can improve macular degeneration which is a problem in the eye so when you see this deeper rich orange color you’re getting more antioxidants versus the factory farm eggs which you you’ll see in the label it says vegetarian feed well yeah they’re actually using grains soy corn it’s gonna be GMO there’s no Sun so even if it says cage-free they may be outside the cage but they’re still in the barn so they rarely get to go outside so because of that you’re gonna see more of a pale yellow a lighter yellow now realize that even though it’s pasture raised it may not always be orange it could be yellow but the color is a deeper richer yellow it’s not going to be pale alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Egg Yolks: Orange or Yellow – Which is Better?.
Egg Yolks: Orange or Yellow - Which is Better?

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Orange versus yellow egg yolk—which is better? In this video, I explain why egg yolks can be different colors and what kind of eggs you should have.

When you crack open an egg and see that it has a dark orange egg yolk, it’s a sign that it’s an egg from a pasture-raised chicken. Organic, pasture-raised chickens eat natural grass and insects. This means you won’t be consuming GMOs.

Factory-farmed eggs are a pale yellow color. These chickens consume GMO grains, which I don’t recommend. Sometimes pasture-raised organic eggs can have a yellow egg yolk, but they won’t be pale.

Pasture-raised organic eggs have more carotenoids, which is a plant-based antioxidant that has a wide range of benefits. If you are developing vision problems as you age, you are especially going to want to consume pasture-raised eggs. Carotenoids can help you avoid macular degeneration.

Keep in mind that when you see the term “cage-free,” this doesn’t mean these are necessarily better eggs. They could still be held in a large barn with no sunlight, and they are often not non-GMO.

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