Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (HIGH PROTEIN) | Healthy Snack Ideas

Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (HIGH PROTEIN) | Healthy Snack Ideas

Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (HIGH PROTEIN) | Healthy Snack Ideas

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what’s going on guys hope you’re having a great day happy holidays cuz hanukkah’s are in here Christmas is right around the corner I’ve got my ugly holiday sweater on I am NOT Jewish I just thought the sweater was awesome because I love challah bread and I think that all holidays should have ugly should be able to partake in the ugly Christmas sweater tradition so that’s why I’m rocking this thing today anyways we are making some high-protein edible cookie dough that does not disappoint guys this stuff is 11 out of 10 delicious it’s super easy to make I think all of you guys are really gonna dig this recipe and I’m super excited and pumped to share with you so let’s hop right into this and start making some edible cookie dough alright guys so for this edible protein cookie dough recipe you’re gonna need a few things first and foremost you’re gonna want to have a food scale because you’ll want to be as accurate as possible weighing out the ingredients otherwise you’re gonna have a hard time making cookie dough out of the recipe you’ll also need some milk guys today I’m going with the almond breeze vanilla unsweetened I just really like almond milk I’m lactose intolerant so a regular milk doesn’t work for me whatever milk you have will probably work but this just has great macros low in calories and I just really like to use this stuff you’re also gonna need some protein powder I like the I so pure zero carb vanilla whey protein powder I’m sponsored by a stoker so I get this for free so I’m kind of biased but it is quite delicious especially in recipes and zero carbs for protein powder pretty awesome so you’re also gonna need some nut butter guys I recommend going with some flour butter just because it’s super neutral tasting if you go with peanut butter or almond butter you’re gonna end up tasting that in your cookie dough and if you use this it will taste like legitimate chocolate chip cookie now we’re also gonna be using some coconut flour guys and I recommend going with the Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour if you don’t have any if you need to pick some up this is the one that I would pick up I’ve used some different coconut flours in the past none of them just have the same consistency I don’t think any of them are as good as this stuff so check this out if you don’t have any or if you need some coconut flour I’ve got like a left shoulder pump this is the arm um hold all the ingredients in the pump is real in the shoulder right now we’re also gonna be using some sugar substitute guys to sweeten up our cookie dough today I’m using this Truvia baking blend it’s a urethral stevia blend and I’ve been really digging this stuff lately if you need a new sugar substitute check this out it’s super good and of course guys you’ll also need some vanilla extract because we’re making chocolate chip cookies and you need vanilla extract if you’re making chocolate chip cookies otherwise they’re just not gonna taste right last but not least guys you’re gonna need some chocolate chips because we’re making I just dropped chocolate chips on the floor we’re making chocolate chip cookie dough if we didn’t have these just be cookie dough and it wouldn’t be nearly as good I recommend going with B semi-sweet chocolate mini morsels because if you go with the mini morsels you just get more chocolate in every bite if you go with the regular size morsels you’re only gonna be using like three of them in your cookie dough and you just won’t get as much chocolate every bite all right so first things first guys you want to take out a bowl put it on your food skill then turn your food skill on that way it’s already hard out it’s already at zero grams and then we’re gonna be adding a tablespoon or about 16 grams of our so flour butter to our bowl so next up we’re gonna add our protein powder we’re gonna be adding a scoop or about 30 grams of vanilla whey protein powder to our bowl next up is the coconut flour guts we’re gonna be adding about a 1/2 tablespoon or around 4 grams of coconut flour all right so now we’re going on to our sugar substitute guys if you have a really sweet protein powder you probably don’t have to use as much sugar substitute but the ice appear up in all the way it’s not really all that sweet so I’ll be adding 3 quarters of the tablespoon or about 8 grams of sugar substitute in a my bowl but like I said if you got a sweeter protein powder maybe add about half of what I’m adding to your bowl and of course we have to add our mini chocolate chips guys so we’ll be adding about 3/4 of a tablespoon or about 10 grams of the mini chocolate chips so now we’re going to get the liquid ingredients in normal we don’t have too many liquid ingredients in this recipe but the first one we’re going to add is some vanilla extract we’re gonna be adding a teaspoon and a half I just like to use the cap as my tea spoon measuring utensil so I’ll be adding a capful and a half of vanilla extract into the bowl we’re moving on to the final ingredient which is going to be the milk of your choice I’m using vanilla unsweetened up all milk today I’ll be using about a tablespoon or 15 grams of the almond milk in my cookie dough but just so you know you might need a little more almond milk in your cookie dough it just kind of depends on the to power you use but a tablespoon is a good starting point to get you to where you want to go in terms of the consistency of your cookie dough if it’s not coming together if it’s still a little bit too dry just add a half a tablespoon of the milk of your choice at a time until you get the desirable cookie dough texture and consistency that you’re looking for all right so we are looking good guys we got all the ingredients in the bowl now you want to take out a mini spatula and just start mixing all that together until a cookie dough starts to form the last step guys is just working the ball of dough back and forth in your hands like this this just helps blend all the ingredients together a little bit better than the spatula can in the bowl so once you get the dough to form in the bowl scoop it out with your hands work it together like this and you are in business with some edible protein cookie dough you definitely want to eat this with a spoon guys just cuz it will stick to your fingers and I’m spilling chocolate chips everywhere but I just want to show you how perfect the consistency of this cookie dough is I mean this you can hear the chocolate chips spilling everywhere this is just perfect chocolate chip cookie dough oh my god got a spot on cookie dough our slogan if you love cookie dough you need to make this yes ASAP it’s so good so ridiculously good mmm anyways if you guys care about the macros the macros on the cookie dough it’s 309 calories 30 grams of protein at 21 grams of carbs 12 grams of fat super balanced if you’re talking about cookie dough anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did hit the like button hit the thumbs up button and I will see you guys in the next one [Music]

This Post Was All About Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (HIGH PROTEIN) | Healthy Snack Ideas.
Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (HIGH PROTEIN) | Healthy Snack Ideas

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This healthy Edible Cookie Dough Recipe is a game-changer! And you can totally make cookie dough bites from this recipe too. Looking for healthy snack ideas…look no further. Give this eggless cookie dough recipe a shot ASAP.

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